Wide Calf Snow Boots and Rain Boots

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Needing wide calf boots? This list of snow and rain boots are all styles with at least a 16" shaft circumference

Before you know it, winter and the weather that comes with it will be upon us. Wide calf snow boots and rain boots can be hard to find, and it makes sense to start looking early while there is selection.  You want to protect yourself from snowdrifts and puddles, but it's tough when most styles won't go over your calves.  Many wide calf snow boots and wide calf rain boots claim to be wide but don't go up to even a 16″ circumference.  Below, I share several styles of wide calf winter boots and rain boots and all are a minimum of 16″ wide in shaft circumference.  I hope you find the perfect foul weather wide calf boot for you. 

Where to Shop for Wide Calf Snow Boots and Rain Boots

Wide Calf Winter Boots

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If you have a pair of great wide calf snow boots or wide calf rain boots that aren't mentioned here, do share them in the comments and help a fellow reader!

where to shop for wide calf rain boots
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  1. I investigated the BOGS WIDEs listed here and they told me their shaft was 17 vs. 18 inches which I’m not sure will fit me – especially with a sock in the mix. FYI. Unless someone who owns one above can indicate if there is ANY stretch to them?

  2. Love my women’s Bogs. As a heads up, I tried to buy the steel toe Bogs for work – those only come in men’s sizes and the calf isn’t big enough.

  3. I have wide feet and calves and in rain and snow I wear LL Bean duck boots. Like the Sperry’s–but with a STURDY leather loop on the back to allow you to slip in and out of them (even if you have laced ones). Made for messy weather, they are a staple. I have a seven year old pair that is just starting to show its age–they will be fine for this year, but come the spring I’ll likely send them to Beans to get them resoled for $39.
    Also– a tip, LL Bean sells shearling insoles to really up the warmth factor of your bean boots.
    Made in Maine, will last for decades, highly recommend.

  4. I wear Muck Boots – much wider calf than the standard neoprene women’s bogs and they even have a wide calf chore boot.

  5. The Amanda Bogs are my absolute favorite! They are so cozy and warm. I live in Vermont and wear them from now until April. Highly recommend!

  6. Thanks for this. I have been looking for snow boots and did not like what I was finding. I live in NYC and have to commute to work via public transit so I wanted something that is comfortable and looks more urban (no duck boots, for example). I ordered #6 just now from Zappos.

    By the way, I like how you put the prices next to the item. It helps me filter to find things in my budget.

    1. My pleasure! I play around with the pricing, I find sometimes it inspires more links, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it’s a product like boots where someone needs them and they likely have a budget, I feel the prices are necessary!

  7. You must have read my mind! I’ve been needing a post like this for years. In MN, winter boots are a must (obviously). I’ll be ordering the Sorel boots, though i’m having issues with the link? Looks like Nordstrom’s website might be down. i’ll try again later.

        1. Fully agree! I do love Nordstrom because it’s free shipping, free returns, no time limit for returns and if you do wear them and find something wrong with them or the fit you can still return them. And you still get the Sorel warranty. I’d love to promote shopping Sorel directly and that is where you will get the best selection, but you only have 60 days, shoes need to be returned in new condition, and it costs $6 to send them back via UPS.

  8. This is a great post! As a Montanan, I have tried a few different snow boots, and always thought Sorels couldn’t be beat. That was before I got my first pair of Bogs. The insulated Bogs with hole-style handles on either side for pulling up are a game changer. Warm (no matter what) tough against mud, snow, wet sloppy hikes, everything. Bouncy underfoot. And durable?? I just replaced the pair I had for (no joke) 9 years.
    The updated version I gt this year is improved in a couple of ways. Grippier sole. Cute pattern (I’ve actually gotten compliments on them!) and a wedge-shaped thingy on the back to help kick the boots off. I’m in love and hope they last just as long as the first pair.
    They are not advertised as “wide calf” but I have wide calves and these are stretchy without being sloppy or loose. Highly recommend (in addition to the great choices in your list!!)


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