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This weekend, dear Emily from Capital Style asked on Twitter is anyone wanted to buy her tickets to see Morrissey at Strathmore on January 16th. Um, ME ME ME!!! Since Emily got the chance to instead see Moz in Atlantic City this past weekend, her cool opportunity was an opportunity for me as tickets sold out for the show before I could score any.

In high school, I had a friend named PJ who introduced me to The Smiths and forever changed my music life. I went with him and my friend Min to see Morrissey at Merriweather Post Pavilion in 10th grade. We had 4th row seats, it was my second concert EVER and it was mind-blowingly awesome and made me a Morrissey fan for life.

Karl bought the tickets from Emily as an early birthday present for me and offered to go with me, but knew I would probably have more fun swooning and crying and singing along if I was with one of my gals; I was so happy to find out my sister was available that evening!

Uber is a program in many cities that is like a fancy taxi. You request a pickup via an iPhone app and ride in a lovely black Town Car with Perrier and leather seats. The entire process is through the app, so you don’t have to fumble for cash and make change at the end of the ride. I had yet to use Uber and they contacted me last week offering a credit to my account if I used it by the end of January 16th. Perfect timing! I requested an Uber and it drove my from my office in the city to Montgomery County for Morrissey Date Night with my sister. What a relaxing experience, no crowded stinky Metro, no battling rush hour traffic, I just sat back and literally enjoyed the ride!

Doing some online research, we decided to dine at Addie’s. The restaurant was adorable and reminded me of Rehoboth Beach with it being a converted old house and crowded yet quite homey. I had the zucchini and goat cheese fritters and mussels, my sister had squash and blue cheese ravioli and we both found our food quite tasty. The staff was very nice, and quickly took care of a little bug (not a roach) that came to visit at our table. Because of our guest, the manager came by to apologize and comped our entire meal! We’ll definitely return to Addie’s, it’s a cute Date Night place and super close to Strathmore so it’s perfect for a pre-concert dinner.

I hadn’t been to Strathmore in years – in fact it was 2007 when Karl and I went to see Sinead O’Connor there. it’s a beautiful venue with great acoustics. My sister and I bought ourselves a bottle of Pinot Noir and enjoyed in the lobby while we people watched. Oh the crowd fashion was fabulous and brought back many memories of high school. Since they do not allow food or drink in the concert hall, we ended up missing the opening act, Kristeen Young.

morrissey 2013 strathmore
My crappy Instagram photos from our seats, the merch stand, the intermission film and us pretending to be tres French like the actors in the film.  For great photographs from the show see Kyle Gustafson's site and  Between Love and Like's Flickr stream

The seats ended up being pretty fabulous, orchestra right, about ¾ back but an unobstructed view. I wore my contacts but soon switched to glasses for better vision. Totally worth it because as always, Morrissey put on a fabulous show. And yes, he took his shirt off. And he sang so many Smiths and his own songs that I adore. And an obsessed fan had to be pulled off stage. And he sang How Soon is Now as his encore. And he looked fabulous. And it was a ton of fun. And I am so glad I could go with Debbie, and so glad that I was able to score the tickets from Emily. All in all a fun night!

Morrissey Strathmore 2013 Setlist


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  1. We saw Morrissey several years ago at the Norva in Norfolk and again
    more recently at The National in Richmond and both shows were seriously
    amazing. Glad you got the chance to see him live, he sure puts on a
    show. Did he have his very cute/buff all matching male band?

  2. We saw Morrissey a few years ago at Wolf Trap. He was awesome! I remember the first time heard “How Soon Is Now” on WHFS on 99.1 back in the day. The Smith’s rocked and so did he!! You and your sis are adorable.

  3. Awesome! Really makes me want to go see more live events – Uber sounds fantastic too! And just when I think you couldn’t be cooler – you’ve seen Sinead O’Connor in concert! I’d love to see her live someday.

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