Transitioning to Natural Deodorant: My Experience

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I sit here typing this grateful for a stuffed up nose. See, I’ve decided to switch to natural deodorant and I’m going through what they call the “detox period.” Not too pretty… but neither is what is inside traditional antiperspirants and deodorant. A short blip of time where I need to shower twice a day (I haven’t showered yet today) is worth it to rid myself of chemicals and metals that have been connected to cancer, Alzheimer’s, hormonal imbalances, and more. Confused?  Keep reading and follow along as I transition from decades of products to block any sort of scent or sweat no matter how lethal, to a natural alternative.

Why Deodorants and Antiperspirants are Unhealthy

Spend a couple of minutes with Google and you can find out common ingredients of most deodorants and antiperspirants and why it’s not the best idea to be rubbing them into your armpits. Parabens have been shown to disturb the body’s hormonal balance and to mimic estrogen; estrogen is said to play a part in breast cancer formation. Aluminum compounds are what is used to plug sweat ducts to stop moisture and with it odor; these compounds too have been shown to mimic estrogen and possibly form cancer cells. Propylene Glycol may cause liver and kidney damage. Silica (yep that stuff that’s in packets you find in new shoes and bags that say DO NOT EAT) is a known carcinogen. The FDA labels Tricolsan as a pesticide; yep it too is in deodorants and antiperspirants. These are just a few of the many scary ingredients that seep into your bloodstream through your armpits.

Making the Switch to a Natural Deodorant

I’m a sweaty gal and have been all my life. I can recall in 6th grade coming home from a busy day in elementary school. We had a chorus performance, an assembly, and I sat next to my crush at lunch. We in chorus had to wear black and white for our performance; I wore my favorite black and white houndstooth sweatshirt and matching knit skirt. I had on black tights and my favorite black shoes and thought I looked super grown-up. I was lounging on the couch in the basement watching TV, feeling good about my day, and my mom entered the room. She sniffed… and sniffed again. “Alison, I think it’s time to start wearing deodorant.” I was horrified, I just spent the day around so many people and I was STINKY? In 6th grade, there are few greater fears than being the smelly kid in class. I showered and my mom gave me her backup bottle of Ban. I’ve been wearing traditional deodorant/antiperspirants ever since.  On top of that, I have used Certain Dri on and off for over a decade, Sweat Block, and considered Botox to curb my sweat.

I’ve wanted to go the natural route for many years, but have been scared to do so. While I’d like to reduce the number of chemicals I absorb, I also don’t want to stink. I tried when I was pregnant but my sense of smell and sense of nausea was so strong I only lasted three days. I tried again after Emerson was born; many said that when breastfeeding your body doesn’t smell or sweat as much. Nope, it wasn’t true for me.  But as my daughter has gotten older and closer to puberty, I want to lead by example with natural body products.  I want to find ones that work well so I can recommend them when she needs them.

I did some research; supposedly the reason I smelled so awful when using natural deodorant was because my body was going through detox. Think about it: three decades of aluminum plugging my sweat glands, all those chemicals need to come out and they’re not going to smell like roses. Okay, if I can survive two weeks, I should get past the funk stage and into the natural happy camper stage.

Choosing your Natural Deodorant

I didn’t want to do a spray or a paste that I had to apply with my fingers. I wanted a solid stick I could rub on like I had been doing the past 30 years. Doing more research, I heard only glowing reviews for Native. Karl decided he too would go natural with me; we couldn’t decide on scents so we bought the women’s three pack for $30, which had Lavender Rose, Coconut Vanilla, and Unscented. Free shipping and the deodorants arrived in less than a week in really adorable packaging.

native deodorant review - transitioning to a natural deodorant: my experience, featured by popular DC curvy fashion blogger, The Fashionista MommaNative recommends putting the deodorant on when you’re clean, and don't over apply. I immediately loved the scent of the Coconut Vanilla; I’m a coconut fan.  I don't love smelling like Vanilla, but I found it was very subtle, just de-suntan lotioned the coconut smell. After one day I realized one swipe in the morning wasn't enough, at least as I transitioned.  I’d put it on after I had dried off from my shower, do another swipe at lunch time when at the office, another swipe when I got home, one before bedtime. First week was a success. I showered every morning, if I was going out that evening I’d do a pit scrub with a washcloth and soap and reapply.

