Fashion Fantasy Closet Update

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An update to this post about my fantasy fashion closet:

Wow, you all are AMAZING! Thanks to helpful comments, emails, and messages on my comment form I have already found some fabulous options for those pieces I desire in my closet… and some pieces I already own!

Sequined Peplum Top
I am still on this hunt for this. Will find one but its sleeveless, another and it doesn’t come in my size, another and the peplum seems to start up at my ribcage and make it look like a maternity top. Figuring I will have more luck as the season progresses and people start planning for holiday parties.

Olive Anorak-Style Jacket
So many of you suggested Kohl’s and I stopped by my local location and yes, this is the place to go for such a jacket. Unfortunately none of them were quite right for me – either a detail in the wrong place to emphasize the negative, or a strange fit on some part of me. However, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you – Kohl’s is a great source for such fashion with variety, decent style, and great prices! I will continue to look, and use reader Laurel’s suggestion of checking thrift stores, though the more I think about it, the less I think this type of jacket works with my winter wardrobe and maybe it’s fate telling me to hold off until spring.

Black Wedge Booties
Still searching!

Black Photography Dress
I ordered this dress from Lands’ End but can’t tell if it has pockets. If so, I am willing to alter it, change the color of the buttons to make it my new photography dress. If not, thanks to reader Bridget’s suggestion I may again try eShakti. I didn’t have the best experience with them, but if I use true measurements this time I may have success.

Black Photography Pants Ensemble
No luck so far on separates, but I did get this sweater from Ann Taylor which looks cute with my skinny black ponte pants and tall boots or with a regular-fit pant and flat shoes. Plenty of room for memory cards, a couple AA batteries and business cards!

Black Photography Shoes
Reader KP suggested this bootie from Franco Sarto, and I will have to try it to see how it works with my thicker ankles. But it’s a good idea to wear with pants. Reader Kiki Bee suggested the “Air Talia Lace” from Cole Haan, which could also be good but is sold out (though I may check my nearby Nordstrom Rack).  However, with her suggestion I found these Cole Haan wedges. I have two pairs of Cole Haan Air Talia shoes – high-heeled booties which are pretty comfy for such height and style, and sandals which I often wear for photography shoots in the summer.

White Cotton Shirt
Reader Sarah suggested Ann Taylor and a tailor; I have had success with Ann Taylor before with their silk shirts but haven’t bought any cotton ones. Will have to check out this season. Reader Nobodyssister suggested the Coldwater Creek No Iron collection. My last experience with Coldwater Creek was lackluster but I am willing to try again, especially with a positive review from a fellow busty lady! Reader KP reminded me of Eddie Bauer's great shirts – I had one back when I worked retail and loved it – will have to go check them out again!

Pleated Leather Skirt
Reader Dawn informed me about Make Your Own, a site where you can… make your own jeans! Choose your style, your fabric, give them your measurements and you can get a custom pair of jeans at a reasonable price. While they carry jeans, they also have other custom pieces… such as pleated leather skirts! And for only $110! I haven’t tried out the site yet, but this gets me very excited!

Black Taffeta Party Skirt
I got this one off eBay (the circular style). I must admit I was nervous dropping the cash, but two of you said you bought one of these skirts and was pleased. While the “taffeta” is more like the acetate that one uses to line a skirt, it is quite perfect in style and looks more expensive once properly steamed and pressed. Since I was unfamiliar with the brand, I sized up with a 14 and it fits comfortably. Smooth waistband, not too full, hits below the knee and has pockets!


So thank you THANK YOU for all of your suggestions! I’m getting there and with your help think I will be able to fill the holes currently in my closet!

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  1. hi allie. yesterday i saw an olive drawsting-waist anorak in zara. while i live overseas, i believe the stores carry many of the same merchandise everywhere, but like all things zara, you’ve got to hustle before it disappears…

  2. I can’t speak to whether it will work for your body type, but Brooks Brothers makes a wrinkle-resistant cotton shirt. Tomorrow Rue La La will have Brooks Brothers clothes featured, but I can’t tell whether the shirts will be in the lineup. Also, has a 25% off coupon code that expires today. I used it to buy a pink wrinkle-resistant shirt that was already on clearance, taking the price before tax and shipping from $98.50 to $36.94. If it doesn’t fit, I will just return it to the store at Tysons.

  3. I have a couple of finds for you. This sequin peplum top is on my list. I’m not sure about your size but this one comes in black or gold.

    I am a bit calf challenged, like you and I found these boots:

    I’m not sure I love the way the shaft folds over. It may be a bit too “pirate” for me but overall they are pretty good. There are a bunch of other styles here:

    I’ve also found some great boots at Their boots usually come in medium and wide.

    Best of luck!!!

  4. For years I searched for the perect cotton shirt. Then one day I looked at my local goodwill and found five fabulous ones. All for about $5 each. None of them are perfect, but with a selection I can usually find one that works really well with the outfit I’m putting together.

  5. I bought a couple of pairs of jeans from a few years ago. They are a legitimate business (in India, I believe) and do a decent job. I would buy jeans from them again if I couldn’t find any in stores that fit (right now Lucky works for me), but pay closer attention to a few things. First, I would do more research about the fabric. They give you a bunch of information about the fabric and have a photo of a swatch. I don’t know much about fabric, sort of guessed what I would like, and it turned out ok but not great. I would try harder to understand what the fabric was actually like a second time around. I would also supply extra measurements and add comments about how I wanted the garment to fit. I filled out their form with all the measurements they asked for, and the jeans met those measurements. The problem arose with the areas between the measurements. I have an athletic build with muscular thighs and a narrower waist. Their jeans got the taper through the waist just right, but the thighs were not shaped correctly. They were clearly assuming a different body type. If I had it to do over, I would give them additional measurements going down my legs and mention how tightly I wanted the jeans to fit. I would also pay more attention to getting the size of the leg opening and length exactly right (they were 1/4″ too short — my fault).

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