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The Best Beauty Gifts from Colleen Rothschild Beauty

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colleen rothschild gift guide

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit you know I am a fan of Colleen Rothschild Beauty. At this link you can read all my Colleen Rothschild Beauty reviews. I have been using the brand of skincare for years and since I started my skin has never been better. Colleen Rothschild Beauty is luxe skincare, each piece a treat, making it a fabulous gift for a loved one (or to treat yourself!). Colleen Rothschild is a real person, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and she is a lovely woman. She has been in the skincare business for over 30 years and started her eponymous brand almost five years ago. Right now, Colleen Rothschild Beauty has 50% off select gifts and everything else 20% off! In partnership with Colleen Rothschild, I’m sharing what I think would be the best gifts from the beauty brand.

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The Best Beauty Gifts from Colleen Rothschild

colleen rothschild discovery kit review

Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection

If you are new to the brand, the best way to try it is with the Discovery Collection. This seven-piece kit has five of the Colleen Rothschild bestsellers in TSA-friendly packages paired with a muslin cleaning cloth and a chic toiletries bag. I have used every single product in this kit and love all of them. I don’t use masks as often as I like but love the Detox Mask as a treat on travel. The rest of the products are in my regular skincare arsenal, some used consistently for years. I love this kit because, besides the tube of Sheer Renewal Cream, each container is refillable. I use these containers for travel, refilling from my full-sized ones at home in my medicine cabinet. Whether your friend is a regular traveler or someone looking to start a new pampering skincare routine, this is a great gift choice!

colleen rothschild High Performance mask trio review

Colleen Rothschild High Performance Mask Trio

When I was younger, I used to do masks on the regular and my skin thanked me. As I have gotten older I have forgotten about them, and often think I don’t have time to do one with my busy schedule. This may sound familiar for yourself or a loved one. A great way to get back into the routine is with this trio of face masks. These face masks only need to be left on for 5-10 minutes, making it a great way to get the spa experience even with a super busy schedule. One for exfoliating, one for brightening, and one for detoxing, these masks can be used individually or applied to specific areas of the skin per the instructions. The masks come with a brush so there’s less mess and you also have less product waste. The trio comes in a beautiful box making it gift ready!

The Colleen Rothschild Beauty honey vanilla body care line displayed on a towel along with a dry brush

Colleen Rothschild Honey Vanilla Body Care

I had the pleasure of reviewing this Colleen Rothschild Body Care line earlier this year and became obsessed with the light fragrance, the richness of each product, and how amazing it left my skin feeling! I use the Honey Vanilla Body Scrub once a week as a treat to leave my skin soft and super hydrated. Now that winter is here I am slathering on the rich but not greasy Honey Vanilla Body Butter under my favorite body oil for double the defense against alligator skin. The Creamy Oil Body Wash is utterly decadent and my daughter is constantly stealing it because she loves how it makes her skin feel (and she’s in love with the smell). This trio would be a treat for most anyone on your list; if you’re looking for a singular gift I think the Body Butter would be a very sweet treat.

colleen rothschild mask 3

Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask

Oooh, this is a good gift, and s product I swear by. I travel often for work, and find airplane air so drying. Especially for long flights, I will slather this mask all over my face before takeoff. It acts as a barrier, but also offers intense hydration. At the end of the flight, I will tissue off anything leftover, but much of it soaks into my skin leaving my face glowing and hydrated. This is also a fantastic sleep mask that I use about once a week in place of night cream. When I wake I just cleanse my face with a toner (this is a great one) and my skin is sooo happy! This mask always sells out because it is THAT good; it would be a wonderful treat for many on your gift list!

Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm Review

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

This is the product that initially got me hooked on Colleen Rothschild Beauty. Click these links to read my initial Colleen Rothschild Skincare review and my unsponsored Colleen Rothschild skincare review. I use this cleanser every night without fail. It cleans my skin of all makeup, sweat, and the day but never leaves me feeling tight, dry, or with any filmy finish. Applying it is a treat; massage it gently onto DRY skin; it will dissolve makeup and impurities. A little goes a long way – one jar lasts me months. Then take the included muslin face cloth, wet it with hot water and place over your face. Let the cloth rest there until it cools then use it to wipe the cleanser off your skin (my favorite part of the process). You’ll see how it takes everything off your face! The Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm comes in three sizes – Jumbo (what I have in my medicine cabinet), Original (what I started with), and an adorable Mini size (great for travelers or those new to the product).

colleen rothschild beauty water 3

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Water

The best gifts are the things that seem like an indulgence but are actually quite useful. That is how I would define Beauty Water. With a delicate spa-like fragrance, this is one of my favorite beauty products. Made with coconut water, hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract it keeps cells plumped with moisture for up to 24 hours, so skin appears smooth and youthful. In the morning upon waking, mist the face to wake it up and use like a toner to wipe away any residual creams worn overnight. Spray on the face before using a separate hyaluronic acid to keep the face hydrated all day. Spritz over the face to set makeup. Keep next to your desk for mid-day spritzes to both hydrate and to refresh makeup. Pop one in the fridge during the summer for a quick pick-me-up on sweltering hot days. Use after cleansing to ensure your face is completely clean. All this in a super elegant bottle that looks beautiful on a dressing table or on her office desk.