Going through Deodorant Detox

Week Two… things started getting funky. Even with a good shower in the morning and a second swipe at lunch, I was still quite ripe by time I was driving home from work. Oh great, last month it was fish, and this month it’s a weird combination of metal, BO, and coconut. My coworkers must LOVE me. This doesn’t even include the funky ranky smell when I’d exercise in the morning before my shower, and that scent does NOT easily get out of synthetic activewear. But that wasn’t all; by the end of Week Two I had an itchy rash under both arms.

A bit more research and I came across Primal Pit Paste’s website. They so some pretty fabulous SEO to end up on the first page of Google when looking for solutions to rashes from natural deodorant. One of their suggestions was to try a product without essential oils. While I loved the scent of the Native Coconut Vanilla deodorant, I switched to the Unscented stick.  I also started shaving at night so I could wait at least an hour before applying deodorant.

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant - transitioning to a natural deodorant: my experience, featured by popular DC curvy fashion blogger, The Fashionista MommaPrimal Pit Paste also informed me that I was going through a Detox stage, and this is when I would smell the worst. As I mentioned above, the body needs to expel all the built-up antiperspirants. They suggested to shower, to sweat more, and if need be, order their Detox kit.

And now we’re in Week Three and I cannot stand the smell of my own body. The smell coming from me is not body odor, but chemical in nature. It smells like a combination of metal and the inside of a jar of multivitamins. Pretty scary to think all this crap was hanging out in my pits. I am thisclose to grabbing my old deodorant but I feel I’ve gone this far, I can’t go back yet. I’m still dealing with a bit of irritation too, so this past weekend I placed an order for Primal Pit Paste’s Detox Kit. I just received notification while writing this Monday night that the kit shipped, so I will soon be able to provide an update to my transition to natural deodorant.  As an FYI, Native also carries a sensitive formula of their deodorant; I decided to try a second brand for a more balanced review and experience with this transition

My Husband’s Experience with Natural Deodorant

Remember the SlimQuick commercials? Yeah, that same experience happened with me and Karl when we switched to natural deodorant. Karl had maybe two days where he experienced more funk than before, and after that smooth sailing. No irritation, no funky chemical stench, nothing. He’s tried all three, he seems partial to the unscented but doesn’t mind the Coconut Vanilla (we both find the lavender one to be too strongly fragranced; best for big lavender fans). He likes it; it goes on relatively easily (not as smooth as a traditional deodorant but it doesn’t crumble or tug) and he is now to where he only applies it at most twice a day. I share his story because I think Native IS a good product, but may not be the best when you’re deep in the throws of detox. I’ll be sure to provide a proper review of Native if and when I am fully detoxed as well as a review of Primal Pit Paste. In the meantime, I’m off to take another shower.

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  1. I am a disturbingly sweaty person, and have been using Clinical Strength Secret antiperspirant and deodorant for as long as it’s been around (decades!). I began the transition to Native right before the COVID-19 quarantine. During the detox period I was sure to scrub my armpits with soap, and follow with an apple cider vinegar application after each shower. I had heard the vinegar kills the bacteria on skin which is responsible for my stink. My detox period was pretty un traumatic. Occasionally I’d have to re-apply mid-way through the day, and I was definitely wetter under my arms which I didn’t like. But for me, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. It has now been over five months since I made the transition and I am a total and complete convert to Native. Native completely controls my odor with one morning application; I don’t sweat as much as I used to and rarely notice feeling wet in my armpits, even when I go sleeveless; and I’ve even noticed I don’t have to shave my armpits as frequently! Amazing! My favorite scent is coconut vanilla, and I’ve introduced my preteen daughter to Native as well. It makes me feel good that she will (hopefully) never have to use chemicals. I have seen so many varying experiences with natural deodorants, so if Native doesn’t work for you, don’t give up! Try another brand or a home made recipe. It’s worth it!

  2. I started using Native in June. I had been using Tom’s but that seemed to leave a film on my shirts that I could never get out. At first I loved Native and the coconut smell was so refreshing. Now in the last two weeks I would say, I have started to SMELL badly which has never been the case before. Today I finally washed my arm pits with water, changed tops, and reapplied more Native. I am also dealing with hot flashed the last year. I don’t know if this smell is because of the Native deodorant interacting with my sweat or what? I’m just about to jump ship and go back to off the store shelf deodorant despite the chemical scares. Or I thought about buying Native Unscented to see if that helps but it is expensive. Thoughts??? Anyone else really like Native the first few weeks but then have it turn into a stinky ordeal??

    1. I’ve had that with all the natural deodorants and now my husband is experiencing the same thing. He cycled through Native, Tom’s, Lavanilla, and EO and has given up and went back to the drugstore brands. I wish they would keep working, I want to go back to natural but I couldn’t handle the stink!

