Weekend Reads #13

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Well, my skincare elimination diet worked, I have found the culprit for my allergic reaction and it's a serum I have been using for two months. The rest of the products from the line are just fine, it's just an ingredient in this serum. So glad to know so I can move forward!

Last year, my mom moved from my childhood home to a townhouse. A major downsizing. She's still trying to figure out ways to organize and store things, and decorate a new space. This week she painted a contrast wall and we built an IKEA storage unit to go around her TV in the living room (the Hemnes collection in brown-black). Next week, a professional organizer is coming to implement some strategies and I plan to share the experience here on the blog. I know many of you are looking for ways to organize what you own, many of you have downsized or are helping a relative to downsize and I think it could be pretty interesting.

As you read this I'll be on a train heading to NYC. I am going to an event to celebrate the launch of cabi's fall collection and I am so excited.  I got a preview at cabi Blogger Day and the clothes for fall are sooo good. I'll be sure to share my experience, but also follow along on Instagram and Instagram Stories to see the experience!

Ask me how I'm doing but don't comment on my weight please. A great piece from Avital Norman Nathman on the new site Shethority. A good reminder that thin doesn't always equal healthy or happy.

“In 2018, the fashion industry isn’t so much providing women with the aesthetic tools to go confidently out into the world as it is setting forth a challenge: Are you hot enough to prevail over a garment so heinous that it would make mere mortals look like total idiots?

I love this look on Susan.  The flowing pieces, the neutrals with a pop of color in the shoes… this is summer chic.

Instead of winning a new car or a trip to Tulum, how about a game show that pays off your student loans?

While I may have a child, I have many friends who have chosen not to have them. And they're living great, full lives on their terms.  Why do people assume that you need to procreate to be happy? If you liked this piece, you'll like this one, an interview with the author who shows you can be single, over 40, and happy.

You know I love a real-life capsule wardrobe.  Here's one created by DC Style Factory for one of their clients.

The Chico's Semi-Annual Sale is almost over but there's still some amazing deals to snag. A few things I actually own and can attest to being awesome (and some of them are also in my real-life capsule wardrobe).


“At a time when our world is so politically active, it’s only right that we should be as engaged and as vocal as our readers,” said Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. I agree and found this piece interesting.

A pretty fascinating read on how Nordstrom changed it merchandising strategy to win in the online world while supporting smaller brands. I've always been a Nordy Girl, since back when I worked retail in the '90s and would escape the mall insanity in their perfumed classical music from the pianist near the escalator oasis. I love seeing how the company has morphed and shifted with the changes in shopping habits while still remaining on top.

No idea why this dress gets one star at Nordstrom. I got it this week and as soon as I did I found a reason to wear it (the opening of Jose Andres' latest restaurant in DC with my friend Sylvia). I paired it with my years-old tan wrap belt and the wedge sandals from this blog post.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Love all the DC Style Factory items in the Summer Capsule, however they don’t do any links to the actual items. 🙁 Oh well, great ideas!

  2. I see why you like that dress, it looks like you!

    I agree with Gribbin in that Glossy article, that Nordstrom is aiming for giving shoppers things they don’t see in department stores. I shop at H&M, and am attracted to their prints sometimes, but then I think, “how many times will I run into this as I commute downtown?” I’m a snob! I don’t want to run into someone with my dress/top on every time I turn around.

    I sometimes shop at Zara, I say sometimes because their sizing isn’t my friend, but if I see something I like there, that fits, I buy it. They don’t have 20 of them sitting in the back, I’m very unlikely to bump into it on the street.

    1. I’ve found some gems at Zara but I admit with my profession I don’t shop there. They don’t do any affiliate programs and usually by time I get it, it’s no longer in stock. And that angers readers. But they’re so great for accessories no one else will be wearing!

  3. Not sure I can still afford to read your blog; I just bought three more items on the Chico’s sale. Granted, they were classic and fantastic bargains … maybe I just don’t have enough closet space to keep reading! Please, a post soon on weeding out the wardrobe.

  4. Any chance that Nordstrom dress could be worn on the shoulder instead of off? I just can’t do a strapless bra, but I adore that print and everything else about it!

    1. It could… but I think it may look a little odd. If you have a smaller bust and are a smaller size there may be enough fabric to have it work but I wouldn’t do it with the dress and body I have. But check the brand, they have other pieces in this fabric! http://bit.ly/2NDk9ZR

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