The 5 Best White Tanks for Women, Updated for 2023

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the 5 best white tank tops for women by wardrobe oxygen

One of the biggest trends this season is the classic white tank. It is the base of so many fashion looks. Worn under an oversized blazer, paired with an elaborate maxi skirt, a pair of slouchy menswear trousers, or perfectly broken-in jeans, the white tank is a closet staple. However, not all white tanks are created equal and IMO grown women have different needs from their white tanks. Below I share the5 best white tanks for women.

What Makes for a Great White Tank?

I have certain criteria that go into a really great white tank for us grown-ass women:

  1. Opacity. You can't see what color bra I'm wearing, you can't see my belly button, nor can you see the mole on my back. I want my tank completely opaque.
  2. Can Wear a Standard Bra. I love the look of string tanks, cut-out shoulders, and deep racerbacks but as a grown woman, I am not going to buy a new bra just for my white tank.
  3. Safe for Work Neckline. While I may not be wearing my white tank to the office, I don't desire a tank that is practically showcasing my areolas. I may like a bit of scoop, but a little is plenty for me these days, thank you.
  4. Grown Woman Sizing. I won't support any business that has their largest size end around a US Women's 12. If the average woman in the United States is plus-sized, it's ridiculous for a brand to only offer junior sizing.
Athleta Aurora tank XL size
For reference, I am 5'3″ tall and usually wear a size 14 or L/XL. Here I am wearing the Athleta Aurora tank in XL and the Chico's Microfiber Tank in size 2. I am pointing to my belly button in each photo to give you a frame of reference.

And with this, my list of the 5 best white tanks for us grown women!

My Picks for The 5 Best White Tanks for Women

Aurora Seamless Tank from Athleta
The Aurora Seamless Tank from Athleta

1. Athleta ‘Aurora' Seamless Tank

If you're looking for a thick opaque white tank with a scoop neckline and the ability to wear with a standard bra, then the Aurora Seamless Tank from Athleta may be perfect for you. This double-layer tank is completely opaque and the weight smooths the figure and stays in place.

Some find the tank too heavy, but that is what I like about it. It looks more refined. Those who have long torsos may find it runs too short; I am 5'3″ and it's a good length for me tucked in or left out. I wash mine on gentle and line dry to keep it looking nice. If in doubt, size up. Available in sizes XXS-1X.

Roitfeld Ribbed Tank | Best White Tanks for Women
The Roitfeld Ribbed Tank from Universal Standard

2. Universal Standard Roitfeld Ribbed Tank

This year, Universal Standard launched their Roitfeld Tank and I immediately ordered one to see if it was a good choice for us grown-ass women. I ordered the same size I wear in their t-shirts and found it way too tight. I then sized up and found perfection. Not too low, not sheer, covers a traditional bra, and instead of traditional mini ribs the ribbing is spaced out and looks elevated.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Universal Standard is working to democratize fashion by offering every single one of their styles in sizes 00-40. Each size is designed with a separate fit model to ensure the pieces fit well, and aren't just graded smaller or larger like many other fashion brands. Available in sizes 00 (4XS) – 40 (4XL).

Seamfree Turnaround Tank
The Seamfree Turnaround Tank from Soma

3. Soma Seamfree Turnaround Tank

If you want a tank that covers your bra but is trim enough to be a cami, the Soma Seamfree Turnaround tank may be just what you're looking for. I have owned this tank in a variety of colors over the year and I love how it is opaque but super lightweight, creating a trim silhouette or layering beautifully under other garments.

One side of this tank is a v-neck, the other a scoop so you have a lot of variety. This is a good tank for those who have a long torso or desire a slightly lower neckline that still covers the bra. If you wash it on gentle and line dry you will extend its life (I have a three-year-old one in black I still wear regularly). Available in sizes XS-XXL.

The Microfiber Tank from Chico's
The Microfiber Tank from Chico's

4. Chico's Microfiber Tank

If you desire a white tank that has a bit more polish than your typical ribbed jersey version, the Chico's Microfiber Tank may be perfect for you. That's me wearing it in three of the photos above; I am a big fan of its opacity, silkiness, and how it's fitted but not clingy. This is a great layering piece under cardigans and blazers for the workplace and looks chic paired with an elegant skirt or your favorite jeans.

Not too low for work but not frumpy, this tank fits well under the arms and will cover the straps of any bra. If you want a drapey fit, go up a half size. If you want tight like a bodysuit, go down a half size. I am wearing a size 2 in the photos above. Available in Chico's unique sizing which matches up to a 0/2-20/22.

Not Your Basic Knit Tank Top from Ashley Stewart
The Not Your Basic Knit Tank Top from Ashley Stewart

5. Ashley Stewart Not Your Basic Knit Tank Top

If you like the idea of the Chico's Microfiber Tank but desire a better size range, the Ashley Stewart Not Your Basic Knit Tank Top may be what you're looking for. A very similar nylon/spandex mix, this is an elevated tank that offers opacity and a classic fit.

This tank will cover a traditional bra with no show-through. Reviews suggest sizing down if you want a trim fit. Available in sizes 10/12-34/36.

