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universal standard tshirt dress

Universal Standard has a new promotion called Geo Trios.  The size-inclusive fashion brand pooled their bestsellers from each region of the United States to create three-piece trios you can purchase.  You won't know what the items are, but you know you are in good company as they are already deemed favorites from others across the country.  Universal Standard invited me to try out the Geo Trios collection for Instagram and sent me the Luxe Northeast Essentials Trio.  I decided to do a blog post about this campaign so I can answer any questions and also provide a review of the Universal Standard Geo Trios Collection and the items I received, all which I never before owned.

universal standard faux leather skirt

The Luxe Essentials Northeast Box which I received costs $145 yet it is valued up to $340 for the three items combined. Pick this Geo Trio and Universal Standard will pack your box with 3 staples that will work for literally any season (but especially for now). They choose from 15 very versatile, instantly elevated, and completely classic options that are the bestsellers for the Northeast region of the United States. This is just one of several boxes that are available for purchase, all boxes are available for purchase, you do not have to buy the box for where you live.  These box purchases are final sale, no returns.  US will try not to send you a duplicate of what you already own, but since it's picked from a limited selection of top sellers for the region, they cannot guarantee no repeats.  These are not outfit boxes; you may receive all dresses or all tops but will receive pieces that should incorporate nicely into your existing wardrobe.

My Luxe Essentials Northeast Box came with the Isabele Luxe Twill Sheath Dress ($150), the Taylor Vegan Leather Skirt ($100), and the Hannah Denim Shirt Dress in Black ($95) so my $145 box valued at $345. All pieces are size XS in Universal Standard which is a 10/12 (I usually wear a 12/14 in most mall brands), there were no alterations or pinning of clothing.  For all looks, I styled the pieces with my Adidas Superstar sneakers, silver earrings from Jenny Bird (all styles discontinued), and cotton bandanas that we've owned and have been getting a lot more use these days, being folded into no-sew masks.  The black top with the skirt is the Foundation Short Sleeved Crew from Universal Standard, also size XS.

universal standard isabele dress petite universal standard isabele dress review

The Isabele Luxe Twill Sheath Dress never caught my eye.  I already have the Avenir dress (see it on me in this blog post) so I didn't see the need for it in black, and the pale gray it used to be available in was not my style.  I have to say I like this dress better than the Avenir.  The term twill is what dissuaded me, thinking this would be a stiff casual dress.  In fact, this fabric looks more like a suiting fabric and is backed with the softest silky fabric.  The term luxe is truly appropriate.  There is a small fabric-covered button at the neck, and this piece doesn't skim the figure yet also doesn't look like a potato sack while accommodating my curves. I recently did a closet cleanout and the Avenir made the cut, but after receiving the Isabele, I plan on getting rid of the Avenir and replacing it with this new dress.

universal standard denim dress universal standard denim shirt dress

I am 5'3″ and when I saw the Hannah Denim Shirt Dress months ago on the US site I immediately dismissed it.  I'd look like a shrunken wacky art teacher in this, envisioning stiff denim and a tent-like effect with too-long sleeves.  The only thing I was right about was the length of the sleeves, but I like cuffing my sleeves on everything, even pieces that fit my petite arms.  This fabric isn't as soft as chambray, but it's still soft enough that doesn't make the dress tent from my breasts. The banded collar keeps the neck from grazing my ears like many shirtdresses, and I love the deep pockets.  The popover style with buttons only to the bust allows customization without worrying about flashing everyone when you sit down.  The length may feel a bit short to some, after this shoot I put this dress back on with the Soma Essential Leggings and thought the Hannah Shirt Dress was a really cute look while also being comfortable enough to work at my desk, for a while at my desk, and now on the living room couch.

universal standard black faux leather skirt universal standard leather skirt

I've been admiring the vegan leather skirts from Universal Standard, especially the Taylor Skirt, always loving the look of a leather skirt but finding them to never work with my soft belly and round rear. After my closet cleanout, I decided to stop thinking about one of these skirts, finding I don't wear the skirts I already own.  So it made me chuckle to find this skirt in my Geo Trios box. This is a really nice skirt; if you're a leather snob like me and think $100 is a lot for a faux leather skirt, you must try this. It's such high quality, so soft, not too shiny and not too rubbery, lots of attention to detail.  While most skirts looks like lampshades on me from the side because they tent out from my belly and bum, the Taylor Vegan Leather Skirt looks really good.  I am too short for this skirt, but it has an unfinished hem and would be easy for someone with sewing skills or a tailor to shorten. I appreciate the multiple seams on the waistband to keep it from folding over, the pockets, and the zipper setup.  I won't be keeping this skirt as I don't think it will get enough wear from me personally, but I like this skirt very much and recommend it.

universal standard denim shirtdress

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these pieces, this promotion, or the brand in general.  As always, I am happy to answer any question honestly.  While I received my Geo Trios box for free and Universal Standard sponsored me to share this promo on Instagram, I chose to write this blog post and all thoughts are honest and my own.

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  1. I saw the box advertised on my Instagram feed & came here to check out how US sizing runs~the consensus s end to be to order your true size or the next one down. I have been wanting to try Universal Standard literally for years! With this 3 pieces of JERSEY ♥️♥️♥️ box for $95 I think I am finally going to take the plunge.

