What’s Going on With eShakti? Information on Order Delays, Fit, and Quality

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What's Going on With eShakti? Multiple customer reviews of this made to order apparel company

What's Going on With eShakti?

I needed to write this as a PSA/warning to those who are considering a purchase from eShatki. I have recommended this online retailer for years for high-quality, size-inclusive fashion that can be customized to your specific body and needs. But in the past few months, their service and communication has been spotty and orders severely delayed and I cannot in good faith continue to recommend eShakti until things improve.

Two women in their 40's wearing dark colored full-length dresses out of silk dupioni, created by the apparel brand eShakti. They are sisters Alison Gary and Debbie Ashpes.
My sister and I both wearing dresses from eShakti; see more when I shared what I wore Christmas Eve.

I have shopped eShakti for almost a decade and all my experiences have been positive.

I have been an eShakti fan for a decade. When it comes to the apparel eShakti offers, the quality exceeded the price, the fit was consistent, the products matched the images on the website. I've ordered custom and standard sizing, have modified sleeves and hemlines, and have made product returns.

Since eShakti's orders are shipped from India, I understand it may take a few weeks to arrive and a few weeks for a return to be processed. However, in the past year, not only are eShakti shipments and returns extremely delayed, lost, or never processed, eShakti isn't answering the phone.

Woman in a red printed maxi dress from eShakti, paired with black heeled knee high boots and a cream leather pouch handbag. She is wearing sunglasses and smiling. She is standing on a sidewalk outside a cafe.
Wearing an eShakti dress in 2021 that I still wear on a very regular basis!

A scroll through the keyword “eShakti” on X/Twitter and you'll find angry customers. Visit Facebook and eShakti's page is loaded with comments from irate individuals waiting on orders or their money back. eShakti is sold on Amazon, but none of the styles are currently available for purchase.

I felt the need to write this warning about shopping eShakti after a discussion in the Wardrobe Oxygen community on Facebook about the brand disappointing many members. I realized it wasn't just me experiencing eShakti shipping delays and a change in eShakti quality and fit.

Woman in a black floral maxi dress and dark green faux fur collar standing on a street. It is nighttime and she is in National Harbor in Maryland with the Ferris wheel in the background.
In 2017, wearing an eShakti dress that I styled with a faux fur collar. (link)

What May Be Causing eShakti Shipping Delays

Delays may be due to reduced staff, but we don't know because eShakti isn't updating any of its social platforms.

One member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community shared that a respiratory illness was wreaking havoc on India earlier this year. Per The Independent, a variant of Covid-19 named “Arcturus” was behind a surge of infections in India. With so many hospitalizations it halted suppliers and manufacturers across the county. That could explain why during the first half of 2023, eShakti wasn't answering customer phone calls, wasn't updating their social media, and eShakti orders were delayed.

Delays are due to issues at the eShakti factory, but few know because eShakti isn't notifying existing customers

Multiple customers who have gotten in touch with eShakti customer service have reported the company had a flood in their factory, damaging much of their fabric. Needing to have the actual fabric for the dresses recreated caused an understandable delay in orders. However, eShakti did not notify customers who were awaiting their orders. Customers only found out after trying multiple channels to reach customer service and ask about their delayed order.

Other customers have shared that eShakti customer service informed them there was a factory fire. This, too, would create an understandable delay. And if the factory experienced both fire and flood, how even more tragic. But again, if this happened, few know because existing customers were not notified.

Going through the comments on the eShakti Facebook page, I saw many comments where eShakti customer service said their fabric arrived with flaws and needed to be reordered, causing a delay. I've searched but haven't found any news about fabric damage or factory issues for eShakti. However, this could also explain why some eShakti orders are being fulfilled on time and others are not.

eShakti has been known to send an email letter from their CEO, B G Krishnan, throughout the pandemic to keep customers informed on any delays or changes in business practices. However, as a customer and previous eShakti ambassador, I haven't received one of these emails since 2021. The eShakti CEO has been active on LinkedIn as recently as a month ago, so he is still involved with the brand and likely in good health. I am receiving regular emails about sales and promotions but not on the status of orders or the state of the factory and/or company.

eShakti Fit and Quality have Diminished

I had members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook and below in the comments share that if they did receive their eShakti order, they found the fit and quality had diminished. Garments were smaller in size than previous eShakti orders, even of the same exact style of garment. Others shared the cotton fabrics were rougher, the printing faded, and other examples of diminished quality in the textiles.

Whats Going on With eShakti? eShakti order delays

I originally wrote this in April 2023 but am updating it at the end of December because the issues with eShakti continue. While some customers have received their orders without issue, it still seems the majority of eShakti customers are dealing with order delays, sending back returns but not getting paid back, and issues with product fit and quality.

If you have had recent issues with eShakti (past six months), feel free to share them in the comments. Also, if you have resolved recent issues with what's going on with eShakti, share your methods for success in the comments.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I was a passionate eShakti supporter. Since last October, all of my orders have taken 3 months to fill get to me. I just ordered something and immediately contacted their customer “champion” to ask if it would arrive on time (offering to pay more to rush). No response in 10 days, with 2 emails and 2 phone calls. (Their voicemail just goes to an answering machine…). I am trying to figure out who I might contact higher up in the company. Feeling so disappointed in a company I loved and was very loyal to for so long.

    1. I wonder what would happen if we all started talking “Class Action Lawsuit” against eShakti????? We would probably all get a response then!!! So many of us have had our money stolen, and they are still operating as “normal”, taking poor unsuspecting victims money each day… I get emails advertising sales and new products EVERYDAY….. They should not be able to get away with this!!! Did I mention “Class Action Lawsuit”?????

  2. The customer service is atrocious. I would cancel my order if I could but I have a credit and that will just sit there. I ordered on February 29th for a cruise I leave on June 20th. I did customize items but still, 4 months should be plenty of time to fulfill this. After many emails they finally responded and are shipping 3 of the 8 items in my order but they haven’t shipped yet and will likely not arrive before my trip. I’ve never experienced such poor customer service in my life. I will never order again and I will tell everyone I can that this is a black hole that you’ll send money to. Frustrating.

  3. EShakti’s commitment to delivering products ON TIME is untrue. I ordered 4 items on 03-19-24…After TOO many emails to their “Customer Champions,” I received 2 items. It’s 06-02-24, I’m waiting on my refund for the 2 items.
    I know I’m not the only customer having an issue with them. Unfortunately, I used Afterpay to pay for the entire order in full. I’ve reported them to Better Business Bureau and have taken to social media to denounce them as well. I tagged them. #eshaktisucks

  4. I’ve been ordering from them for a few years and used to love the quality of the clothes and fabric. The last order I received was last year- I ordered some shirts that I really liked from a previous order, just changed the fabric design. When they arrived, all 4 were made of cheap, thin, see through fabric. I made the mistake of ordering from them again on March 2, 2024 (this time making no changes). Nothing has been done on the order, and I keep emailing them every week. I got one response a few weeks ago about a quality issue with the fabric. Even if I receive great quality items from them, this will be my last order from e-shakti.

  5. I too had an order that was placed on March 30th. As of April 30th nothing was done production wise, I wrote an email and asked them to either fulfill the order or to cancel it. They cancelled the order and promised a full refund. As of today, it remains cancelled and no refund has been received. If you call them, you remain on hold and then you get a voice mail.
    I believe they have gone into “scam mode.” I have shopped with them for years and not until late 2023 did I begin to experience problems in receiving orders. Can you imagine how much money they are making with all the orders that are paid for but never fulfilled.
    What can be done about this?

    I really hate that this is happening because they made beautiful clothing and I have always received great compliments on my clothing each time I wear one of their pieces.

  6. I too have an outsanding order that I placed with esakti in March. Unfortunately, the email that I was using associated with the account is no longer active. I have sent about 3 on line messages explaining the issue and giving them a new email to use and no response. I have also called and left messages 2 times. I can’t get into my account to check status, and also , I don’t see anywhere on the website where you can sign in , unless I hit the wishlist button. I am not even sure I see new items on the webiste.
    Like many I have been a loyal eshakti customer who since 2014 spending a good amount of money. It is one of the main sources of wardrobe for me as I am a difficult size to fit. I hope they are not going out of business. They did take my money for payment , so it would be nice to get some type of correspondence.

    1. I have used eShakti for over a decade and as recently as last year for a custom dress. I ordered four dresses (none custom) five weeks ago for a vacation next week. According to their website, they haven’t cut the fabric. It is irritating but mostly disappointing that a good quality merchant is falling apart. I doubt they will recover and that is heartbreaking. They have been my “go to” for years when I needed an extra special dress for ME. I just filed a chargeback with Amex for the four beautiful dresses and a poplin skirt that I hoped to take to France.

  7. I just want to add that I have experienced the same problems! I have shopped almost exclusively eShakti since 2014. Around January 2024 I started getting the “fabric issue” emails. I asked for a couple of items in the same fabric, but different color. It worked a couple of times and the last item I received was in early March 2024… however, the item arrived VERY oversized (even though I used my same measurements from previous orders). At that time they were still communicating sporadically via email, and when I requested a remake, they said “that color fabric is no longer available”, so I requested the color that I wanted originally, and they replied that they would make it in the originally requested color. I still have not received the item!! I also have 2 other pending orders that I paid for on March 7, 2024 and March 17, 2024. Neither item has moved through the processing system…. I have emailed several times and no response. I agree with other customers that this is very unfortunate, because eShakti has been a great way to get custom fitted clothes, reasonably priced, and unique. I, like others, referred several friends, and lately they have been having the same issues. Very unfortunate!!! As a courtesy, someone (even the women who used to answer the 855#) should post something or advise someone in Management to dignify their customers with a response for the delays and inability to fulfill orders. AND… they should definitely shut the website down and not allow orders to go through!!! Buyers beware until they fix this problem!!! BTW….. Who is maintaining the website and adding all of the new styles and promotions??? This needs to be shut down for now!!!

    1. I just looked, and the last response that I received via email was April 8, 2024 telling me that they were still having “fabric issues”.

      1. I placed an order in March. I emailed customer service at 4 weeks and then 5 weeks, and finally got one reply about fabric quality issues a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like that’s the standard reply.

        Has anyone actually gotten any products from them in 2024, or is it just a scam at this point?

        At what point do I give up try to get a refund? And how? I used Amazon Pay.

  8. Started ordering from them in 2011, 30-35 dresses no problem, ever. They even rushed a bridesmaid dress for me in two weeks once. Placed an order early February 2024, nothing. No updates, no item, no response, no refund.

    1. I placed my first order in January of this year and never received it and got one response from customer service about flawed fabric and they would refund. I was supposed to get a confirmation email and have never heard from them again. $125 thrown in the trash!

