Navy Floral Midi Wrap Dress

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Woman in a navy floral midi dress holding a black leather frame purse in front of her looking off in the distance

Rent the Runway Unlimited… sometimes I love you so much, sometimes you frustrate me, and often you surprise me. I am heading out of town soon for a family vacation so I requested items to arrive appropriate for a trip.  Online, this navy floral midi wrap dress looked to be below-knee length.  I liked that it was a full midi and had pockets; it could be thrown on with comfy sandals and look more polished than a t-shirt and shorts and when I was finished I wouldn't have to pack it back up, I could put it in the return garment bag and drop it off whatever city I was in that point in the trip.  But this dress ended up being very different from what I thought and I ended up liking it for a completely different reason.

Woman in a navy floral midi length wrap dress holding a black leather vintage frame purse walking and looking at the ground

dress | shoes | bag | earrings

Woman in a navy floral midi dress holding up the edge of the dress to show the volume, smiling and looking away

Dress: Jill Jill Stuart via Rent the Runway Unlimited (14; use code RTRDC22F051 for $100 off your first month) | Shoes: ASOS (old; similar) | Bag: HOBO (very old; similar) | Earrings: Monogram Hoops c/o Jenny Bird

woman in a navy floral midi wrap dress walking along a city overpass looking to the side

Shop the Look:

At 5'3″ this dress was far longer on me. We're talking ankle length, but with the retro-inspired details, it worked.  I worried the bust wouldn't fit, but there is a hook and eye that held the top closed.  I did add two safety pins – one to secure that hook and eye, and one to sort of tuck the under ruffle in place to prevent a gap between the bust hook and the waist. This is a true wrap and the self-belt is a weird length where doubling around the body makes the straps too short but tying like I did at the side without wrapping, one end was much longer.  I just made a messy bow to have it even out.

Eight women at the City Tavern Club on the terrace grouped together and smiling for the camera
At the City Tavern Club with clockwise from the top next to me: The Boozie Foodie, Jane of That Jane Bird, Laurie of DC City Girl, Hungry Hungry Hanley (Mattie, who hosted the dinner), Rohini of Rohinimm, Jennifer of Southern Anchors, and Mary Beth from the City Tavern Club.
Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen in a navy floral wrap midi dress taking a mirror selfie in a pink room
Always have to score a mirror selfie at events! This bathroom at the Club was so retro cute!

I felt with the volume and length I needed a heel and chose the same heels I wore in Wednesday's post.  Best $35 I've spent! I planned to wear this to a private dinner I was invited to that evening at City Tavern Club in Georgetown but it rained and there was no way I was going to try to walk on Georgetown's cobblestone sidewalks in the rain in heels.  I switched out to my LISSOM flats (read my LISSOM flats review) which gave me grip and security and I was pleased to find they too looked good with the dress.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen in a navy floral wrap dress holding a black leather vintage-inspired frame bag and smiling at the camera

As for the bag this is another one I scored at a HOBO sample sale a kazillion years ago.  The handle can tuck in to make it a traditional clutch but I felt the handle gave a retro vibe that worked with the dress. To keep the look from being too vintage/sweet I had to Allie it up with some big-ass earrings! That night I also added my cabi Secret Garden cuff but I don't think it was necessary!

woman in a navy floral ankle length wrap dress with her hands in her pockets walking to the right and smiling at the camera

You can rent this dress from Rent the Runway, it's also for sale at Macy's and Dillard's (full price at Macy's on sale at Dillard's).  However, it's not a cheap dress and the sizing is limited.  So below I've made a carousel of other navy floral midi dresses that have features similar to this one that come in a variety of sizes and pricepoints:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. No, no, no. This dress is not you. I don’t care how trendy it is. You always look best when you shop your own closet. Your own clothes and accessories always have an edgy element, whereas this dress is all sweetness. Bleh.

  2. I really love this on you! I’ve also been trying to break out of my solid color habits and adding more patterns to my wardrobe. This dress is right up my alley.

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