What I Wore: Draper James for ELOQUII

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Wardrobe Oxygen in the Draper James for ELOQUII balloon sleeve blue floral dress

Sometimes designer collabs are disappointing, and sometimes they're pretty fantastic. Other than one t-shirt I tried a while ago, everything I've seen and tried from the Draper James X ELOQUII collection has been stellar in regard to quality and style. I also love that the collection goes down to a size 12! Receiving a store credit in thanks for being part of an ELOQUII fashion show a couple months past, I decided to get myself this gorgeous floral dress from the Draper James collection at ELOQUII.

eloquii draper james dress eloquii draper james blue dress draper james eloquii review

Dress: ELOQUII (12; paid partially with a gifted store credit, straight size floral dress with similar sleeves) | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Clare V (same bag in other fabrics, different clutch in same color) | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Lipstick: Urban Decay “66” topped with Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

This dress is 68% cotton, 29% nylon, and 3% spandex which gives the dress a bit of stiffness that helps it from clinging or sticking in the summer heat, but that hint of shine and stretch to have the dress polished and comfortable. The dress is an a-line, the self-belt only attached by thread loops, so you can customize how tight you want the waist, if you want to wear it just like a shift, or even if you wish to switch out the self-belt for a different belt or ribbon in your wardrobe. The sleeves are reminiscent of my 9th grade homecoming dress, a true bubble that I think keeps the dress looking interesting. This dress is machine washable and able to go in the dryer, but heads up it needs to be ironed after being laundered (to handle those crazy sleeves, I recommend a mix of iron and steamer). However, I don't think the dress wrinkles excessively when worn. These photos were taken after sitting around in the dress for two hours, riding in a hot car with seatbelt, and doing a couple errands. It's a great dress for church, for a day wedding, and even for the office. I chose to make it look a bit more dressy with nude pumps, but this dress would look equally as cute with low wedge sandals or glam it up with some “nude” heels.

draper james for eloquii balloon sleeve dress back view

I think the v-neck back really adds to this dress.  I've heard some people flipping the dress around to have the v-neck in front but I think that would look weird as there's a seam down the back of the dress.

clare v green foldover clutch

I mentioned Monday about Urban Decay's “66” lipstick from their Born to Run Collection. Here I am wearing it, topped with Gloss Bomb from Fenty Beauty. I bought this lipgloss after reading a few My Beauty Routine submissions that raved about it. I don't wear lipgloss these days, I find it too sticky and think Carmex works as well. However, after having friends with great taste rave about this gloss I decided to take a chance. LOVE IT. It really works over all lipsticks and makes them look summery and sexy and fresh. On its own, it puts a Carmex shine to shame. Not too sticky but sticks around even through a venti iced coffee or an afternoon snack, no strong smell or taste, and a pretty tube to boot.  While I'm discussing beauty in this post, special dedication goes out to Jergens Natural Glow + Firming (light to medium, I switch to the darker color after using a full first tube). I've been using it after every shower (I put Neutrogena Body Oil over it) for the past two weeks and it has taken me from glow in the dark to a subtly glowy beige color. The scent isn't terribly strong especially since I put moisturizer over it.

draper james eloquii magnolia dress

The accessories are my go-tos. Nude pumps with a pointed toe elongate the leg and don't compete with a boldly patterned outfit. These earrings from Jenny Bird are my absolute favorite and seem to go with everything. I've been rocking them for over a year and haven't tired of them. And this clutch was a total splurge for me, but I am constantly finding things that go with it. Who wouldathunkit that a dark green croco-embossed clutch would prove so versatile?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I think Jergens glow self-tanner is about the best of any I’ve tried, smell-wise. I find it’s a huge confidence thing for me to put some color on my legs. It really gets me feeling like summer. This from someone who can walk out of the house without mascara or lipstick!

    I have issues with those big sleeves. I feel like they add volume at my waist, and I already have some volume there ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the tie belt, which is subtle and not wide and hot, is a good addition. If you wore it like a shift I’m afraid the sleeves would be really bulky.

    1. Agreed, the scent is not nearly as strong or offensive as other self tanners! And I can see what you mean about the sleeves. This isn’t a dress for figure flattery, but it is fun (and so nice and cool considering the amount of coverage it provides!).

  2. Alliie,

    I think you look good in many colors, but I especially like you in blues. Fabulous dress! It looks so spring and summer fresh.

    I like to sneak this in when I can although I’ve said it many times before. Nobody and I mean nobody, looks better in black than you do. Why do I keep saying it? I think it’s because I don’t like black clothes as a rule, but on you it looks so fantastic, you should wear it.

    1. In middle school I painted my room a color very similar to this. It’s such a happy shade of blue! And thank you Chris, I love black and am glad I can wear it so well! <3

  3. What a standout!

    I’m curious to hear more about how the Neutrogena Body Oil effectively covers the self-tanner smell. The smell has always been a huge deterrent for me with those lotions but my pale skin and fear of skin cancer always have me looking for viable options! Is the Neutrogena Body Oil scented and does it interfere with the coloration from the Jergens?

    1. Luckily the Jergens has the most subtle of self tanner smell that I’ve experienced in a product. I rub it in completely, then brush my teeth, then the oil so they aren’t combining too much. The Neutrogena Body Oil has a sesame scent, which is almost a light floral like honeysuckle. I also don’t use Jergens on my face or neck which helps as well. But I find within an hour there’s no smell really from either, just fresh skin!

  4. That is a cheery pop of color – thanx for brightening our day!

    Though you have a couple Universal Standard dresses in blue: the Katy & the Geneva petite, the patterned one is a departure. It is not so similar that it is like a double in your wardrobe.

    1. Exactly, the color and silhouettes are so different I don’t feel it is blue overload. Unfortunately the Katy is now too large for me so I sold it to a reader of the blog. But I rock that Geneva on an almost weekly basis!

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