  9. eshakti stole $174.80 from me – I never received the clothing, nor did I ever get a refund. They refuse to return emails or phone calls. I hate this company with a passion!

  10. My order from Jan 22, 2024 has not been shipped. On April 8, I was told two of the three items were ready to ship (one had fabric issues). By May 13 I reached out again and was told items were ready to ship (still), but haven’t been. I’ve been ordering from them since 2015 I believe. I’d expect to wait 3 weeks to 1 month for an order, not 4 months…

  11. I’m running into similar problems: no response to emails, no delivery, no explanation. But then again, I’ve only been waiting two months for my order. This company came highly recommended. I’ve even recommended it to others based on those recommendations. Boy have I been fooled.

  12. I placed an order in early March and it’s still in preproduction. Like most of you i’ve tried contacting them multiple times and ways. I’m super disappointed that they’ve decided to handle things this way.

  13. This is disappointing. I started ordering from them in 2021 and have 7 or 8 dresses from them and a skirt, and a winter coat, that I get compliments on all the time. Last fall, it seemed to take forever to get my order, but it finally came and fit great and so I let it go. Then my winter coat almost didn’t make it for the winter. And yet I gave them one more chance, I ordered a dress in the middle of March for an event in May, I ordered the wrong style and called, sent several emails, and no response til I just happened to see it was cancelled on my app. No notification. I’m a pretty forgiving and patient person, so I ordered the right style and now I’m still waiting… even if I don’t get it in time for the event, I’ll probably not cancel because I’ll wear it to other events, but I think this is the last order I’ll place.

  14. I ordered three dresses November 18 of 2023. I received one of the dresses and the other two I am still waiting on. I have two other outstanding orders and one order was fulfilled, but it was so small. I had to send it back during the month of December and January tried to call customer service it would ring and then just drop the call, I got through once and was told the material needed to be repurchased as it came with errors. I’ve sent numerous emails with the same reply no real updates. I call at least once a week and it rings now and just sends me to voicemail. I never get any real person on the phone , I’m 6’3” and love that I can order clothes and not spend an arm and a leg hoping they can fix their issues because I’ve been shopping with them since 2015 and loved all of the quality.

  15. KLAXON!!!

    There are new summer dresses in “new arrivals” and the FX widget that lets you see whether something might look cute in a hem length other than KeepSweetPrayandObey suddenly works again!


    But… what does it all mean, if anything? Did the CEO get back from the ketamine rehab facility with restored executive function and a renewed interest in his business? Or has someone new swept in and snagged it from him just in time to save it? O, please… Please let it come back…


      1. Oh, I’m sorry! By “klaxon” I just meant “alert!”

        I wish, but I don’t think there are any brands out there that will do what eshakti did. Plenty of companies will make lovely dresses to order, but usually in very few styles and fabrics, and mostly standard sizes. And as far as I know there are none that will allow you to customize sleeves, necks, and hemlines as eshakti did.

  16. I too, have been ordering dresses from eShakti since 2018 and they always get compliments. I have 4 that are on almost constant rotation through the summer. I’ve occasionally had issues with quality. One dress bought in 2018 had ridiculously long sleeves, and a “cowl neck” tunic I bought last year had a neck on it that was, no joke, 2 ft long. I had to cut half of it off to make it remotely wearable, but it also gapes at the bustline, so it was a poor fit at the standard XL size (which should fit). When they get it right, they’re fabulous

    I ordered 2 dresses in January 2024, it’s now April neither has arrived. Only got the “fabric was damaged” email.

    They’re still sending marketing emails daily and have the same dresses on the website for sale.

    I’ll be initiating a credit card chargeback and won’t be ordering again.

  17. I have not received my $600 order. I ordered it in nearly 60 days ago, but nothing arrived or has even been made. Eshatki customer service gave me the following reasons as to why: typhoon, virus, fire, flood, earthquake. Now they are not answering my emails at all. I will issue a chargeback on my credit card. I have always loved Eshakti products and until 2023 I had great experiences around customer service. Eshakti has done spectacular, innivative things in the fashion industry and I am totally in their corner to make a comeback. ❤

  18. I placed an order on January 30, 2024. I haven’t received it yet, April 20, 2024. I have ordered for them for many years, I have so, so many dresses from them. I really consider this company such a blessing. I’m a plus size women, to have a dress that fit and long enough just like I love to wear them. I’m so disappointed. I have left some many messages and emails. What can I do?

  19. My friends and I are SUPER disappointed to hear this, and to find that those of us who’ve had problems are not alone.

    Allie, it may be that a niche has opened up that another business could rush in to fill. Please keep an eye out and tell us if you find someone who might be able to fill the eshakti niche!

  20. Like so many here, I had placed many orders in 2020, 2021 and 2022. All with no issue.

    2023, totally different matter.
    Long story short, I demanded two orders cancelled since production had not moved in 2 months, and a third order, where one item was made per schedule, but the second was not touched for 2 months. Then suddenly they marked the status as shipped, but did not provide a tracking number. It had not been shipped. It was a further month, before it was actually shipped with a tracking number.

    I received refunds, after I emailed and said, I had filed reports with BBB in Canada and FTC in the US. The refund was in my PayPal account 2 days later.

    FTC seemed to be the governing body that they do not want to be on their watch list.

    1. I am in the same boat as everyone else. Dresses ordered, no dresses delivered, no response from the company and I am so disappointed and angry and frustrated. Have gotten their clothing for years and it was always a 6 star company, now it doesn’t even rate a 1 star. and yet they continue to try to get people to order clothes. Is there a US government agency where we can complain? I filed a complaint with the BBB but they have no clout to stop them from continuing to do business in the US.

  21. I’m glad I found this posting and eShakti customer comments… I too, am in the same boat as many on this page. As a costumer in NYC, I’ve relied on eShakti for over 10 years as a go-to for great clothes and have had no problems. I placed a recent order in mid-March, 2024 and recently logged in to check the status. My order wasn’t even listed on the website in my order history/pending orders, yet my credit card had been charged at the time the order was placed. I have sent both and email query and called the number: (855) 374-2584 listed on the website. If I don’t receive notification in the next week, I will file a dispute with my credit card company and a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau or Oregon as they list: 20049 SW 112th Ave Tualatin, OR 97062 · USA as a place of business.

  22. I’ve been ordering from Eshakti for several years, and was initially happy with everything. All of my orders in 2023 were delayed, and communication got worse with each order. On January 18th I ordered a dress for a wedding in April. It still has not arrived. Supposedly it’s been stuck in customs since March 20th. I don’t know if I believe that, since I did ask them to cancel the order on March 10th, and they responded 8 days later saying it had shipped. I emailed them at least 8 times, and one of the times they did give the excuse that the fabric came in with flaws. It’s very disappointing, and I’m done ordering from them. I can’t imagine what a nightmare this would be if someone ordered bridesmaids dresses. I’ve also filed a complaint with my credit card company #eshakti

  23. I ordered in February 2024. My order was supposed to arrive March 16. It did not. I contacted eShakti via several different email addresses, used their chat which did not work, and called. No one responded, wrote back, or called back. I searched online and see others are having the same problem so instead of waiting anymore. I filed a dispute with my credit card.

  24. After more than a decade of patronage with eShakti, I am disheartened to contemplate that they may have become a defunct company.

    On February 13, 2024, I placed an order totaling approximately $200.00 with the expectation of receiving the merchandise by March 3, 2024. However, a week beyond the promised delivery date, I contacted eShakti through their online customer service platform. The response I received indicated a problem with the fabric for all the different garments.

    Subsequently, I made several attempts to follow up with eShakti without success. Today, upon calling 1-855-374-2584, I encountered an auto-response indicating that the mailbox was full. Despite my repeated attempts, I was unable to reach a representative.

    Consequently, I have initiated a dispute with my credit card company, providing them with the order number, date, and amount. I believe it is imperative for others facing similar issues to take the same course of action by contacting their credit card company to dispute the charge. Safeguarding one’s financial interests in such circumstances is prudent. I trust that your credit card company will be able to provide assistance in resolving this matter promptly.

  25. I decided to do a Google search on Eshakti after an order I placed at the end of February didn’t have any movement through their internal process (via the app). I called numerous times over the past week trying to speak with someone but no one ever answered. I’ve sent multiple inquiries through the app asking for an order status. The first time they responded, they said the fabrics were delayed and they didn’t have an ETA on when the fabrics would arrive or when the order would be completed and delivered. Based on this, I’ve asked them to cancel my order. I received an email 3 days later stating they would cancel the order. Great! The order also shows that it’s canceled online. However, I’ve not received an official email cancellation that shows I’ll be refunded. I’m glad I decided to do a Google search because I had no idea this was happening with them. My last order (prior to this one) was in November and the item/order was fine (quality, fit, delivery). I hate this because they were my go to for the majority of my dresses.

    1. I’m in the same boat, Kim. I’ve called and called to no avail. They finally emailed me to say the exact same thing they said to you. And today I see they canceled the order. No email notification nor refund has been issued. I have tried once more to inquire about a refund and if I don’t hear back by tomorrow I’m filing a claim with my credit card company.

      It seems if they can create email content for inboxes 3-4 times a day they could also refund money after they cancel orders.

  26. In the last year, I’ve been having a hard time with eShakti. At first it was just severely delayed shipments with no notification as to why. I was able to reach a human when I called and she apologized, saying it was issues with fabric shipment.

    A few months ago, I returned an order to eShakti, but never received my store credit. When I emailed them, they said they never received it. I have the tracking number showing it was received. I am very disappointed because I’ve shopped eShakti for 10 years. I love their clothes! But now I’m out $75 and I won’t be shopping there anymore.

    1. Starting in October 2023 I started to notice the severity of the issues with Eshakti (even though from my first order in April 2023 until then there had been some issues with delivery time, quality, etc.). I had to cancel several orders I placed in October 2023 because they were not progressing in production. Always with the fabric excuse! They kept promising my $300 in refunds but they never came. The day I called the Eshakti customer service number for the umpteenth time and it was not working, I reached out to Paypal to report the issue with getting my money back. Within a few days Paypal refunded my money. There was still one order for $69 that I had canceled that I had not received a refund for. After several emails to Eshakti and responses from them that I would get the refund, I emailed Eshakti on March 20 and said I would involve Paypal again if I did not get my refund and the next day they actually refunded the money to my Paypal account. I would not wait around hoping for Eshakti to refund your money. File disputes with your credit card or Paypal and get your money back.

  27. Orders placed 2/9 and 2/14 for delivery try by 3/14. Nothing. Nada. No answers emails or phone messages. Been a customer for over ten years.

