How to Successfully Wear Bold or Dark Lipstick

Tips for wearing dark or bold lipstick - how to care for lips, kieep lips even, and choose the right product by Wardrobe Oxygen

Do you have a specific process or any tips for applying a bold lip? Any dead skin on my lips takes the stain and creates ugly dark spots, and I can’t seem to apply liner that looks natural, symmetrical, and that follows the line of my lips. I’m wondering if you use a lip conditioner or have a process for the dead skin, and if you use a liner that you would recommend?

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Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2016 [Sponsored]

Wardrobe Oxygen: Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall and Winter 2016There’s a lot of statement-making beauty trends this fall and winter. While some can rock red eyeshadow, extreme cat-eye liner and ruby slipper lips, Wardrobe Oxygen is about real-life style advice. Below I share my favorite makeup trends for Fall/Winter 2016 that are truly wearable for everyday, and look chic on women of all ages. I purchase a good portion of my makeup and beauty products from Nordstrom. With extensive customer reviews that include the reviewer’s age,

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Great Skin Without Breaking the Bank [Sponsored]

This post is sponsored by AmLactin.

Great skin without breaking the bank - a review of AmLactin skincare by Wardrobe OxygenWhen I was younger, I could get away with buying body products based on scent, not skill. I wanted to smell like fruit or flowers; hydration wasn’t a priority and with my young skin, not a necessity.  Not so any more with my over-40 skin.  Not only have I graduated from smelling like fruit to my signature fragrance, I also look for products to care for and properly hydrate my skin. 

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Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks – Interview with Sana Cordeaux

by Jasmin Briggs

travel beauty tips and tricks - an interview with professional makeup artist Sana Cordeaux by Jasmin Briggs for Wardrobe OxygenHi everyone, WO2 Intern Jasmin here! I’m back with another interview for you all. This time I had the opportunity to interview professional make-up artist and Veluxe executive, Sana Cordeaux. Veluxe is an app that provides hair, makeup, fitness and wellness services in the Washington, DC metro area. Beauty and wellness all in one place? What could be better than that? But wait there’s more!

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