Inside Our Home: The Dining Room (and a giveaway!)

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Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionWhen we bought our home in 2001, it was an historic row home of fewer than 750 square feet. We loved the location – an end unit in a quiet part of town with a large backyard that backed up to woods. However, when we found out I was pregnant we knew the house wasn’t big enough for three humans and three dogs. Instead of moving, we decided to renovate, adding another bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, enlarging the kitchen, and adding a proper living room. What is currently our dining room used to be the entire living/dining area for the original home.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionWith a full-size dining room we could finally get a full-size dining table. We wanted something sturdy, rustic, that would look better with dings and damage from family life.  You can read about the dining table in this blog post.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining tableThe chairs around the table are a random mix; the Windsor chairs are Ethan Allen and a Freecycle score, the two with padded seats were found on the side of the street, the school chair was from Freecycle, the heart and “throne” chairs belonged to Karl’s grandparents.

House and Home: Wardrobe Oxygen's Dining RoomThe story behind the throne is Karl’s grandparents loaned some money to a friend. They paid it back instead with this chair. Supposedly woven into the wicker seat is the newspaper with the cover story of Kennedy’s assignation. It’s Karl’s favorite chair. Emerson’s favorite is the one with the heart in the back. I don’t have a favorite (yet, we’re always on the hunt for interesting chairs to replace the Windsors and street finds) and usually sit across from Emerson when we have dinner or next to her when we have guests so I can easily access the kitchen.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionThe sideboard belonged to Karl’s dad. It’s not my favorite in regard to style, but it’s perfect for size and storage. Even with the renovation our kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage and this piece stores all our serving dishes, holiday dishes, melamine dinnerware for outside, plastic cutlery and dinnerware for parties, birthday candles, and more.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug Expedition Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionWe have a friend who is a bit of a picker who found this bowling ball and gave it to us because it's engraved with the name Gary; I had nowhere to store it so I stuck it on top of this Pier 1 vase over a decade ago to keep it from rolling away and well… it’s become a household fixture! The vase is from Roycroft Pottery; Karl gave it to me as a gift before we even lived together. The clock has been in his family for a long while.

House and Home: Wardrobe Oxygen's Dining RoomThe bowl is Pottery Barn; friends gave it to me as a thank you gift for officiating their wedding. We put it there to store keys and such but as you see it’s a corral for our sunglasses (we have even more in the sideboard, we’re sunglasses junkies). The art above was done by Karl’s paternal grandfather; we have his paintings hanging in almost every room of the house.

House and Home: Wardrobe Oxygen's Dining RoomThis bookcase I think was a yard sale find by my mom that she passed on to us when we moved in and were low on furniture. I love the details and have been meaning to repaint it, I’ve been thinking navy or a dark blue-purple. This is where we keep our cookbooks, gardening books, and Emerson’s homework and school paperwork. I also keep my sewing machine on the bottom shelf; when I sew it’s usually at the dining table. On top is a Himalayan salt lamp (supposedly they purify the air; it’s a good nightlight in case Emerson comes downstairs when it’s dark), a beaver pole Karl found at our town lake, some crystals and a lava rock, and a wooden statue Karl got me when he was in the navy and his ship visited St. Maarten.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionAbove the bookcase is Bessie; I got her outside Sedona almost two decades ago when I went to visit my cousin.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionThere’s a little nook in the dining room near the stairs to the second floor where we have a glass cabinet that belonged to Karl’s mom. In it we keep our china and crystal along with random knick-knacks we’ve wanted to keep out of toddler hands and have just ended up living there. Above it is a pastel on velvet done by my maternal grandfather.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionOn the wall next to the kitchen is a painting of my great aunt Minna, a jewelry designer. My mom was cleaning out her house and gave me this painting; I put it here temporarily since we had it open and well, Minna’s been there ever since. I think she brings good luck and creative mojo to the house.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionKarl inherited this bookcase with the books when his mother passed away; inside is the full collection of Little Journeys by Elbert Hubbard. On top is Karl’s maternal grandfather’s typewriter and inside the birch ring is a firestarting kit Karl made. Above is another painting by Karl’s grandfather; to the right is the signature frame from our 2004 wedding.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionWhen you enter the house, to the right is the half bath/laundry room (featured in the blog in this post); to the left is the kitchen (seen in this blog post).  There's a short hallway.  On the left is a coat rack (there's no closet on the main floor) and the right we have this original Uncle Sam poster that belonged to Karl's dad and a mask my dad picked up in the '60s when he first visited Haiti.

Inside our Home: Our Dining Room by Wardrobe OxygenThis room is still being worked on. The curtains and rods were left over from our first home. We put them up to get the job done and still wish to replace them with ones the right length and a color we like better. The paint color is nice but not really us; I picked it while on pregnancy bedrest from a small chip and would like to switch it for something more modern and cool toned. I'd like to eventually replace the sideboard with something a wider and with cleaner lines. Something we recently added is the carpet, which is a game changer.

House and Home: Wardrobe Oxygen's Dining Room Rug Expedition GiveawayRug Expedition reached out and asked if I’d like to try out their rugs. Where the dining room is, it can just feel like a large hallway to the living room; I felt a rug would make it more of a separate destination while also making our old drafty home cozier in the colder months. Rug Expedition is a family owned and operated company; they offer free shipping and a 30-day in home trial to be sure you love the rug you receive.