  28. Hello all – I ordered a custom dress back on January 19 – I was told that it would arrive between February 2-9, but to allow 10 extra days for the custom dress. I started tracking it on the 10th and never saw any movement. I would call the office, leave a message, never getting a call back. I would also email to check on why it appeared like it hadn’t even been started and found out finally via email that there was a problem with the fabric. At that time I cancelled the order and requested a refund.

    The request was approved and I was then promised an email with refund info. This was at the beginning of March – I am still waiting. I have sent more emails requesting refund info and heard nothing. I have left voicemails and nothing.

    To Customer Service at Eshakti, I have worked in Customer Service for over 40 years – this is inexcusable service – I am asking for a refund for a product that I never received – this is not an unusual request – it is merely a business transaction for a service not provided.

  29. I am having the same experience as others. I ordered two dresses late February and it shows a delivery date of 3/12. I contacted them through their site to get a status update and have not heard back. I just tried calling and only got their voicemail. So, I thought I would google reviews and came across this post! I ordered a few things from them years ago and didn’t have any issues, so it didn’t occur to me to do any research before ordering again.

    1. Order placed Feb ’24, at the end of the delivery window, asked for an update. After no reply for a week, I disputed the charge on my card. Received an update to my customer service email coincidentally hours after that.

      Claim is the similar “fabric issues” response others have mentioned.

  30. My orders (3 Dresses) were all due to arrive by March 5. I got the standard “problems with fabric” reply. I did pay by PayPal. While I would like to receive all three dresses, is it safe to wait awhile, before filing a dispute, or should I file a dispute right away in case they declare bankruptcy?

    1. File.

      I’m checking the site every day and around three days ago they stopped putting up sham “new” dresses. The only part of the company that’s still reliable is the bot that mixes up and sends out the sales e-mails, all showing years-ago photos of models who left years ago wearing clothes they sold years ago in fabrics that do not exist in the present on the planet Earth. It appears that the housefire this company has become has reached the stage where you don’t even grab stuff that’s in reach. You just run.


  31. I have been a satisfied E-Shakti customer for many years, however my recent order placed on 13th January 2024 has been a failure. Out of 4 items I ordered, I received one very quickly. Two have been showing as “ready to ship” for over a month now, but are not being shipped. One final item is still at the very fist stage (“pattern creation”), so they haven’t made a start on it almost two months after the order was placed. I emailed them repeatedly and I have had no reply.
    I initiated a complaint via Paypal and finally received the standard email I have read other customers have received, talking of delays caused by problems with some fabric… but no mention of refund… and no mention of why the two items that are theoretically ready aren’t being shipped (?).
    I am escalating the case via Paypal and hope to at least get my money back.
    It is a real shame as their service used to be so good and as a “petite” I was never been able to find dresses that actually fit until I discovered E-Shakti… I do hope a solution can be found, though it is hard to find motivation to place more orders after this kind of experience.

    1. Sadly, I have to add my tale to these. I ordered six weeks ago and it hasn’t even been shipped. Nobody is answering the phone and I never receive an email back or a way to cancel my order. I am so sad, I have loved this online store.

      1. Same here. I ordered Jan 21. One dress came but the other three are no show. My original delivery date was Feb3-9. I’ve emailed twice and left a voicemail once. As of today, March 15. No word at all

    2. Well, I’m glad this post exists. Same here. Ordered February 6th and has not gone beyond pattern creation. Can’t get through to anyone. I guess I, too, will be contacting my credit card company. Thank you for posting this!

  32. I’m so disappointed. My order placed 2/16/24 was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the site says it’s in the first phase. I’ve left 4 voicemails and sent three emails. I’m really doubtful the dress will arrive in time for my event. I ordered from eshakti several years ago a few times and it was great! This is just sad. Even if I do get this dress, I feel like it’s a bad gamble to ever order from them again.

  33. I might be one of the oldest eshakti customers leaving a comment here. I have been buying from them since 2010. Back when it was kurtis, long, poplin tunics and embroidered simple dresses.
    I personally have very little forgiveness for the company not doing the most basic Internet announcements & auto generated emails. A teenager from home with a laptop can do that. So if the author is telling us that there has been terrible misfortune at the factory; sickness, inability to cut fabrics due to calamity… That is all very sad, truly. But it does not negate the fact that the public/customers could have been apprised on the front-end however eShakti chose to PR it. People would know what is happening and decide to order or not. At least we would’ve been informed.
    This is an internet ONLY retailer!! If there are employees marketing and uploading new clothing adverts…..then there is simply NO EXCUSE for not informing the public/ customers of something…. Anything.
    So since last year eShakti, on the backend, is trying to clean up their customer mess, and it appears as if the company is dangling by a thread – no pun intended. Giving the same “fabric batch quality” excuse via email over and over just reads shady, without us knowing WHY.
    So sad that corporate is mismanaging the entire operation. I will miss the good ‘ol eshakti days.

    1. I’ve ordered from eshakti for many years and rarely had an issue. I ordered a dress on January 9, 2024, and it was supposed to arrive before January 29. Still not here. It’s in the kit being created stage. After multiple emails, I finally received a reply on February 16 that said “was delayed due to a quality issue in the fabric lot we received and this has delayed the shipment of your order. We are working with our manufacturing team to get you an estimated date of delivery and will keep you posted on the status. You will also receive an email with the tracking information once your order is shipped.” I’ve heard nothing since that. I emailed them again asking to cancel the order and refund my money, since they haven’t started making the dress yet, and it’s doubtful I’d even receive it for the event I ordered it for. Crickets. I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to declare bankruptcy. I agree with other commenter that if they can continue to send advertising emails, they can certainly send emails advising their current customers of manufacturing and shipping issues. Ugh! So angry with them.

      1. Wow, I feel so validated. Doesn’t help the fact that my extremely close friend’s wedding is a week from today and I don’t have my dress yet (was ordered 2/6/24), but at least I know I’m not alone here. Such a shame as my mother’s had such great experiences (a while ago) and I really like this dress. And Helen, yeah, I got the same email…almost word-for-word; I just checked. Maybe they should just send that email to their whole advertising list…….. At least we wouldn’t have to follow up for weeks just to get that. I’m super disappointed!!!

    2. I cant reach these people no matter how many times I try. I’ve been with them since 2015 and this is the only problem i seem to have from this company. I’m so disappointed in them.

  34. I too have ordered from eshakti for years without any challenges. The order I placed in the fall took over a month and still no dresses being cut. I had to cancel that order and it took several emails to do so. One of the excuses I received was that the fabric was out of stock and they were waiting to get it back in. I placed an order at the beginning of February. Originally told February 22 for receipt. As of today, 2/29 the dresses are currently sitting in customs in India. My last positive experience was a year ago. Hoping that the dresses arrive and are the same quality I have come to know from eshakti. Hate hearing all this about the company but at least I am not alone in my disappointment.

    1. I do hope you update. I’ve been a long-time diehard eshakti fan, but after seeing how they’ve been for the past year, I’m scared to even try to order again. It’s been a year since I last ordered.

      1. Charity, there’s a saying: “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I too have been a 10-year loyal customer of eShakti and I have been waiting for an order since January. I canceled the $186.86 order over the phone with a representative on 2/19/2024 when they could not give me a ship date. They told me that the fabric was not even in stock and didn’t know when or if they would be getting it. I was promised a refund and have had to follow up almost daily because the refund has not appeared. I wholeheartedly believe that none of us will receive refunds for canceled orders. I wholeheartedly believe that no one is going to receive product. Whatever is going on with them just feels bad. They’re in financial trouble and no one there seems to care about us customers. So my advice is to leave eShakti alone.

  35. I wish I had known. I ordered a dress from eShakti in 2022 for a wedding I was attending. Customer service was wonderful, quick communication, had to have an alteration done and that was a quick and easy process. A complete 180 from what I am experiencing now. I placed the order on 2/13/2024 for 3 “wedding dresses”. I have a dress try-on on 3/2/2024 and the confirmation on my order stated I would receive them in time. I then got no updates for 2 weeks. Late last week the website stated that they had finished production so I was hopeful that they would arrive in time. I have now left 4 phone messages and 5 online messages. I offered to pay expedited shipping. The only response I have received is to one of my online help requests. The response stated that the dresses were in quality control and I would receive shipping information once it was available. If I do not receive a response in the next 3 days, I am filing a fraud alert with my credit card. I am so disappointed after having such a wonderful experience in 2022.

    1. I have had wonderful experiences with them. I ordered my wedding dress from them in 2022! It is just as beautiful today as it was then. I thought what better place to order my dress for my daughter’s wedding?? I ordered it on 2/4. I have sent emails, messages through their website, and left phone messages, NOTHING. Her wedding is 3/29/24!! I am panicking now because I have to have a dress! OMG I am so angry and disappointed! They will not answer their phones.

  36. I wish I would have done some research. I ordered based on a friend’s recommendation. I have been shopping for a dress for my son’s June wedding for ten months and finally decided to order one from eShakti. I placed my order on February 3rd. I was surprised when they said I should have it by February 22nd. Now, I am worried about what I might receive or if I will ever actually receive it. I chose custom sizing.

  37. I too have ordered from eshakti for years with no issues. I placed my order on 12/4/23 and today on 2/15/24 no order received. I’ve tried multiple times to call and only get a voicemail. No one has returned my call. I am now disputing the charge with my credit card company. It is disappointing to see, as I have been a fan for years. But, if you make a purchase they should deliver or communicate what is actually going on.

    1. I have been a loyal customer since 2017 with eShakti and since Jan 2024 have I had the same issues. I ordered what I hoped to wear Feb.15th and 16th on DECEMBER16, 2023 contacted the company on this order and another placed on NOVEMBER 11, 2023.They did not respond to the 2nd order at all. The dresses ordered on November 11 finally arrived Feb 12th 2024 and one of the dresses is too small and not the quality I expected. I wore one of my favorite dresses last night to a dance and received many compliments but did not mention eShakti like I have done in the past because of the poor service since November 2023.

      1. I ordered in January of 2024 and now wish I had known of the issues. I’ve been a loyal customer for a decade and now there are no updates on my dress nor will anyone respond to me at customer service. Oddly, I did get through to CS in January when I needed to change a detail on my order and so this is even more confusing.

    2. I placed an order in December 2023–I was so excited to finally order from EShakti. I was told the order would probably arrive in January–however I received info that the package was dispatched in early February and moved quickly through the shipping process–the day it was to be delivered–it was returned to Eshakti–somehow and i still don’t know HOW the address on the shipping was mixed in with my billing address–a total mystery as I am careful about shipping address. Anywho–I was unable to catch the package before it was shipped back and now I have not heard anything back from the company after leaving messages and sending emails. I wish I had run across this blog before I moved forward with ordering. Now, I need to figure out how I can get a refund!

