The Crescent Bag is the Must-Have Accessory Right Now

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crescent bag trend 2024

I recently visited two different malls and did a lot of big box shopping. One of the trends that was loud and clear in stores from Bloomingdale's to Walmart, Khaite to Zara was the crescent bag.

What is a Crescent Bag?

The crescent bag is also known as the half-moon bag, the banana bag, and, in the past was known as a hobo bag (but we've evolved and can use the other terms from now on). The crescent bag is a slightly curved bag that is often a hybrid between a classic. purse and a belt bag, worn across the body.

However, the cr4escent b ag trend has gained steam in 2024, and you will find slouchy crescent and sling bags that are handheld or shoulder bags, as well as half-moon and banana bags that are more structured and unable to be slung across the body. In 2024, the crescent bag trend is more accepting and fluid.

I love it when a trend is practical, accessible, and not so trendy that it won't remain chic for seasons to come. This is a trend with checking out if the bags below appeal to you.

When Did the Crescent Bag Become Popular?

I discussed the crossbody crescent bag/sling trend in 2023 when I researched alternatives to Jennifer Lawrence's black leather crossbody bag. I knew she was rocking The Row and that, eventually, others would follow suit with this bag silhouette. However, I didn't know it would catch on so quickly and be so prevalent across multiple retailers and for so long. In fact, I originally wrote this post in Fall 2023 and with the influx of stylish crescent bags in stores in 2024, I felt it necessary to update with the latest and greatest crescent bags.

The crescent bag remains popular because it is wearable, practical, and easy to recreate in a range of textiles and pricepoints. Just as the belt bag crossbody was EVERYWHERE the past couple of years, the crescent bag is here and isn't leaving any time soon. From outdoors brands to high-end designers, you're going to see plenty of crescent bags in 2024

The Best Crescent Bags for 2024

This post won't just focus on black bags in a similar style and shape to the pricey one from The Row that Lawrence carried all of 2023. Below I have a fun range to show the versatility and functionality of the crescent bag, and why it may be the kind of bag you want to add to your wardrobe.

I know that in the past, trends were very specific. It had to be a certain size, certain shape, certain color, certain textile, certain brand. In 2024, fashion is fluid so the concept of the crescent bag is what matters, versus being a very specific one. This means if you have one already in your wardrobe, dust it off and take it for a spin.

Consider checking out thrift, vintage, and consignment stores for gently used styles that will look great now. It also means you can look chic AF without adding a crescent bag to your collection and just going with what you already own and love.

Classic Leather Crescent Bags

classic leather crescent bags

Shop the collage: one (10 options available) | two (3 colors available) | three | four (3 colors available) | five | six (10 colors available) | seven (17 options available) | eight (9 colors available)

I feel that a leather crescent bag is a classic; buy now and wear for years from now. These options are clean and simple styles that will transcend trends. And for those wondering, the crescent bag seen in the feature photo for this article is bag #6 in this collage from Polène.

Statement-making Crescent Bags

statement making crescent bag trend for 2024

Shop the collage: one (6 colors available) | two (12 colors available) | three (6 options available) | four | five | six (2 colors available) | seven (7 colors available) | eight (6 colors available) | nine (17 options available)

Crescent bags have a silhouette that goes in and out of being. trendy, but never really goes out of style. It's a great shape to consider using for more of a fun or statement bag. Retro, modern, texture, color… this year, you'll find a lot of woven and braided leather, studs, and grommets to adorn statement bags.

Functional and Active Crescent Bags

nylon crescent bag canvas active

Shop the collage: one (4 options available) | two (9 colors available) | three (6 colors available) | four (6 colors available) | five (13 colors available) | six (6 colors available) | seven (3 colors available) | eight (3 colors available) | nine (two colors available)

If you're looking for a switch from your belt bag, a crescent bag in a functional active fabric is a great alternative. From large shoulderbags to small slings that are as trim as a belt bag, crescent and sling bags are great for travel and active lifestyles.

Crescent Bags Under $100

stylish crescent bags under $100

Shop the collage: one (6 colors available) | two (2 colors available) | three (2 colors available) | four | five (3 colors available) | six (12 colors available) | seven (6 colors available) | eight (4 options available) | nine

There are plenty of very chic crescent bags this year that are reasonably priced without looking as though you borrowed it from your niece or bought it at Forever 21. Some are from leather, some look like they are leather, and many have cool textures and textiles used for interest and style.

My guides to current trends are exactly that – a guide, not gospel. Because fashion is so fluid right now, there's no need to adopt a single trend to look stylish. However, if you are thinking about adding a new bag to your wardrobe this season, I encourage you to check out a crescent bag!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. The crescent bag that I’m currently eyeing is the newly released Aoyama by Lo & Sons. It debuted only two days ago, so I’m waiting for more reviews of it. I feel like the Aoyama might be the intersection of Dagne Dover, Quince, and Cuyana that I’m looking for.

  2. I bought the UNIQLO bag last summer and loooove it. It can fit a paperback and a toque (and wallet, of course). Now that I see the pink one from GAP mind you, I covet. (Tho UNIQLO is located by the elevator bank at my workplace. I’ve never had so many T-shirts.)

