Friday Favorite: SmartWool Hide and Seek Socks

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smartwool hide and seek sock review friday favorite wardrobe oxygenCome on Allie, can a pair of socks really be so badass that you’re going to dedicate an entire post to them?


Seriously, yes. I wrote about these socks in this post, but since the temperatures are rising and ankles are started to be bared, more and more are reaching out asking how I get away without socks with my brogues, slip-on sneakers, and such. Well I don’t. I wear SmartWool Hide and Seeks. They’re low enough of a profile that they don’t show at all with my shoes, yet they don’t creep or slip or slide. Not only that, because they’re made from wool they prevent summer swamp feet and also help with odor. Come winter, the wool will keep your foot warmer than traditional socks. And though they’re wool go ahead and throw them in the washer and dryer, they can handle it!

Wardrobe Oxygen: Review of Smartwool Hide and Seek Socks for low-profile shoes and ankle bootiesI wear a size 8 shoe and buy these in a Medium. While they are low enough profile for my silver brogues (I’m wearing them in this post) and Superga sneakers (also wearing a pair of the socks in this post), they’re not low enough profile for traditional flats. However SmartWool has a style called Super Sleuth that gets good ratings for being low enough for flats and the sock comes in a ton of colors in case it does peek out a bit.  These socks are also great for ankle booties that dip down in front or have cut-out details like my sand suede Clarks Spye Astro booties and I like that they don't add a lot of bulk.

SmartWool was founded in Colorado in 1994 by ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke; in 2005 it was acquired by the Timberland Company. SmartWool says their products are itch-free, resistant to shrinking; have moisture-wicking performance, and odor-reducing and anti-microbial properties. In 2005, SmartWool implemented the requirement that its New Zealand wool suppliers no longer practice mulesing and 2010 the company signed a contract to exclusively source its Merino from the New Zealand Merino Company.  As a family we've been wearing SmartWool socks for over a decade and find the quality impressive and agree they're soft, they don't shrink, and they help with sweaty and stinky feet!

SmartWool socks aren’t cheap, but they’re well made to last a long time and they will make you wonder why you’ve been trying to get by with cotton or synthetic peds or no-see-ums all this time!

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  1. The Smart Wool Super Slueth style seems to be disappearing. Could you revisit the No-show sock subject?

  2. I hate socks but know they’re a necessary evil sometimes, so I almost always wear flesh-colored low profile versions so that no one sees them (especially me). Fun fact, men do not understand this style. I took my shoes off in front of a man friend recently and the look on his face was priceless. Many jokes about my hooves and my alien pod-person feet.

    These sound great, I’ll have to check them out!

  3. Had no idea these existed — thanks! I wear pretty much nothing but Smart Wool socks all winter long, but these will definitely help with this transitional time of year.

  4. I’ve had these hovering in my Amazon cart since the last post. Do they truly stay up on your heels? That’s always my issue with these ped-style socks. I don’t mind buying spendy socks if they are actually going to work, but I hate to spend $12, only to have them wadded up in my arches after I take 9 steps.

  5. Oh my gosh! Thanks for this recommendation! These will be perfect for a summer trip that involves lots of walking. Wool socks are the best. Feet stay comfortable in heat and cold. I just ordered some silver brogues, because I fell in love with yours. And I have been wondering which socks would be best. Now I know!

  6. I have a question. Today, I wore my socks like this but a different brand and remembered why I didn’t like them. The elastic digs into me just above my heel. Do you have this problem with this brand? Thanks!

  7. Doing the wash yesterday I saw my Smart Wool Secret Sleuths and thought how weird it was that I like those socks SO much. Feeling far less weird now. Even if I went into REI recently when they were on sale and just bought socks.

  8. I’m a fan of Smartwool socks too. I most recently added their PhD Run Light No-Shows to my favorites. The best thing about Smartwool is that they come in small, medium and large sizes vs. one size fits most, which is great for me because I wear a size 6 and most socks are too long for my foot which causes bunching up and sliding. The PhD Runs come up a bit higher than the Hide and Seeks. I have a pair of silver sneaks where the lacing area is a little tight on my instep, and the PhD’s are cut high enough to cushion that lacing making the whole experience most comfy.

  9. I’ve been wearing the crew socks for years and love them. They last longer than other socks, too. I have a friend who is a runner and says these are the only socks he wears. I need to look for this low profile now. I also want to thank you for making me aware of Jag Jeans – I have searched for years for jeans that fit (I’m long legged with short waist and a bit of a apple bulge). I lived in the Nora Skinny Jeans all last weekend – they did not stretch out of shape and were so comfortable and did not look like ugly Mom jeans at all. (I feared this due to no zipper). I just ordered another pair, the Malia Slim. I did go down a size as recommended on their site.

  10. Based on the comments in your previously mentioned post, I got both the styles you named here. Wore them yesterday and completely love them. They made shoes I didn’t like very much into shoes I love.

  11. I’m a fan too, though I wear Goodhew more often than Smartwool these days. Goodhew socks have some bamboo fiber in them so they’re a little less warm (my feet get hot). I wear them with boots whenever I can get away with not wearing tights. i have a whole drawer of little sock balls.

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