      1. I had a similar issue. I had an old address on the site and despite filling in the correct address – as shown on my receipt – they sent it to the old address and now are claiming it’s my fault.

        1. Same-ish situation here. I ordered several dresses for work, and after a month, realized I had left my old address on the order. I checked online, and it doesn’t seem that they are even in the process of fulfilling my order. I’ve let them know the correct address through 2 emails, 1 voicemail, and 1 contact via their web form, and I’ve heard NOTHING back. Next step is to call Chase Visa to see if I can get my money back.

  38. I am going to reveal everything that is going on with eShakti. I have been working with them for many years up until recently when i was forced to quit because they refused to pay me. EShakti owes millions of dollars to it’s employees, factories, fabric suppliers, logistics partners etc.
    There are no fires or floods or anything. It’s all lies. Simply put they haven’t been paying anyone and hence the work is suffering.
    They have laid off more than half of the staff. Many of the factories that manufactured for them were forced to shut down as they haven’t been paid in over a year. 100s of people have lost their jobs because of this. Fabric suppliers are not providing them with the raw materials because eShakti doesn’t pay them.
    The owner B G Krishnan, doesn’t go to the office. He doesn’t answer calls. Refuses to take any accountability. Since all the orders placed by you guys ( customers) are prepaid , one can only assume where the money is going. Most likely the owner has been siphoning money out of the company and into his personal accounts. If it turns out to be true then this is all a massive scam and a lot of people are going to lose money.
    Since i was an employee of eShakti , you can believe me when i tell you all these things are true.
    I can not state my name as i am still owed money in terms of unpaid wages .
    Please amplify this as much as possible as people deserve to know.

    1. Oh, man, I knew it. I’m so sorry for my contribution to this situation. I should’ve quit buying when I first noticed the quality crash because it was pretty obvious that meant the company had stopped paying for good sewers. But it was shortly after I noticed that they weren’t paying for quality work anymore that that they brought out all the beautiful stuff made from those gorgeous block prints, and I made all kinds of stupid excuses for why maybe eshakti hadn’t turned into a ruthless sweatshop after all.

      I did get a few really nicely made dresses made from that stuff; I’m thinking the fabric supplier and sewers were a package deal and hadn’t worked with eshakti before, so, like a lot of customers, they didn’t realize the company had stopped earning its good reputation. I’m not seeing any cute block print stuff for sale now: that’s for sure. I really hope their new linen supplier (there’s a lot of new stuff showing up made of linen) is imaginary and not a real entity currently getting scammed out of thousands of dollars worth of linen as must have happened to the poor people who made and sewed the beautiful block print things. 🙁

      I guess either the CEO got bored with running a legit business everybody loved and decided to deliberately destroy it by absconding with all the money or he suffered a manic episode and started a bunch of new businesses he couldn’t possibly sustain and then threw his phone out the window of his car and promptly lapsed into a catatonic depression. Either way, everyone along the chain from production to marketing to consumer care to the consumers themselves ends up screwed over. Great!

      I look at the site almost every day because I’m a morally bankrupt lookyloo who can’t resist gazing at the carnage (and plus I secretly hope one day a white knight will swoop in and buy the company and then there’ll be a huge billboard up on the front page that says “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: WE PAID ALL OUR PEOPLE AND MADE EVERYBODY WHOLE AND IT IS NOW SAFE TO SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY HERE AGAIN”). So I’m looking every day and for a few weeks now I’ve been noticing old pictures with models I remember from a long time ago appearing occasionally, usually showing very simple-to-sew staples made from monochrome poplin. Today there was a hilarious new development: when I clicked “all new arrivals,” about a dozen pages of really old stuff I remember drooling over forever ago spooled out. Models I haven’t seen in ages. Chelsea dresses galore. That rabbit print I almost went for countless times. If you scroll down long enough, the print showcased in the last image in this blog post is supposedly a new arrival since yesterday! All the stuff I used to reflexively throw in my cart, and all of it clothes there’s no chance they could make today given they won’t have access to the fabric or the careful, accurate measuring, cutting, and sewing they used to pay people to do and now do not.


      Anyway, EShakti Employee, please accept my heartfelt apology for my part in keeping this ridonk grift going long after it should’ve failed. I hope you find another much better job quickly and can forget the whole dreadful mess.

    2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been watching and pining over eShakti Ads for the past 7 years, and of course the time I finally have the cash to splurge on a purchase (the dress had pockets, okay?) I had read some of the warnings here and thought “surely they’re getting better since their issues from the top of last year, right?”


      I paid out for an un-customized dress, thinking that was where all the delays would be happening. Had a glimmer of hope regarding communications when I got a quick couple emails in rapid succession about how production supposedly works and how they would be sending me a complimentary tailor measuring tape so I can take my own measurements and get it truly customized next time.

      Two days before my delivery date came and went I wrote up an email requesting information about the status of my order, seeing as it has not been updated since 1/27/24 (expected delivery between 2/9/24 and 2/15/24) and was still in the Fabric and Kit Creation phase. I called them on 2/14, but never connected with a person. Now today (2/17/24) I am sending them a message via their “help” widget, though I will likely need to follow up with something from my own actually personal email so I can have better records (I can’t find any history of what I’m sending through their website – likely by design, unfortunately).

      In an event like this, I’ve found that you need to follow the proper channels, but get on it before too much time elapses so that if you are going to need a refund (and time to look for a new dress/get an old dress tailored because I need those pockets for my insulin pump!), you have time to get it done before the event.

      I am so sorry to hear that you have not been paid, and I hope justice and recompense finds you all.

    3. I’m so sad to hear this! The marketing always gave the sense that all of you were being treated so much better than those working for many other clothing brands. I really hope that you and your colleagues get what is due to you in back wages, etc.

      And it does explain why I’ve received crickets (not even autoreplies!) to the request for at least a status update on why my most recent order hasn’t advanced past the “kit creation” stage. I’ve received some of the most flattering, comfortable dresses from eShakti over the years, so it never occurred to me that I should see how the company is doing before placing another order. Guess I’ll need to go back to tailoring my own clothes…

    4. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely terrible to hear and I’m so sorry you’ve been treated this way. I can’t imagine what has driven the company to this state. Was there some catastrophic event that triggered a downward spiral or did the owner just get lazy and decide to destroy his company??
      It’s extremely sad, as a customer, because the service was previously very good (though I found the fabric selection subpar for the first several years I ordered) and the end product was satisfactory. But also as a customer I hate to learn that the people working for a company I happily patronized have been treated heinously and cheated of their rightful earnings. I hope some entity is able to hold this company accountable and make good on what it owes to its staff, vendors, and factories.

  39. I have still not received items from my order over three months ago, and there has been no communication on when they are expected. I’m so disappointed, because they finally brought in a color of their jersey I’d been wanting for years, and I ordered a bunch of items in it, only to have received none of them except for a plain rectangular scarf. The crepe items I have received piecemeal from across a few incomplete orders have had quality issues like undyed areas of fabric or shoddy stitching on highly visible areas like the neckline.

  40. I used eshakti for years, though it had been a while since my last purchase with them. They were always my go-to because I have atypical proportions that make off the rack shopping especially difficult. I didn’t even think to check recent reviews because I’d never experienced major issues with them before. I had a delivery date of mid December, but the holidays roll around and still no shipment notification. I check the status to see production wasn’t even started. I email and after about 2 days get the excuse of fabric quality issues with the promise of an update soon. Mid-january and still nothing. Email again, no answer for days. Tried calling, only got voicemail. Left 2 messages there. At this point I’m getting concerned and check recent reviews and see others have been getting the same canned answers. How could so many people be having fabric quality issues? Why are they advertising for items they can’t supply? Whole thing stinks and after 5 days of no answers, I bring it up as fraud on my credit card. I send an email again to eshakti telling them to cancel everything and informing them I reported the purchase . Two days later, I get a response and suddenly 2 of the 4 dresses are complete and now it’s just 2 with issues. They ask me to confirm I want to cancel the whole order and even though I already stated as much, I confirm again. Four more days and I’m getting a shipment notification! At this point I don’t want them anymore, I’m not the least bit interested in further dealing with the company, and I email for an explanation. Two more days and theyre claiming they can’t cancel because it’s already out for shipping. They deliberately delayed response to try and rush a partial order out the door. I informed them I would not be paying for return shipping or accept store credit for the return. When DHL contacted me to arrange delivery, I told them to return to sender, I would not sign for it. It would take a phenomenal turn around for me to ever consider doing business with this company again.

  41. I too am a longtime customer. I ordered 5 dresses for a wedding in Nov 2023. Once delivery date had passed, I emailed multiple times asking for an update. Finally told there were issues with the fabric lots. They could not fill my order by the end of Jan so I cancelled. Then could not get an update on my refund for over 4 weeks. Luckily I used Amazon pay so I opened a claim with them and was reimbursed within 3 days. Very disappointing and I can’t bring myself to order again. It’s a shame because they originally were the most size inclusive company with modern styles.

  42. I have been a customer of eShakti for years,I did notice the decrease on quality and the much smaller sizes, I requested my first do over dress in 2022 and I am still waiting for it, my last order from 2023 has been pending for months now, I don’t mind the wait honestly, however, the lack of communication on their part is quite irritating and upsetting, so much that at this point I just want to get my money back if lucky enough and move on, they will never get my business again nor my recommendation to anyone any more.

  43. I am going through the same problem with eShakti I used to love their dresses and customer service but not anymore I have order many dresses for over 10 years. This will be my last order which has been over a month no response to my emails/phone calls I am so done with them

  44. I’ve been an eShakti customer for well over ten years and refer them often. In early 2023, I did have a very delayed order, and some friends that I referred in 2023 also had bad experiences – either with wait time or horrible fit. While my first order of 2023 came too late for the event, I liked the dress enough to order a remake, and I did get an excellent fitting remake. The times were longer, but service was still good. I placed another order in mid 2023 and I received three items. The two dresses were great; I asked for a remake on the blouse, and I received it without issue.

    So while I have experienced a diminishment in the timeliness in 2023; and a lack of communication in early 2023; I am still over-all satisfied with the service and the items I received. I really really hope they recover from this. I have loved eShakti so much!!

  45. Was going to leave my experience, but it seems as though it’s already been stated a hundred times by different customers. I’ve started to tell anyone thinking of eShakti that they need to pay via PayPal, and then file a dispute if they actually want anyone to manufacture their garment(s) and ship them, since that’s the only way it’ll get done. If you need your items by a particular deadline, don’t order from eShakti.

