Honest Ruby Ribbon Review for Large Busts

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honest ruby ribbon review by Wardrobe Oxygen

After quite a fiasco in the comment section of a Rodan + Fields Lash Boost review with a bunch of spiteful consultants (most of those comments I deleted because it got really nasty), I made a decision to not support direct sale or MLM companies on Wardrobe Oxygen unless I was contacted by corporate. Over the past year, I have added to that where I do not feature such a company if not just the company has ethics that match mine, but they also hold their consultants to such ethics.

ruby ribbon technology 1
Some of the technology claims by Ruby Ribbon and what makes its products unique.

Well after I received so many questions about Ruby Ribbon, a company known for making wire-free bralettes that truly lift and support (though they also carry activewear, swimwear, and more), I finally said okay to no-strings gifting from their corporate office. The main reason that I said okay was that you can buy Ruby Ribbon without going to a stylist; you can shop directly from their website.

I also said okay because I have tried a LOT of wireless bras and bralettes for large busts and hardly any truly separate, support, and are comfortable for my over-40 bustline. I wanted to be able to provide an honest Ruby Ribbon review, free of bias from being a customer, a stylist/consultant, paid by the brand, or making money from affiliate links.

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What is Ruby Ribbon?

ruby ribbon honest review with a large bust

Before I get into it, I think it's important to know what kind of brand you are supporting and giving your hard-earned money to. I did a bit of a dive into Ruby Ribbon and what I learned:

I share this as just a taste; feel free to go down your own Ruby Ribbon rabbit hole and feel free to share what you know in the comments. Ruby Ribbon does not have an affiliate program, did not pay me for this review, I am only offering as a PSA for those curious about Ruby Ribbon or unable to find a similar product elsewhere. At the bottom of this review I share some more details about MLMs and my personal experience working for an MLM.

Shopping Ruby Ribbon without a Stylist

ruby ribbon spring 2021

As I mentioned, you can shop Ruby Ribbon by a Stylist/Independent Consultant, but you can also shop directly from the Ruby Ribbon website without having to connect with a stylist or end up on their mailing list.

Shipping is $7.95, but Ruby Ribbon often has deals of free shipping if you spend at least X. Most orders are processed within two business days and should arrive within 3-10 business days after that. Currently, Ruby Ribbon only ships to all 50 United States and APO/FPO addresses; they do not offer international shipping nor shipping to Canada or U.S protectorates, including Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands.

Returns and exchanges must be completed within 30 days of ship date, and Ruby Ribbon only accepts returns in brand new condition, unwashed, unworn (ok to try on), free of any odors and stains (e.g. makeup or deodorant), and in the original packaging with hang tags (where applicable) to receive a full refund.

Returns are done through Narvar; if you have shopped Gap, Anthro, and a lot of brands you are familiar with this interface. Enter your order number and zip code, click which items to return, and get a prepaid ($6.95) label to return via USPS.

Okay so on to the actual review…

Honest Ruby Ribbon Review

ruby ribbon review by wardrobe oxygen
The two bras I received from Ruby Ribbon: the Ultimate Demiette in Black (top) and the Lace Demiette in Espresso (bottom)

Ruby Ribbon let me pick the items of my choosing; since I knew most of you were interested in wireless bras and bralettes, I chose that instead of any of their other options. I wanted to experience Ruby Ribbon's highest level of support and see if they were any match for my 46-year old 36F/38DDD/nursed for over 2 years/much weight fluctuation over the years breasts. I got the Ultimate Demiette in black ($75 USD), and the Lace Demiette in Espresso ($72 USD), both in size 38.

I got these bras a couple of weeks ago and just got around to taking photos after showering. I finally tried one on and thought… I need to review Ruby Ribbon for Wardrobe Oxygen. Therefore, you have selfie photos from my phone with wet hair and no makeup but I think that helps you see what these Ruby Ribbon bralettes are really like.

Do know that because I deserve to control my narrative, some editing has been done to hide things such as “highlights.” However, the design of the bras, the way they support my body, as well as the shape of my body inside Ruby Ribbon products has not been altered in any way.

Ruby Ribbon Ultimate Demiette Review

ruby ribbon review by alison of wardrobe oxygen

The Ruby Ribbon Ultimate Demiette has Level 5 support, which is the highest level the brand offers. This bralette is described as, “Maximum support for your curves with the wire-free comfort you want now in a cropped style. Built-in shelf bra plus sling construction for ultimate lift and confidence.”

