What I Wore: Back in the Saddle

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duo boots santana wide calf review vintage coach bucket bag brown duo wide calf boot review wide calf boots curvy blogger reviewDress: Old Navy | Bag: Coach via eBay (similar) | Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Boots: Santana c/o DUO Boots | Cast Cover: c/o CastCoverz

Well hey there everyone! Thanks for your positive vibes regarding the cast, while I'm still in a cast at least now it's a short one and I regained use of my elbow! It's okay, I'd rather be safe with the arm than sorry (again!). Thanks to CastCoverz who sent me a few covers to work now and when I'm in a brace (check out the other fun ones on Instagram); the goal was to have this one for the 4th of July but since I was still in a long cast at that point it's now a great choice to better blend with denim and navy outfits! And this dress, well I wrote about the black print one here but liked it so much (and it went so low on sale) I got a second one!

And the boots… oh the boots! Anyone who has read this blog for a few months knows I'm a mega DUO Boots fangirl. I bought my first pair of wide calf boots from them back in 2007 and have always been impressed with their fit, quality, and stellar customer service. So when they approached me to do a collaboration I was psyched! I chose the Santana boot, which is an updated version of my old DUO Bern boots (now discontinued, and my pair is now my trusty music festival boots). The Santana is more sophisticated with a distressed finish and stacked wood heel. While I'm wearing them now with a dress, they'll look great this fall and winter over skinny jeans or cords, and would also look great with tights and a dress or skirt. If you're unsure of size, do contact them. I had a great phone call with DUO where we discussed the size of not just my calves but shins to ensure a great fit. While I love DUO for wide calf boots, their boot shafts are sized by centimeter, so it's a great place to find quality boots for those with narrow calves or average legs!

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  1. I have several business trips coming up to cold winter places and want to invest in a pair of boots I can wear with dresses. My search led me to this post and I think I’ll definitely start with Duo!

  2. I really love your new hair, Alison! You look spunky and sassy in it in all the best ways πŸ™‚ I really like this whole outfit as well! I love the look of boots with a dress. It’s been an abnormally cool summer in Minnesota so far, and I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of it and wearing a boots + dress combo! I’m going to have to remedy that – thank you for the reminder of how great it can look!

  3. I bought this dress in black at your recommendation and it’s fantastic! I also got a black wrap dress and a blue faux wrap dress from Old Navy as well and all of them are perfect for my current post-baby body. I get tons of compliments and feel so pulled together by putting on a dress w/ cute earrings, scarf, etc.

  4. Those are some great looking boots! Love the dark brown color. And congratulations on the shorter cast!

  5. I love Duo (thanks to you!) I have the Brindisi boots and have been saving my pennies to buy Santanas this Fall. Your boots look like a completely different color than the brown ones Duo’s site. Are those the same brown or some secret special color only available to stylish bloggers? πŸ˜‰

    1. Nope, same brown! I was surprised how they looked darker in person. They’re a reddish brown and still lighter in color than my traditional brown boots and shoes, but more rusty in color and with a distressed finish that isn’t cheesy but makes the boots look more luxe.

  6. yay, your elbow is back! Surely that’ll make things quite a bit easier? I like the pattern mixing too – looking good! It is so hot in England (weird, I know) that the thought of high boots brings me out in a sweat, but I’ll be keen into the boots in Autumn (Fall).

    1. Oh yes, having an elbow makes things WORLDS better. Sleep for example, or washing the left side of my body! It’s hot here too but boots never make me sweat except on the grossest of days (Saturday had a nice breeze and was a bit overcast).

  7. I absolutely love casual, cool dresses in the summer and you look great! Took the plunge and ordered a pair of DUO boots yesterday because of you showing these the other day on facebook. If they will fit me perfectly they are worth it.

  8. Wow – your hair looks great and those boots are fabulous! Also wanted to say thanks for the dry brushing idea. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and I can really feel/see a difference in my skin.

    1. I have also been dry brushing my body since i read it about it on your post and couldn’t figure out why my FACE looked so radiant this morning (after having not slept well for weeks)…I can only assume it is from dry brushing!

      Thank you!

  9. Oh my goodness, could you be any cuter? That hair is amazing! Love the outfit…. want the boots.
    And the purse!

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