  2. I loved my mystery box. I did have an issue and US was responsive and gave me a credit and I thus bought the overalls. I am on the fence and the geo Trios mostly because I need pants more than dresses. Thanks for your review

  3. I like the Avenir dress better — it looks more modern and cool to me. I like the seam at the bottom 1/3 with the change in texture (I think it makes the proportions look better and makes you look taller) , and I like the sleeves better on you (although the sleeves looks very similar on the website so could just be the angle). But both are nice dresses and I can see only needing to keep one. 🙂

    1. The Isabel is a slimming column which flatters Allison’s figure, and hits just right at the hem and sleeves. She wears with sneakers, but it appears boardroom-ready with a change of shoes.

  4. I loved my recent mystery box purchases (dress and surprise me), but so soon after I received them my work started work from home, so I’ve had almost no chance to wear all my beautiful new clothes. Thus, I’ll pass on this one, though it looks like you got great pieces. I especially love the sheath dress on you!

    1. This vegan leather is soft, like lambskin leather in weight, flexibility, etc. I haven’t had their vegan leather stretch out too terribly, I’d say equal to regular leather. You can only spot clean it with a damp cloth, it can’t be dry cleaned or washed.

  5. I tried the Mystery Box on your recommendation and loved two of the four items I received, am on the fence about a third item, and the fourth was a disappointment (velvet pants with slash type pockets that stuck out and looked awful on my hips). I still was eyeing these Trios and I have a stupid question: if this is the Luxe Northeast Box, are your three items what they are putting in all of the boxes? Or could there be different items in the Luxe Northeast Box? Thank you!

      1. That’s a great idea, though there were a few other issues with the pants so I think I’ll just sell these. (They pooch out at the sides and I think these pants were meant for someone taller as it does odd things between my waist and the crotch of the pants). Thank you, though!

  6. I love US–and was introduced to them last year from your post about their mystery boxes–and am intrigued by this promotion but most likely won’t be partaking. I bought two mystery boxes only two months ago and while the tops one was great, the luxe box I ordered (which was a real splurge for me) was really disappointing. I know the whole mystery box thing is a risk, but I had legitimate complaints, based on their description of the box, and CS was not at all helpful (and not responsive until I reached out a few times). I really do love this company, but this experience really made me cautious about purchasing from them again, especially in any mystery-adjacent promotion.

    I hope those who partake have amazing experiences!

    1. I am sad how the last mystery box promo went. I don’t think they prepared well for it, and it was seen with the inconsistent selections, slow shipping, and CS not being their usual amazing helpful selves. So far this box seems to be better, readers have said they’ve already received word their boxes shipped. I like that there are only 15 items to choose from and it’s by region so it’s not like you’ll be in Florida and get a wool overcoat.

  7. I have a skirt like that from H&M. It was a weird length so I just took scissors to it and cut it off to the length I wanted. No hemming required.

  8. This is a great post. In our New Age, you show us how we can be stylish using our new required accessory, the face-cover. I appreciate the link to bandanas on Etsy … so much creativity. I just ordered 4 face-covers from Esby – they are not available until May but could not resist ordering as they donate one for each one purchased. Thanks so much, for your real and relevant blogging as our New World is being formed. Marian

  9. This is a great post. In our New Age, you show us how we can be stylish using our new required accessory, the face-cover. I appreciate the link to bandanas on Etsy … so much creativity. I just ordered 4 face-covers from Esby – they are not available until May but could not resist ordering as they donate one for each one purchased. Thanks so much, for your real and relevant blogging as our New World is being formed. Marian

  10. Oh, I really like this concept! I ended up selling all but one of the pieces in my recent US Mystery Box because they weren’t weather-appropriate for the climate where I live – beautiful but heavy, long-sleeved work wear pieces, and I live in sunny CA. I have to admit that I was a little annoyed – couldn’t they have looked at my location and made a more informed choice? I shared this from others on my feedback survey and am wondering if they got this feedback from others as well. They seem to be a company that is very responsive to customer feedback, which I always appreciate!

    1. The last mystery box wasn’t up to par for how US usually is with listening and service. I think they are redeeming themselves with this box as I’ve heard orders have already started shipping, wording is clearer, and there are only 15 items available for each region so it’s not like you’ll get the dregs from the back of the stockroom.

  11. It is always interesting to see these items in natural light, it is a much better way to view them. Is this “box” concept targeting new customers or existing? I don’t quite understand it, even in brands I know I have less than 50% success in the dressing room.
    So I am scratching my head about the tradeoffs here. Maybe it is their approach to personal shoppers?

    1. I am wondering about this, too! I am very particular about clothing and there is literally not a single brand I would commit to a box like this for. If I had an established resale site I had success with I suppose I might consider it… Maybe my tastes are just too random?!?!

    2. I agree, the idea is tempting and fun but I can’t justify it because 3/3 hits NEVER happens. Ever, even at my fav brands. At the price I’d need at least 2 to work and I don’t feel confident of that either.

      I’ve only ever ordered two things from US, and both went back. I really like the idea of them, but the silhouettes/lengths do not seem made for me. (Which is quite common, so not a problem with US.) At a minimum I’d need to be able to pick a box by body shape — I’m a short pear, basically take Alison and add 6″ or so to the hips.

    1. Thank you! These days are more unpredictable with my hair than usual, but I was having good hair and was like, Karl let’s shoot NOW before it falls! LOL

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