    1. Yes!!! I am experiencing the same issues. I haven’t received any responses to my calls or emails. I ordered four dresses in middle of December, 2023. I keep looking at the item status and see that no progress is being made to complete my dresses. I called today after receiving no response from my emails. The mail box is full. The voice message said, to “call back later”
      It’s a shame. I have been ordering from them for a few years. I have always been pleased with the quality and fit of all my purchases. I always receive compliments on everything I have worn from eshakti. People asked me where I got them from.
      I will not be referring anyone to eshakti now.
      I hope I can either get my dresses or my money returned. I’d prefer the dresses though.

      1. I’ve had the same experience. Have ordered without issue for years. My last order was placed in October 2023. After my event passed, I emailed them and they indicated an issue with the fabric. I asked for a refund Drc 29. Have not heard anything despite sending a follow up. I’m going to see if my credit card company will get involved.

  46. Hey Y’all If you are struggling to get your money back or any response from eshakti you can dispute the credit card charge. Once a dispute is initiated, then the onus is on the eshakti to prove that they delivered the product, or provided the merchandise as advertised. If enough customers dispute the charges, then it forces the hand of the seller. Basically, if they don’t remedy the situation the credit card processors will no longer allow them to take people’s money. Generally, visa/mastercard will issue the customer a refund while a dispute is processing. You get your money back and eshakti has to prove that they delivered. If they don’t then they have the money deducted from their account plus a “chargeback fee”. It is VERY expensive for a business to deal with chargebacks.

    1. This is super helpful. I was finally able to get through to customer care after my order was delayed by two weeks since December 8. Customer care cancelled the order end of December but no refund has been issued yet. I will dispute this transaction for sure!

    2. I just did this, after sending in my return over a month ago and now being told that I never got a return authorization. After lusting over some of their clothes for years, I finally pulled the trigger and strongly regret my decision. Fabric was terrible, shipping was highly delayed, bespoke was not to customized dimensions (fortunately, it still fit, unlike the RTW), and now this? So disappointed.

    3. Agree with this! I’ve disputed charges by eShakti twice in the last 6 months. (I’ve had all the same issues others have posted here in the last year, despite a decade of wonderful experiences). Y’all have to contact your credit card companies to simply dispute the charges.

      1. I wish I had come across this post before I placed my order on April 22nd. I decided to go with some standard choices because I was curious about the quality. I got an email confirming the order and clearly stating that since I was a first time buyer, I could return it for a full refund with free shipping. The return shipping label was also provided. They even said they were sending a measuring tape to ensure I could check my size!
        My package arrived on May 1st and the dresses didn’t fit. Within 10 mins of getting the dresses, I popped on the site to do the return and the only option for the return was to get Store Credit. So since then I have messaged on the website 4 times, emailed them 3 times and called and left messages twice!
        Now from reading all these posts I think I can safely assume that they will never return my money back so I think I’m just going to hang on to these dresses and see if I can get them altered somewhere. A waste of $130 and a hard lesson learned to do my research.
        I’m sorry for all the folks who’ve had a worse off experience, I do hope you will be able to get your money back.

    4. That’s what I did. Afterwards they tried to rush a partial shipment out the door (which, if they had sent what could be completed out initially in the first place would have probably salvage at least some of the experience) . I refused to accept it. I no longer want nor need it now, over a month after it should have arrived. If they challenge the dispute, I have a long email record as my evidence to their failing.

  47. This makes me so sad! I’ve ordered over 30 eshakti dresses and have recommended it to many. I ordered a dress on November 7 and still haven’t received it. After reaching out multiple times I finally received the email referencing the faulty fabric, but there hasn’t been an update or any change in the order since.

  48. I’ve been waiting a month for a refund on an order that didn’t arrive and was canceled. What’s a solution?

  49. I have been ordering from eShakti for the past 5-6 years. I had only positive experiences, great quality, great fit, excellent customer service.
    It started to slow down in the spring this year and I received several coupons, due as an excuse. Still I received good products . Only one skirt and one pair of pants were too long, I returned to skirt and kept the pants hemming them shorter.
    But since this has been a disaster. I ordered 2 sweaters and a crepe blouse; I also ordered 2 dresses and the velvet duster for Christmas and then a velvet dress and another dress for the holidays. Back early November!
    I am still waiting! Again I had coupons and there was a sale.
    I have emailed and received a BS answer about fabric being delayed (mind you I have 4 different kinds of fabric in 3 orders and sweaters). Not even polite and no more consolation coupons.
    I got very angry because I have been a faithful customer for years and my closet is full of their stuff. I have referred many people to them and now I am embarrassed I did.
    I was treated like sh*t by the person who replied to my email. And I returned the favor in my reply.
    Of course I didn’t get the holiday dresses. I will wait for them (I’ll probably will eventually get them, who knows).
    What makes me angry is that they keep on putting out huge sales and new releases but cannot honor the orders already placed.
    At this point not only it is unacceptable but it is also dishonest.
    If they have issues they should stop putting out sales and slow down the advertising.

    1. I had to cancel 1 order because they said they were waiting on fabric and my dress, that I purchased for a wedding was not going to make it in time. I returned a dress on 11/29/23 and it is 12/26/23 and still no refund. Due to this experience, I will not order again from them. It takes hours to get someone on the phone.

  50. I have been ordering from eShakti since 2014 and wear nothing else. Up until this year the quality and customer service were consistently excellent. This year was hit or miss. Some orders arrived on time,but several were weeks late. Thankfully all were of the quality I expect. The one that threw me off was when I had an order take six weeks to arrive, bought another customized dress with the consolation coupon code, and that one sped through production and arrived in a week. My most recent order is currently three weeks late with no indicators as to when it’s coming. I’m holding out hope that I might get it one day, which is why I haven’t pushed for a refund, but I will be hesitant to order again until this order arrives and I can assess the quality for the wait. I’m really worried that they’re either facing bankruptcy or the CEO is taking them in a completely inferior direction. I will be very sad to lose my favorite clothier of 10 years, especially given how many people I referred this year. I wish they would own up to whatever is happening and stop scrambling to get orders they can’t fill.

    1. Thank you for your comment. My daughter in law and I are experiencing the exact same thing and will be very hesitant to order in the future. We have been customers for 10 plus year. Sad.

  51. I ordered a Christmas and a New Years Eve dress and a shirt back in October and nothing has been shipped. I was given the excuse that the fabric quality was substandard and did not pass quality inspection. It’s all a bunch of fabricated boloney. Now I’m stuck trying to find something at the last minute and trying to get the credit card refunded. What a mess. I’ll never order from them again.

  52. So disappointing… I have considered ordering from eshakti for years, and finally decided to give it a try for a formal wedding I have coming up. Ordered a custom fit dress on 11/24 and received a confirmation email stating it would arrive by 12/13. I received no other communication from eshakti, so I assumed it was in the works. On the morning of the 13th I checked the status and it appeared to still be in some stage of production. I emailed the customer service email and received no response. I called at the end of the day only to be told they did not even have the fabric yet to make the dress and had no idea when they would receive it! WHY would you sell a dress on your website that you have no fabric to make? The customer service rep seemed unconcerned that I had received no notification letting me know my dress was not, in fact, in production. She started an inquiry and indicated it’s possible the fabric had arrived that day. When I had no update by end of day today, I got the same unconcerned attitude, no update on the dress at all, and was told it is shipped from New Delhi so even if it were ready to ship today (it’s not even been started) it would be at least a week before it arrives. But at this point, they don’t know if they will get the fabric at all. HORRIBLE customer service. I cancelled and requested a refund and now need to scramble to find a new dress. AWFUL.

  53. I too have ordered from eShakti in the past and was very happy with the clothes. Not anymore, I ordered a blouse and pair of pants on October 12, 2023, finally received just the pants yesterday, after having to reach out 4 times inquiring about my order. What makes it even worse, they did not have to make alternations on the items I ordered, yet still it took almost 2 months. I am still waiting on the blouse. And just to round out the problems, I am sending back the pants, the material is horrible, feels and looks cheap. I too hope they get it together.

    1. Yes! I completely forgot to complain about the new extreme cheapness of some of the fabric. I ordered something in that cotton sateen, I think it is, they recently got in? That was a BIG ol’ nope. Feels like I’m wearing… what. Something made out of a slipcover? Cheap napkins? Anyway, very extremely ungood.

      So just in case you’re like me and hopelessly addicted, I thought I’d share a little tip.

      I’ve been noticing these problems for quite a while and noticing that I end up donating probably half what I get from them, but I’m still so addicted to checking the site every day during the spring and summer that it doesn’t seem to matter that most of what I end up with is impossible, I’m still driven to buy. Given that apparently I cannot stop, I have found a pretty-safe strategy, which is to order only stuff made from the block print cotton, preferably lined. I’ve had very good luck with that line, and fortunately I love prints. Besides, they’re really pretty and really comfy. Love.

      I’m perfectly happy to wait three or four months for orders; their advertised turn-around times have always seemed ludicrous because the stuff’s being made to order and then sent from dang India: it is going to take forever.

      I guess now that I think about it, believing that I could keep getting entire beautifully made dresses tailor-made to my measurements with linings and extra buttons and zippers that work and so on and so on sent across the globe to me for, whatever, $50/$70/$90 was also extremely unrealistic. In my defense, though, it did actually work exactly that way for a magically large number of years. I think the secret backstory is that that business model–dressmaker-quality clothes for fast-fashion prices–is not a moneymaker or even sustainable at all if there’s any pressure whatsoever, let alone a global event like the pandemic driving demand through the roof while at the same time literally killing off labor, and generating nightmare supply chain problems. What’s really amazing is that they’ve survived at all; it’s not at all surprising that quality has dropped off.

      Fortunately for me, I have a planet-sized pile of e-shakti stuff that fits well and wears well, so as long as I don’t gain a whole bunch more pounds, I should be set for a while.

      1. Yes, this is what I wanted to mention. When I first ordered from eShakti, each dress was usually over $100. When the prices started falling, I started to worry. Then they kept falling and falling. I would be happy to pay more for the old quality and service.

  54. The CEO is branching out into wholesale. (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/b-g-krishnan-06021173_delighted-to-say-that-we-have-launched-wwweshaktib2bcom-activity-7117206970775834624-yK7I)

    Per a recent negative review on the website, he hasn’t paid his various factories in forever and is “MIA.” I don’t know how reliable that is, but it does appear legit that he’s starting this wholesale biz, which could explain the recent decline in quality/reliability for individual sales of individual dresses to individual persons. And the whole emphasis has always been on hurling piles and piles new, perfectly-tailored-to-the-models stuff up every day to keep people coming back to look every day.