  3. I could spend a lot of money on these suggestions! I have the Free People one you picture in cobalt and I like how it has two zippers with a divider between so you can keep makeup on one side and wallet, etc. on the other.

    Of course, I love the silver one that’s among the most expensive, but a lot of these are quite reasonably priced. I really like this shape because it fits well under my arm and all the crescents I have hold a surprisingly large amount.

    1. This trend is really reasonable; sure there are styles that cost hundreds and hundreds but I wanted to stick with ones that didn’t give me heartburn so they won’t give you heartburn either!

  4. Your original crescent bag post introduced me to Portland Leather and their “almost perfect” line! I bought the crescent bag in pebbled black leather (#8 in the first set of photos) and a few smaller items. They are all beautifully made and I can’t find any imperfections. Great value and I love my bag!

  5. I impulse-bought the crescent bag from Old Navy a few weeks ago when making a return, and I absolutely love it! It was $11 on sale ($16.99 full price) and it is so lightweight and roomy. I bought the Cashmere Blue color, and I feel like it looks as luxe as a nylon bag can (minus the strap which does look cheap compared to most others featured here). The color goes with anything, even black, which surprised me. Just wanted to mention as an inexpensive option for those on the fence, as I am really happy with mine so far. A youthful coworker even thought it looked like a Lululemon dupe. (I am not at all trendy so I will take that as a win!)

    1. That’s great to hear! I do have it in a collage above in ivory but love hearing the Cashmere Blue is also pretty and this bag is really grat IRL. Thank you Kim!

  6. I think I want all of these–ha, ha! The Sak one (but maybe in the crochet fabric so that it would be lightweight??) or one of the nylon ones are very tempting to me, as I’m thinking about a bag for the summer and one that I can use on trips. Last year, I bought the lululemon belt bag that was everywhere and used it all summer. It is tiny but that was ok since I really wanted something super light to carry around. Now, I’m wondering if I might get one of these bags so that I’d have a bit more space. Decisions, decisions…

  7. In theory, I love crescent bags. They’re very appealing to my eye and look chic and streamlined. In practice, however, I find them frustratingly pointless. Nothing that goes into my bag is circular. Everything I put in — phone, wallet, card wallet, tablet, notepad, lipstick, keys — is rectangular. That means there’s a lot of unused space in a crescent bag, and because of that, everything slides around inside. After slinging the bag over your shoulder or across your body, you end up with a jumbled mess inside. I’m keeping the gorgeous silver crescent bag I own, but it’s purely for the visual appeal!

  8. MZ Wallace has several styles in that shape and the bags have great organization too. I also like the Songmont Luna bag and sm thinking of getting the Uniqlo one that comes in many colors.

  9. I like the ones in nylon. The bigger ones are good instead of a tote.
    You can get a briefcase sized umbrella into them, and stash any lunchtime purchases you may have made in it so you don’t look like you’re late from lunch because you’ve been shopping 🙂

  10. I am so glad that you included Portland Leather. I love the city of Portland, Oregon. I went there 2 different times for conferences, once on the train and once by air. Both trips were wonderful, so fun! I like the idea of a Portland business doing well. I think I am going to purchase something from them, in no small part, because I want to support them. If I do order an item from Portland Leather I’ll let you know what I think.

    1. I love my bags from Portland leather! I have two of the mini crossbody totes and a wallet. The leather and the colors are wonderful. It would be so fun to be able to go to Portland and see the store in person.

      1. Nat, If you do visit Portland some day, be sure to visit the zoo. It is outstanding. I can hardly wait to go back.

  11. I don’t know how I managed to get ahead of the trend, but a couple of years ago I bought a crescent shaped bag from M. Gemi, and I love it. It’s big but slouchy and comfortable. I still like a classic shoulder bag.

    Alas, they stopped making it – Although maybe now they will bring it back. But it’s called the Eleonora and it retails for about $375. I know I paid less when it was on sale, and I just got a second one in very good used condition (I have a navy one and sort of a greige one) on Poshmark. So may be worth trying to find on a resale site. Here’s what it looks like:

  12. For the last grouping, I got this one from Athleta and I LOVE it. Just took it on vacation in Ireland and it looked good with casual, even a bit dressed up for dinner; held up on serious hikes, is lightweight, and the absolute perfect size. Highly recommend!

  13. Amazing compendium, as always. I tried a crescent bag based on your previous post and found that it’s definitely not for me — I don’t like 1) everything jumbled together in the center of the bag (which is what happens when you carry it) and 2) having to take the bag off and put it down on something to open it and find what you need. I also found the bulk under my arm when wearing the bag was annoying. I guess I’m a structured bag kind of person.

    1. Same here, plus the lack of a crossbody feature (I think I don’t have very defined shoulders, so the straps are constantly slipping off me…) The bags are gorgeous though, thanks for the eye candy Allie!

      In case this helps anyone else though, I don’t like too much structure lol but have found I can tolerate it on belt bags – I have two in a structured oval shape, so they look dressy enough to wear just like a waist belt in the front but with the bag section in the back.

  14. Love these bags. I was influenced already by your previous post about JL and her bag from The Row and I bought the Cos bag you mentioned at the time. Great bag, really enjoy it!

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