Outfit 1 from the Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

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Alison in a black crepe tuxedo pantsuit with a black cashmere turtleneck walking through a hotel lobby

When I created my holiday capsule wardrobe, I said I would be sharing looks from the outfit to make it easier to visualize how the capsule wardrobe works.  Here is the first look!  I am wearing the Talbots tuxedo with a cashmere turtleneck; I think this would be a great look for a work-related event even beyond the holiday season.  While sophisticated and polished, this ensemble is warm on a cold winter's day, professional, and comfortable.Woman in a black pantsuit with black cashmere and a black suede clutch in her hand

jacket | pants | sweater | shoes | bag | ring | earrings 

Alison in a black crepe tuxedo pantsuit with a black cashmere turtleneck walking through a hotel lobby

Jacket: Stretch Crepe Tuxedo Jacket c/o Talbots (14P) | Pants: Stretch Crepe Tuxedo Pants c/o Talbots (14P) | Sweater: Nordstrom Collection (old; similar) | Shoes: c/o Talbots (old; similar) | Bag: c/o Talbots (old; similar) | Earrings: c/o Talbots (old; similar) | Ring: Sceptre Pave Ring c/o REALM

Woman in a black pantsuit with black cashmere and a black suede clutch in her hand

Why do men get to be warm and comfortable at dressy events yet we women are expected to have heels, bare legs, and tight dresses? I think a cocktail pantsuit or lady tux is a fantastic alternative.  I wore this cocktail pantsuit previously with a cami and heels, but for this look, I amped up the comfort without sacrificing formality with a cashmere turtleneck and a much lower block heel.  These pumps are from Talbots' 2018 holiday collection but very similar to this year's version.  You can see me wear these shoes previously in this blog post.  The clutch is from Talbots' 2017 holiday collection; it's solid suede with a ruffle detail and no visible hardware.  While I am a big proponent of a statement clutch that can complete a look, there's something to be said for a solid black one in a fabric like suede that doesn't steal the spotlight while being big enough to carry what you need for an event. Without a lot of defining details, this is the kind of bag that will give you many many years of stylish wear.  I've searched the internet and found some similar bags that do the trick:

Shop Subtle Black Clutch and Dressy Shoulder Bags:

woman in a black pantsuit and black turtleneck

I don't often like sweaters under blazers.  I feel like the Michelin Man, and it's not the sleekest look with thick arms and a large bust.  However, the combo of soft cashmere and this less-structured blazer it works and is actually comfortable.  If it still feels like too much bulk, a lightweight turtleneck like this one from Universal Standard that I own and adore is a nice alternative to still be warm and covered up while looking chic.  And if you want a bit of warmth at the ankles, a velvet ankle boot would be a great choice!

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  1. November 21, 2019 / 10:08 pm

    I just got a pair of black suede dress boots and am checking out this suit now! You are right, a perfect professional outfit any season. For holiday…with a pair of red velvet pumps I adore but never wear. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lee
    November 21, 2019 / 6:16 pm

    This is perfection! Excellent point about women usually having to freeze for dress-up events in the winter. This is such a great alternative. The older I get, the less I care for a lot of dresses & heels. To me, this look is much better. Talbots really should show you in their pics & let you style their models. You always make their clothes seem fresh & fun but not old-ladyish.

    • November 22, 2019 / 9:40 am

      Thank you so much, Lee! I love styling Talbots and adding my own spin to their clothes!

  3. Leu2500
    November 21, 2019 / 9:17 am

    Alison – I just saw you in the Cabi spring 2020 sneak peek on Instagram. Woo hoo!

    • Liz Y
      November 21, 2019 / 3:18 pm

      So exciting to see you in the cabi sneak peek video! How wonderful for you!

    • November 22, 2019 / 9:41 am

      Yep that’s me! It was so cool to be a part of it!

      • November 22, 2019 / 9:41 am

        Thank you so much! It was an honor to be a part of it!

  4. November 21, 2019 / 9:05 am

    Long live the Lady Tux!

  5. Giuditta Reppi
    November 21, 2019 / 8:43 am

    I want that Talbot’s jacket!

    • November 22, 2019 / 9:41 am

      Isn’t it great? Chic AND comfy!

  6. Julia
    November 21, 2019 / 8:43 am

    I love the lady tux! It’s so versatile and useful even beyond the holidays!

  7. Tippy
    November 21, 2019 / 8:10 am

    Love it! And would love it even more with a brooch on the shoulder.

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