The Best Bras for Larger Busts at Cacique Intimates

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the best bras for large busts from cacique intimates

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When I shared the top plus size bras and intimates rated by you readers, Cacique noticed.  Cacique, Lane Bryant's intimates brand, rated #1 for bras and top for sports bras in my plus-size intimates reader survey.  They reached out to me and offered to have me try some of their styles and share with you the best bras for larger busts at Cacique Intimates.  As a woman who usually measures 36F with her bras, I am always on the hunt for the best bras to support a larger bust.  Cacique Intimates has 92 sizes, with band sizes from 32-50 and cup sizes from A-K. They also carry mastectomy bras and a collection called True Nudes that offers many bras and panties in a variety of skin tones. To be honest, I haven't tried Cacique Intimates before, and was excited to experience what you have chosen as some of the best bras for larger busts and plus sizes.  Using Cacique's bra fit guide, I chose some Cacique Intimates bras I thought would be the best fit for my needs and lifestyle from their selection just for large busts.  Cacique was kind enough to gift me the bras I review below.

The Best Bras for Larger Busts at Cacique Intimates

A review of the Cacique Sport High-Impact Wicking Sport Bra

For the Gym: Cacique Sport High-Impact Wicking Sport Bra

I go to the gym at least five days a week and am always on the hunt for a great sports bra.  I need a sports bra that will keep my bust from jostling on the treadmill while still being comfortable AND giving me a great shape.  With reviews on the site having titles such as “best bra I own” and “unexpected comfort”, I was excited to try this high-impact sports bra.  The straps are adjustable with hooks versus a sliding strap, ensuring the bra provides continuous support no matter how much you move.  It has a traditional hook and eye closure like standard bras, making it easy to get on and off. With underwire and molded cups, the bra gives me great shape and definition and the moisture-wicking material keeps me comfortable even during more intense workouts.  While I am usually a 36F with brands, I do find I sometimes need a smaller cup size for sports bras and this is no exception.  My breasts thanks to years of nursing and years on this planet aren't as full as they used to be and while this bra kept up with my hardest workouts, I think a smaller cup size would have been a better fit.  I have washed this bra three times prior to this photoshoot and has been worn multiple times to the gym, showing that the bra holds up, keeps its color and shape over time. 

woman in black molded cup bra and a pair of high waist jeans

For Lots of Lift: Cacique Boost Balconette Bra

Holy cleavage, Batman! The Cacique Boost Balconette Bra does exactly what it claims – it boosted my deflated middle-aged bust up up up while still being comfortable and smooth enough to wear under fitted knits. Available in multiple colors and prints, this molded cup bra has a u-shaped back to prevent back bulge offering lift, shape, support, and a smooth finish. The shape makes it a perfect choice for lower-necked tops and dresses. 

Woman in a black floral balconette bra from Cacique Intimates

For Lift and Versatility: Cacique Convertible Boost Balconette Bra

At first glance the Convertible Boost Balconette Bra may look the same as the previous balconette, but the difference is in the back.  With straps that end in lace, there is a little hook where you can switch the bra from standard to a racerback.  It makes it the perfect bra for all of those dresses and cute going-out tops that have deep-cut armholes or a halter style.  I love the floral print and the little red bow on the front (and yes it has a matching pair of panties!).

Woman in the Cacique Lace Unlined Full Coverage Bra in black lace

For Date Night: Cacique Lace Unlined Full Coverage Bra

When you have a larger bust, it's hard to find truly beautiful and sexy bras.  They often lack support, coverage, and why are so many of them ITCHY?  This pretty lace bra from Cacique is comfortable, pretty supportive for not being a molded cup or stiff-fabric bra, and it also has a u-shaped back to provide a smooth look under knits. The bra is lightweight, but I love the beige-colored sheer lining under the lace that offers a bit of modesty and shaping without adding bulk or reducing the allure. This bra is so pretty, I may wear it under just a blazer for a night out this season!

Woman in a black cotton nowire bra looking away from the camera

For a Relaxing Weekend at Home: Cacique Cotton Unlined No-Wire Bra

Whether you're looking for a sleep bra, a lounge bra, or a more comfortable non-wire bra option, the Cacique Cotton Unlined No-Wire Bra is a good choice.  Available in three colors, this bra is double-lined to offer a bit of support and modesty.  It's made of soft cotton with a comfortable band and traditional hook and eye closure at the back. Available up to a 50 band size and H cups, this is a comfort bra that can fit a beautiful range of bodies. 

woman in a red bra with her hands in the front pockets of her jeans looking straight into the camera

For Everyday: Cacique Smooth Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra

It's nice to find a bra that is practical, comfortable, and attractive!  This smooth satin full coverage bra has lightweight molded cups for shape and modesty, comes in 15 different colors and prints, and is specially designed for F to K cups. I was surprised by how lightweight this bra is while still giving good support.  The wider straps offer not only support but comfort and look smooth under clothing. This is an excellent everyday bra that is pretty enough for special occasions.

Thank you Cacique for providing me the opportunity to review your bras for large busts.  I really appreciate your broad size range, variety of practical and beautiful intimates, and desire to appeal to a variety of women at a reasonable pricepoint.  The online customer reviews, the ability to shop online or in person, and the bra fitting guide all make it easy to shop Cacique.  Do you have a favorite bra from Cacique Intimates?  Do share in the comments, you may help out a fellow woman looking to update her intimates wardrobe!

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  1. I was literally sick when the simply wire free bra was discontinued. They say the comfort bliss replaced it but there is absolutely no comparison. I went to Torrid but look like I’m wearing a minimizer. The only other wire free comparable they have is push up. I don’t need any addition just lift and good support.

