Weekend Reads #7

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I'm writing this from the front porch of a house in Lewes, Delaware. I'm on a long weekend getaway with three dear friends. Yesterday I had to put in a few hours for the contract I am on, this morning I'm finishing up this post and the one for Monday so I can completely unplug through Sunday.

I went to bed thrilled for the Washington Capitals who won the Stanley Cup. In high school I dated a boy who was the Stick Boy for the Caps. I knew nothing about hockey, I didn't grow up in a household that followed sports; I literally taught myself about hockey from the encyclopedia. I attended several Caps games that winter, ate pizza with the families of the players while waiting for them to leave the locker room and met many guys from the team. It turned me into a Caps fan for years past that brief relationship. While I'm not as active of a hockey fan now, I am still thrilled for our home team and wish I was back in DC to be part of the celebration.

And then I woke up to hear the news about Anthony Bourdain. My friend Johanna said it best on Facebook, “He was the goal: do what you love. Nobody did that better.” In fact, Karl and I were talking about Bourdain last month after reading an interview with him in PEOPLE. While his life isn't one I want for myself, I admired how he was doing what he loved, on his terms, unscripted. As a blogger/influencer this is something I think about a lot. Many discuss work/life balance but whether you're famous Anthony Bourdain or “microinfluencer” Alison Gary, your work is your life and your life is your work and it takes a lot to do it on your terms while still making an income. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week are examples of how money can't buy happiness and even in this time of sharing and oversharing, we truly only know what people choose to share.  Depression, mental illness, and personal struggles are hard to share, even more so when you're in the public eye and your persona determines not only your income, but the income of your entire team.  I'm heartbroken, such bright light talents gone too soon. 

When I'm asked in interviews who is my style icon, or a businesswoman I admire, I always mention Diane von Furstenberg. She's a total BAMF and this piece by Robin Givhan (another BAMF) just makes me love her even more.

I used to shop Gilt, but with the change in online shopping and promotions I completely forgot about it. I only visit RuLaLa when I Google a specific item and it ends up on there. So I'm a bit surprised and concerned with RuLaLa acquiring Gilt but hey, who knows, maybe they have big plans for their next act a la MySpace post-Timberlake? Do you shop these sites and maybe I'm just clueless as to their current popularity?

SkinMedica TNS EssentialSerum Review

I'm trying out SkinMedica; I received product in exchange for a single Instagram photo but I'm sharing my unsponsored thoughts about it on InstaStories. I'm using their TNS EssentialSerum and the instructions say to blend it (it's a product in a dual-chamber pump that you blend together) on the back of your hand. I joked to Karl that it's a marketing ploy because one hand will end up looking younger than the other… and I am right! It's been only one week, but look at the difference between my two hands! This photo was taken Friday morning at breakfast with friends, not edited in any way. Can you tell which hand I use to blend the serum?

“Now body positivity has shed its radical, practical goals in favor of an advocacy that’s entirely aesthetic and a problem that can be wholly solved by those looking to sell you something.” I have many feelings about this, and it's why I don't write about body image and body positivity. In my career, I see so many doing this and I know it's not to inspire others as much to go viral, get a lot of likes and retweets, and essentially to make more money. “Nothing has changed in how most people feel about themselves; instead, it’s simply become very gauche to articulate any of those negative feelings. That wouldn’t be very body-positive of you.” Okay, I'll stop quoting, just go read this piece from Amanda Mull who regularly writes pieces that make me think and question and go further.

Another amazing piece about fashion and size on Racked, this time from the lovely Ariel Woodson.

Especially interesting for local yokels… what the DC Metro system could have looked like.

Yep I ordered this shirt and I received an email stating it's at home waiting for me when I get back from the beach!

Are you watching Dietland on AMC? I read the book last year, listened to the interview with Joy Nash on the podcast Midlife Makeover, and immediately set my DVR to record the series. I haven't yet watched the first episode, this week has been so crazy. If you have, what did you think of it?

I need to find time to watch the Andre Leon Talley documentary, especially after reading this piece.

My hair stylist said to help with hairloss I should have my husband massage my scalp every night until it's pink.  Yeah, that doesn't happen very often. So I bought this massager to use in the shower. We'll see how it does!

And for your listening pleasure, the latest from Jim James, the lead singer from My Morning Jacket.  He has his third solo album coming out this summer; this single is about social media.  Scroll back, you can see someone's face get younger yet time is running out while you're doing it.  He's got a point…

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. “Everlane recently launched a new underwear line featuring a plus-size model in its ad campaign, despite making no actual plus-size underwear for sale.”

    WTF!! (sorry I cannot even BE polite here)

  2. I have the shampoo massager in my Amazon cart and I can’t decide if it’s worth testing or if it’s just a total gimmick. Would love your thoughts on it!

  3. I work for a wonderful cosmetic dermatologist (she also treats pediatric patients) and the whole staff ADORES Skinmedica, especially TNS Serum, HA5, and their Retinols (which come in several concentrations, for future reference.) It’s undeniably spendy, but the difference you see and feel with regular use is incredible, as you noticed! And for the rest of you out there–the FIRST, most important thing you can do is find a sunscreen you love to wear, and wear it every day–none of your other products can match the long term success of daily sun protection. Thanks for spreading the TNS plug!

  4. Allie, I’m also going thru a sudden hair loss issue. Two months after a bad fall and shattering my shoulder (with subsequent surgery) I was surprised to see bald spots along the crown of my hair. I was hoping it was due to Rx I had been taking. Nope! My MD diagnosed Female Pattern Baldness. I had officially inherited my grandpa’s comb over. I promptly started Minoxidol which is now available in affordable generic versions. I’ve just started my second month … and it will take two full months before I can see if I’m one of the lucky ones it works on. in your post on hair loss you mentioned Toppik for covering bald spots. If I can’t regrow my own hair, I’d like to try that approach. My hair is two toned; light brown mixed with grey. It appears to be highlighted. So I go with the light brown or grey or buy both and mix?
    I’m still hoping that my sudden hair loss is secondary to the stress of my fall and surgery and will reverse itself in time, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d love your advice on the Toppik color matching issue.

    1. Allie, I researched a little bit further and found out how to solve my color matching issue. No need to reply.

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