Spanx Faux Leather Joggers Review

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Spanx faux leather joggers review by Wardrobe Oxygen

Social media ads GET me, it's really creepy how well they know my taste. And they were feeling my vibe big-time with ads everywhere for Spanx's faux leather joggers. I had to try a pair for myself, and of course share with you my thoughts. Below is my honest, unpaid Spanx faux leather joggers review.

I originally wrote this review in 2020, but updated it in 2021 as the Spanx faux leather joggers are not just still available for purchase, but they are very on trend. As someone who has owned these for a year, I've washed them multiple times, I feel I can provide an honest Spanx faux leather joggers review and help you make an informed purchase if you think they are right for you.

Spanx Faux Leather Joggers Review

I love the look of leather apparel, but it doesn't always work with my soft curvy frame. Faux leather leggings, while stylish, look like black saran wrap on my solid legs and wide calves. Leather pieces rarely have the stretch to work with, not against my body. So when I saw the Spanx faux leather joggers I was intrigued.

woman in a black faux leather baseball cap, oversized silver hoops, cream cableknit crewneck sweater, black faux leather joggers, and black lace up ankle boots
Styling the Spanx faux leather joggers with a cream cableknit sweater, cream belt bag, and black lace-up boots.

Available in sizes XS0-3X, these faux leather joggers from Spanx weren't meant to be like a second skin. They looked to be a heavier fabric that wouldn't cling, and I loved that they had pockets. Also, being 5'3″, I liked the idea of joggers so if they were a bit long they would just look a bit more slouchy, not messy.

When I originally wrote this review, I only owned my Spanx faux leather joggers for a couple of weeks. A year later, I can truly share my thoughts on these pants and why I think they are a good purchase.

How Do the Spanx Faux Leather Joggers Fit?

I am 5'3″ tall and usually a size 14. I wear an XS/12 in Universal Standard and vary between 14 and 16 at Banana Republic. For jeans I am usually a size 32. Because I have a belly and a booty, I find regular fits me better than petite cuts and I just then take to my tailor to hack off a few inches of the hem.

woman with brown curly hair sitting on a cerulean blue stool, wearing a green cashmere crewneck and black faux leather leggings
Styling the Spanx faux leather joggers with a green cashmere crewneck sweater, gold paperclip chain necklace, and white Adidas sneakers.

The Spanx faux leather joggers are only available in black and are offered up to size 3XL on the Spanx website. I am wearing a size Large; when I purchase Spanx intimates, I get a size Large. This was the correct size for me. If you are hovering between sizes, I recommend sizing up not down because I think joggers look better with a little extra volume, and because these are stretchy but I haven't found that they stretch out.

What is the Quality of the Spanx Faux Leather Joggers?

The faux leather is super stretchy, like you could do a workout in these and there would be no straining.  You could actually curl up on the couch and watch a movie in them, they're that stretchy and comfortable. That being said they don't stretch out.  I have worn them for two days of walking and sitting and even doing a Peloton stretch workout and they fit exactly the same. 

woman in a black tank, black ribbed cardigan, and black Spanx faux leather leggings
Weird photo, but it shows the Spanx faux leather joggers on Day 2 of wear and how they stretch, and also you can see my leg shape which helps show the weight of these faux leather joggers

The inside of these joggers have a soft finish, almost like jersey. It is the bonded back of the fabric, not a separate layer. The only parts that have faux leather touching your skin are the waistband and the cuffs. They don't cling or stick, though I do find them most comfortable with a tucked-in top and socks or boots slipped under the cuffs so no faux leather is against my skin.

The waistband is flat in front, elasticized in back, and wide enough that it doesn't fold over.  Even a year later, the waistband is flat and not creased from sitting. The ankles are elasticized and often such ankles are too tight for me and are uncomfortable. These are snug enough that when I take them off I see an imprint on my skin, but just as much as a pair of socks and no more binding. 

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back view of a woman in a black sweater and black faux leather joggers
Because it's helpful to see the back view of a pair of pants, and I can also show how they haven't stretched out after hours of wear and sitting.

The Spanx faux leather joggers are machine wash on gentle and lie flat; which means I wash on gentle and then hang to dry off my bathroom shower curtain bar. I have never put these in the dryer and don't plan on testing them in that manner.

I have now washed these joggers at least 12 times and they still fit and look the same. No flaking or cracking of the faux leather, no stiffness, no shrinkage. They were ready to be rocked this fall as much as they were worn last fall through early spring (which was a lot, check out all the posts where I wore them).

How Realistic Looking are the Spanx Faux Leather Joggers?

The faux leather catches the light like real leather without being too shiny or looking too rubbery. I'm not trying to trick anyone into thinking these are real leather, but I like that they look nice enough that someone may wonder, and no one will think I'm wearing part of an '80s Halloween costume.  These are not cheap pants, but IMO they look and feel and wear the way pants of this price should wear.

woman in a lavender and gray tie dye sweater with black Spanx faux leather joggers
Wearing the Spanx faux leather joggers with lace-up boots and a tie-dye puff shoulder sweater; see more of this look at this link.

I also found that the look of the faux leather was consistent over wear and washings. My curves didn't cause places to stretch out and look thinner/different from other parts of the joggers.

