9 Beauty Gift Sets Under $50 That Won’t Be Regifted

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9 best beauty gift sets under $50 that won't be regifted by Wardrobe Oxygen

As someone who often gets beauty gifts and has a daughter who also gets a lot of beauty-inspired gifts (no shade, we love it!), I have had my share of great gift sets and not-so-great gift sets. Below I share what I believe to be the 9 best beauty holiday gift sets this year, and they are all under $50. They're good ones to give, and I've added a few that may be good to treat yourself due to the nice price or the unique contents only available this time of year.

Beauty Gift Sets Under $50 That Won't Likely Offend or Be Regifted

Beauty has become incredibly popular in the past decade. Folks can be into it like others are into gardening, painting, or baking. However, others have complex feelings about the beauty and skincare community. With a search engine at the tip of our fingerprints and social media to share what is found, many are now voting with their wallets and choosing brands based on sustainability, ethics, the actions of their founders, what organizations they donate to or support.

This makes beauty gifts easy to find at any price point, but gifts that if not carefully considered, may end up offending or being regifted to their neighbor. I tried to curate a list of reputable brands, practical yet indulgent products, and ingredients that will work with a broad range of skin tones and types. I kept the list under $50 so it fits more individuals on your holiday gift list.

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best beauty gift sets under 50 that wont be regifted

The Best Well-being and Beauty Holiday Gift Sets

I believe these gift sets are most likely to be appreciated and least likely to be thrown away or regifted. I collected a mix of pricepoints as well as types of beauty gift sets for a range of individuals.

This list of what I find to be the best beauty gift sets under $50 is only a smattering of what is available and would be received quite well this holiday season. If you have a tried and true beauty gift set that folks love getting, do share in the comments!

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