You Deserve Some New Slippers: The Best Slippers for Women Rated by the Wardrobe Oxygen Community

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the best slippers for women

You deserve some new slippers, or you love someone who does. I was searching for new slippers myself and found so many great slippers for women, I had to make a post sharing what I found. The most stylish, more supportive, more comfortable, most cute, and most appropriate for your lifestyle slippers on the ‘net with a range of prices, sizes, and widths:

My Picks of the Best Slippers for Women

The Best Sustainable Slippers and Slippers that Give Back

Why not have the best of both worlds – coziness and a conscience? These are quality slippers that are from brands that have sustainable practices or the purchase benefits a wonderful organization.

the best sustainable slippers for women in a collage of eight styles
some of the best sustainable slippers I found for women
  1. Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Room Shoes are inspired Japanese Uwabaki house slippers and are available in two colors. COTS certified, these slippers are 100% organic cotton grown and woven in the Aegean region of Turkey. $58.00
  2. World Wildlife Fund Elephant Slippers are produced using eco-friendly practices and the cost will be used in general support of WWF’s conservation efforts around the world. $60.00
  3. Everlane ReNew Slippers are 94.2% free of virgin plastic (only the trim is not recycled material) and available in two colors. $50.00 (though at the time of writing this they were on sale 50% off)
  4. Kyrgies Wool Slides come in three colors and in mens and womens sizes. Kyrgies wool is sourced from small, family-owned flocks, while their factory in Kyrgyzstan pays fair wages to all its staff. Kyrgies are chemical free and use vegetable tanned leather soles rather than the highly toxic chromium normally employed in the tanning process. Use code KYRGIES10 and get $10 off your order including at least $30 in Kyrgies products. $59.00
  5. Soludos Cosmic Dream Cozy Slipper is a suede scuff style that is just one of the many fun styles this sustainable brand carries. 75% of Soludos leather and suede is chrome-free and/or certified silver or gold-rated by the Leather Working Group (LWG). The LWG is a non-profit membership organization responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program. $75.00
  6. TOMS India Slippers have a heatered knit upper, faux fur lining, synthetic or canvas wrapped mudguard (depends on which of the four colors you choose), and recycled rubber sole. TOMS commits 1/3 of its profits to support people working to build equity at the grassroots level. $59.95
  7. Mahabis Curve Slippers come in 12 different colors in mens and womens sizes. Crafted from fully sustainable and recycled felt with a 100% organic Italian wool lining and machine washable, Mahabis plants a tree for each pair sold. $130.00
  8. Allbirds Wool Loungers are available in four classic and five limited edition colors and are machine washable. These slippers are carbon neutral thanks to sustainable practices, like using natural materials and buying offsets. But before we balance the emissions, the slipper's footprint starts at 8.3 kg CO2e. $98.00

The Best Stylish Slippers for Women

Why not be cozy AND chic? These slippers are stylish while providing warmth all season long!

the most stylish slippers for women
stylish slippers for women in a range of styles
  1. Olivia Morris at Home “Petula” Slippers – $335.00
  2. Kate Spade “Hoo Hoo” Slippers – $98.00
  3. Tory Burch Double T Shearling Slides – $166.60
  4. Larroude “The Pierre” Mules (multiple colors available) – $129.50
  5. Birdies “The Pheobe” Slippers (multiple colors available) – $65.00
  6. Joules “Honey” Faux Fur Slippers (multiple colors available) – $39.95
  7. Olivia Morris at Home “Daphne” Slippers – $335.00
  8. UGG x TELFAR Slip-ons – $150.00

The Best Slippers with Arch Support

Whether you are one who desires footwear for plantar fasciitits or desire arch support for flat feet, these are the slippers that are best for the job. If you work from home, you may find these slippers to be more comfortable than your stockinged feet, even after winter.

best slippers with arch support
just a few of the great slippers I found that offer arch support
  1. Birkenstock “Buckley” Shearling-Lined Clogs – All the support you love from Birkenstock sandals, but with a closed toe and cozy shearling lining. Three colors to choose from. $170.00
  2. Spenco “Supreme” Slide – With a lightweight compression molded EVA footbed, zero-drop heel lift for maximum comfort, and Spenco's proven TOTAL SUPPORT™ contour, you will stay cozy and supported. Four colors to choose from. $79.99
  3. Birkenstock “Zermatt” Slippers – With a wool felt upper and anatomically shaped cork/latex footbed lined with shearling, these slippers are comfy and cozy. A good option for those with medium to narrow feet. Five colors to choose from. $99.95
  4. Flexus by Spring Step “Poodle” Slippers – Poodle and bow cutouts connected by a sequin leash add unmistakable 1950s style to these mismatched but coordinating slippers complete with scalloped trim and a cushioned yet molded footbed. Two colors to choose from. $69.95
  5. Vionic “Cosmina” Slipper – The trendy faux fur slipper trend with all the support you desire. These have an indoor/outdoor sole, Vionic's exclusive orthotic footbed, and a flexible EVA midsole absorbs shock, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees. Four colors to choose from. $99.95
  6. Vionic “Lynez” Slipper – Featuring the same tried and tested Vionic technology as the brand's iconic sandals, these loafer-style cozy slippers have an indoor/outdoor sole and style that could easily leave the house. Six colors to choose from. $79.95
  7. Vionic “Josephine” Slippers – Biomechanically designed to hug your arches, Vionic Technology helps support natural alignment from the ground up. All that plus the equivalent of sleeping bags for your feet! Three colors to choose from. $89.95
  8. Vionic “Relax” Slippers – I know, a lot of Vionic but I really find this brand very comfortable and supportive while stylish and good quality. This is a great style for those who live in warmer climates or desire a multi-season slipper. 12 colors and prints to choose from. $69.95