  3. OMGosh! I I didn’t think about or know about a detox period. How do you get through the day surrounded by other people stinking like a funky skunk? Now I’m really apprehensive about trying it
    I have just picked up a tub of Routine Super Star as my first natural deodorant, I haven’t used it yet. I can get some stink on, especially when stressed and working out (GROSS) I personally can’t stand smelling body stink on other people, but on myself, I think I would die of embarrassment.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  4. Can’t wait to read an update to your journey. I can tell you my transition has definitely been a journey and not a race. I started my natural deo switch last summer after returning from a mission trip to Guatamala. A woman on the trip, who is really into all things clean, natural, homeopathic etc, and I got into a conversation about how toxic the conventional deodorants can be. I agreed and wanted to go natural but Tom’s and the Crystal Rock thing didn’t cut it when I had tried previously. She suggested CocoPits. (Found on Etsy) And it worked! I too went through a rough detox- at least three months long. And also had some pit sensitivity issues because I was reapplying too often and using too much product. (I was big time stinky in detox period). Needed to shower much more. Fast forward about 15 months and I have noticed that CocoPits deodorant is starting to wane. I was happy to read what others have tried so I can experiment with some of them. Also, the coconut oil in some of the naturals stains clothes after some time. And the essential oils fragrance also remains in the fabric after washing. Anyone have suggestions to protect clothing from staining? Also, anyone notice that the armpit skin has gotten darker with naturals? Learning that natural isn’t perfect but, I’m not giving up.

    1. I been using native for about 3weeks and if u use it one day then wake up in the morning you smell but iis getting better but my daughter started using it and she have gotten very very dark under her armpit and a rash like Tristania said do anyone knows if it goes away or u have to use something for it

      1. It will eventually go away, but try glycol acid or even Stridex pads it can speed up the process. And a perk, both fight bacteria which will also help with odor!

  5. As much as I love the idea of natural deodorant, none of them actually make a difference for me. I’ve always had issues with over-sweating my entire life. A few months ago I read an article about different deodorants and junglejuice was listed on there. I was hesitant to stray away from the norm but I knew I needed a deodorant with an extra kick to it. I’ll tell you this stuff is amazing. It stays on even after my outdoor workouts in the summer heat! Now I can work all day and then run to happy hour with the girls without feeling self-conscious the entire time. It’s worth a look into for sure:

  6. Not sure if you have looked into it at all but I have hyperhidrosis (excess sweating, mine affects the hands/feet) and I’ve found iontophoresis treatment to be really helpful. You have to do it fairly regularly for it to work (I bought a machine to treat myself at home) and I find I have to take a break from it periodically because my skin starts to get sensitive, but it’s definitely effective. Obviously for hands/feet it’s not really feasible to use deodorant and for your particular problem iontophoresis may be overkill, but if you are looking into ways to sweat less it might be of interest!

  7. I also tried Native because of the reviews and the experience has been pretty good so far. This will be my first Arizona summer with Native and I’m pregnant, so hello hormones! Have you tried any other natural deodorants. Native is the one one I tried.


  8. I generally don’t wear any deodorant/anti-perspirant. I don’t think I have much in the way of body odor either. I hope I haven’t been deluding myself.

  9. Great post, thanks for bringing this up. Several friends and I have taken to skipping deodorant altogether on certain days – it’s not as bad as it sounds. On a frigid January day, under a sweater, I am not worried about sweat and while I may not smell like sporty edition or whatever, I don’t smell bad. One friend who sweats simply wears looser tank tops in summer during errands, etc. Of course these methods don’t address hot July days in a crisp work blouse, so a natural deodorant is a good next step.

  10. I’ve always had a problem with profuse sweating. Deodorants and antiperspirants don’t usually address the issue, they just mask the odor with a superficial scent of flowers or something which just clashes with my perfume. While at a family reunion, my sister-in-law (who also deals with this dilemma) suggested Piperwai, which is a natural deodorant that has activated charcoal as its main ingredient. When she told me how she’d been using it and the results were amazing, I was really skeptical. Right there, in the 90-degree heat of our summer reunion, she dared me to smell her armpit! If that isn’t faith in a deodorant, I don’t know what is. I couldn’t smell a thing. I was astounded! She and I used to joke about sweating during school… in winter… when the heaters were broken… And here she was with fresh pits at 4 pm in July. What was going on!? She explained how the activated charcoal can hold so much more than its weight in moisture, so it absorbs sweat and odor. She and my brother both use it because it doesn’t have an odor, but she warned me not to be stingy because she can tell the days when one of them didn’t put enough on. She gifted me a jar for my bridal shower, and it has been a complete game-changer. It’s such a relief to not worry about sweating!