The best white tanks for grown women as rated by Wardrobe Oxygen

This post was updated from 2022. I previously recommended a tank that many of you bought and disliked. I apologize for that and wonder if the brand changed the fabrication. I spent the year trying other tanks, looking for quality, ethical, and/or size-inclusive offerings beyond the standard retailers, and did find a new one from Universal Standard, a brand I regularly wear and recommend, that I found to be a worthy replacement.

Do you have a favorite white tank that isn't listed here? Do share it in the comments; your fave may be exactly what another member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community is looking for!

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  1. Would love to see an update to this for 2024. Athleta’s Aurora tank is out of stock. Do they have a new equivalent?

  2. I’m sorry Universal Standard doesn’t offer free returns any longer — I’d definitely buy several sizes of their tank to try to find the one that fits. Lately, I find I cannot rely on their sizing and don’t want to pay to experiment. With that said, if you own this tank, can you wear it backwards? I’m looking for a higher neckline tank and this could be perfect. Thank you!

    1. I don’t think it would like right backwards, it’s a very specific cut. However, I did try one from ABLE that I liked and was a higher neckline. I kept it, but didn’t add it because it’s not pure white, and it runs a bit short. It’s $40, sizes XXS-3X, and they work with Happy Returns (or else $8 prepaid return label)

      1. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Funny that ABLE says this tank has a 90s vibe. Ha. Must be where my head is stuck!

  3. Thank you for this post. It is wonderful to read about some brands I haven’t tried. I live in a warm climate during winter months and use a lot of white tanks beneath linen shirts. The Spanx Red Hot tanks available at Kohls come in regular and plus sizes. The fabric is thin and silky so the shirt fabric doesn’t get caught on it. The price point is quite reasonable, less than the Spanx Website merchandise.

      1. Yes, the Primers. The Flippers are good but feel heavier because of the double layer. Between the two, I wear the Primer style all the time.

  4. I bought 2 of the Pact tanks. I put one in the goodwill bucket because I washed it. I would say they run small and I am not sure if they have changed but it was thin and felt like a nice version of those stretchy camis that I wore under shirts in the late 90’s. What I find interesting is these companies that beg you to write a review and if it isn’t 5 stars they feel they have to respond. I gave the tank 3 and said it ran small and was not opaque. Didn’t blast them and I felt it was honest so that someone else ordering would have that bit of information.

    1. Like you, I was disappointed with the Pact white tank. I did size up to an xl even though I measured a large. I really could have used an xxl. I could see my belly button and the foam inserts on my bra. The other colors were fine but I wanted a white tank to wear alone with jeans.

  5. I tried the Aurora tank and perhaps I should have sized up to an XL, but it fit like a second skin and not in a good way! Felt constricting and just showed every bump and bulge. Not for me.

  6. Oh I’ve been wanting a white tank! Thank you for the good suggestions! I have a black tank from Universal Standard that I love but haven’t tried their white yet. And white is hard to do really well!

  7. Is the Athleta Aurora tank double layer front and back, or only in the front? I feel like I benefit most from a double layer in the back because of bra bulges, but most double layer tees seem to be doubled in the front only.

    1. It is double layer in front and back. The only seams are at the shoulders, the hem is a foldover of the fabric so it’s a pretty smooth finish, even though it is a ribbed tank.

  8. I need length (at least 27″) so several of these won’t work for me, but I think I’ll give the Ashley Steward and Pact a try. I do wish that Athleta made more items in Tall, and I’m nervous that the Chico’s microfiber would be shorter than I prefer.

    I have and like the Bra30 Tummy Tucker, but for me, it’s more to wear under something, as there’s a slight racerback. But the length on this one is GREAT!

  9. I have big boobs (38F), a sort of waist right underneath (goes in at the sides) and then a Santa style belly.

    I need something that’s kind of A line–not loose like a maternity top but definitely looser than what’s featured.

    I don’t know if such a thing exists.

    1. Given the descriptions here, it seems like the Ashley Stewart in your size or one size up is worth consideration. Good luck with it!

    2. Joan, I got some sleeveless shirts from Lands End that I like—they aren’t exactly classic tank tops, but they are knit with a bit of trim on the neckline and down the front, and they are more of an A-line shape. Called the lightweight trim tank:

      1. Duh. It’s black. I just realized the whole point was the perfect WHITE tank. Well, there are also white ones at EF, just not the great tunic I linked to.

      1. Have you tried Seasalt Cornwall? They do cotton tanks, t-shirts & even long sleeved tops with what can only be described as a slightly ‘flared’ shape (not noticeably so, just with the stitching). A variety of colours, prints, & fits (petite & tall sizes too).

        It’s a UK company but they offer free worldwide shipping above a certain amount.

  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I live in Florida, so a good white tank is pretty much a necessity. I’m also very long-waisted, so many tanks end up being belly shirts and, well, NOPE.

  11. What a helpful and great post!! This does the homework for me so I can zero in on where to look. Thanks Alison!

      1. I’ve got some Uniqlo pieces that fit my 14/16 top –and I’ve returned some size 18 equivs for being too big. The extended sizes do not apply to their entire range, so that may be the deal-breaker for size-inclusivity and these sizes are online only.

        Though I don’t think online only for extended sizes is uncommon among retailers (and really the only way I shop b/c my small “city” is exactly bursting with clothing retailers beyond Target, Old Navy and Kohls and I’m rarely up for a 90-minute plus drive to the closest brick and mortars!)

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