    When I first started buying, they made tailored things from complicated patterns, all of which fit to my provided measurements. They were reliable, and the fabrics, cutting, sewing were all of good quality. They built a big, loyal, trusting customer base. Then I guess B G Krishnan got bored and started fiddling with it. It might’ve been okay, but there was the pandemic messing up all stages of the process and they didn’t change their promises to fit what they could actually deliver with the pandemic-generated problems and the problems generated by the CEO’s deciding to open both zappelle.com and eshaktib2b in quick succession.

    For the past two years or so everything I’ve ordered from them is comically too large or small, and they don’t even offer the difficult-to-sew stuff in poplin. Everything has to be made to fit after the fact with judicious application of the gigantic sash that comes with every dress and mostly it still looks like I elected to dress myself in a large paper bag. They were wonderful; they are… …terrible.

  55. I’ve bought dozens of beautiful dresses since 2021 but I’ve been waiting for my last order of 3 since October 16th. 2 dresses have been ready to ship for weeks but no movement on number 3 and now that dress is listed as out of stock. I’m unhappy about how little cotton poplin is available and when they have it it’s always in navy black tomato red and juniper green. No new colors. I hate all the rayon and mesh. But where is my dress? No answer from C S. And I hate the change from FedEx to Xindus/UPS plastic wrap instead of dress boxes? That is the last straw for me.

  56. I ordered two dresses this spring. Delivery took a little while, but made it well in time, and the fit and quality was everything you’d hope for. No complaints.

  57. I ordered dresses Oct 14 that with their slow process I realized were not going to arrive in time for a wedding, so I cancelled the order Oct 21. EShakti confirmed cancellation and said refund would be sent. It’s now Dec 2. No money or communication from them… Not sure what my options are at this point. More than $400. Grrrr.

  58. Thank you for the updates. I’m so disappointed. I’ve been ordering for years and absolutely love all my eshakti dresses. I ordered in Oct, and sure wish I had seen this before ordering. I’m still waiting well past the promised delivery date of Nov 11th. It still says it’s in pattern making… ie NOTHING has been done. I have a few beautiful dresses from them from over the years. I’m just so upset that this year I may just not go to my company Christmas party because of their lack of production and lack of communication. 🙁 What a huge headache and anxiety inducing situation.

  59. I’m glad I found this post. I’m a long-time eShakti customer and have a couple of orders with them right now. Nothing has been shipped after five weeks of waiting. I also returned a skirt in early October and received confirmation that it had been received and that I’d get a credit in 21 days. I’ve emailed them multiple times to find out why I haven’t received the refund and have not received a single response. I’m really concerned I may not get the refund and I’m worried I may not get the other two orders. I’ve had great experiences with them since 2014 and I’m very saddened by these recent negative experiences. They need to communicate with customers!

    1. I’m in the boat. Requested a refund in early November and I have confirmation that the item was delivered to their facility. Also have three orders out there with no idea when the delivery will be made.
      So disappointed, have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. Communication at one time was outstanding but now nothing. At least when I have received my clothes in the last twelve months they seem to be the same quality and fit fine.
      I guess it’s time to move on. Sure hope I get my refund and orders. Not happy!

  60. I ordered a few garments from eShakti back in Feb. of 2022. They arrived on time and have been my absolute favourites!!! BUT, I placed another order early Nov.2023 with an estimated due date around the 20th, and nothing. Today is the 28th. I have called twice and after being on hold for a bit, they ask me to leave a message with contact info and order # and I’ve done that two days in a row now. And nothing. In fact, I never received a receipt for my order, even tho it shows up on the website. But the charges came thru quite promptly on my credit card. I will give it another month – I’m actually willing to wait quite some time to get the fit and quality they provided the first time, but now after reading all this I am concerned that I might have to call my credit card company and report bad business practices and see if I can get that money back.
    Seriously, just an email that they are experiencing delays, please bear with us – would totally make a difference.

    1. Update – they sent me an email after my first inquiry via the website after about a week. (Not in response to more recent phone calls at all). They said that one of my garments didn’t pass their inspection standards and they need more time to rectify that. I’m going to wait because it’s worth it, but from now on, I’ll order garments several months in advance of a date that they are needed.

      1. Update – There is hope. My garments arrived yesterday, Dec. 13th. So it took about 6 weeks instead of 3 for the garments to arrive. As far as I can tell, same quality, same good fit – I’m not disappointed, so there is hope for some of us that our orders will be filled eventually without sacrifice of quality. I will continue to order from eShakti and be sure the orders are in 2 months before I need them.

      2. Well, just like the rest of you….

        I ordered on 2/13/24. Said it should be delivered by 2/26-3/3. I tried to call several times. No answer.

        Has ANYONE received their order?

  61. I have been ordering custom-sized clothing from eShakti since 2008 and probably 80% of my current wardrobe is from there. I’ve definitely noticed recent changes such as longer producing times, lagging communication, and even a lost return. That said, I am still a loyal customer and I believe eShakti is overall an ethical company that produces a great product at a very reasonable price.

    My biggest complaint is that eShakti needs to stop over promising on the production and delivery timeline. Initially the expectation was 8-10 weeks, and I am perfectly happy to wait for clothing that I know is going to be of good quality, that will flatter my disproportionate figure and earn compliments. The company is NOT “fast fashion” and in my opinion should not be trying to compete with this industry. I simply disregard their promise of delivery within 14 days.

    Initially it took some trial and error to get all my measurements right, and to learn which styles and fabrics I like best. After one lost return, I learned that it’s important to keep copies of the documentation, and to ask for a receipt when returning items at the post office. While I’m unhappy with this burden of proof, it’s worth it to ensure I won’t lose money in the event that I don’t like a dress.

    I read with some alarm one of the other commenters above that the recent decline in production and service is often an indicator of pending bankruptcy, and sincerely hope this is not the case with eShakti. For over 15 years it’s been my go-to retailer for nearly all of my work, vacation, and special event wardrobe needs. I feel the company should focus marketing on the idea that their product is worth the wait, instead of over promising in an attempt to compete with companies like Amazon, Temu, and Shein. I sure hope the recent changes do not herald the end of eShakti, because I don’t know of another single retailer that can produce custom-sized, flattering clothing at the price they do.

  62. I ordered a dress at the end of August. It was supposed to arrive in mid-September. It finally arrived on Oct. 12. However, the dress, which has a sheer overlay, has a giant black seam running down the sheer part in the front. The pics had no seam, and the contract with my skin makes it particularly noticeable. (My husband actually asked if it was on backwards). Now my event is two days away and I’m scrambling to try to find something else, which is sad because the fit was perfect. I’ve emailed customer service to try to figure out what happened, but haven’t yet heard back. I don’t necessarily need to return it because it would be fine for more casual events, but the overlay is too sloppy for semi-formal wedding attire.

    1. Wish I had seen this post prior to my recent order…the website has not been updated to reflect any of the issues or to provide extended processing/shipping timeframes. Now, my order, which was due on Nov 4th, is indefinitely delayed. My events are Nov 18th and Dec 2nd. I’ve been ordering for more than 5 years and this latest experience has been the worst. The response from Cus Svc took almost a week and they blamed the delay on a fabric flaw…very unsettling as I ordered 3 dresses and all had different fabric types. When I questioned further, no response. At this time, I am now scrambling for alternate options because one event is out of town. Very disappointed…

      1. Wow. I could say the exact same thing for an order I placed on Oct. 15 for an event on Dec. 1 (my sister’s wedding). I too wish I had seen this before I ordered. I have been a happy customer since 2017 and have recommended and referred many friends. Disappointed, to say the least 🙁

      2. Sooo… update on my order. Both events have passed and I didn’t receive my order, nor did I receive any updates after a few attempts for details other than fabric issues (for all 3???!) I requested a cancelation of the order. No response. Today, I received, one of the dresses, and another dress that I didn’t order, was not my size and clearly didn’t belong to me. I am sending both back; 1. Fit issues 2. Not my dress (obvious return) 3. 3rd dress was missing. 4. I will involve my credit card company as well. I’ve kept all correspondence. This was disappointing and I had hoped for a better outcome. I will give them time to get back on teack before placing any more orders.

  63. I placed an order back in August. Since then I’ve reached out via email and all I received were two automated replies of “We will get back to you”. Now I don’t even have a record of my order in my profile! Thankfully, I have the previous emails. I have requested a refund, but have no idea how long that will take. It’s a shame, I love the quality of their clothes, but this last experience has really left a negative mark with me.

  64. I’ve been ordering from eshakti for almost a decade. I have two dozen dresses. During the pandemic, I didn’t order during the pandemic in 2020 or 2021 I started a new job in 2022 and decided to treat myself with 4 new dresses, and then another 8. I forget because what a nightmare getting the orders. The first one took a month to arrive and the second 6 weeks. Reaching customer service was the worst. I had to email and call so many times. I randomly managed to catch someone by phone on a random afternoon. It was heated exchange. The agent was rude. When it was all said and done I only ended up getting 10 of the 12 dresses. Two of them just never arrived and two had to be returned. I did get my money back, and I randomly ended up getting a gift card for $125 applied to my account. I had told myself not to bother with it, but on August 28 I placed an order and used the gift card. It’s October 4 and I still don’t have the order. They somehow got the zip code wrong and for one week my package has been sitting at a FedEx in in a neighboring city. I’ve sent so many emails and finally had to call and work it out with FedEx. FedEx is rerouting my order and I should have it this week. Fingers crossed. Either way, I’m officially done with eshakti.

  65. I ordered a dress in November for a Christmas party but cancelled my order when it sat in production for weeks. They said they would refund the order I placed on November 22n(I contacted them early December) and they did…on June 9th! Looking through their app dresses and shirts I had favorites have greatly increased in price. I loved everything I’ve bought from them and always do custom measurements. I’m 5’2 and it’s hard to find clothes the right length but I probably won’t use them again

  66. I ordered a bunch of dresses last winter from eShakti and was horribly disappointed. I always do custom, and they didn’t fit. Like… really didn’t fit. The back of one dress bulged because the neck to waist length was inches off. The sleeves were too small in another. The hips were too small in another. It was bizarre. It felt like they were selling me off the rack in something close to the right size… maybe. I think I ended up with one dress that sort of fit out of about 8 I paid for.
    And then they started sending me a barrage of emails about sending anything back that didn’t fit. A weird number of emails, and it lasted for weeks. It felt like they knew there was going to be a problem and were trying to get out in front of the problem by appearing to be helpful.
    I was so sad. I assumed the company had sold to an investment firm. That seems like the usual kiss of death for good companies.
    I’m on the hunt for a new eShakti – one that isn’t owned by an investment firm.

