A Versatile eShakti Maxi Dress for All Seasons

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Wardrobe Oxygen in a red printed maxi dress from eShakti that has bell sleeves and a v-neckline

I own a few different eShakti dresses, but haven't shared one on the blog for a while. When looking for easy-care dresses that would work from now into winter I immediately went to eShakti and this is one of the dresses I ordered.

eShakti Review

eshakti review by Wardrobe Oxygen and her experience ordering this red printed maxi dress

I know many of you are regular eShakti customers. The company has thousands of styles that are available in sizes 0-36 with custom measurements and customizations of in-stock sizes to get a great fit. I have shopped eShakti multiple times over the years, but have never done the custom fit. After this order, I plan to try it next time.

I ordered four dresses from eShakti. The stretchy styles like the one here fit nicely; the ones of non-stretch fabric were a bit too high waisted. I usually go with a size 16 with eShakti (I usually buy a 14 with mall brands), and I forgot that I can share I am 5'3″ for stretchy styles with space for my bust, but otherwise, I should say I am 5'5″ so it doesn't end up with an empire waist. What I really should do is their custom measurements.

Screen Shot 2021 09 25 at 4.19.59 PM

But even so, eShakti dresses are quality that rivals Anthro and department stores and the fit is much better just because you can share your height and choose the sleeve, length, and neck style for the best dress for you. For example, above is a screenshot of the default style of the dress I ordered. I switched it to have a low v-neck with high back and switched it to be floor length.

ordering from eshakti

These are just four different combinations you can make of the same dress. And while it has a back zipper (I don't even have to use it, it slips on with a little bust adjustment along the way), you can ask for a side zipper. The dress comes with two pockets, but if you don't like pockets you can have them removed. No extra cost! And this dress cost less than $70!

And what's great is if the items come and you don't like them, returns are quite simple and in my experience, quickly processed. There is a return label right in the box and the box is super durable to make it easy to tape up and send out.

Wardrobe Oxygen in a red printed maxi dress from eShakti

I chose this dress because I had a similar concept of dress a couple of years ago (this ELOQUII maxi dress to be specific that I liked so much I then got another ELOQUII maxi dress in a different print) that was worn SO MUCH. The print made it fun but not too dressy, the maxi style meant when winter hit I could cozy up with leggings or Thermaskins underneath and tall boots, and come spring and early summer I could rock the dress with sandals. While I wore the dress here with tall boots, last week I wore the dress with my white Birkenstocks!

amazon the drop bag review

The bag is from The Drop. Most of the items I've tried from The Drop look, feel, and fit like fast fashion, But this bag is pretty awesome. It really looks like leather and is soft and pliable. I reviewed it in this Friday Shop, but I love it because it can hold a lot. During this shoot, the bag had my wallet, iPhone, mask, lipstick, a pen, a bandana, and then my sunglasses.

Wardrobe Oxygen standing outside the New Deal Cafe wearing a red printed maxi dress carrying an ivory bag

What's great about this bag is it's all soft. You can stuff it in a suitcase and it won't crease or bend or add much weight. It comes in a few colors; I chose the ivory because black and brown shades of faux leather can look like you're trying to pretend it's real while a color is more of an accent piece and like jewelry, budget can look cool. And ivory works year-round and goes with any color of shoe.

My Beloved Wide Calf Boots from Ros Hommerson

Wardrobe Oxygen in a printed maxi dress against a white brick wall wearing Ros Hommerson Maryland wide calf boots

The boots are old and are asking to be retired but I just caaaaaannnnnn't. These are the Ros Hommerson “Maryland” boot, a style no longer made. I got them from WideWidths.com back when I worked in my first office (shared) after the cubicle where I started this blog. So we're talking… 2006? I saved up for these boots, they were not cheap. I called WideWidths and two women with the same accent as my Aunts Norma and Gerri chatted amongst themselves to decide this was the style and calf width right for me.

eShakti review by wardrobe oxygen

And they were. Now, to accommodate my calves and because I am short, these boots looked amazing until about an inch below my knee where they bowed out like pirate boots. I asked my cobbler if he would, like a tailor, trim the shafts to fit my leg. He refused, but I found one in a nearby town who was down and gave me buttery soft leather boots with an elongated toe and graceful kitten heel a freaking custom fit on these legs that have made it difficult to achieve so many trends over the years.