  2. First — I second the itchy issue! I recently did a fitting at Nordstrom and was interested in trying a few new brands with smallish-band/biggish cup sizes from England and I legit did a Carrie Bradshaw getting hives wedding dress shopping get this thing off me scramble. The salesperson was slightly alarmed. Cacique lightly lined balconettes are my go-to now, though I’ve found I need to size up in the band/down in the cup compared all my other (pricier) favorites from Panache. I just wish the Caciques were a little more true to size from bra to bra. I’ve purchased same style, same size in different colors and wound up with different fits.

    1. I did encounter that inconsistent sizing with this review. I received the bras by mail, and one I couldn’t close around my ribcage. Other than that, I think they’re pretty great!

      1. same , inconsistent sizing, some 34s i couldn’t even get around my rib cage either but found a couple plunges, which ordinarily as a larger cup i would not opt for, my, my! the comfort amd lift without obscenity is fantastic! i went from32ff pre pregnancy to a 34f in freya. then freya let me down BIG time and i am switching to lame bryant. 34f or 36ddd fit these 40 sth yo lady now and i am thankful for the recommendation from my neighbor for this brand. GREAT once you get the shape and size that works

  3. I’ve been buying the smooth lightly lined balconette at Cacique for 10+ years; it is my go-to bra. I’ve worn 36DDD to 34D which has varied due to weight/body changes. These sizes are on the smaller end and are not usually in the stores. You have to order to even try them on.
    When I lost weight I ordered several new bras and it took at least a month to get my new sizing correct. I really wish they would have one bra in the store for each size so you could try them on to get your correct size, then order it.

  4. I laughed out loud at the “Holy cleavage, Batman!” comment. All these bras look amazing — and so do you. As a 36G woman with very firm breasts, I have trouble finding support AND comfort. Thanks for showcasing, once again, real attire for real women!

  5. Add me to the fans of Cacique bras; they have been my favorites for years. My only issue recently has been shoulder issues that require a front clasp bra. It’s hard to find supportive, comfortable front close bras for 40 E breasts. But I keep my Cacique for when my issues are resolved! I appreciate you showing all the different styles; it’s hard to tell from a hanger how they will look on an actual person!

  6. I wish they would expand their offerings of smaller bands (36) and larger cups. Very few of their bras have the larger cups at the lower end of their band range, which means they don’t work for me.

  7. Thank you for this post and you do look beautiful! I have been wearing the Lane Bryant balconette bra for a while and I love it. I need new bras because I’ve recently lost 70 lb. Like a previous commenter, I didn’t have any luck with Soma. I tried the three styles you recommended when they had that great sale three for $99. I really like the look of the bras and tried several different sizes but they just didn’t work. I think I’ll order a couple of these to try. The Lane Bryant store is about an hour away from me and I just haven’t had time to get there.

    1. I remember being frustrated that Oprah and the whole world love Wacoal and they weren’t right for me. I felt there was something wrong with me. I learned that like clothing brands, bra brands have different fits and if one doesn’t work for me it’s just because another will be better! I’m so glad Cacique works for you! And I hear you on not having time to go shopping in person!

  8. I switched to Lane Bryant bras last year after falling in love with this lace unlined bra, similar to the one you featured here. I feel like I FINALLY found a bra that fits that I don’t end up tugging at all day. I put this on and I never, ever touch it. The girls don’t shift around and it’s pretty and comfortable. I always stock up every time they have a great intimates sale. I threw away every other bra I own and only wear these now.

  9. My favorite Cacique bra has always been the Max Boost Plunge Bra – I had stopped buying it because my size changed and I assumed they didn’t carry my new size, but it turns out they do! Thanks!! <3

  10. What a great article! I’m so glad you’re partnering with cacique. I’ve loved their bras for a long time. Do you have a post somewhere or advice on how to build a lingerie wardrobe? All my bras are so beat and I want to start fresh.

  11. Do they have a pullover bra for big chests? I have a True&Co one which is ALMOST right and I’m searching for a better alternative.

    Also, your HAIR looks AMAZING!

  12. I am happy to see that you reviewed Cacique. I participated in your survey and it was a brand I submitted. I really like that the brand has personality at a fair price point. Not only are full size bras expensive, they often lack personality at lower price points. I feel like I have contributed! 🙂 In terms of size, I’m a little shorter than you and a little larger than you.

    I’ve been reading for awhile. I don’t even remember how I found your site. (First time posting.) I think I was searching for a concept known as the “wardrobe capsule” for traveling.

    Most useful to me were the posts on travel cubes and how pack effectively using the 2 sections of spinner luggage. I like lots of outfit options when I travel. I decreased the weight of my luggage by 7 pounds, which is a big deal if you’re traveling by plane. Generally, the price points are a little high for my budget, but I’ve found good ideas and I’m sure I’ll be able to click through on one of items in your posts one day. I read the site daily and follow your insta.

    1. I am glad Cacique reached out. I really appreciate their variety, their size range, price point, and as you said, their personality. And I am so glad you left a comment! Thanks for participating in the survey and sharing your favorite posts, it’s really helpful for tailoring my future content!

  13. Thank you for this! As a cusp size with 36G breasts, I admittedly write off Lane Bryant as not being my size. I’ve learned that this isn’t true as their smallest sizes fit and fit well (not always true of straight size 12s). Finding a great fitting bra is unicorn hunting. As much as I want to love Soma, their bras just do not fit me well. (But I still love their panties and pjs). You’ve just given me more options that I otherwise would not have thought about. Now to find a Cacique nearby. Oh and what jeans are you wearing?

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