What I Wore: Heat Wave?

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pink walking coat
rebecca minkoff calfhair mac mini
silver cuff bracelet leather
hot pink with black
Jacket: LOFT via eBay (similar) | Tank: eBay | Pants: Tahari | Shoes: Cole Haan | Bracelets: Ann Taylor (similar), had forever, c/o Lulu Avenue| Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

Outfit posts in the dead of winter suck on many levels. You're shivering when you're supposed to be smiling, the lighting sucks, the wind is fierce, and no matter how much blush you wear you still look like death. When I left the house I had lovely piecey waves and straighter bangs, crisp NARS Heat Wave lips and felt quite sassy.  By the time we finished taking these photos, my hair had gone into Mom Hair territory and I had Heatwave on my teeth, my chin, above my lips, and my fingers.  It's ridiculous, I wear bold lipcolors on a regular basis and have several NARS lipsticks I wear, but Heat Wave somehow turns me into a middle schooler who hasn't mastered the fine art of cosmetics.

And yep, my hair is different.  I know our hair textures are completely different, but I went to my stylist Kathleen with pictures of Octavia Spencer with bangs (have you seen her on the cover of Hollywood Reporter? So good!).  Kathleen encouraged me to keep most of my length, and made the bangs a bit thinner because she knows 9 times out of 10 I end up swiping my bangs to the side.  Before I went outside, the bangs did look more Octavia-esque and this weekend I did swipe them to the side and wear my hair straight.  I really like the hair with glasses and bold lips… though next time the chosen color will likely NOT be Heatwave!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I pinned the entire cover of that Hollywood Reporter as everyone’s hair looked amazeballs! I’ll be having Emma Thompson’s when I’m ready for a “grown up” hair style.

  2. I thought you were going to talk about the weather! It’s been quite warm in England (compraratively) and wet which is a bit disappointing for Christmas. It would probably never snow, but it’d be nice to be frosty, at least…

    1. LOL it’s I guess a dated term because these days there is no stereotypical “mom” hair. Thinking more to the ’90s… like the mom on Beverly Hills 90210, the moms in ads for peanut butter – it was always layered and set and very easy to manage but something a younger person would never wear and never as chic as a newscaster. A bit frumpy, wash and wear, like pleated khakis and a pink striped button-front shirt with white sneakers.

  3. Your hair looks nice. I like the look.
    I have standing orders with all my co-workers that friends don’t let friends go around with lipstick on their teeth. Nothing makes me more unhappy than to arrive at work, look in the mirror when I’m washing up and see my teeth with lipstick!

  4. Oh my goodness that is the prettiest outfit! As for heatwave? It looks awesome but I hear you. Sometimes I insist on wearing Funny Face, which is a spectacular hot pink, but I’m not sure it likes me as much as I like it. Sigh. It certainly is way too much look for my current season-of-life, in which I wear mostly Target because I wrangle kids all day. Meh. I think that’s why I got it! Vacation in a tube!

  5. That’s a brilliant coat, Allie and I really like your new hair – the lighter bangs are so pretty.

  6. Oh I know the challenges of winter outfit posts so well… we have snow but luckily blue sky and sunshine although the time for taking photos is limited to a couple of hours. Not easy with a full time job!
    Anyways, you look fabulous – including your hair and lipstick! Is this the new Pantone colour “Radiant Orchid”?

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. Love the color of that coat and your new haircut is adorable! As a woman of color, I love, love, love bright lipsticks to make my lips the focus of my face. But, there are certain shades that just smear and I end up with color everywhere including my work papers, my desk pad, my chin and worse, underneath my nose! Nonetheless, your pink and red colors brighten up an otherwise drab day.

  8. I love this outfit – the coat is smashing. Your hair looks great – thanks for sharing the inspiration photos. Sorry ’bout the lipstick – how weird it has different “stickability” color to color.

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