With molded cups, Ruby Ribbon suggests the Ultimate Demiette for a size B and above, adjustable straps, moisture-wicking fabric, and patented invisible gripper edge made from medical grade silicone, this looked to be the kind of bra that I could even wear alone when working from home or have it peeking out of low necklines.

ruby ribbon review
I'm so used to bralettes having my breasts sink into my armpits or fall to the center like a monoboob. Neither happened with this bralette from Ruby Ribbon.

I was SHOCKED by the support I got from this bra. Like, I don't really want strangers examining my boobs, but in this instance, look at my BOOBS! No wires, no crazy seaming, no stiff fabrics, yet here are my breasts lifted and separated AND comfortable.

As for the concept “molded cups,” I think that term makes most think of foam cups pre-shaped like breasts. With this bralette, it was like the fabric thinned and got stretchier in a circle and thinned as it got to where a nipple would be; the bralette is completely flexible and soft, and you can't feel this transition of the level of fabric.

ruby ribbon review
Holy lift, Batman! Like really, these girls are not used to being this high without foam and wires!

I wore this bra for eight hours straight. Unlike bralettes I've bought from brands that don't sell by cup size but swear my boobs will be great in their product, this bralette from Ruby Ribbon kept my breasts at attention all the hours this was worn and a trim t-shirt didn't squish things down.

This is the kind of wireless bra I truly would wear out of the house. With the lack of modesty (dude, the nipples are in full display with this fabric, and depending on your body, you may even be able to see the shape of your areolas through this fabric), I'd be most likely to wear them under looser or heavier weight garments.

ruby ribbon review
Even before sitting, you can see that my short torso and curves are no match for the silicone grippers

The only issue I experienced is one that I bet other curvy or fat women experience, especially if they have a short torso – the band rolled up as soon as I sat down. I flipped it down when I stood, but about ten minutes later I was in the kitchen talking to my husband and I felt the weirdest sensation under my shirt and it was the silicone-striped bottom slowly curling up like a wave from my left side to right side. The rolling didn't affect comfort or support, but it did affect the ability to wear this solo or under a low-neck top.

ruby ribbon review
I may have photoshopped out my headlights, but you can still see that this is not a completely opaque bra; your skin will show through in the cups, especially if you have larger breasts. However, this could still be a “demi cami” under tops if just the center “V” is all that is showing.

The Ruby Ribbon Ultimate Demiette is currently available on the website in the colors pale and black. This is the size chart for Ruby Ribbon products with Levels 3-5 of support; the chart shows sizes 32-50 (I am wearing 38) but at the time of writing this many sizes are out of stock with the Ultimate Demiette. They seem to replenish quickly; at the time of my order this was out of stock in black but a couple of days later they had it and was able to send my first choice.

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

The Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette is Level 4 for support, which is considered high, not ultra support but also with molded cups and best for cup sizes B and above. It has sling construction lifts & separates breasts without underwire, a v-neck, and the same moisture-wicking fabric and silicone grippers. While I got Espresso, this specific bralette is also available in white, pale, and black.

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

I liked the v-neck which would be less visible under tanks and lower-necked tops, and I wanted to see the difference between levels 4 and 5 for support. I liked the Espresso color, which is a nice change from black, but also it's nice to see non-beige skintones for intimates.

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

The combination of the v-neck and the lower level of support made the Lace Demiette not as mindblowing as the Level 5 demiette in regard to shape and support. The v-neck didn't feel uncomfortable, but it did dig a bit into my breasts affecting the silhouette. Also, the v-neck let my breasts shift a bit also making the silhouette not as smooth or even.

That being said, this bralette still offered way more support, shape, and definition than 99% of the bralettes I have tried for large busts.

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

I didn't find this as comfortable as the Ultimate Demiette, I think because the separate lace band under the bust, the edging on the straps, and other details made the bra feel more like a bra. I didn't have impressions on my shoulders or ribcage after wearing, but I was happy to remove it after an eight-hour day. Still, way better than most wireless bras I've tried for large busts.

Ruby Ribbon Lace Demiette Review

This bralette, in my opinion, would be a good choice for a large bust lounge bra. Depending on your comfort level, it could also be a great sleep bra. And it looks more like a bra than the Ultimate Demiette, which makes the cup transparency more sexy and less… jarring. If you are smaller (even a DD cup) I think the Lace Demiette could be a great alternative to a traditional bra.