  11. I always enjoy hearing your honest opinions in product reviews, and I know that using natural products are very important to many people. However, I’d like to dive further into silica and triclosan as problem ingredients. Silica is a known carcinogen, but it doesn’t cause cancer from rubbing it onto your skin. If it did, then we’d see a lot more lung cancer in beach-goers because silica is a major component of sand (silica=quartz). Instead, the risk comes from inhaling silica dust. As to triclosan, it’s a problem ingredient not because it’s a pesticide, but because it’s an antibiotic that’s been overused in consumer products from toothpaste to hand soap. The overuse contributes to antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. Personally, I avoid it as much as possible in my household toiletries and cleaning supplies. Thanks again for your hard work on the blog, and I hope I’ve helped clarify these points. And if you want some sources for this information, I’d be happy to provide links to studies and CDC information pages on each.

  12. I spent most of my 20s working as an archaeologist and basically stopped wearing deodorant (I’m not a naturally sweaty/BO person so I could get away with it) so I became very familiar with my sweat. After not too long a time, it didn’t really smell like anything anymore. I’m 33 now and work a desk job, and I don’t know if it’s age or that I’m not sweating as often or physically exerting myself, but my sweat smells now. So I’m totally on board with the idea that sweating more often clears out your pores or something along those lines.

    I still don’t wear deodorant every day, though. I put it on once in the morning if I’m going to yoga or the office (I go in only one day a week) and that seems to be enough. I’ve also never worn antiperspirant regularly. All this is to say maybe I’m naturally prone to lightly-smelling sweat so YMMV 🙂

    1. Hi I have been facing similar issues with the writer in this blog. When I use antiperspirant, the smell is horrible but I dont experience that “perspiration” smell. I switched to deodorant, there is no horrible smell, but once I start to sweat I experience that perspiration sweaty smell. I tried everything. I need your help. email is [email protected]

  13. I’m not sure where the “natural is better/harmless” idea comes from. Tobacco, radon, uranium, asbestos, arsenic, viruses…all natural, and all (potentially) harmful. I’m not advocating for any deodorant over any other, but this kind of article makes me crazy. In toxicology, there is a principal: the dose makes the poison. Many things are harmless in small amounts and harmful in large amounts. Many essential oils cause skin irritation for example (and a bunch of kids at a daycare were poisoned by high doses from an infuser). My point is: good for you for seeking the least harmless deodorant, but I wish you wouldn’t promote this utterly false natural-is-good idea. Also: “chemicals” aren’t necessarily bad. H2O, for example = a chemical. Hopefully nobody is avoiding that one…

    1. Very good points, but a lot of the “extra” ingredients in traditional antiperspirants or things that larger companies have used for cost savings can harm – I use the term “cleaner” to help with that natural is better misconception – I use the EWG when I can (not everything is listed) – here is a link for Secret’s line:

      Now you may not care, but I try to help myself when I can and I am truly inspired by what smaller companies are trying to do – the long term issues from using Johnson and Johnson Baby powder is just an example of what they didn’t know or choose to ignore. I also admire the people that can make their own – I admire anyone that is trying to educate themselves to what they are putting in and on their bodies, especially when on average a woman uses 12 products each day containing 168 ingredients. I probably use an average of 25 in a day so I am on the higher end, so I try and make them as clean as I can and also know what is in them.

  14. I have been using my diy homemade deodorant for a long time. Many people are sensitive to the baking soda in natural deodorants. You can offset the irritation by using a little apple cider vinegar (diluted) before applicationto balance the ph level. Let it dry before applying your deodorant. I have been successful with a blend of clays, coconut oil and arrow root starch. I use essential oils sparingly. Good luck and I hope you can find a formula you like that is effective. I also had less stinky odor when I was vegetarian versus a meat eater.

