How to Get Jennifer Lawrence’s It Bag Black Crossbody Bag for Less

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How to get Jennifer Lawrences Black Crossbody Bag for Less by Wardrobe Oxygen

Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody Bag for Less

You know me, I hate counterfeits and so-called dupes of designer items, but when I saw recent photos of Jennifer Lawrence and more specifically, Jennifer Lawrence's black crossbody bag, I knew that A) it would cost more than my monthly mortgage (and possibly more than my car), and B) I could find the look for less because it's not a proprietary design, and it's one that has been around for years.

Jennifer Lawrence's Latest Style

Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody Bag for Less

Jennifer Lawrence's latest looks have been getting quite the buzz. While never being a style slouch, Lawrence has been seen all over the globe promoting her latest movie, No Hard Feelings. She has been seen on multiple red carpets and the streets of the most cosmopolitan cities in everything from evening gowns to t-shirts and jeans and it's clear she has a stylist and a specific goal she is trying to achieve with her attire.

That stylist is Jamie Mizrahi, known for dressing celebs like Adele, Nicole Richie, Riley Keough, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Alba. After college, Mizrahi worked under stylist Elizabeth Sulcer before moving to a job at Vogue. Falling in love, she moved to Los Angeles with her husband she continued assisting celeb stylists like Petra Flannery and Simone Harouche.

Her big break came after meeting Cassandra Grey, who asked Mizrahi to do styling for her new company, Violet Grey. Through that, Mizrahi met celebs like Eva Mendes, who liked her work so much she invited Mizrahi to dress her for a movie press tour. A recent addition to Jamie Mizrahi's client roster is Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody Bag for Less

While Jennifer Lawrence has been acting since she was a teen, she didn't gain fame until 2010's Winter's Bone and became a household name by starring in 2012's The Hunger Games. In 2013, she became the second youngest woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Since then, Lawrence has been in many well-known films, including the X-Men franchise.

As with most people, Lawrence's style has evolved over the past decade, transitioning from her 20s to her 30s, being a young star to an established actor, getting married, and becoming a mother. It makes sense that Jennifer Lawrence is now leaning into style and employing a celebrity stylist to achieve a cohesive look.

Jennifer Lawrence's Look of Quiet Luxury

Jennifer Lawrence Quiet Luxury

And that cohesive look fits the trendy style concept of Quiet Luxury. Often mentioned in the costuming of the HBO show Succession, Quiet Luxury is well-tailored, high-quality pieces that are subtle, simple, and elegant. With no bright colors, bold patterns, or visible logos, Quiet Luxury is called that because only those “in the know” know that one's t-shirt costs $800 or their baseball cap is made from cashmere.

Jennifer Lawrence Quiet Luxury Fashion

Jennifer Lawrence, who has been seen as America's Darling for the past decade, tripping on stairs and making relatable faces that turn into memes, is no longer a kid and no longer a fledgling actress.

The choice of an understated, simple style focusing on architecture and fit is smart for a celebrity who is no longer at a point where she has to prove herself. She is established as an actress, an activist, a partner, and a parent, and she can afford multiple $800 t-shirts tailored to fit her body perfectly.

Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody Bag for Less

In the past couple of years, Lawrence has been seen in labels like The Row, known for its quiet luxury. Free from labels and frills and founded by Quiet Luxury queens Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row offers a simple, elegant, relatively timeless yet never boring style from luxury fabrics. A silk camisole is over $1K, a jersey turtleneck is almost $700, and almost everything is in shades of white, black, cream, and camel.

Getting the Quiet Luxury Look for Less

I could go on all day about how problematic Quiet Luxury is as a concept, but that's not the point of this article. The point is, when you see a celebrity wear something that seems quite stylish and practical and relatively easy to replicate at a lower price, it's time to celebrate… and time for me to do some research. While we can't all afford $800 t-shirts and $1K camis, we can get ideas from such looks and make them truly work in our wardrobes without dupes or “looks for less” that look a mess.

I've seen many pieces where folks are sharing how to get the look for less for Jennifer Lawrence's black crossbody bag, but the choices are… not the same look. It's just a bunch of affiliate links to mediocre black bags that can be worn across the body but don't achieve the perks of this specific bag. So you know me, I go the extra mile, research the bag, and then find items that will achieve the same results, even if you don't have a home mortgage to drop on a purse.

Why Is This Black Crossbody Bag the It Bag of the Year?

Slouchy Banana Bag
Closeup of the Large Slouchy Banana Bag recently worn by Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's black crossbody bag is the Large Slouchy Banana Bag in leather from The Row, and retails on their website for $2,550.00. Yeah, that ain't happening. However, let's break down why this bag is great.