Would I Shop Ruby Ribbon Again?

I didn't technically shop Ruby Ribbon because I received these two demiettes as a gift from the brand. If my lifestyle or body changed where I would need more wirefree support in my life, I would consider Ruby Ribbon. I have tried wireless bras and bralettes from no lie, over a dozen different retailers and I find these truly revolutionary for support, design, and I did the moisture-wicking aspect.

I don't love that Ruby Ribbon is an MLM. However, I do appreciate the fact that I can shop Ruby Ribbon without having to interact with a single human being, and even if I have to do a return I don't have to connect with a stylist.

What is an MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Unlike shopping directly from a retailer's website or brick and mortar store, MLMs sell via sales representatives that are often called Consultants or Stylists but are usually set up as contractors for the MLM. These individuals sign up with the MLM, pay for inventory and when applicable, business supplies like order forms, display cubes, and marketing materials. The sales representatives then sell their product at home parties, through an email program, Facebook, and other methods, receiving a commission on every sale beyond the inventory they bought outright.

The multi-level aspect of these businesses refers to each contractor's ability to recruit and train other contractors to start their own business. As recruits make sales and recruit their own representatives, each individual above them earns a commission. These recruited individuals are called a “downline.”

As someone who worked for an MLM in the past, you can make some money from selling product, even really good money, but the real money is when you recruit individuals to join your team, and then you not only make your commission but a percentage of everything they also sell. And this is where MLMs can be problematic.

My Experience Working for an MLM

Prior to working in Corporate America, I was a store manager and then regional trainer for The Body Shop. I loved the products, and since I was a trainer, I knew the products incredibly well. A couple of years later as a newlywed who was looking for extra ways to bring in money, I was invited to a Body Shop at Home party.

It was like a walk down memory lane, and I realized that I knew the products and how to sell them far better than the consultant standing in front of my friend's fireplace. I saw how many sales she got at that party and when I placed my order (because it's so hard to not buy at such an event, even when at home I still had a linen closet full of Body Shop products), the consultant asked if I'd like to learn more about being a consultant myself. We met for coffee the following week and I signed up.

If I recall correctly, it cost me around $65 to sign up. That price gave me a tablecloth and display products and special luggage to carry the product, order forms, a name badge, catalogs, and business cards as well as a base amount of products to use as testers at my parties. I would have to buy additional materials and samples when I ran out, though they would often have bundle deals for us that reduced the price.

The woman who recruited me would have monthly meetings at her house where all of us she recruited would get together and learn about new products, drink wine, share sales tactics, and get a guilt trip if we weren't making numbers or recruiting our own downline. Every so often we'd have a meeting with the woman who recruited the woman who recruited me, or even someone higher up the chain and all of us recruits. Those meetings could be 100 women in a living room or backyard drinking wine and being told we weren't just hurting ourselves by not making number, but hurting everyone there.

My first couple of months was AMAZING. All my friends hosted parties or at least made purchases. I chatted with coworkers and would drop samples and catalogs on their desk chairs. I was savvy with buying bundles and breaking them up so I could either make a bigger commission, or be able to sell product at a discount to motivate certain customers to purchase more. But after every friend and family member hosted a party, things started drying up.

If we didn't have a successful month or quarter, we were pressured to buy product to make the numbers, and then sell it on our own. Or, if the company had sales we were encouraged to buy those sales or bundles ourselves and then sell individually at the regular price to make more of a commission.

I remember one meeting; it was at the house of a high-level person in my area. She lived in Annapolis, her huge house overlooking the water. We were in this sunroom at golden hour, and she stood up in front and told us that The Body Shop bought this house. We could have the same house, but we were being LAZY. If we could get three recruits by the end of the month, we could easily have a down payment for such a home in three years.

I lived in a 745 square foot home that didn't have central air; I didn't think was lazy but maybe I wasn't selling this hard enough at my parties. I PUSHED. I pushed friends, and customers and coworkers at my day job. I ended up getting three recruits in a month. I swore I'd be more supportive than my upline, who mainly told me I wasn't trying hard enough when I struggled. However, all three recruits ghosted me within three months; not only did I only make about $10 in commission from them while spending a good $50 each on them, I got criticized by my upline for not being supportive or nurturing enough for them to stay. And that is when I finally quit, which was a little past my one-year anniversary with The Body Shop at Home.