  15. I am a sweaty, smelly girl. I have always been sweaty and smelly, and I live in Hawaii where it is hot and humid. Last year I transitioned to natural deodorant because traditional antiperspirants weren’t very effective for me. I would still sweat, and then I would smell terrible. Also, they would leave a nasty residue on my underarms no matter how much I scrubbed. Gross. AND I got tired of having antiperspirant residue that stayed on my clothes even after washing. I initially tried using Milk of Magnesia, and then Kiss My Face. Blah, neither one worked for me. Then I began using Schmit’s Lime and Bergamot stick, and had decent results. Not perfect, but pretty good. My main issue was that I didn’t much care for the scent options. I don’t like lavender, I don’t want to smell like cedarwood, and I don’t think the ylang ylang would work well with my body chemistry. The Lime and Bergamot was fine but a little strong. I wanted something fruity and feminine so I switched to Primal Pit Paste’s jar formula in Orange Creamsicle. Huge mistake. The scent was nice, although light, but it didn’t work AT ALL. I would sweat it off and stink within an hour or two. And it gave me a rash after I had already been using Schmidt’s for 6 months. I switched back to Schmidt’s and the rash went away. Now they have a Rose Vanilla scent that I’d like to try. I love the idea of the Native Coconut and Vanilla but I’m afraid to try it and get a rash. Also, the Schmidt’s is a little cheaper for a little more product, so I’ll probably stick with them. Looking forward to hearing how things work out for you with the Primal Pit Detox and the Native deodorant!

  16. I transitioned off traditional deodorants about 5 years ago. For a while I made my own, but got busy and ran out of the homemade stuff, and now use this one exclusively. It works really well with my body chemistry, doesn’t irritate my pits, and has a mild orange fragrance that I love (I can’t do anything flower-smelling as it gives me headaches). FYI, the price on is a lot cheaper.—Sport

  17. Well, gosh. I just switched over to natural deodorant a week ago and haven’t noticed a detox funk. I work from home most days and the cats and dogs haven’t mentioned it. I guess I’ll have to ask hubby to take a good long sniff when he gets home and let me know. I have to go to my office in Mclean tomorrow and be there all day. Here’s crossing my fingers!

    Nubian Coconut & Papaya – stings after shaving and takes forever to dry
    Tom’s men’s – I actually like

    Lot’s of good resources here, thanks!

  18. Hi Allie, I’ve been on the natural deodorant train for about 5 years now, and I think it comes down to trying a bunch of different kinds (as they are definitely not all created equal!) and switching it up every now and then. I was really into a few different homemade ones I found on Etsy for a few years,but when I wanted to try new scents, I started trying everything offered at my local health food store. Tom’s didn’t work for me, I didn’t like the crystal rock (I like a little scent), and then I hit on Lavanila and used that for awhile. Recently I was using an essential oil-based one and got a terrible rash, which got worse when I tried Schmidt’s unscented stick with baking soda. So now, I’m onto Routine Deodorant (, which is a product line made here in Canada. Yes, it is a paste you have to apply with your fingers…but their baking soda-free “sensitive” formulas have saved my pits! 🙂 Keep it up – and keep us posted!

  19. Congrats on transitioning! It’s been a process for me as well. I have some reccos on my blog but if you’re looking for stick form Birchbox has a good one from their ARROW line. I personally prefer Meow Meow Tweet (yes, that’s their name lol) baking soda paste. It will get me through the day but it’s not a sexy application :p

  20. So interesting to read the comments and find that products people swear by were disasters for me. I like Meow Meow Tweet without baking soda and Green Tidings (best stick). I’ve found Bubble & Bee to be by far the most effective, and their Pit Primer might be very useful for the detox: it’s a witch hazel/rice enzyme liquid that you apply right after the shower that keeps bacteria at bay. Last week I forgot to put on deodorant before going to a baseball game, and Pit Primer alone kept me from stinking. I have always been a heavy sweater, and have ruined so many dry clean only clothes b/c the smell never came out. Since going natural, I still sweat, but rarely stink.

    1. I loved the Meow Meow, but I have to use the stick (I travel for work and had TSA throw two of the pastes) and the stick didn’t work for me! I have looked at Green Tidings and when Schmidts no longer is working for me I will try that one!

  21. Alison, thanks as always for a frank and informative post!
    I personally have not found that evidence-based medicine should cause anyone to rule out common antipersperants and deodorants, but if doing so gives you peace of mind…that’s what deodorant’s for, after all!

  22. I went through this search two years ago, but started in January (key to start in a low-sweat season!)
    I tried several products:
    Best: Soapwalla, hands down. It works, it doesn’t irritate my skin, and for a deo cream, application it is easy.
    Okay: Schmidts stick, La Vanilla, Weleda.
    Worst: Herban Cowboy (useless) PiperWai (funky smell right outta the gate and product is dark gray when it goes on), Schmidt’s cream deodorants (irritating baking soda)

    I found I had to avoid baking soda, not essential oils. The Schmidt’s products worked best against BO, but over time were very irritating to my skin and tricky to apply. They have since came out with a sensitive skin stick deodorant. It works but is no where near as reliable as Soapwalla.