Wardrobe Oxygen wearing an eShakti floral maxi dress

They have been reheeled and resoled numerous times. The leather lining of the shafts is crumbling; each time I take the boots off it flakes off and sticks to my legs. One zipper broke and I can't unzip it and have to carefully shimmy it off. But I can't let go because I have not in these past 15 years, found something as well made, well-fitting, quality leather, and timeless design. I don't want riding boots, I don't want block heels, I don't want a snub toe, platform sole, mixed media, buckles, or any adornment. I want the same kind of elegant real leather boot I could buy if I had 14″ calves instead of 19″ calves.

Ros Hommerson Boots on eBay and Amazon:


I have an alert on eBay, I stalk Mercari and Poshmark and Amazon, where shoe sellers sometimes sell one-offs they find in their warehouse. The ‘Freya' from DUO Boots is the closest I've found but the heel is too high and the seaming on the vamp makes them too snug for my high-volume feet and thicker ankles. While writing this I went to see what other wide calf boot brands may have come on the scene and I found Zeyzani; I may try their custom option… we shall see if it's a worthy replacement to these boots that have worked so hard and deserve a rest.

The necklace is from Baublebar, and the hoop earrings are also from Baublebar. The sunglasses are ROKA. I'm wearing my Monica Vinader ring I mentioned this past Friday along with the two gold wire bands; I am also wearing this gold cigar band ring I recently got on Etsy.

Shop the Look:


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I made my first (and thus far only) purchase from eShakti earlier this year. I was looking for a pair of overalls, and I came across these:


    They looked promising, so I bought them. I freaking love these overalls! They are so comfortable. The fabric is nice sturdy 100% cotton knit that launders beautifully. They have definitely become a wardrobe staple for me this year.

  2. I am intrigued by the ‘tailoring’ of your boots. I have a pair of black suede Aquatalia boots that I love but the shaft is just that little bit too long and I would love to have them shortened. Was the zipper replaced? I had not thought of finding a cobbler to do that. Is it possible have the shaft stretched a bit as well. Has anyone done that?

    1. I have had numerous pairs of boots stretched. Like Alison, I am short and I wear a small sizes so the calves on boots tend to be cut very small. I don’t have super thick calves, but my issue is that my legs are short so my calves start to get wider closer to my ankles than most boots. The key to having boots stretched is leather boots with leather linings. Save your breath if you are not working with all leather. RIP Sacco Shoes in New York, which offered great boots and stretching services. There are cobblers (and maybe stores) that still offer this service.

    2. Mary’s experience is super helpful. For me, the first cobbler said no because he said the zipper had to be removed and I had to shorten the shaft to be the right height on my leg. The second cobbler said he would tailor from the back seam and he pulled it taut and chalked where the tailoring needed to take place. There is a zipper on one side and an elastic portion on the other side and they did end up being a bit closer to the back/not centered but it’s really not obvious. He said he could not shorten the shaft it would be a complete recreation and he didn’t want to have any part in that. The cobbler I have now won’t replace the zipper because he said it is a major construction issue, not like replacing the zipper in a dress. I have not had any stretching but I have heard good things if you just need a little bit wider (not a whole inch) and like Mary said, if it’s a leather lining and no synthetics or fabrics.

      1. Thank you Mary & Alison for replying, this is very helpful. I am going to try with the stretching first. I can live with an extra .5 inch length but not with my circulation cut off. There is a gusset and someone told me they had an extra one put in because the boot did not stretch enough. Aquatalia boots are leather lined ( they darned well better be for 650.00USD, though I paid 175.00CDN on sale:) I’ll start with the stretch and see how it goes.

  3. eShakti has been a game-changer for this 5’2″ person who’s sick & tired of having to hem everything. Great quality, great custom fit.

    But I hear you on the dream of perfect wide-calf, high-quality boots.

  4. I had a really bad experience with EShakti — long story short, I ordered a jumpsuit (not customized at all) and it arrived without the armholes cut into the sleeves, so it was unwearable. It took me multiple emails to get a refund and after all was said and done they wouldn’t refund the shipping I had paid despite the product being defective. YMMV but I wouldn’t shop there again based on my experience.

  5. You look great in the EShakti dress, and I’m happy to see you feature them.

    I order made to measure, and it is so nice to be able to have a perfect fit right out of the box. I am very short, and can always count on having to get alterations, so EShakti’s already reasonable price becomes even more of a savings. Friends are still talking about the navy shirtdress I had made years ago. Clothes look more expensive when they fit you!

    I may be the only one, but when I look at retail clothes I’m always wondering what it would look like with different sleeves, colors, etc. EShakti fulfills that urge to be a little creative.

    I have no tie to them, I’m just enthusiastic!

    I always recommend them to friends, thanks for sharing Ali.

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