It took me three years after leaving the MLM to finally use up and sell all the products I had purchased to hit targets and believed I'd be able to resell to customers. And when I left The Body Shop at Home after one year, I was in the red over $200, even though I knew that product and had almost a decade of retail sales under my belt.

Not all MLM experiences are the same. I have a friend who has been a consultant for an MLM for over a decade. She only has a couple downlines (her company caps downlines to not dilute the brand or make customers feel pressured to join) but still has made a full-time salary the entire time. I have another friend who is such a fan of the MLM product she became a sales representative 15 years ago. The MLM she works for has so low of monthly sales targets she is able to make them just by replenishing her personal supply and any sales to friends and family are gravy. But for those two, I know dozens like me who tried their hardest and still ended up going into debt or sacrificing relationships to recruit downlines and stay in good with the MLM.

Is an MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

When a business of this sort focuses primarily on recruitment, rather than the selling of products, this could signal that it is operating under a pyramid scheme. Over the years when I have shared MLMs on Wardrobe Oxygen, I have made sure that the sales representatives can make a decent income from just selling the product and not needing to recruit a downline.

It is important to do your homework if you are thinking of shopping from or joining an MLM, and that means homework beyond what you got from the brand website and the sales rep in your DMs. Search the brand and “reviews” and “honest experience;” the first page and even the second page may be pages managed by the MLM, but if you go beyond you'll find legit sites that monitor MLMs and stories from current and past consultants.

I am not an expert, I encourage you to go beyond this Ruby Ribbon review to decide if this brand is right for you.

This honest Ruby Ribbon review is not a sponsored/paid post, feel free to share your experiences with Ruby Ribbon in the comments below. However, if you are a Ruby Ribbon stylist and try to use my comment section to recruit customers or stylists, I will delete and ban you. This also stands for when I share this post on social media: try to sell on my pages and profile and I will delete, ban, block.

I will also delete any generic “all MLMs suck” comments; if you have anything constructive and well-researched beyond what I have shared you may share but know comments with more than one link will be held in moderation until I can review and I have the right to delete anything that I don't like or causes unnecessary drama.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ruby Ribbon stylists taking over my comment section with paragraphs and paragraphs of offering advice along with telling me how I am wrong, using their full name and contact info in their comments, etc. I have shut off comments for this post. If you wish to sell your products, build your own site.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I appreciate your honest review but … As a Ruby Ribbon stylist for 4 years now I like to do a fit check on every customer to be sure they’re wearing it correctly. I will however say we take several things into consideration when sizing and styling a woman. Measured band, bust, hip, waist, torso size and body shape. As we say at Ruby Ribbon “We have a cami for everybody BUT not for every body” Yes the Medical surgical grade silicone gripper edge is heat activated to your body. The most common reason it rolls up is because they’re either not wearing it properly or it’s not the correct one and that’s why it’s so important to order through a stylist and not the company website. Ruby Ribbon is only in the US and every woman needs this so the more stylists sharing this product women can ditch their underwires which aren’t good for them as Ruby Ribbon promotes good Breast Health. Lastly “Sharing is caring” and that’s what makes Ruby Ribbon different from the others brands.

  2. I actually just became a Ruby Ribbon stylist at the beginning of this week. My sponsor was so incredible helpful to me when I first started wearing Ruby Ribbon a month ago. She gave me advice and tips/tricks to get the perfect fit. I’m glad I had a stylist who was so helpful. I’ll never wear a regular bra again! I hope to help other women like she helped me.

    P.S. With Ruby Ribbon, you can earn up to 40% commission with no need to recruit a downline. That’s not the case with many/most other MLMs. I don’t plan to recruit anyone.

  3. Thank you for your very honest review. I’m actually a stylist/associate director with Ruby Ribbon for the past 3 years but was a customer for 2 years prior to that. I for one appreciate your honesty and boldness. Although no product or company is perfect, Ruby Ribbon products are pretty amazing and fit almost every woman regardless of body shape, cup size or age. If it’s alright, I would like to address a couple of the issues you did have and give you some tricks and tips I hope you find helpful.