  • Made from soft leather, the bag doesn't add bulk and fits the shape of the wearer. It also will be streamlined if you're carrying a lot or fill only where needed if you're carrying a lot.
  • The wide strap is not leather, but webbing, which makes it more durable, and more comfortable in the heat. It also is wide enough to handle weight, so you can throw in there your water bottle or your phone's battery bank, or your Kindle, or all three.
  • An adjustable strap means you can make it work whether it's over a ribbed cotton tank or a bulky puffer coat. It also means for those of us who may not be the same shape or height at Lawrence can also wear the style.
  • No logos, and no extreme hardware, so the bag doesn't scream Summer of 2023 or I AM DESIGNER or worse, I AM NOT DESIGNER BUT I WILL EMBELLISH ENOUGH IN HOPES SOMEONE WILL THINK I AM. Also it means you don't have to worry if your jewelry and any other metal in your ensemble coordinates.
  • The mix of leather and webbing means this bag isn't too fancy. Sure, it's leather and over $2K but this is a bag Lawrence can sling over a t-shirt and jeans and look cohesive. But because it is leather and not nylon or canvas, it can also be lung over a day dress or pantsuit and look appropriate.
  • Neither a belt bag nor a sling crossbody bag, this hybrid feels modern and new yet also timeless. Just as with the lack of extreme hardware and visible logos, having a bag that isn't too on the nose a trend means it will wear better over the years. Because we grown-ass women can still enjoy current trends but we also know it's wise to wear pieces that we can still be rocking in a decade (or two, or three or…).

So if you can't and won't spend over $2K on a handbag like me, I've found some styles that can give you Jennifer Lawrence's black crossbody bag for less money but with a similar effect. Not all have the same exact details laid out above, but hopefully, at least one will fit your lifestyle and your budget so you can get the look for less without resorting to a dupe or true copy.

Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody Bag for Less: My Picks

I did a bit of digging. I went to the mainstay places where I found stylish minimalistic bags, checked the discount sites, the fancy department stores, and the companies known for carrying logo-free leather handbags. These six were what I found to be the best choices to achieve Jennifer Lawrence's black crossbody for less.

These are in no particular order, but I will share why I think each of these bags may be a good option if you want to achieve this look:

1. AllSaints Half Moon Leather Crossbody Bag

AllSaints Half Moon Leather Crossbody Bag
Photos of the AllSaints Half Moon Bag on bodies to get a gauge of size and strap length

I have been admiring this crossbody bag from AllSaints for a while, though I have been eyeing the blue and green color options. I have owned bags before from AllSaints and found the quality good, the style modern, but the pieces not specific to a certain year or trend.

Also from a soft tumbled leather, the AllSaints bag has a leather strap instead of webbing, but the strap is wide, sturdy, and adjustable. The hardware is relatively minimal, and the half moon shape will curve with the body like Lawrence's bag from The Row. $219.00 at Nordstrom.

2. Amazing Song Large Sling Crossbody

Amazing Song Large Sling Crossbody
An example of the Amazing Song bag worn as a crossbody

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option or prefer not to wear real leather, this bag from Amazing Song is a good price and gets good reviews for being a shoulder bag or a crossbody. A shorter strap will achieve more of a belt bag effect, but the slouchy style resembles the bag from The Row.

The straps are adjustable, but from reviews and dimensions on the site, I do not think this will be the best option for larger bodies. There is also a logo on one side. However, the reviews are positive, and the silhouette will help you achieve the effect of The Row Bag for less. Prices vary on Amazon, but this bag is always under $70.

3 COS Leather Crossbody Bag

COS Leather Crossbody Bag
A few different folks wearing the COS Leather Crossbody

COS is another retailers that carries cool, minimalistic, but never boring apparel, bags, and accessories. The pricepoint is reasonable, the quality matches the pricetag, the only issue I find with COS is their limited size range. But when it comes to bags like this COS Leather Crossbody Bag, it's something that is more likely to fit a range of bodies.

Completely free of any hardware, no logos, and a wide strap, this genuine leather bag from COS has become one of the retailer's most popular bags and it's a great option for getting the look for less without buying an actual “dupe.” $150 at COS.

4. Rungion Nylon Crossbody Bag

Rungion Nylon Crossbody Bag
The Rungion Nylon Crossbody on a human

I know leather isn't for everyone, and especially if you are looking for a crossbody bag for travel or sightseeing, you may want a more durable, easy care fabric. Enter this nylon crossbody bag from Rungion. With a wide adjustable strap from webbing, you get the effect of Lawrence's The Row bag without the leather or the pricetag.

For a bag this low in price, I made sure to go through the reviews to be sure it was a bag worth your time. Reviewers say the bag is lightweight but durable, a great size for everyday, and the adjustable strap means you can wear it a multitude of ways, including as a short crossbody like a belt bag. Less than $18 at Amazon.

5. HOBO “Knox” Sling Bag

HOBO "Knox" Sling Bag
The Knox bag from HOBO

HOBO is a brand I have loved for years and years; the quality is stellar and the styles are usually timeless and always free of logos and a lot of hardware. I also think the prices are really reasonable for the quality. HOBO is also a Maryland company, and I love to support local businesses! So when looking for a bag that gives the effect of The Row banana bag, I went to HOBO and found their “Knox” Sling Bag!

While the Knox Sling Bag from HOBO does have gold hardware, the size and shape, along with the tumbled leather really fit the vibe of Jennifer Lawrence's bag. The strap is wide and adjustable, providing a better fit and security. $228 at HOBO.