colleen rothschild breast friend self exam butter

Colleen Rothschild “Breast” Friend Self-Exam Butter

About five years ago Colleen had a breast cancer scare and ended up getting a lumpectomy. What she learned from this experience is how important it is to do regular breast self-exams. This rich moisturizer helps with the slip, slide, and glide to have a more effective breast self-exam. It has a delicate fresh and feminine scent, making the monthly experience less of a hassle and more of a pampering treat. Colleen Rothschild also donates jars of “Breast” Friend to local women’s shelters. This is a lovely gift to a friend to show you care about her and her health.

colleen rothschild gift card

Colleen Rothschild Beauty eGift Card

Unsure what to get someone? Give the gift of choice with a Colleen Rothschild eGift Card! These eGift Cards start at $25 and come in $25 increments. They are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem at checkout. This is an especially good last-minute gift or one to send to a colleague or loved one that lives far away. Everyone enjoys a gift of good skin and pampering!

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Thank you, Colleen Rothschild, for partnering on this post. I truly love your skincare, it has transformed my skin and how I care for it. Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Allison,
    I have followed your blog for years, and I’ve read your posts about Colleen Rothschild for the past year+. I’ve resisted making the purchase because I’ve got a cabinet full of skin-care, cleansers, AHA products, BHA products, serums, lotions and potions, clay masks, cream masks and sheet masks. BUT I finally broke down and ordered the Discovery Collection and the Jumbo cleanser balm during last week’s BOGO sale. I’ve got mixed feelings about the face scrub with its microbeads, but I absolutely LOVE the cleansing balm, the Sheer Renewal Cream, and the Extreme Recovery Cream. Truly, my skin has never felt so soft, hydrated and healthy. And I already had pretty good skin to start with. I am curious to know if you are still using other products or just CR at this point. I have been primarily been using Paula’s Choice for my serums and exfoliants. And also, are you using the same muslin cloth every night or do you have an stockpile of those and use a different one every night?

    1. I’m so glad you like it!

      I cleanse at night with the cleansing balm. I have a stack of washcloths and their muslin cloths and use a different one each night and have a pail I drop the used ones in and add to my towel laundry. I switch up my treatments, it’s sometimes Kiehl’s Vitamin C, it’s sometimes The Ordinary Lactic Acid, sometimes it’s CR retinol (the oil or the treatment). Then I sometimes add an oil over it (Kiehl’s or CR) and then the extreme recovery cream over it.

      In the morning I wipe with Pixi Glow Tonic and add vitamin C before the gym. Then I rinse in the shower and add in the winter, Extreme Recovery Cream and in the summer, Sheer Renewal Cream. I use the microcrystal scrub in the shower maybe once a week and sometimes use their green tea or microcrystal toner. Hope this helps!

  2. OK, Allie, I so appreciate your transparency about the influencer business, so I have to ask a question I’ve been wondering since I started reading women’s mags as a teen. WHO gives skin care or makeup as a gift? Those seem like gifts for a young teen who’s not yet old enough to buy it herself. Unless the giftee is literally your sister and you know the exact brand and product she prefers (in which case . . . it’s kinda like buying her groceries for the holidays), giving beauty or skincare just seems like a microagression to me, like “Honey, your skin looks rough, and would it kill you to invest in a nice palette?” Just my take, I am curious about what others think!

    1. I can’t speak for Alison, but I give my mother shower gel, body lotion & bubble bath for gift giving events. It’s a really nice brand, their fragrances are lovely, she wouldn’t buy it for herself but she loves it, especially the bubble bath. And she’s at the age were she doesn’t need “more stuff” so the fact that it gets used up is a plus.

      But then, my gifts might not seem that good to most people. I give my dad stuff like sliced country ham, really good sardines, oysters from the east coast, salmon from Alaska. Like I said, they don’t need more stuff, they won’t buy it themselves, & he really enjoys it.

    2. That’s why I chose the things I did, they aren’t about rough skin but about pampering. I would never gift retinol or SPF or something like that unless it was a friend who requested it. However, I do give body and skincare gifts often! When someone is using what I know to be an abrasive product with meh ingredients, it’s a luxury gift to get a fancy cleansing balm or rich hydrating body lotion. I worked in skincare, body care, and cosmetics in a past life and people still mention how they miss the gifts I used to be able to get them with my employee discount!

    3. I just wanted to say that I LOVE receiving skin care and makeup stuff as gifts. I don’t buy the “fun stuff” for myself so I love receiving fancy face masks, fun lip kits, or nice body washes/lotions. To me, it’s about trying new things and pampering myself. I never take it as an insult. That’s just me though. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for introducing me to this product line! I am hooked on the Vitamin C and Retinol Oil. I ran out of the Vitamin C a few days ago and am low on Retinol Oil. But, I held out ordering hoping you’d have a link soon so I can continue to get you credit for my purchases! Just in time. Whew!

    I will also order the Hydrating Mask as a gift for my sister.


  4. That honey vanilla body butter is heavenly. It’s definitely something I’ll replace when I use it all up. Except I’m hoarding it because I love it so much.

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