    The rolling of the silicon gripper edge does happen on a lot of ladies ( myself included). Some of it is strictly body shapes and some of it is that women tend to keep pulling the gripper edge down. A great little trick I use is once I have it on and my girls are adjusted, I raise my arms over my head like I’m saying “touchdown” and then put my arms down. Just leave that gripper where it ends up. It’s still doing it’s job, your girls are supported and lifted and you can’t feel where the gripper is. And the BEST part… it’s not a wire! Another option is just to fold the gripper edge in half either over or under.

    In terms of the slight upper breast bulge you got with the lace Demi ( my personal favorite), all you need to do for that is stretch the cups out and you will get full coverage. Although I understand your desire not to talk to a human, the benefit to working with a stylist like myself, is the ability for her to do a fit check with you and teach you some of these tips.

    Lastly, one of the best perks of Ruby Ribbon from a stylist standpoint ( or at least mine) is we do NOT have to build a down line to earn the top commission levels. YES, Ruby Ribbon is direct sales but it is not a scam. We don’t have monthly fees and we don’t carry stock.

    I hope you find these helpful and again, thank you for your honesty!

  4. I know it sounds foolish. I tried my first cami and demi and thought the same thing. THEN, I spoke with my Stylist for some fit suggestions and found that some small adjustments to how we’re conditioned to get into a bra and then slap on a sports bra were impacting how I wore the product. I’m short and stubby, curvy as all get out, and very heavy-busted at a very full 42I. The nursing demis and lace camis (level 4) do wonders for me. The rolling is easily cured with some adjustments, once you’re in the demi or cami.

    I’ll put it this way: I have worn custom fit, off the rack, gone through fittings with distributors, and finally, I’ve become a Ruby Ribbon Stylist so I can have discounts and share the product. I’m not heavy on selling, more happy to share something I’ve found that helps my back not kill me, my day not end as soon as I come out of the offensive undervwires, and get some comfort into my grownup clothes without looking saggy.

    **Oh, the petals are nice to have if your headlights are an issue. I keep a couple pair for when I need more structure or my blouse is thin. Most days, they stay in the drawer.

    Alison, if you want the quick tip, I can give you that for your Ultimate. The V-neck is not always great on bigger busts because of how the compression doesn’t recognize the shape of…mounds. BTW, you do such great work! SO proud of you!

  5. I became. RR customer about four months ago. Since that purchase, I only wore my previous bra one day and I couldn’t stand it. I have since added to my RR collection, all camis. I’m plus-sized and want the smoothness. Petals are a must, and a drawback is that the petals can shift and need to be adjusted. Regarding the rolling, my stylist showed how to fold the edge under (if I’m remembering correctly) to prevent that. The advantage to having a stylist is that you have a go-to person for questions and concerns. Like a previous poster said, proper fitting is paramount and there are some steps to take to help get it right. I also purchased a half-slip and the silicone gripper is better than anything I’ve had in the past.

  6. I’m not sure why you say this isn’t a sponsored post. It is a sponsored post. You received items for free, that is sponsorship. You clearly spend a lot of time trying to be “right” in some way, so it seems to me that this post would benefit from accurate language and a better understanding of what sponsorship is.

  7. I’ve never seen your reviews before but WOW , thank you. I was just invited to a FB with this product and had never heard of it. Your review was kind and honest. Sharing that the bra rolled when you sat down was my #1 question. I am only 4’11 and not thin. I am trying to encourage “no bras” however, I have been unsuccessful. Thanks so much for your review. Look forward to learning more from you. Thanks to all the ladies who shared what they do like and is working for them.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! Tomorrow I will have a review for Evelyn & Bobbie, another brand of wire-free bras made for curvy women. You should check it out!

    2. The demis roll on almost anyne with a belly. The camis, on the other hand, stay down far better IF you’re in the proper style & size for YOUR body! There is a cami for every body, but not every body fits into every cami!!! Not having a stylist can cause you to have to return your items for not fitting you. They all run different, and your stylist can tell you which ones are best for YOU PERSONALLY! ALso, I’ve been in MANY MLM’s and THIS ONE is the only one that I’ve made serious money with! A great product sells easily!!

  8. I have only purchased Ruby Ribbon swimwear. The swimsuit I got was a pin-up/retro style. It was fully lined, had quality construction, and it actually covered my butt properly. As someone with a slightly longer torso this is a big deal.

