Weekend Reads #10

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Life is such a rollercoaster. This week has been so tough in regard to the news. My heart goes out to the staff of the Gazette and the loved ones of the five victims. I'm really concerned about the replacement of Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. And today I will be part of the Families Belong Together March. I got a summer cold which knocked me out for almost two days. But there was goodness and hope in between. Thursday night I attended a happy hour fundraiser for Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) hosted by The Dining Traveler. I ate great food for a good cause, but also connected with some amazing people. I saw a friend and we had an empowering brainstorming session on ways I can use Wardrobe Oxygen as a vehicle for good (stay tuned!), and I chatted with two women who started as strangers but ended up friends over our similar views on what is going on in our country and how we can make a difference. On the business front, this weekend I had a spurt of creativity and sent out a few cold pitches to brands and two of them bit! One is pretty fun and creative and I've been working on it this week, hope to have it live the week after next. I feel like I'm finding myself, who I am as a full-time blogger and working out what the future may look like. Whether it's work or politics, I can't be comfortable or complacent. Change happens when we put ourselves out there.

“What I have come to realize, though, is that asking someone to achieve body love can quickly become another unattainable prerequisite, much like the desire to change our body into what is deemed desirable.” Another amazing read by Jes Baker.

I really appreciate it when bloggers don't make everything perfect and shiny and happy.  Sometimes life is messy, things don't go right, and two nights in Bangkok isn't the most awesome trip. I appreciate Grace's honesty and tips to help others who may take a similar trip.

Have you heard of FranciePants? They are 100% cotton underwear which empowers women's health, self-expression & financial independence, creating flexible, well-paid, local jobs here in Maryland. Available in four different cuts and up to size 32, they have a Kickstarter to get the business off the ground. FranciePants sent me two pairs and they're just as well made as department store brands are totally adorable. Click here to read more about FranciePants in Baltimore Style.

I'm so proud of my friend, Yvonne.  She with Whitney Parker started a podcast talking about life with a focus of being in your 30s. It's Called The Little Black Book and is available on iTunes.

Sandals are a struggle for me.  My feet are wide, I have high arches and short toes. I just ordered a whole box of sandals from Zappos and some from Nordstrom and while I will do a full review soon, the ones that have been worn many times are these from SAS.  Nope they're not chic or trendy but they're comfortable as all get out and high quality. I ordered the Antique Tan and the Gold Linen and the Gold Linen… it's not my style.  But the Antique tan works in a vintage hipster sort of way.

“The thing is, fat positivity isn’t just about celebrating beauty or health at any size; it’s also about reminding people that the health of others, regardless of how grim it may appear to their expertly WebMd-trained eyes, does not warrant your concern, and it definitely doesn’t warrant your commentary.” Yes, yes, and more yes.

I think I say this every year, but if you need to buy a beach towel buy it from Lands' End.  I have one that is now 20 years old and looks almost new. They're large and thick and can be monogrammed and they're less than $30.  Need a cute wedding or shower gift? How about a pair of monogrammed beach towels and a tote with their name on it?

I have beach on my mind because we're heading to Rehoboth next week for our annual girls getaway weekend. I'll be taking my Lands' End suit and my green palm print bikini from a couple years ago, but thinking I may need a tankini top to go with black bottoms I already own.  May order this gorgeous one from Fantasie

And for your listening pleasure, Chaka Khan is back with her first song in over a decade.  It, and the video is pretty fabulous!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Such a great read. I too a, concerned about that justice. I am scared women’s rights will be tossed out the window. This is a frightening time in our country

  2. I really love your Weekend Reads! Also, I too have a short, full, high-arched foot and I recommend Naot sandals.

  3. Allie! I will be in rehoboth starting next Friday for a week. I hope to bump into you! But mostly I hope you girls have a blast! (And I’ll be packpaking my Gap shortalls that I love!)

  4. When I’m feeling low or tired or annoyed by life, I intend to watch this video. This should easily get me through the summer. 🙂

  5. Agreed—this week has been rough! Sometimes, I just feel so full of despair over our country and there’s really never a break from the bad things that keep happening. But I then I see a post from Representative John Lewis and I know we must keep going. #GoodTrouble

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up, including ways WO can make a difference. I love that you care and are acknowledging how bad things are right now.

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