    Another tip: use hand sanitizer on your pits before reapplying midday. BO is caused by bacteria and the hand sanitizer will kill it.

    Good luck!

  23. Wow – I had heard about all the chemicals in deodorant but had not stopped to think about other options, well maybe that time I wanted to try the “rock” deo. I would have never thought that even an armpit would need detox to transition to a cleaner product.

  24. So I recently tried Native and had a terribly bad reaction to something in the product, complete with redness and itchiness. I am guessing it was either the essential oils OR the baking soda (which is also an irritant for some people). It’s really too bad because I would have liked to switch, but I cannot deal with that level of irritation and pain.

    1. I had the same problem with native ! Plus it stained my clothing ! Outside of US , there is no return and refund ☹️
      I have tried another one called ‘ No Pong’ with diatomaceous earth in it, so far so good.

  25. I’ve been switching back and forth between traditional and natural deodorants for a few years. My MIL is a breast cancer survivor, and all the women in the family made the switch when she was going through treatment. I make my own, and like it, but it was a transition from using a stick or a spray to using my fingers. It doesn’t bother me any more.

    1. I use homemade too, and have with both shaved armpits and fully hairy. Equal parts by volume of coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch, plus a few drops of tea tree oil and something less medicinal smelling (I use orange oil). Doesn’t stop me from sweating but it definitely does from smelling—and I used to STINK, even with deodorant. Using my fingers to apply doesn’t seem odd to me anymore. I don’t shower every day and still, no odor. I’m nearly convinced it’s magic. Thankfully I don’t have a sensitivity to the baking soda because I love this method now.

      I’m surprised there aren’t more comments about homemade, TBH.

      1. One of my best friends smooths some coconut oil on her pits and then dusts with baking soda…she’s done that for years and loves it! 🙂 If baking soda didn’t give me a terrible rash, I’d probably do the same.

  26. Primal pit paste gave my underarms a rash. I don’t know what it was – you would think that baking soda would soothe anything. Good luck!

  27. I’ve jumped on this issue also and started to rid my home of any beauty products containing chemicals. The first to go was my underarm product. I’ve tried a few natural ones and the brand Lavanila seems to work great and I don’t stink. You can find it at Sephora. My husband who is under treatment for cancer still uses regular underarm antiperspirant and I’m still pushing him to give it up and make the switch.

  28. I started using natural about 5 years ago and it seems as if after a year or so whichever brand that had been working doesn’t anymore which at first was frustrating but now I think of it as a way to try something new. I love (right now) Schmidts stick and you can order from
    Amazon! I also will use a spray to freshen up if needed. Weleda Rose is my in between. As for detox, if you can find a sauna, try that and detox tea as well. Not that you want recommendations:). When I started switching to cleaner beauty I read somewhere deodorant, toothpaste, and body wash/lotion were the most important. I “may” have become obsessed!!

    1. I have never commented on anything on the blog before but I absolutely have to second this recommendation. Schmidt’s stick deodorant *actually works*, which is so refreshing after over a year of trying to find a natural deodorant that works as well as (really even better in my experience) conventional deodorant. I use the Bergamot and Lime version and it works all day, even in the hot, hot southern summer.

  29. I too am a sweaty girl and have been since the age of 12. I recall a similar experience where I had spent the day at school next to my crush only to come home and discover to my horror that I stunk to high heaven! After that day, my mom put me on Mitchum cream antiperspirant, which always left traces under my fingernals and I’d suffer from dry chemical tongue every time I touched my lips or food. Disgusting! I considered the natural route too after reading extensively that it could be the root cause of several cancers. But, I’m afraid of enduring experiences such as you’re going through. I work in an open office environment, so we are in close contact and any colognes or fragrances are evident to each of us. I couldn’t bear to be even slightly rank even for a minute! Please keep us apprised of your progress. You just might be able to change my mind…maybe.

  30. Kudos to you for doing this, it will be worth it in the end. Thankfully, there are more natural options available than ever before, it’s all about trial and error, maybe along with some stink. When I was testing deodorant-free, which I do sometimes, I had a conversation with a guy about his experience. He’s been “free” for 12 years and had no problems. The hair helps to wick moisture away, and since most women shave, we don’t have that barrier. I’m not sure if I could be that aggressive and grow my underarm hair, however it may be worth a shot!
    Good luck 😉

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