Weekend Reads #36

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This week was my daughter's 10th birthday. Ten years. A freaking decade. A decade ago, I made a human being and life changed forever. I can't believe ten years have gone by, but then it's also hard to imagine life without her in it. She's a pretty terrific human being and I am so damn proud to be her parent.

This week was also my mom's birthday. I'm pretty damn proud to be her kid, she's also a terrific human being. I'm surrounded by these badass Capricorn women (my sister is also born this month) and am honored this flaky Aquarius is part of their family!

This week I finally feel like I'm getting into my blogging stride. After weeks of family things and holidays, I'm getting my act together, planning out content instead of rushing to get something up, and I have some good things in the works for Wardrobe Oxygen. Stay tuned, one aspect of my 2019 change will drop next week here on the blog!

Weekend Reads

There are plenty of jokes about millennials but I don't think those who joke realize that this generation is 27-38. They're not lazy kids living in their parents' basements but managers, politicians, parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, homeowners, and business owners.  And whether you accept it or not, their life doesn't come to them as easily as earlier generations.  This piece from Anne Helen Petersen for Buzzfeed is a must-read, especially if you are from a different generation.

Family matters, for people and for plants. (Science Magazine)

Did you ever wish your Barbie's outfit came in your size?  Well, your wish came true thanks to this amazing collection at Unique Vintage!

I have not seen either of these movies from Mads Mikkelsen, I don't even know Mads Mikkelsen but this article by Marissa Martinelli was so funny I still had to share it. (Slate)

A fashion icon and tastemaker has left us; the obituary for Babs Simpson, a name you may not recognize but whose influence you have felt. (New York Times)

Did you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Binging Marie Kondo's new Netflix series? You may be able to relate to, or at least giggle at this list. (McSweeney's)

I watched half an episode of “The Masked Singer” when yet again on hold with COBRA.  I paused it so long OnDemand sent me back to the beginning and I couldn't fast forward through commercials. Not worth it. But watching it I kept thinking, “We are living in the times of The Hunger Games.Even with the short bit I saw, I was feeling this piece by Doreen St. Félix for the New Yorker.

Speaking of my experience with healthcare, reader Bridget shared this article with me and it's worth a read.  You don't want hygge, you want social democracy. (Jacobin Magazine)

And finally, if you're looking to buy Girl Scout cookies, Emerson is a Girl Scout Junior and is selling them.  This link will let you shop online and have them delivered to your home.  If you don't want cookies but still want to support, there's an option to order cookies to be delivered to troops overseas. Proceeds will support the no-kill animal shelter in our city and fund troop activities.

For Your Entertainment

Karl sets our DVR to record music videos and he watches them when eating breakfast to keep abreast of new artists and trends. One of the artists he got into was Sigrid. When I found out she was Norwegian I figured that was the reason, but dang she has a fresh sound and look. She's only 22, I cannot wait to see where she goes in 2019!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thanks for the response, Alison. I’m not a fashion enthusiast, but I enjoy reading the lifestyle and travel posts on your blog.

  2. Many times I just read these posts without clicking through to the articles or click through but only read the first paragraph or so. This time, I not only read the Millennial Burnout piece but sent it to my husband because it felt like I way looking in the mirror. Then I read the piece about how the American desire for hygge is really a desire for social democracy and shared it on FB (something I very rarely do). In summary, this post hit all of the marks for me so I am commenting for the first time to ask for more content like this in the future ❤️

  3. It’s me again . I realized I didn’t get Friday’s blog post either after seeing it on Facebook this afternoon. I checked my spam folder but the posts aren’t there either. Maybe I need to re-subscribe?

    1. Nope, it seems my feed it broken. I have NO IDEA how that happened, I had my developer update my site so individuals could subscribe to comments and wonder if that did it or something else. I have sent an emergency ticket and hope it’s remedied before Monday. Thank you for this information, it really helps!

  4. Alison, I don’t know if you changed a setting, but for the last couple posts of yours, when I get your posts in my feed reader and click on them, the link never works and gives me a 404. I then have to go to your homepage to find any new posts. I’m using The Old Reader if that makes any difference.

    1. Thank you for this specific feedback, I sent it to my developer. There were some administrative updates to the site this week and it seems in the process they broke my RSS feed so it’s not working correctly in RSS readers and not sending it by email. I hope to have it fixed this weekend, but again thank you for this detail I think it will help them fix it sooner!

  5. Alison, I always look forward to your Weekend Reads so I’ve checked my email off & on today, looking for it. I’ve never gotten (finally just came to the blog). I’m only mentioning it in case something technical happened to keep it from going out. I’m excited to see the option about replying to comments—thanks for working on that! Have a great weekend!

  6. You posted about your attendance at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington. I just realized that the 2019 March is next Saturday, January 19! Do you plan to attend this march?

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