What I Wore: Kadydid, Katy Dress

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universal standard katy dressdress | belt | bracelet | bag | shoes

Universal Standard Katy dress in teal the katy by universal standard the katy dress by universal standardDress: Universal Standard (S; free through a giveaway) | Belt: ASOS | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane (sold out; similar) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Nine West

Kate reads this blog.
Kate likes Universal Standard.
Universal Standard had a giveaway on Instagram.  Tag a friend in the comments to win the Katy dress.
Kate tagged me.
I then tagged Kate.
Kate won the giveaway!
Both Kate and I won dresses!

Universal Standard reached out on Instagram to let me know that both of us ended up getting a Katy Dress for free.  I decided on teal because I have enough black dresses in my closet (for now…).  I said I wanted a small, which is a 14/16 in Universal Standard.  They asked if I wanted to size down since it runs big.  Eh, I'll stick with the Small, I'd rather have to belt it than have it too tight over my bum.

I think I may have done better with the XS.  This dress does run big, but in a cool, devil may care, oh it just slipped off my shoulder but I still look chic kind of way.  That is, if you're not short.  On me, being this loose and long, it looks like a super elegant hospital gown.  I mean, I still have worn it sans belt, but I need high heels, big hair, and a statement necklace to not look like I escaped from a high-class ICU.  I tried my obi belt, I tried an oversized scarf, I tried the wider version of this belt, I tried a skinny leopard belt.  All looked terrible.  Then one day I tried this silver belt and loved the effect.  I wore it to work, people complimented me left and right.  I wore it after work to a fitting for last week's Strong Women in Fashion event and a woman stopped me to ask where I got the dress.  For while the dress is too big, it's oh so good.

The fabric is satin-backed crepe.  Outside it looks like traditional crepe, but it has this weight and drape that is so chic.  And inside… silky smooth satin with this gorgeous luxe lustre.  This dress really proved to me the quality of Universal Standard.  And please don't judge the dress by my wrinkled photos; I took it off, threw it over a chair, other things ended up over it, I pulled it out, hung it in the bathroom while I took a hot shower and thought it was good enough and rushed out the door.  It wasn't.  But seriously, if you care for it properly (do as I say, not as I do) or hit it with a bit of steam if it does get crumpled, it will look gorgeous.  If you're short, size down.  If you're taller and like versatility, go with your regular size.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Great dress! It looks fab. I popped over to check out the offerings at Universal Standard and their stuff is super cool. So cool, in fact that my order arrived today. Well made garments in great fabric!

    I’m in between a 10 and a 12 and the xs is solid. Still has a nice drape and isn’t snug.

    Now jealous that you WON a dress!!! 😉

  2. I love that color on you! The fit looks good from here. Crushing that belt, which I see you’re taking advantage of for its striking good looks.

  3. I like it! And now I can see that I could wear one of those structure-less dresses, thanks!

  4. Love the modern, simple cut – so hard to find in larger sizes. Like Eileen Fisher with flair. Would love this in navy, charcoal or burgundy!

  5. I love it. When I first saw the pic I thought what a style departure for you. It looks great. Perfect color and texture.

  6. As usual, the dress looks much better on you than the model. Without a belt, the dress looks like a sack, even on the 5’11” skinny model. I wouldn’t have give it a second look if I saw it in a catalog. Then you put the metallic belt on and it becomes a completely different garment. You look spectacular. Your styling skill knows no bounds. You are just outstanding at it.

    I don’t know why the model didn’t show it with a belt as well as without it. I think they would sell more dresses. Not all of us have the vision that you do.

    I don’t know if it was your idea or Karl’s but the muted red, white, and blue color scheme for your photos wasn’t lost on me.


      1. Indeed you are! I have been studying many blogs since the RewardStyle Conference. The other bloggers sites are nice with good photos and text. But I have to say that they are so similar that I get the bloggers mixed up. Your styling, your photos, your choice of poses and backgrounds are uniquely your own. That is one of many features that sets your blog apart and makes it so top notch. I think I can see Karl’s handiwork in every photo as well as yours.


  7. You knocked it outta the park lady! Looks much better on you than the model! Wish they also had smaller sizes – I’d love this!

    1. Thank you! And in some ways it’s too bad they start with larger sizes, but as someone who has been double digits most of her adult life… it’s pretty freaking awesome to finally be on the other side of the coin. For so long I looked longingly at luxe minimalist fashion but it never sized up.

      1. I thought about that as I wrote the comment – about friggin’ time someone met this market with flattering fashion! A lot of what you wear I envy but you make this dress look incredible. They should ask you to model; you have experience now ☺

  8. You look gorgeous in that dress – such a beautiful color on you, and the style is so elegant!

  9. Wow – that color is sooooo good! My wardrobe has been mostly black and grey all my adult life, but lately I’ve started to incorporate more navy and teal. It just seems to work a little better than my all black as I’m passing through my mid-40’s. This dress convinces me even more that adding more blue is a good plan. You look really great.

    1. Spoiler alert, I got to interview Joan Juliet Buck (I know, aaahhh!) and she said navy is her favorite color to wear because it is so flattering, not so severe. And with it now acceptable to wear navy with black, it’s an easier color to style and incorporate into a wardrobe. Teal is another wonderful color that is so flattering, accomplishes the same thing as grey or black, and easily fits into an existing wardrobe. I forget how great blues like these are!

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