Wednesday: Back in Black

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Sweater: Ann Taylor (years old) | Pants: Ann Taylor (similar) | Necklace: Got in Key West | Heels: Boutique 9 | Silver Cuff | Coat: Via Spiga | Scarf: Ann Taylor (similar) | Bag: Sabina (similar)

It's back to work for me! I went in the office the day after Christmas and did a few hours at home over the past week or so, but otherwise have been off and it was GLORIOUS! I feel recharged and ready for work, though spending so much QT with Emerson made it SUPER hard to leave her today. Last night she said she was scared of the dark even with her Twilight Turtle so she got in bed with us for a couple hours. I slept fine, but I guess she kept kicking and scratching Karl so he took her back to her room where she slept soundly the rest of the night. Guess she just needed a bit of reassurance!

Lately I have just wanted to wear a lot of black, don't know if it's my inner rock star crying out, a bit of laziness, or color overload. When I did my outfit recap post, I realized how very much color I have worn this year. While I adore color and think people look better in colors they love, I think I was fighting something with the color – fighting depression, anger, jealousy, the blogosphere… something. Lately I just want to chill and enjoy the moment and am finding it easier in darker shades and an attention to detail, shapes, and fabrics. We'll see how 2013 goes… I know color won't disappear any time soon, but I think I've outgrown colorblocking and Rainbow Brite-esque ensembles.  I'm not gloomy, I'm just reassessing!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this post, so much so that I wanted to go back and leave a comment days after I read it (I normally read blogs on my iPad but find it too hard to comment). So you reference fighting the blogosphere and jealousy and I just wanted to make sure that you remember that there are nice, regular people who read your blog and love it. Checking in with your blog and reading your words helps me remember to make a little extra effort most days when I’m getting dressed. Being dressed better makes me feel better which makes me eat healthier which contributes to feeling better which contributes to a more positive outlook. That’s the explanation I gave my husband about why I signed up for Gwynnie Bee and every word of it is true. Whether I wear heels, or a blazer, or a chunky silver bracelet to make herself stand taller, I learned those things from you !

    So you can wear whatever color you want – just keep posting !

    1. Aww thank you so much! It’s true, for every one icky person in the blogosphere there seems to be a thousand amazing people I encounter and so many like you thanks to this blog. Your comment totally made my day, and interacting with you here is always wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. I’ve seen you wear lots of black before but for some reason this outfit really brings out the color of your hair! Love.

  3. I almost never wear black near my face, but I have to say that I love that sweater. I can see why it’s still in your closet even though it’s “years” old!

  4. Like you and many of your commenters, I’ve been blacking out myself lately, even though I also love color and made a big effort to wear more of it and less black near my face. I generally choose between bold accessories and bold colors (not both), and my choices have gone more to accessories lately. I look forward to seeing what comes next, and I’m glad you had the right clothing to do battle and am even more glad that you don’t feel that you need to do battle at the moment.

  5. Well you do have color with those red gloves and purple scarf….I love your necklace and think the black background is perfect to let it be the showpiece.

  6. Looks great! I generally like a lot of color too, but after the madness of the holidays am craving some peace and quiet in clothes as well as the rest of life – today is all black and gray… I imagine in a couple of weeks the bleakness of winter will send me running back to the bright colors!

  7. ive also been feeling the black lately. i used to be a “find something you like, buy it in every color, quantity-over-quality” sorta gal, but since my weight loss and having to replace basically my whole wardrobe, im paying a lot more attention to fit and little details that make pieces special. ive been honing my personal style more than ever before. and of course, youre one of my style mentors. πŸ™‚

  8. This is a great look for you! And I love that coat. I’m Back in Black today too and “I feel alright!”

  9. the necklace!!! love the whole outfit and as a creature of the night myself…i applaud your bringin’ it back to black. πŸ™‚ honestly i never feel more sleek and sexy than when i am in all black with some great shoes and great jewelry. you look amazing!

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