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How Cute Are These Ulla Popken Plus Size Swimsuits?

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Laura, a reader of Wardrobe Oxygen, reached out to me asking for some missing links in my article sharing the best swimwear for large busts. One of the links I forgot to add was to a suit from Ulla Popken. Going back to find the link for that suit, I scrolled through Ulla Popken's swimwear collection, and it's so unique and fun, and in great sizes (12-34) with great reviews; I had to share! And if you've tried Ulla Popken swimwear please share your experience in the comments.

Let's be real, a lot of plus size swimsuits are horrible. Either it's some brand attempting to be “size inclusive” with unsupportive larger versions of their spaghetti strap high-cut suits, or they're made thinking every woman over a size 10 wants to swath her body with cabbage roses or basic black. While some brands break the plus size swimwear stereotype, they are few and far between. That's why Ulla Popken caught my eye.

ulla popken swimwear review

How Cute Are These Ulla Popken Plus Size Swimsuits?

I'm thrilled to share that every swimsuit is under $90. Ulla Popken is a German family-owned company that started in 1880. While it began as a textile company, it began specializing in maternity and plus size fashion in the second half of the 20th century. Ulla Popken began selling in the U.S. in 1993 via catalog. In 1999, Ulla Popken launched its first online store.

Ulla Popken Ulla Popken delivers to the U.S. and Canada (Canada has an extra $14 shipping fee). Returns are 60 days; U.S. customers receive a $7.95 label to return via UPS, and Canadian customers need to organize their own return delivery. And with that, a few of Ulla Popken's swimsuits that I thought were extra cute (there are over 500 suits to choose from):

One-Piece Swimsuits

Ulla Popken primarily has one-piece suits. This is a collection of those without skirts. I was going to narrow it down even more but felt this would be too long of a post. So I narrowed them down to 16 with one collage a bit simpler of styles and one that has more design features.

a collage of eight one-piece plus size swimsuits from Ulla Popken

Top row: black and blue high neck | black and white letters | rainbow wrap | black with blue
Bottom row: black and white stripe | green print | purple | blue print

a collage of eight one-piece plus size swimsuits from Ulla Popken

Top row: colorful dot print | blue print zip front | red and turquoise | green print
Bottom row: purple print with tie | brown print | purple and red | print and stripe

These suits are really varied with the structure inside the suits. Some are more sporty and good for laps and water aerobics; those sometimes have a support band under the bust, some do not, and some have ruching on the sides of the bust for a bit more space and shape. Some have soft cups, and those cups are sometimes accompanied by underwires and/or support bands. Some have double layer fronts, some have compression in the torso. Read the details to be sure you're getting what fits your unique needs.

Skirted Swimsuits and Swim Dresses

A swim dress or skirted swimsuit can be cute… but it's hard to find, especially in larger sizes (unless you essentially want the same swimsuit moms wore 3-5 decades ago). These are the skirted swimsuits and swim dresses I found that are darn patootin' cute, chic, fun, and dare I say sexy?

eight plus size swim dresses and skirted swimsuits from Ulla Popken that are fun prints and modern silhouettes

Top row: teal with bird | tropical scene (comes with removable adjustable straps) | gray print | canned fruit print
Bottom row: tropical print with slit | teal | green print | blue and yellow floral

Almost every suit has adjustable straps, even if the straps are wide. There is a variety of bust support features: some have soft cups, some have cups with underwire, some have soft cups with an underbust band, and some just have an underbust band. There is a range of attached and detached briefs and shorts. And many have rave reviews.

Tankinis and Two-Pieces

Ulla Popken has a few tankinis and two pieces that look different than all the other stuff on the market. In fact I think I may purchase one of these below!

stylish plus size tankinis from Ulla Popken

Top row: navy and black tankini | navy floral convertible tankini | black and white top and matching bottom | lavender print tankini
Bottom row: teal bikini | navy layered tankini | yellow print tankini | color block bikini

I am drawn to that black and white two-piece, but worry it won't support my large bust. If I do end up ordering it I will be sure to let you know!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. These look fun AND supportive, what a find. Great to read that the people who’ve tried Ulla Popken like the clothing. I don’t know if I want to get a swimsuit, but I will explore their online shop. Thanks for highlighting it!

    1. Thanks for the post! Wow! We’d love to share it on our other socials if you don’t mind let us know.

  2. That’s an excellent selection of swimsuits for me to start from. My body proportions are tricky, large bust, flat rear, bulging abdomen, relatively skinny hips and legs, plus a sagging “apron” made worse by aging and weight loss, causing it to literally fall out of too large leg openings.
    I do have my eye on the lupine print tankini as a possibility.
    Incidentally I just returned from a long cruise with the majority of passengers my age. My body shape is essentially the norm for American women post-menopause. Most wore slim pants, capris, or leggings with large, flowy tops. Because I’m also barely 5’1″, I don’t really want to go that route because a top long enough to cover the belly makes me look like a have no legs at all.
    I have had reasonable luck with customized items from e-Shakti and wonder if their problems have been cleared up.

      1. Thanks for highlighting this — I have a credit (about $40?) that I was planning to eat because after my last experience it’s just not worth the headache or potentially losing more money to try to redeem. However, I see the ads a lot and sometimes I wonder if I should try again. Guess not!

  3. Just bought two swimsuits from Ulla Popken — the black/white letters and the fruit print on a tank with a waist wrap tie. Run true to size and are very cute on. I like the fact that the prints aren’t cookie cutter, which here in sunny Florida, isn’t easy to do.

  4. I moved to Germany last year. As a plus-sized person, I was a bit worried about where I could buy clothes in Germany, but then I remembered Ulla Popken. Years ago, I bought a few things from the catalog. Here in Germany, their online store is extensive, and they also have brick and mortar shops. The closest one to me is in Munich (or maybe Innsbruck), but I have yet to go to one. I have been impressed by their clothing. They have a sustainable line which is very high quality. Also, their outerwear and sportwear is very nice. I think I paid 20 Euro and now get free shipping on every order for a year. I have yet to buy a swimsuit from them, but I have enjoyed dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and pants from UP.

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