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I am taking a few days off but I had to pop in because I have a special link that will give Wardrobe Oxygen readers 50% off your first month if you subscribe to Equilibria CBD. Yes, this Equilibria sale gives you 50% off! This is an awesome deal on what I find to be high-quality CBD. Click here to learn more about why Equilibria is better than many CBD lines.

Equilibria Sale: How to get 50% off a CBD Subscription

Through December 31, 2020, use this link (it has to be this link, other links on my site won't provide this special discount) and promo code WARDROBEOXYGEN50 get 50% off your first month subscription to Equilibria.

How to save 15% on any other Equilibria order

Use this special link for 50% off subscriptions with promo code WARDROBEOXYGEN50.

If you buy anything individual/non-subscription, you can use WARDROBEOXYGEN and get 15% off if this is your first order with Equilibria. This promo code does not expire.

This Equilibria sale is the company's biggest subscription sale EVER and I just had to share. So many of you have told me how Equilibria has been fantastic for you – helping with bursitis, osteo-arthritis, Parkinson's, PMS, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, aches and pains, skin hydration and redness reduction, and much more.

honest equilibria review and a 50% off Equilibria sale
A review of Equilibria CBD from a Wardrobe Oxygen Community member

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive component found in the Cannabis plant. You can't really overdose on CBD, and studies have shown it to be far safer with way fewer to no side effects compared to other medications and anti-inflammatory products. The more famous active compound in cannabis is THC/delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is psychoactive and provides a “high.” CBD is not psychoactive and will not provide such a reaction.

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honest equilibria review and a 50% off Equilibria sale
A comment a Wardrobe Oxygen reader left regarding Equilibria CBD

What is the Benefit of Subscribing to Equilibria?

Well, the obvious answer to why you should subscribe to Equilibria is price. You automatically get a 20% subscribe and save discount every single month with Equilibria and then with this Equilibria sale it's 50% off your first month.

But the real benefit to subscribing is consistency. While CBD will start interacting with the cannabinoid receptors within minutes of being absorbed and you may feel a bit relaxed or a bit less pain, daily use is what will provide you with the best results.

The half-life of CBD is 11-24 hours; taking it daily will help sustain a level in your body that stimulates your endocannabinoid system to make it react more to CBD products like Equilibria. Many find it takes at least 30 days to truly experience the effects of CBD.

The endocannabinoid system is a complex cell-signaling system in your body that regulates functions like sleep, mood, appetite, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and other immune system responses.

By subscribing, you not only get the best price (after the 50% off Equilibria sale is over, it will remain 20% off every month as long as you subscribe), you never risk running out or having to remember to place an order. Equilibria makes it easy to change your subscription or cancel at any time; you're never locked in or have to jump hoops to get out of an Equilibria subscription.

honest equilibria review and a 50% off Equilibria sale
A reader's comment about Equilibria CBD left on Wardrobe Oxygen

My Favorite Products from Equilibria

Since writing my initial unsponsored review of Equilibria CBD, I have used a lot of their products and have become even more so of a fan. My favorite products and why, and how I use them:

  • The Balance Box: The Equilibria Balance Box has the two products that I find I need on a monthly basis – the daily drops and the softgels. You can choose unflavored or mint; I find the unflavored has more of a “weed” taste; the mint dilutes that taste without tasting too minty/toothpaste-like.
  • Daily Drops: If you haven't tried CBD before, I recommend starting with this product. One dropper-ful will provide the fastest-acting results for a sense of calm and balance, which can help with anxiety or to get relaxed for sleep. If you are dealing with pain, a dropper-ful can also reduce inflammation to reduce your aches. The drops can also be used topically; for example when my dog was dealing with a skin allergy I applied a bit of the unflavored and it helped him stop chewing enough to sleep soundly all night. I have also used it on aches.
  • Daily Softgels: I like the softgels because they are slower-release than the drops, meaning they work all for hours. Take before the start of the day or before beginning your nighttime routine prior to bed. I take mine before washing my face and getting ready for bed, so there's time for it to kick in just as I hit the pillow. The softgels come in a 30-count jar or a 60-count jar. If you're starting with CBD, the 30-count jar should be good for a month; if you're more comfortable with CBD and know what achieves your CBD goals you may prefer the 60-count jar to take two daily, or to share with a partner or roommate.
  • Daily Treatment Oil: This is oil for your skin, not to consume. Made with 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD and nourishing oils like sweet almond, litsea, and olive squalane, this is a deep hydrator while reducing inflammation. I apply it every night over my night cream to seal in moisture. Previous CBD skincare products have made me break out; this one has not. I love the scent so much I also use it as a cuticle oil and even in my hair to smooth curls. I only use one pump a night; I have had the same bottle for two months and haven't emptied it yet.
  • Mindful Mineral Soak: I am not a big bath person, but this product has motivated me to take more. With 200mg of full-spectrum premium CBD and a gorgeous gardenia and jasmine scent, this soak is amazing after a hard workout, a day on my feet, or just a day that exhausted me mentally and/or physically. How quickly this is used is dependent on how much you use each bath and how many baths you take.
  • Relief Cream: This is by far my favorite Equilibria product. I have tried a lot of CBD lotions, creams, and salves over the years and I find this one to be the most effective (500mg/1oz), a really nice consistency, and it smells like a spa. I am recovering from a torn meniscus and use it on my knee daily; I also use it on my lower back when it aches, and have even used it on my temples when I have a headache. My daughter uses it on her tummy when she has cramps, my husband uses it on his feet when they ache. I'd say one jar lasts 6-10 weeks as a little goes a long way.

While there are the boxes that combine products for a discount, every one of the products listed above can be a subscription and get this 50% off Equilibria sale for the first month and 20% off every single month afterward. As a reminder, use this link and WARDROBEOXYGEN50 at checkout to access the Equilibria site if you want to get 50% off subscriptions.

After all the discussions about Equilibria in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook and in my DMs on Instagram I felt it was worth it to share this Equilibria sale with you. There are affiliate links in this post; if you click and make a purchase I may make a commission. However, I am sharing this because I think it's a great deal on a product I truly love and use daily.

As always, if you have any questions I will answer them honestly and to the best of my ability!

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  1. Too bad we can’t order this in Canada… We have to go through the legal channels for all cannabis products since it’s been legalized here. I take (legal) cbd drops every day and would have liked to test these products. Basically, in Canada you can get high with thc cannabis but can’t purchase cbd healing no-buzz products, that’s kind of ironic… ☹️

  2. I ordered something December 11 and still haven’t received. It’s in transit with no delivery date. I don’t think that’s their fault. It’s the issues with the USPS. But just a warning.

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