    My friends in the D-cup or larger range who have purchased Ruby Ribbon bras/demiettes have said they were happy with their purchases. Most of them were wearing them for working from home during the pandemic and they just didn’t want to deal with wires while sitting so much. The stylist my friends used was not pushy at all, but she made certain to mention the availability of petals for nipple/areola coverage, so I am surprised corporate didn’t offer the option to someone trying their product foe the first time. Not sure how the petals affect the way the bras feel or look, but I suppose the advantages of not having such built-in coverage automatically might be staying cooler and being able to place the petals exactly where you needed. Some of my friends did not purchase the petals since they only wear these bras around the house or are unconcerned about showing. Ruby Ribbon may be selling the petals separately as a way to accommodate different customer attitudes about nipple visibility, and if some customers happen to use other brand’s petals with their bras, RR still makes money from the braa themselves. For what Ruby Ribbon costs, though, I can understand not wanting to purchase petals separately. As a smaller busted woman, I buy bras more for decency’s sake than a need for support. This is the main reason I have not tried the company’s bras yet even though their swimwear is good quality.

  9. Oh gosh, this is timely. I literally just asked friends for recommendations for bra brands yesterday, and I’m mainly interested in bralettes. I have more traditional bras that do the job, but as a person who likes to go braless but needs some coverage when away from home, I want something cute and comfortable. It’s been hard to find something in my size – broad band, smaller cup – that I visually like. Not sure if these fit the bill or not but I’m going to investigate.

  10. Kind of off topic but something I can’t un-see — does it seem to you or your readers that so many companies are using what I nicely call “crotch shots” for their photos? I noticed it a few months ago and it’s driving me insane. For Ruby Ribbon, it’s the shot with the woman in the white underwear, above — for MM LaFleur, it’s a woman in white pants whose crotch is aimed at the camera — today’s insult was from another clothing company, whose photo invited your eye toward the model’s crotch. WTH is going on? Has anyone else noticed this?

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed. Maybe after all this “manspreading” the time has come for “womanspreading” whether we like it or not. I don’t, of course. You don’t see our Allie or her young daughter doing crotch shots. Thanks for calling this out.

    2. So interesting that you say this. That picture has always bugged and I didn’t know why. That is totally it. If you go through our website or images you won’t find that repeated, or if it is it is rare. We do some lifestyle shots but lean away from the over-sexualized images.

  11. Your reviews are always so thorough and thoughtful-I appreciate your approach so much! About 3 or 4 years ago I bought a cami bra from Ruby Ribbon because I hated the irritation I got from bra bands. I liked the cami, but found the compression level for my belly, while light, was only tolerable for a few hours. The main problem for me was the headlights issue- just not enough coverage for my comfort level. I bought from the website and I had no idea Ruby Ribbon is an MLM. Thanks for your information about different bras, your information has been helpful to me!

  12. Thanks as always for your very thoughtful review! I would love a review on bras for the constant headlight situation. Bali concealing petal bras are the only ones that seem to work for me, but I’d love to have some options as those seem to come and go in availability/sizing. Thank you!!

    1. I love molded cups for this reason. Soma’s stunning support and Fantasie molded cup t-shirt bra are my two favorite go-to bras for this!

      1. This is a fantastic review. Thanks you.

        I too have headlights always. Ruby Ribbon has petals or posies available to help with that. Petals give a little more coverage/shape, and posies are just silicone nipple covers that are nice and dense but don’t show through like some other brands.

        I understand your reasons for not wanting a stylist, but a good stylist will help with these fit issues and “intimate” questions and any issues with fit.

        The lace demi will completely open up and not give you the little bubble after a few wears or you can stretch the cups open a bit. There are also tricks to keep the band from rolling (if it hasn’t stopped already). I have a good video or check youtube for some.

  13. Just an FYI, Target has another designer collaboration going on for easy dresses and tops right now. For me it’s a great way to add some color even in plus sizes.

  14. I have enjoyed Ruby Ribbons demi bras as well as Shapeez (which aren’t wirefree) as an alternative to regular bras in the past couple of years. For some reason normal bras feel too constricting anymore. But these I can wear all day without the need to yank it off at the end of the day.
    I do like the half versions better than the longer versions!! But I have both!
    You always give such wonderful, honest reviews Alison!!!

  15. Thanks for the great review and MLM perspective. Check out the Harper Wilde Bliss bralette. It’s the first one I’ve found with enough support for me (38C) but comfortable to wear all day. Sizes up to 3X.

    1. I tried Harper Wilde and loved the construction but it wasn’t enough for my breasts. But I highly recommend for anyone with smaller cups!