6. Quince Italian Leather Convertible Crescent Shoulder Bag

Quince Crescent Shoulder Bag
I could not find a single photo of someone wearing this bag as a crossbody. ARGH!

The Quince Italian Leather Convertible Crescent Shoulder Bag actually has two straps but I deleted one for this graphic because it is removable and looks more like The Row bag without it. However, this bag is super versatile since it does come with a shorter bag for under arm or hand carrying.

Made from top grain Italian leather, this bag from Quince is soft like The Row bag, but a much nicer price. The strap isn't as thick, but it is adjustable and since the straps are held on with clips, you can easily switch out the strap with a webbing one like this one from Amazon that's less than $15. And by purchasing this classic crossbody, you'll essentially get three looks for one reasonable price. $119.90 at Quince.

What Terms to Use to Search for Jennifer Lawrence's Black Crossbody For Less

How did I find these bags? I am not going to gatekeep my methods… I use Google. I first searched for “Black leather hobo crossbody” because the bag at first reminded me of the style of bags we all used to rock in the '80s. But I wasn't getting the silhouettes I desired. However, I saw one similar bag that was described as a “crossbody dumpling bag” so I searched that.

This got me closer, and through this search I saw similar bags called sling bags, and searched that term along with the keywords black, black leather, adjustable strap. I found far more belt bags this way, but also some bags that did achieve the same effect as Jennifer Lawrence's' black crossbody from The Row. I also found it helpful to search for “half moon crossbody” as this gives the “banana” shape of The Row's bag.

Because I found so many of these crescent/crossbody/sling bags gaining popularity, I even wrote a second blog post sharing my picks for the crescent bag trend with a range of prices, textiles, colors, and brands.

Point is, finding the look for less is much more than just having the same color and one similar detail. What makes that original item so successful is multi-faceted, and it can take a lot of searching to find something that is even remotely similar. And if it seems all that you can find are “dupes”, counterfeit items, and items that are a blatant ripoff, I recommend moving on and finding another style. Because whether it whispers or screams, if it's a cheap copy of the original, it will never be stylish.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Man, I so love the original bag for the reason that another commenter mentioned – the asymmetry. I like the All Saints bag as well although not quite as much – but why oh why do all the other options have gold hardware? I am a silver girl through and through and I know I won’t use a bag with gold hardward. *Sigh*.

  2. Allie,

    If you had unlimited funds and had no other reason to not pay that much for a purse, do you think it is worth $2550? What justifies that price tag? Will they give you lifetime replacement at no charge no matter how many times you replace it? Is it the brand name? Are the materials much superior to what any other manufacturer can access? Will it be a collector’s item that will increase in value over time?

    I suppose that the question is partly about what we consider valuable. I would pay that much or more for an exceptional musical instrument, a camera, a one of a kind painting, sculpture, pottery, piece of jewelry, furniture. But a purse? No.Purses don’t matter to me, almost not at all. But that’s me. I know they do matter to lots of folks and that’s fine.

  3. I really love the minimalist crescent style but I really like a dedicated space to put my phone. I font like it just moving around with other necessities.

  4. Heroic effort, Alison. What I like about the original bag is that it’s asymmetric. None of the crescent or half-moon shaped bags replicate that.

  5. As I read this, started thinking for the first time “Is hobo a term we should be using?” And interestingly, Vogue published an article about it in 2019. I’m wondering what other words I might personally use instead (not telling you what to do!) and I think “slouchy” or “sling” maybe work instead? I really like how you described it as banana-shaped – than makes sense to my brain.

    1. It’s a brand name. You can argue whether a long-established brand should abandon it’s name, but Alison simply listed the brand name.

    2. Thank you Gillian! I really appreciate this and it was super easy to replace where I used it as a description and find an alternative word that is just as descriptive.

  6. I was vacationing in the south of France last week and these crescent shaped bags were everywhere. A friend purchased the Uniqlo bag described in the comments above in yellow. I purchased a handmade version in off-white canvas made by an artisan in Marseille that I found in an open market in Cassis. Another friend purchased the same bag as me in gray canvas. These bags hug the body wonderfully, are comfortable, are roomy, and can easily switch from being worn at the side to being worn belt bag style across the chest for safety while traveling. I love my crescent bag. Thank you Alison for sleuthing out these options in black leather for a dressier look.

  7. These are great! I’ll confess— I had never seen that bag JL is wearing but I certainly like your dupes, Alison. Specifically— the nylon Amazon bag. Belt bags have become a favorite of mine for traveling but the ones I have are very small. There’s no way I could get a water bottle in mine. As I’m thinking about travel for next summer, a bigger belt bag may be needed so thank you for these!

  8. I have the COS bag and love it. It’s a great size and the slim style doesn’t add bulk . I have a few of their bags and they are great quality.

  9. Thanks for doing all this work for us! I think you found some great alternatives (nope, not paying $2.5k for a bag, glad Jennifer can). My favorites are the last three. I also wanted to mention a smaller version–Uniqlo’s Round Mini Crescent Bag, very similar to the Rungion. I have a blue one. Several colors seem to be out of stock though

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