The Best Slippers for Women Recommended by the Wardrobe Oxygen Community

You recommend, and I listen! Crowdsourcing comments, emails, Instagram DMs and conversations in the Wardrobe Community on Facebook, these are the slippers you (and I) own, love, and recommend:

best slippers for women wardrobe oxygen
the best slippers according to the Wardrobe Oxygen community
  1. L.L.Bean “Daybreak” Scuffs – A cult favorite for a reason, this wool clog features a high-pile fleece sock liner for warmth and comfort and an anti-slip rubber sole. I picked the goat version for the collage because I love goats, but L.L.Bean offers 11 different colors and prints. $64.00
  2. L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins – With over 4 million pairs sold over the last 5 years, it's no surprise these are called the best slippers ever. Offering regular and wide widths and seven colors, these slippers have great traction, cushioning, support, and superior construction using premium sheepskin. $79.00
  3. UGG “Scuffette II” Slippers – A classic. This comfy, water-resistant suede slipper is trimmed and lined with genuine shearling; readers share these are worth the money as they last season after season. Seven colors and prints to choose from. $89.95
  4. Glerups Wool Slip-Ons – It was a tie between this style and the shoe style of Glerups for rave reviews from the Wardrobe Oxygen Community. Members share these truly mold to your feet after a few wears, hold up great, and offer moderate arch support. 13 different colors to choose from and men's sizes also available. $135.00
  5. ULTRAIDEAS Sweater Knit Slipper – One of those unexpected budget-friendly yet high quality items on Amazon, these slippers are the cheapest in the bunch but get rave reviews for extreme cushioning and technology that keeps your feet from sweating while remaining cozy warm. Four colors available. $9.99 – $12.90 depending on color/size.
  6. LAMO “Lucille” Slippers – I have bought LAMOs before and found the quality excellent especially for the price. I haven't tried this specific style by the brand but after your reviews and checking out this chic style, I may have to! Two colors available. $99.99
  7. TAOS “Convertawool” Slippers – The footbed features arch and metatarsal support, but it also removable to accomodate orthotics. The back can fold down to turn into a slip-on. Plus, the wool is ethically and sustainably sourced.
  8. Haflinger “Sassy” Slippers – This is just one style of slippers from Haflinger, which tied with the L.L.Bean mocs for most favorite slipper of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community. Haflinger has been making boiled wool slippers in Germany for over 50 years and these are loved for comfort, durability, and a great range of prints and colors. $88.95

Do you have a favorite pair of slippers not included in this roundup? Please share in the comments below! Who knows, it may be in next year's roundup of the best slippers for women!

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  1. I got a great deal on Glerups at REI and I am in *heaven* and can’t believe I used to spend all day in dopey cheap slippers (I work at home, these are my office shoes!)

  2. Bean Wicked Good are worth the hype. I got a pair last Xmas, have worn them daily for the entire year and they look brand new.

  3. I personally wear Puma shower slides as slippers. They are comfy and supportive and I like that they can be rinsed off if need be. I also can wear them all year long, with no socks in summer and with socks in winter. I don’t understand how people can wear fuzzy slippers with no socks and then never wash them. It is like wearing the same pair of socks all winter without washing those. Then when people wear their slippers outside – forget it. You may as well just wear your running shoes around the house.

  4. I have a pair from Giesswein – rubber soled but slip on/mule style. Washable, breathable. The sole is great, having held up against a last minute dash to get the recycling curbside and to catch the escaping cat. They aren’t cheap but I’ve had mine two years and they look new.

  5. Fun post, thank you! I’m a fan of soft-sole slippers, so I like the Glerups (with suede sole), Haflinger (with the boiled wool sole with little nonslip dots), and an old pair of Acorn wool slipper socks — you know, the kind astronauts used to wear. 😉

    1. Adding another suggestion — Snoozies. These are my son’s favorite slippers. They’re slipper socks, fully machine washable, cost about $15, and last for at least a year. We don’t wear shoes in our house, so these slipper socks provide the perfect combo of warmth, comfort, and coziness. For anyone looking for a slipper sock, these are a great option.

  6. I love my fitflop slippers – great arch support and and a good sole so I can pop out to the mailbox. They last forever and i am not easy on them. I wear them nonstop year-round when inside the house.

    1. Mahabis sizing is incorrect, at least on the Curve style. The toebox has a sharp taper that puts a lot of pressure on your big toes and they will NOT stretch, sadly. I wear a 9.5 shoe/boot, the few times I bought a 10 because 9.5 wasn’t made I felt like I had clown shoes on. So I ordered size 41 in Mahabis which says women’s 9.5 to 10 and figured I would wear warm socks if needed. Sadly, even without socks they are uncomfortable in the toes. Also sadly, they are not returnable because I wore them (they only accept slippers back in like new condition to resell). The wool upper creases after 5 min of walking around the house, and since I tried them with successively thinner socks trying to make them work … they are not in brand new condition. You know how it is when you WANT a lair of shoes to work so you wear them with different socks to see if maybe something a little thinner or a little more slippery in texture will work. They son’t look worn out but they do look worn, the fluffy pile has compressed and there is that crease across the toes.

      They are plenty wide, I would say they probably fit wide feet well. Colors are pretty, too. But the sizing issue (and very challenging return criteria …you pay for return shipping to the UK) are a big deal … I sorta expected better from a $130 pair of slippers. Amazon does carry these so if your size and style are available via Prime that is probably a better option in case they do not fit. And don’t try so hard to love them like I did, lol.

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