My Night Skincare Routine

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Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen RothschildI’ve been traveling a lot lately, and it wreaks havoc on my skin. That plus trying different products and making do with travel-sized products and my skin has looked dry, dull, and I’ve had a few breakouts. Coming home and getting back into the routine of everyday life and everyday skincare has been really good for my face. It makes me realize how happy my skin is when I use my favorite skincare products, and I’ve realized without even trying, the majority of my favorite skincare products are from Colleen Rothschild. I'm a fan of the line, and got a bit fangirl when I met Colleen Rothschild this past spring (yes her skin is that fabulous in person!). I've dabbled in so many different brands, but find when I use this line my skin is happiest.  Below is my regular nighttime skincare routine:

Double Cleansing at Bedtime

Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen RothschildI believe in double cleansing. I was a doubter, but tried it over a year ago and haven’t looked back. Sure it takes longer, but using two different gentle cleansers seems to clean more deeply without being harsh. I first start with a micellar water on a reusable cotton round or cloth. I hold over the eyes to loosen mascara and liquid liner, gently wipe until the cloth no longer picks up makeup. I then wave my hand over my face to get it completely dry.

Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen Rothschild Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen RothschildThen I use Colleen Rothschild’s Radiant Cleansing Balm. I am obsessed with this stuff; this is my fourth jar of the product. I apply it to dry skin all over my face and neck. I apply in a circular motion, being extra gentle around the eyes. Then I run a washcloth or one of Colleen Rothschild’s muslin cloths under hot water, gently wring out and put it over my face. I let it just sit there, maybe pressing it a bit against the skin. I breathe in, and hold it on my face until it starts to cool. Then I gently wipe off the cleansing balm, and with it a surprising amount of makeup leftover from the micellar water. Seriously, double cleansing is pretty amazing, I recommend you try it!

R+F Lash Boost ReviewWhen my skin is clean, I apply my lash growing serum. You can read about it here. It really works; I’m on my second tube and found it’s best to replace the tube every other month, it will lose its effectiveness over time.

Layering Moisture

After my face is good and clean, I then apply a few layers of products. Karl was shocked by how much I put on my face, but when I see the results in the morning it’s so worth it. Doing this combination really gets my skin hydrated, looking fresh and glowy, and prevents the breakouts around the mouth that I get when I’m stressed or it’s that time of the month.

Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen Rothschild Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen RothschildFirst, I do a treatment. I use Colleen Rothschild’s Age Renewal Super Serum. It’s super gentle (my skin is prone to redness and cracking around my nose and lips with a lot of age-fighting treatments) but I see an improvement in my skin’s texture when I use it regularly, and think it makes my skin look more dewy. I use 2-3 pumps and gently rub into my face, neck, décolleté, around my ears and back around my neck.

Wardrobe Oxygen's evening skincare routine featuring Colleen RothschildI then apply eye cream. Having allergies all my life, I’ve rubbed my eyes way too much and as I get older I see it. I’ve tried eye many creams that have anti-aging properties and end up with redness or else dry skin. I started using Colleen Rothschild’s Complete Eye Cream and haven’t had any negative reactions. It’s super emollient and absorbs nicely so I can truly tap it gently on the skin with my ring finger; no need to rub.

The Ordinary rose hip oilSince I’ve turned 40, my skin has gotten very dry. I’ve found the best way to fight this without greasiness or breakouts is serums and sprays between my treatment and final moisturizer. Right now I’m using rosehip oil, but I’ve done sweet almond oil, and am thinking when I’m finished with this current oil I’m going to try Colleen Rothschild’s Face Oil N°9. Again I gently massage this in a circular motion, also getting all of my neck, even in back.

colleen rothschild beauty waterLately I’ve added Beauty Water to my routine. I don’t know if it makes a big impact, but it feels fantastic, smells good, and I’m willing to take any non-greasy hydration I can get these days. I also use this to set my makeup and often spray it in the morning to refresh.

colleen rothschild extreme recovery cream reviewThen I do my night cream. This year I had the opportunity to try a couple brands with highly-rated night creams that cost a pretty penny. And both left clogged pores and some breakouts. I asked Colleen Rothschild for their Extreme Recovery Cream and it did help my skin recover. It’s thick, but not super greasy and leaves my skin each morning looking super happy and healthy.

Once at my bed, I apply sweet almond oil all over my shoulders, arms, and décolleté. I then apply hand cream and lip balm.  Some may find this routine too complex, but your face is something you wear every day, what people see first, and is so affected by the environment, stress, makeup, sun, pollution, age, and more. I can’t think of better investment in my time than caring for my skin.

Behind the Scenes:

blooper reelThere’s three people in this house, two and a half bathrooms. For bathing, our bathroom is best for baths – it has a big tub (big enough for Karl) with jets and wide sides to store all sorts of salts, bubbles, and soaks. The hallway bathroom has the best shower head and has a caddy holding all sorts of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. Karl and Emerson both get ready for bed in the hallway bathroom; the bathroom in our en suite is my domain in the evening. I close the door, and come out 15 minutes or so later, all lotioned and potioned. For this shoot, Karl got to experience all I do when I close the door; he thought I was just sitting on the toilet scrolling through Instagram! Anyway, doing your evening routine with your husband standing in the tub to capture it all can cause a lot of laughs!

Product was gifted by Colleen Rothschild; I've had a relationship with this brand and been using their products for over a year and I made the decision to write this post.  Bathrobe was a Goodwill score and appears to be homemade.  The towel looks cool and I got it on clearance at Nordstrom last year but it doesn't absorb and is mainly for decoration; the real hand towel is behind the door of the medicine cabinet. 🙂

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  1. Wow, you get mouth breakouts too and dry, patchy, red skin around the nose too? I chalked it up to dermatitis (overproduction of skin) and that’s why I exfoliate twice a day. It’s good to know I’m not the only one suffering through this! (still searching for a mouth and chin acne remedy)

  2. I don’t wear makeup, but I do have allergies. I am definitely going to look into the eye cream and face cleansing products.

  3. Somehow we got bumped from the email subscribe list! We are back and have to say your routine works as you always look stress free even tho we know your schedule is anything but that. The 15 minutes you “you” time is priceless!-Laurel

  4. THIS, girl, is why we love you: “The towel looks cool … but it doesn’t absorb and is mainly for decoration; the real hand towel is behind the door of the medicine cabinet.”
    Keeping it real, as usual!

  5. Hahahaha! Usually when the husband sees “behind closed doors” it ruins the mystery. This time it sounds like it was backwards. “oh, you’re moisturizing, I thought you were on the toilet scrolling through instagram.” Hilarious.

    I so wish I could go back in time and never go out in the sun. As much as I love how a tan looks I know I’ve done some damage. I’m happy with my routine right now and have good genes but I love to have this information to keep in my back pocket when I feel like switching up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I recently started doing a combination of American and Asian (Korean and Japanese) products and my skin looks better now at 41 than it did at 35. I learned a lot over at SkincareAddiction on reddit. Turned out my oily breakout prone skin was actually dehydrated.

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