My Top 12 Best Purchases for 2020

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top 12 best purchases of 2020

This has been a year unlike any other, and with it, I found that the items I purchased and found most valuable were different from any other year. This year was spent more at home, focusing more on comfort and health. Even though I am known as a fashion blogger, I often write about wellness, lifestyle, and non-fashion topics and discuss such products.

This list of my top 12 best purchases for 2020 has a touch of fashion, but plenty of unexpected items that made this year better. More enjoyable, more comfortable, and yes, more stylish.

Not everything was purchased this year, but this is the year that made me really value having this item in our household or my closet.

My Top 12 Best Purchases of 2020

And now I would love to hear from you! What would you consider to be your best purchase of or for 2020?

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  1. I finally bought a nespresso two years ago when the furnished rental house we were temp. living in didn’t have a coffeemaker. Love it and usually make a version of an Americano (two shots espresso/one shot water) when I am not feeling 100% espresso. Peet’s pods are good, too, though their subscription service has gone haywire. And I love a microwave popcorn maker with fresh kernels (and not just because one of my clients is a non-GMO, US-grown family-owned popcorn company!) 2020’s best purchases were the Calm app because I use everything in it — meditations, sleep stories, podcasts, mindful stretches and the splurgiest of splurges, a 2-person hottub. In the summer, it was post-dinner relax/sunset viewing with my husband every night. Now that it’s colder in the PNW, it’s the pre-dinner dip still watching sunset! Or sunday mornings.

  2. In March I went from working from home 1 day a week to … working from home. For that, my best purchases were a laptop stand (amazon essentials), and a USB switch (ugreen) so I can quickly switch my monitor/keyboard/mouse back and forth from my work laptop to my home desktop computer without going under my desk and plugging/unplugging things twice a day. Much better on the knees.

    I bought a few pair of CuddlDuds fleece leggings because (when I am not randomly sweating my head off for REASONS) I am always cold and these are perfect. Planner inserts from Cloth & Paper. And then I sprung for their subscription box – if you love planner stuff check them out. And an actual popcorn popper (I don’t have a microwave) from West Bend that reminds me of one I had as a kid.

  3. We used our first stimulus check to buy a new sofa and rearranged our family room to make it cozier. It’s become a real haven.
    On the personal level, I tried a sample of Kiehls Midnight Recovery oil in March and have continued buying it. It’s a nice little bedtime ritual that helps calm me down.

  4. We also got a Nespresso machine this year, I freaking LOVE IT. I also bought myself some Adidas slides for around the house, and while they’re not as supportive as Birkenstocks they’re still comfortable and help my poor arches out a lot. My last favorite buys this year have been houseplants! Super cheap and when they do well it’s so fulfilling!

  5. My Peloton is definitely definitely my favorite purchase of the year! My second favorite purchase would be a small crossbody that I bought at the beginning of the pandemic. It is nylon, so easy to wipe down, and it has a place for credit cards, so no need to bring my wallet and dig around in a big bag for it. I don’t go out much except for a quick errand, so it has really been perfect to fit my phone, hand sanitizer, cards, cash, keys, and a pen!

  6. Ditto on the bidet purchase!
    I have a birth injury (Brachial Plexus Injury/Erb’s Palsy) which limits my range and flexibility in my left arm/shoulder and last month had a reverse shoulder replacement on my “good” side. I cannot tell you how many conversations were had (mostly in my head) about how I was going to manage basic toiletry (literally) during my first month of recuperation with basically both arms out of commision. 😮
    I determined a bidet was a required medical device – must have heated water, blower for drying, and with a remote. Settled on a “Luxe Bidet Luxelet E890 Electric Bidet Seat with Remote Control for Elongated Toilets with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Control” purchased on Amazon. Not as economical as the one you mention, but met all my advanced requirements and then some. Never going back. 🙂

  7. Your reviews of the Peloton led me to buy one in October. We received it December 4th and love it! I had never done a spin class or really worked out regularly but I have been on the bike 3-4 times a week and recently tried some non-beginner classes. I also love the meditation classes. My husband has started riding as well. Definitely the best purchase of 2020!

    Some other items you’ve recommended and I love are – Collen Rothschild Retinol Oil (the best retinol that I’ve used), the Equilibira CBD Relief Cream (works great with the Peloton), Old Navy activewear, Soma wireless bras and I’m sure many other things.

    Love these posts and I’m sure that I’ll be adding to that list in 2021!


  8. These types of posts are always favorites of mine, as was the one where you shared the top reader purchases. You’ve given me great information & ideas through WO & it’s very much appreciated. After seeing you wear silver Birks so often, I decided to treat myself to a pair back in the spring (went with the Mayari’s); love them! You also steered me towards the Soma Sunday pants—I waited to buy them until the end of the summer & then wondered what took me so long! They are buttery soft & I love putting them on after work & on weekends. My mom got me the navy pair for Christmas! You shared the Rellery jewelry website in a gift guide, so I ordered my mom a necklace with her grandkids’ names on it. It’s so pretty. And I was incredibly surprised when my husband gave me one with our son’s name on it for Christmas! Lots of great ideas—thank you! Happy New Year to you & your family.

  9. I scored two pair of the EVA Birkenstocks. I wear them in rotation. I spill and drop things constantly and I do t have to worry about these shoes or my bad feet getting worse. Also I’ve learned to appreciate lounge wear a little more. My Soma Joggers are still a favorite. And they still look nice. I also bought a new MacBook Air laptop. My old Mac had been “obsolete” for a couple of years and I could no longer work without being plugged in. It was time. And with all of the online shopping and being at home, it did make life easier. We are learning to be empty nesters…does tuition count?

  10. I bought soft clothes from various places and the ones from Soma have been awesome! I got 2 wireless bras (the kind you have recommended), 2 sets of Cool Nights pjs, and a long blacker fleece duster that was in the clearance section in the spring and they don’t seem to offer any more but I wear ALL THE TIME. I would not have known about Soma if not for your posts (they don’t really seem to have a presence around NYC) so thank you!

  11. A new iPad, gosh it’s amazing. Bought a Bluetooth keyboard & it’s incredible.
    A spot in a parking garage. For 17 years I’ve parked on the street in my city neighborhood, really only 1 problem in all that time. But with me only driving once or twice a week now, it thought I’d get my car of out of the weather for the winter. And now we’ve have the snowiest December in years. Money well spent
    A pair of high rise BF jeans. Worn on repeat since September

  12. Lush’s avobath bath bomb.

    Especially at the beginning of work from home if I consumed any Covid news I could not sleep. I found that a soaking bath helped me relax. Dr Teal’s fragrant Epsom salts are OK. But I was looking for a bit more.

    I must have tried over 1/2 of Lush’s bath bombs before I settled on avobath. It turns the water a tranquil clear green. The fragrance is lightly citrusy & doesn’t give me a headache (many fragrances do). It moisturizes. & I love the fizz when you throw it in the water. The soak, a book, & a flame less candle make a nice, relaxing interlude.

    I still have bouts of sleepnesses or just need to relax. A soak with avobath does the trick.

    2nd best? A pair of neon pink SeaVees sneakers that I bought for $20 just to try the sizing. While they don’t sell wides, turns out that that they are wide enough for my wide feet. I wear these when I need some fun in my day.

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