  67. Hello,
    I’ve been ordering from eShakti for about 4-5 years and always loved the wonderful communication, relatively quick delivery of items, and outstanding quality. For example, I once really craved a dress, but it was listed as ‘out of stock.’ I called them to inquire about it and they were so nice and said that they found some of the fabric somewhere and two weeks later I received the dress.
    Then, on 24 April, I ordered two dresses that I planned to take on vacation with me. The “guaranteed” receive date was between 8-10 May and I planned to leave on 22 May. The promised date came and went and whenever I clicked on the order, one of the dresses was perpetually stuck in the pattern making section. The dresses finally arrived on 8 June—after my trip had concluded!
    In the meantime I had sent them an email, and for the first time I received no reply. However, as an apology, they eventually emailed me a $25 gift certificate for the wait. I immediately ordered another dress, which arrived within 10 days (fastest ever!) and looks fantastic! This gesture certainly mollified me, but I do hope—after reading all the comments here—that things will improve, since eShakti used to be a really outstanding company.
    PS: The latest dress arrived in a thin plastic envelope … perhaps they are switching from the big cardboard boxes to save money …?

  68. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and have never had an issue; then in March I ordered dresses for an event in May, leaving a generous margin in predicted delivery time. And then… nothing. Stayed in production for weeks. No answer to phone calls, no response to emails. After 2 weeks of emailing, got the “problems with fabric” story. Told them to cancel order, because the dresses would not arrive in time. Refund promised… nothing came. Waited a week past date the refund was promised and filed a claim with PayPal, and finally got my money back.

    I’m really sad because all of my favorite dresses are eshakti!

  69. I placed an order on June 24th and received notice today that my package was released from India and is on its way. Should be here soon. So, they are back on track! I truly adore eShakti and have ordered from them for a few years. They really did a good job during the pandemic – impressive! Favorites: their cotton poplin, wood block prints, voile, rib knits, and ponte knits. I can attest that this spring was difficult for them. I called the California office in late May and spoke to a gal about the delay. Just as you said, I was told that they were overwhelmed with orders, plus an unfortunate incident with destroyed fabrics. She reported that orders were waaaay up because people around the world have begun getting together again and having post-pandemic events. So, that’s a good reason! She sent HQ a request to expedite my dress. The dress arrived one week later and in time for the event I ordered it for… and it was perfect.

  70. The amount of disruption and disatisfies customers, I doubt they are staying in business.
    This company is behaving like many do just before they announce bankruptcy….

  71. I’m curious if there has been any change since mid-April. I was hoping to make my first order in July.

    1. Hi! I just received an order from them. I placed it on June 20, 2023 and received it via FedEx yesterday, July 5th. I was guaranteed to receive it by July 9th, so I thought that was a great turnaround time. My garment fits well, so I won’t be able to provide any insight about returns or customer service.

    2. No. I still cannot reach them to address issues with my order from April. Nor have they processed my return, which they received June 3. Over a month ago. Looks like I’m just out money…

  72. I’m glad I happened across this article because I’ve been frustrated with eShakti. I ordered in March for the first time because they came highly recommended. My order took six weeks to arrive and three of the four items needed to be remade – totally my fault for not realizing how low a plunge neckline really is! On May 1 I received and email that the remake request had been accepted. On June 1 I sent an email to inquire about the status. No response. I sent two more emails and left two voicemails. Nothing. On June 15, two of the three remakes arrived randomly – I never got a shipping notice or anything. I sent another email and called again to inquire about the third remake. No responses. Today, I filed a complaint with the BBB and they notified eShakti. This afternoon I got a call from eShakti – odd coincidence, right? Anyways, no apology, no real explanation. She just said my remake would be here next week. I told her a little communication goes a long way. I don’t mind waiting for quality clothes but without communication after they have already taken my money it feels a bit fraudulent. She got mad at that and said if I felt that way I shouldn’t shop with them anymore. I again reiterated that people don’t mind paying and waiting for quality items if they are kept informed throughout the process. So, apparently my dress should be here next week and a refund for another order I had her cancel should be issued by Friday. Let’s see how this plays out. Oddly enough, my sister orders from them frequently and has had no issues. Strange business model.

  73. My EShakti dresses that were supposed to be delivered by 5/31 just arrived today (6/27). It took me a long time and multiple calls to reach someone in early June, but I finally did and they gave me the new timeline which turned out to be correct, but no one had reached out to tell me there were delays in the first place. I also called today with a question about overstock, wondering if the overstock orders shipped faster since they are already made. I did get through to someone and she said that they “no longer” ship faster–they used to but there has been some change seemingly at an upper level and everything functions differently now. That might explain a lot of the problems we all seem to be encountering. I’m so bummed–EShakti had been so reliable for so long! Now I just hope I can manage to get a refund for these dresses that, on top of everything else, don’t fit well.

    1. I’m so very very disappointed that Eshakti has changed. It has been my favourite go to place for quality dresses. Now I have zero confidence in ordering from them after a few poorly made items and now the latest undelivered order. They haven’t responded to any emails and I’ve had to escalate a request with PayPal to get a refund for my missing order. I was curious today about what the status of my order was ( because they no longer send a tracking number and it seems that they no longer package the order as beautifully as before in a well presented box…orders now arrive in plastic packaging…which is ok as long as the order ACTUALLY arrives!)
      I would absolutely still order from them, as I have done for the past few years, but my confidence in my order actually arriving has now gone out the window!
      I do however feel lucky that at least in my wardrobe I have some lovely dresses from the past from Eshakti that I love…so sad now that they won’t be my go to company of preference.

  74. I had never heard of Eshakti before until a friend told me to order my maid of honor dress for her wedding on the site. I ordered mid May with eta of june 5th. Having never ordered from here before, and not seeing this article, I have been wondering until this evening why no one is responding to be. Wish I had never placed the order because I can’t risk not getting this dress. Multiple messages have been sent and I don’t even think the dress has been made yet. Is that what it means when there’s a X above ‘production done’?

    1. I’ve been ordering from eshakti consistently over the this year and haven’t had one single issue with delivery, returns, communication or quality. I’ve been a pretty loyal customer for five years and the only time there was a problem with an order was during the start of the pandemic – but there were problems with just about everything thing. Everything was eventually addressed. But I haven’t had any problems at all since then. In fact, my last order (June 2023) and it was great.

      1. Well, I hope your experience is mine. I Ordered for a wedding in early July. They gave me an arrival date of June 22, but it hasn’t arrived and I don’t think it’s shipped. I am afraid I might have to figure out a different out fit. Very disappointing. I have several items from they an all have really been great. V. sad.

    2. I’m so sorry! I wish I had googled before placing an order. I’d ordered in the past, but not since 2015. Then I placed an order at the end of May. I’ve been trying to reach them to find out why it’s over two weeks delayed with no communication, but can’t get a response. I’m moving next week – don’t think I’ll ever get the dresses.

  75. Bugger! I have great history with them too, albeit infrequent. And now when I have ordered a dress for a special occasion that allowed MONTHS for delivery it seems I wont get it in time. Thank you for posting. I had no idea and they simply aren’t answering anything.

  76. Thank you for posting this. I have been wondering what is going on with them. I’m waiting on a dress, like many folks who have replied. Hoping they will get back to business at some point. I love the few things I have gotten in the past. Your eshakti dresses are super cute!

  77. Never had an issue with eShakti before. Used it since 2016. Always loved it, got compliments, and recommended it to friends. Such an awesome experience to have unique clothes that actually fit me. Last order was in 2019 before this year’s experience.

    End of April 2023, I ordered seven custom dresses and jumpsuits for a trip in early June. Order said “delivery by 5/19”. That date came and went with no updates. I looked at my order status and saw that only one outfit was ready to ship. To date, none of the other items have even been started. Well, my trip came and went. I have emailed twice and called support, which is just a voice mailbox. Left a message, so we’ll see.

    It gives me some hope that a few people have commented on recent successful orders, but it’s disheartening how unsympathetic some other commenters are being. This isn’t a “stuff happens” situation considering the volume of incidents now documented across social and BBB. I am really disappointed in eShakti’s lack of transparency and communication. No email replies in the 3 to 4 business days the auto reply promises. If I don’t hear anything by end of this week, guess my only option is to go through a BBB complaint because I cannot afford to throw away hundreds of dollars and receive nothing, not even communication. Just wrong.

  78. I got a reply today from an email I sent around a month ago! It looks like they are working through their backlog and are hoping to be on the mend. My order has shipped, and I can’t wait to see the items!

  79. I ordered a dress on 4/19/23 which should have arrived by 5/8/23, still waiting. I was hoping to wear it to my daughter’s graduation next week, but glad I found a backup at Old Navy! 😀
    I’ve left 2 messages and emailed twice with no reply. Never had this happen before over the last 5 years of ordering from them.

  80. My order was supposed to arrive May 4. It is now May 28 and I have received nothing. I ordered 4 dresses. The hope was to wear them to events surrounding my sons graduation.
    The events start in 5/30.
    I’m upset and disappointed.
    No answer to emails sent to customer care.
    I can see in my order status that 2 dresses are complete, but 2 have yet to be started ~ looks like they don’t yet have the fabric.

  81. I so wish I read your article before ordering from eshakti. I have loved my purchases in the past years, and have not had issues until recently. My order was supposed to arrive a month ago. I have left several messages on the website portal, emails to the customer service email, and multiple voicemail messages. No reply except for the automatic general reply. No call back or explanation. I am very concerned that I lost all of my money or that I won’t be refunded.

  82. I’m sad to see that I’m not the only one going through this! I ordered two beautiful dresses to choose from for a wedding I am going to. Ordered it in April and was supposed to receive them by May 14 .

    Now for someone who is short, with a larger bosom, I need to try to find something to wear!

  83. I have ordered a month a go and nothing has been delivered. My attempts to contact has been unsuccessful…. i wish I would know better…. Money lost!

    1. Same story here! Something is going on with the company but they should still communicate! Good news or bad news! An investigation needs to take place.

    2. Same thing. Ordered 3 items on 5/4/23 with an expected delivery date 05/23/23.

      In this order, I used the credits Eshakti had given to me due to not receiving orders placed Winter 2022. Eshakti wouldn’t issue refunds-only credits. And I had to pay additional money for shipping on this order.

      Despite 3-4 phone calls where I left messages and one message through their site, no response has been received. Note: order status on the site shows the 3 items haven’t been through production yet.

      Previously I was a satisfied Eshakti customer who loves the jumpsuit and formal dress I received earlier in 2022.

  84. Me too! I ordered on may 6, was supposed to be delivered “before may 25”, but the progress status still shows “kit & fabric creation”. I have written twice through their contact form and only gotten the automated responses promising getting back in 3-4 business days (long gone) and once thru instagram messages, with no reaction.