House and Home: Wardrobe Oxygen's Dining Room and Rug Expedition GiveawayFrom the Madeline Collection we chose Flame. Our dining room opens right into our living room, which has an orange mid-century sofa with a zig-zag Missioni-esque pattern and a large rug that goes from deep turquoise to grey to pale blue. The dining room is sage green (for now), the living room tan, the kitchen a deep berry. We needed a rug that wouldn’t clash or compete with all these colors in our open floor plan. The print Flame incorporated the berry of the kitchen, the green of the dining room, the tan and orange of the living room without being too loud. The rug is power loomed, 100% polypropylene from Egypt and is really plush, doesn’t shed, and spot cleans nicely.

Wardrobe Oxygen dining room featuring Rug ExpeditionCindy has dog beds in two rooms and there’s rugs all over the home, but her new favorite place for a nap is on the new dining room rug. I don’t blame her; it’s really soft and in the center of the home where she can see everything and everyone. Another perk: the pattern hides blonde dog fur!

Rug Expedition Giveaway

Rug Expedition was kind enough to offer one Wardrobe Oxygen reader a $100 store credit for the rug of their choice. They have an extensive collection and unbeatable prices so you’re sure to find something that is perfect for your home. Giveaway open to those in the Continental US and Canada.  Use the widget below to enter; good luck!

Rug Expedition Giveaway

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Nice room! All the personal touches add so much character. If I were to win the giveaway, I’d apply the credit toward an area rug for the main living space in our new home.

  2. I think I’d be interested in a rug in recycled material, maybe oval or circular. the contemporary patterns are fun.

  3. So many great rugs to choose from. I’m partial to the braided rugs by Capel, especially the Ocracoke Putty V. My grandparents had braided rugs in their home and I always think of them when I see those rugs. Lovely home. I also checked out the other house tour posts. I’d been thinking of a Le Creuset kettle (Caribbean Blue). Do you find the classic is a decent size? We’re a family of 6. Between hot chocolates and tea, the kettle’s always going.

  4. Visited the Rug Expedition website…Wow! I would love the Five Seasons for my dining room,so classic but interesting.

  5. That rug is glorious!!! I’m in the process of buying my first ever flat (in London, so a lot smaller than American properties!) and you’ve inspired me to have a look at rugs for my living room 🙂

  6. I’m thinking the infinity silver/black area rug would be great for my daughter’s apartment, but I’d have to confirm with her before I selected one!

  7. Thanks for the chance to win. Am loving the Couristan line of carpets for my bedroom. Replacing the carpet finally!

  8. Wow, I love your home! The mix of heirloom pieces, bits from travels and modern bits is exactly what I’m looking to create in our home. Somewhere stylish, with heritage that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Gorgeous rug, too.

  9. Your styling and home colors are very similar to mine. Lots of wood details and colorful art and rugs. In fact my foyer and upstairs hall rug have the same colors as your dining room rug without the green. When I bought my house I was thrilled that it was painted the way it was, red on red foyer, green dining room, teal kitchen, tan living room and 1 bedroom and the two other bedrooms in two different shades of blue. Most of the houses I was seeing were either paneled or had border in EVERY room.

    Now, if I could just get my house clean.

    1. The best way to get a house clean is have a company send you a rug and you’re required to photograph it and put it on a blog for thousands to see 😉 Now this table and chairs are covered with clean laundry to fold, homework, mail, the emptied purse that went with this weekend’s outfit, parts of Emerson’s halloween costume and more!

      1. Haha! I know if I got on the ground and tried to take a picture of my pups on the rug there’d be a dog/cat hair tumbleweed rolling by in the background.

  10. Love these rugs and your dining room, especially the stories behind where all of your accessories came from. Really cool. Recently bought a house and have been searching for the perfect rug for my bedroom, one of these rugs would be awesome!

  11. You have a beautiful home! I love all of your artwork, and I’m especially envious of the artwork passed down from your family members. My family members are rural Midwestern farmers originally from Germany and Denmark, so my options are limited to copies of the Last Supper and the photograph of the older man praying (called Grace by Eric Enstrom.) (I do have a killer collection of embroidered flour sack towels though!) I’ll happily hang those pieces somewhere in my home, but I love art and my style is a bit different. My goal for my own home is to buy unique artwork that I could pass along to my children.

  12. The first thing I noticed was the rug. It adds that bit of color and modern feel that really pulls the room together. My favorite thing is to combine family items with things of my own. Even if I don’t love the style of my mother’s library table, I think of her and our house when I look at it.

  13. I would love to win to purchase the Luster Shag Charcoal by Rugs America. My decorating style is traditional, with a healthy dash of glam and modern to add an element of surprise.

  14. Such a lovely and comfortable home you have! All the “mismatched” yet quality pieces with history really add to the charm! I love how the rug warms up the space and is interesting to look at without being overpowering or taking center stage.

  15. What a beautiful room! That Flame rug would also be perfect in my small home. How many square feet did you end up with after the renovation?

  16. Your home is beautiful! We are in the market for a new rug after an issue with our cat 🙁 I love the Five Seasons rug!

  17. I love all of your art. We have several good friends who are artists, and a lot of our walls are bare because I’m waiting until I see something they’ve created that I love. So far, the dining room is the only room that is coming along artwise. But I am trying to wait for things I love and mean something to me rather than just to fill up the space. You give me hope that I can hold out!

  18. Good morning! What a delightful tour. It is so easy to love our cozy little homes. It’s even easier to cram them so full of stuff we can’t turn around! Thank you for (once again) setting a stylish example!

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