  16. I’m impressed with the lift you got from this wireless bra. It could be a viable option. How difficult is it to get on/off?

    I did an MLM once upon a time. My home was decorated in those darn baskets for years. It was more a hobby than anything else. But I enjoyed it until I didn’t. Sales goals/dried up markets/etc. The company eventually folded. I tend to stay away from them now as well.

  17. I like the Evelyn and Bobbie Defy bra — I wouldn’t jog in it, but it’s comfortable for working from home, and modest enough to run quick errands. Another plus is it’s easy to get on — step in and pull up, or pull on over your head. Either works fine. It also comes with removable modesty pads, which I throw away, but some women use. I wear 36E and find it’s comfortable all day. Finally, it’s a great company with all the attributes you list above, Allie.

    1. I love my Evelyn and Bobbie Defy bras. In fact, I wear them every single day. I went once to put on my Soma Balconette Bra and only lasted a half hour wearing. I don’t know if I could go back. The only negative of the Defy bra is the wider straps show on some of my tees. I do have narrow shoulders.

      As for MLMs, I try to avoid them. I sold Beauticontrol in the 80s and spent a lot of my own money trying to keep up. There’s a few Cabi stylists who always recommend items on posts and I just can’t do it. I’m trying to find a replacement for my Rodan and Fields tinted moisturizer so I can get rid of that.

      1. Origins Ginzeng with SPF is lightly tinted and never causes breakouts – Sephora will give a few days worth to try it out, if you’re near one! Maybe it’ll be your replacement?

        1. Love the E&B Defy Tank (and the bra but the tank more) and completely redid my undies drawer with their hipsters and retro bikinis.

  18. Thank you as always for your attention to detail and thoughtfulness on this topic! I am in love with the new Parade bralettes as a 38D/DD and have bigger busted friends who are too – was curious if you are planning to review them.

    1. I am not because while they look great, their design is so similar to other brands that seem to work for others (Harper Wilde, True & Co, ThirdLove) but have not worked for me. But Parade does look great!

  19. Thanks for answering the “does it roll” question. That is always my first thought with wireless bras that offer compression.

    1. As a Ruby Ribbon stylist…she is having rolling issues because more than likely she is wearing it incorrectly. It is nice that ladies can order on their own, but they are missing the opportunity to learn how to wear these properly as they are not like wearing a traditional bra of any sort. Some ladies do get more rolling than others, and some never have rolling problems…but many don’t have the problem with rolling only after their stylist has guided them on how to wear it properly.
      These demis are level 4 and 5’s…they are meant to wear in public. Because she did not have our petals for nipple cover, I can see why she felt exposed. Our molded cups are sheer blown out cups in order to accommodate different size cups for each individual lady. It allows the cami and demi to mold and move with their body shape.

      Also…I might add…the demis are great, but the camis are amazing! If you have not given a cami a try….I encourage you too. (More likely…You will love it over the demi ) But I will add again…you do it on your own…you miss the opportunity to have a proper fit check done. I guide each and every one of my ladies through the fit check process until they are fully pleased and all expectations are met. If they are not, and an exchange/return is due…I also walk them through that process as well. 9/10 adjustments are all that is needed to fall in love with your cami/demi. Many get it, and say are not happy and are ready to return or they just are not in love with it. I do the fit check on them, give them all my recommendations….Bam!!! They are ordering more!

      1. I hate when consultants say “these are not like others” when it is clearly exactly like others. There is no revolutionary shape, structure, sizing, or materials, so how can this possibly be put on in some revolutionary way?

        1. She is right, my first demi rolled and I spoke to the stylist and she gave a couple of tips on positioning and pushing the band up underneath instead of pulling it down (to where most of us tend to crease) and it was like magic. No more rolling. Some have to do a little fold under during the break in period. It really depends on your body shape.

  20. How are they to get on & off? They remind me of some sports bras I’ve had that were a chore to get on & off.

    1. I’d compare it more to swimwear than activewear. No heavy seams that don’t stretch, so it’s not so hard, it sort of rolls up with you.

  21. Thank you for this review and intro to a company/brand I’ve never heard of. This past year has made me a wireless bra fan, and i honesty don’t ever see myself going back to underwire, so I’m always on the look out for new brands, especially ones that offer a 30band. As my most important need in a bra is to control the headlight situation, I’m not likely to try this brand, but its still nice to know this brand is out there.

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