    1. Came back to give an update – today on ig i received two messages, one was specific to my order and some form of apology for the delay and a promise that it will come… i think the second one is of more general interest, i am copying it here:
      Dear Customer,

      We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to sincerely apologize for the recent lack of communication.

      Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have experienced a shortage of staff members, which has resulted in a delay in addressing customer concerns and providing timely updates. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused you, and we want to assure you that we are working diligently to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

      Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team, who will be more than happy to assist you. We truly value your business and look forward to serving you again with an improved experience.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Best Regards
      Team eShakti

      1. Another update: i wrote to the bbb and two days later there was movement on my order process. Today i received my order and am very disappointed – the textile quality is very scarce, very stiff and plastic-y feeling and doesn’t fall/drape/flare like in the pictures at all. Also, the sewing quality is very bad, the darts for forming the bust part are asymmetrical (different lengths between the left and right side as well as off-center and off-seam), the waist and the integrated cummerbund way too high and loose…. I do have a right for a free remake but won’t try for it bcs i am in general disappointed and don’t think shoddy sewing (and the textile) can be improved. This was my first and last order from esahkti.

  85. I ordered in April so I would have my stuff when I arrived to the US in May. I’m here, it’s May 21, and nothing. I leave the States Tuesday… I doubt I will have my dresses. Dammit.

  86. Have you heard anything else about what’s going on? I’m still getting daily sales emails from them, and I saw today they launched a new bridesmaids collection. How are they able to still take so many orders if they aren’t fulfilling them? (I’m waiting on three dresses that are two weeks late and I can’t get ahold of anyone via phone, email, or order page. I swear I have had a dozen fabulous dresses from them over the years, so this is a very surprising turn.)

    1. I haven’t heard anything, sadly. I too got that bridesmaid email and was so horrified to think that a wedding party will order dresses and possibly not get them in time for the big day. I’m glad folks are finding this article and hopefully, I can save someone some heartache.

  87. I’m in the same boat as several others here and wish I had seen your blog post before I ordered. I ordered over a month ago a dress for a wedding and now I’m looking for other options. I have contacted them several times via e-mail with no response and the 1-855 contact phone number they have listed is “out of order.” This is so disappointing! The previous two times I’ve shopped with them I had a great experience. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the dress or get my money back… so disappointing!

    1. I just got a “mailbox is full” message today when I tried to call. A week ago I was able to leave a message, though.

  88. I wish I found your blog sooner lol not just for the eShakti news but for the content too. I also ordered 4/24 and ordered a dress for my cruise, not a word, and my order status has not changed in 3 weeks. Oh well I guess maybe for stuff next summer if i ever see it. If this goes on long enough I will be filing a dispute with my bank to get my money back

  89. I’ve been waiting for an order for over a month. They haven’t replied to my emails or phone calls. I’ve challenged the pre-payment with Pay-Pal, which has been a learning experience. I’ll probably stop using Pay-Pal and stick to credit cards in the future, since they are being less responsive even in the face of a complete failure to deliver the merchandise paid for. Like the author, I’ve had great experiences with Eshakti for years so this turnabout is really shocking. This is so disappointing, but I’ll never take a chance on them again.

  90. Wow, found your post a bit too late. I ordered one dress from eshakti in 2019 and it was a good experience. Now I’m post wfh, post baby, and wanted to resuscitate my professional wardrobe. Made an order April 8th, originally because I thought I had a conference to attend this week. Thank goodness I was not chosen to go and can wait. It looks like 3/5 of my garments are completed. Fingers crossed they used the right measurements!

  91. I ordered 3 items in March and they are now about two weeks past the promised arrival date. For a while, the status of the order was “in progress” but now it just shows as not even being started. I’m not sure whether to cancel as I really want the items!

  92. Thanks for the heads up! I have a few desses in my cart that I am considering for a graduation in July. Pitty, I was really looking forward to trying their customizations and love the idea of having pockets! Are there any similar retailers?

  93. I was just talking to a friend who orders frequently from eShakti and has been for years. She recently had an order of 5 dresses (same dress, different fabrics, customized sizing) show up late and several measurements were completely off. When she sent a note telling them that, they automatically remade the dresses — without asking which measurements were off — and the new dresses were in the same wrong measurements.
    So, just leaving this here as a “one person’s similar story.”

  94. Lol! I read your post, now I’m getting ads for eShakti on IG. Like I’m going to buy from them after your & the WO2 community’s warning.

    1. I just received two dresses I ordered last month and they are perfect. Been ordering from Eshakti for over a decade. I’m sorry so many have been disappointed but things happen.

  95. Alison,

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have purchased from them in the past and loved, loved the fit and quality. I no longer wear a dress of theirs but keep because it’s an amazing dress. However, it is helpful to know the difficulties the retailer is experiencing and the reasons why. As, always you are thorough and speak from a place of concern.

  96. I am bummed about this because the vast majority of my favorite clothes are from eShakti (in fact, I’m wearing one of their dresses at work as I type this.) I too had a recent experience where an order took slightly longer than I expected to arrive and had less communication, although I wasn’t tracking it closely enough to say if it was really super late. The items were of the quality I expect, with the typical bra strap keeps, deep pockets and everything we love about the brand, but unfortunately I felt the sizing was running much larger than I expected. I was using custom measurements that I last used with them about 6 months ago, and I may have lost a few pounds but all the dresses were way longer than I had expected. I have also noticed they are running promotions almost constantly, which did not use to be the case, and while it may be good for customers does not seem like a good long-term sign. I really, really hope they can turn this around because their quality to value ratio has always been fabulous and they fill such an important niche.

    1. I just remembered your post and came back here to update. I just received an emailed gift card for a return to eShakti, and had no idea what was up. After digging in my email, I returned the item MAY 2022. 15 MONTHS AGO. Yes, I should have noticed earlier that the return hadn’t hit, and I guess I give them credit for returning my funds in the end, but what the h**l. As I said before, this gives me no pleasure to share, they used to be one of my favorite companies!

  97. Thank you for sharing this information. I have been look at some dresses to order. Glad I read your article first

  98. I am in fact wearing a new dress today that I ordered from eShakti at the beginning of March and just received last week. About 2 weeks after I placed my order I started checking it’s progress (ordered 3 items in custom sizing and with design modifications). And I looked up recent reviews on Facebook and got so nervous. The My Order information on EShakti’s website tracks progress through the production phases, so without any direct communication from the company it was very useful in soothing my apprehensions. It was very frustrating not getting any other updates from the company on my order and no indication that production was taking much longer than the website quotes (c. 3 weeks) but then I also may have more realistic expectations of how long a custom-designed and sized article of well-made clothing SHOULD take, being a sewer myself. All in, my order of 3 dresses took 5 weeks to arrive. But when i ordered, eshakti was offering free/discounted customization fee and free shipping. So I feel I got a bargain, but I was frustrated by the lack of communication. Had the progress tracking not been available on my order I probably would have freaked out and tried to contact the company. I LOVE the dress I’m wearing today and like the other 2 very much. All in all, I’m satisfied but I would hesitate to order again until eshakti is in a better position to follow through on its quoted production times. Whether it’s due to current or previous covid ravages, or both, or to supply chain issues, or all three, it’s very unfortunate and I hope the company can get back to its full capacity. It’s so hard to find cute well-made dresses that are both plus sized AND proportioned for petites. So few brands offer their full design collection in inclusive sizes. ESHAKTI’S custom sizing service is so valuable.

    1. See mine has shown production was completed 4 week ago. It was supposed to be here three weeks ago. No answer to calls or messages. Filed a dispute with PP.

    2. Oof well, this has aged like a pile of dead fish. After the accelerated complaints noted on this post and elsewhere, I am definitely a FORMER eshakti customer. I got lucky last year but I hate the fact that the people who made my order probably got stiffed on their wages due to the owner’s apparently absolute lack of integrity.

  99. Oh no! Thank you so much for this update. I’ve been very happy with EShakti, but it’s been a while since I ordered from them. Good to know so that I don’t recommend them to others.

  100. I ordered three potential MOB dresses from them last summer (for an October wedding, allowing plenty of time) and was launched into a 6-month nightmare that was finally resolved by my credit card company in December (with a full refund). The dresses were delayed, then backordered, then canceled, then sent. I rec’d two of the three dresses, months late, but they were not the fabrics I’d requested and the custom details and measurements were not accurate. Over these months, emails were never answered, nor were phone calls to their US number. I don’t do social media, but found via Google a FB group dedicated to eShakti complaints — it’s since been closed as defamatory, I think.

    The whole thing was a really disappointing, to say the least — I’m glad I realized what was happening early so I could find dresses elsewhere — and I’m glad you posted an update because I wondered all these months whether to say something here.

    1. PS. The timing of my experience and that of hundreds of other US women and many more international customers says eShakti’s problems are not related to the destruction of fabric or the new COVID strain or some upper respiratory issues in India. I think the company was decimated by COVID and never recovered. Much of what I’ve read indicates stalling techniques — ignoring emails, not answering phone calls, shifting dates, promising items a few weeks later, not answering phone calls, having customer service send delaying emails promising action soon, delaying shipping, delaying refunds, etc. I assume they hoped they and their supply chains and their employees would recover, but apparently, it snowballed instead.

  101. I’ve only ordered from them once. The dress wasn’t right for me so I returned it for a refund. That was in February. I know the dress was received by them because I called and did get through to someone. She said it takes 3 weeks to process a return. Have unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with someone there multiple times to check status of refund. I’m still awaiting my refund.

    1. Don’t wait too long, as there’s a time limit on credit card cases. For my cards, it’s 90 days. Better to file a claim now and then retract it, if needed.

  102. I’ve been wondering what’s going on with them! I ordered several dresses on Black Friday. The dresses all arrived, but one of them was super late, and the communication about it was spotty. I ordered a few more dresses recently and I received one. The second never arrived and I emailed multiple times, with no response other than a form letter saying I will hear from someone within 48 hours. That never happened. I called them, and the woman who answered said my dress was cancelled at the production level because of lack of fabric- but no one refunded me or communicated this until I made this call. I have bought from eShakti for years- I love their dresses- and this is very disappointing to hear.

  103. I ordered once from E Shakti years ago and I was very pleased with the custom dress I ordered. I was very large busted and they tailored to my measurements which were spot on. My only issue was being I am in Canada, they charge duty on the items because they come from India and they are not part of the free trade agreement. I havent ordered from them since, but hope they figure out their issues as they are a great option for people who have troubles with ready to wear clothes.

  104. Really sorry to hear this, they’re a great brand! I ordered from them (one standard, one custom) about six months ago and everything was fine…I hope their staff is just briefly overwhelmed & they get back to normal soon.

  105. Thank you for posting this! I have been thinking about placing some orders and this saved me a massive headache.

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