The Best Subscription Box Gifts: Over 20 Ideas for Everyone On Your List

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the best subscription box gifts by wardrobe oxygen

Need a gift for a hard-to-shop-for person? Need to find a present for the person that seems to have everything? Shopping last minute? Don't want to pay to ship a gift across the country (or go to the post office)? Sounds like a subscription box is the perfect gift! While there are many different subscription boxes out there, below I have curated the best subscription box gifts. These are the ones that are sure to please when received!

The Best Subscription Box Gifts: Over 20 Different Boxes for Everyone on your Gift List!

The Best Subscription Box Gifts: over 12 different subscription boxes for women, men, kids, and pets

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Have you received any of these subscription boxes as a gift? Have you given any of them as a present? Do share your experience in the comments, or if you know of a great subscription box gift not listed here let us know all about it! Also note that while this post originally was published in 2020, it has been updated with new available subscription box gifts for the current year!

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  1. We did Universal Yums for a few years and only stopped when we started recycling through some of the countries and products. Everyone in our house LOVED it! Fun to try snacks, interesting info about the food and culture of the featured country, and fun trivia and games in the accompanying booklet. Thanks for the reminder…. this may be the perfect gift for a few of our family members this year!

  2. Great ideas! I gave a 12 month subscription to Snackcrates which sounds similar to Universal Yums. Everyone loves it and gets so excited about it each month. It also includes a beverage from the country and a card with info about the county and culture and the specific snacks. So fun!

  3. Very excited about the succulents box! Ordered a subscription for myself. One thing I’ve learned during the pandemic and being home 24/7 is that I can actually keep plants alive! 🙂 Looks like a great gift, and I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future gifts. This time, though – a gift for ME!

  4. There are some great options here! I’m done with my shopping for the year, but I’m putting several of these on my list for next year.

    I gave my husband a Stance (sock) subscription several years ago, and that went over well!

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