I also don't find these faux leather joggers noisy. Faux leather leggings on my curvy legs rub together and make an unfortunate sound. Other faux leather pants I've tried with a looser silhouette have also made rubbery or stiff sounds when walking. None of that happens for me with the Spanx faux leather joggers.

What's It Like Shopping the Spanx Website?

The Spanx website offers free shipping and easy free returns. You have 90 days to make a return.  Spanx understands you may wear an item and mid-day realize it is a wrong choice; however Spanx will not accept returns showing excessive wear and tear, or at the end of their intended lifespan or any items damaged by misuse, alterations, improper care or accidents.  I placed my order On September 12, 2020. I received shipping notification on the 15th, and they were delivered on the 18th. 

To see how the Spanx website is running in 2021, I made an order this fall for a different item. I placed my order on a Monday, received shipping notification that Wednesday, and received my order on Saturday.

How to Style Faux Leather Joggers

woman walking on grass in a field wearing a black turtleneck, taupe sweater coat, and black faux leather joggers from Spanx
Wearing the Spanx faux leather joggers with black ankle boots, a black lightweight turtleneck, and a belted sweater coat. See more of this look at this link.

Here are some suggestions on how to style faux leather joggers:

  • With a graphic tee, denim jacket or boyfriend-style cardigan sweater, and sneakers
  • With a black turtleneck sweater, patterned or bold-colored flats, and jewel earrings incorporating the shoe color
  • With a silk blouse half-tucked and kitten-heel ankle booties either in black leather or a fun color or print that pulls the ensemble together
  • With a crisp white cotton shirt half-tucked, a printed silk scarf at the throat, and black lace-up boots slipped under the pant cuffs
  • With a padded shoulder t-shirt and white athletic sneakers
  • With an off the shoulder sweater or knit top and combat boots slipped under the cuff of the joggers
  • With a slouchy cozy sweater half-tucked and slip-on sneakers in leather, suede, or a skin print
  • With a hoodie, an optional blazer or denim jacket over it, and your favorite sneakers

When I shared that I got these Spanx leather-like joggers on Instagram, several had questions about fit and fabric as they too were seeing the ads everywhere.  If I didn't answer your question in this post, please ask it in the comments and I will answer honestly to the best of my ability.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thank you for your review!
    Just got these delivered, tried it on…they fit and wear like a dream.

    In 2021 I would have already bought them, but unfortunately they were not available in Germany.

    Have a very nice Christmas, and thanks again.

  2. Curious if they feel cold in cooler weather. I live in Boston and that’s always the dilemma with faux leather/leather. They can feel so cold on the skin unless they are lined or have weight to them. Usually faux stuff just feels like cold plastic. Is there any type of lining or fabric on the inside? Thanks!!

    1. The inside of these leggings is soft like jersey. They are also heavier than say faux leather leggings. I specifically wear them in colder weather because they’re almost like windbreaker pants. I find them warmer than jeans, for example.

  3. Great review! I’d love to hear from someone in FL who has these. All i can think of is Ross and the Friends episode.

  4. These are so cute and look great on you! I’d love to buy these but I’ve sworn off faux leather. I live in Hawaii and every faux leather dress/skirt/jacket/pants I’ve ever purchased have kinda melted/decomposed on me due to the humidity in my closet! Including a pair of Spanx faux leather leggings that I loved.

  5. So cute!
    Ok, my fit question is about the waist (where I carry most my weight). I’m reading the waist measurements on the site and I know they aren’t accurate given the stretch. [OT Rant: why do they do size charts when they have almost NO relation to the actual garment measurements 90% of the time???]

    I wear a M in the Soma joggers. Would these be similar is sizing to your Soma joggers?

    Thanks Alison!

      1. If your Soma joggers in a M are loose on you, I better get an L in these if I buy them. My Soma’s are def not loose these days! I blame the woman in our neighborhood who started a home bakery (licensed by the state) and I had to support her by buying her delicious bread and, wait for it…Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies! So good…

        Thanks and stay safe. 🙂

  6. Even though these aren’t my jam, I LOVE your confidence in them and how they genuinely make you happy! That’s exactly what I love seeing!

  7. You are killing my budget with all these great finds! For now I’ve just put these on a wish list because I did most of my fall shopping already but what a nice pant.

  8. >>Social media ads GET me, it’s really creepy how well they know my taste. And they were feeling my vibe big-time with ads everywhere for [fill in the blank].

    I’m sure you know this, but in case someone else doesn’t, it’s not magic, it’s cookies. Social media sites track your every move online, whether you’re logged in to their sites or not — and then they tailor their ads to your online browsing. Big brother is watching you, and he knows exactly what’s in your mind/computer history!

    1. Yep, it’s SOOO Big Brother. I type this seeing the same merino sweater I added to a post going live later this week in an ad in my sidebar. My friends joke that they discuss topics they don’t truly like near their phone to see if it will affect the ads they see LOL

  9. These look great on! Now I want these! I bought the faux leather joggers from Commando but I haven’t worn them yet so I can’t say if they’re great or not. But now I like these Spanx ones you wear and the cargo pocket detail. Now to justify buying another pair….hmmm.

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