The Dagne Dover Landon Carryall – A Review

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dagne dover landon carryall review by wardrobe oxygenSince I featured the Dagne Dover Landon Carryall on Instagram and my most recent travel post, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the bag. How much can it REALLY hold? Can it fit under an airplane seat? How big is it compared to a human body?

dagne dover landon carryall in quartz - review by wardrobe oxygenThis is the Landon Carryall in size Large in the color Quartz. I am 5’3” and a size 14/XL. Per the Dagne Dover website, the Large Landon Carryall is 11” tall, 16.5” long, and 9” wide. The two handles fit over my arm (I am wearing this Gap sweatshirt for reference). There is a little strap with snap to connect the two handles.

dagne dover landon carryall reviewThe longer strap is adjustable and removable, I find it more comfortable for being a shoulder strap. It also can make it a crossbody, but I don’t feel it’s comfortable as a crossbody when this full.

Inside the bag there is a laptop sleeve; this doesn’t have to be just used for a laptop. I used it to store my underpinnings on a trip, it’s also good to hold things like books and magazines. It comes with what they call a shoe bag… I used it for dirty laundry on my trip and it could work like a packing cube to separate, organize, and compress items. The side pockets are mesh with a Velcro tab to keep it from bowing open. I used them to hold shoes but they’re also great for holding tall bottles of beauty products or to corral socks and such. There’s another zipper interior pocket like most bags have, and on the outside is a small pocket that is surprisingly deep that’s good for your phone or keys. Finally, there’s a bungee cord with a mesh zipper pouch that’s great to hold small items that could get lost, or things you may need to access quickly.

dagne dover landon carryall reviewTo make more room in the bag, you can unsnap the zipper. Unsnapping the zipper also widens the opening to make it easier to pack and access. The bag can squish down easily; if not filled to the rim I think it could smush under a plane seat. The zipper has two pulls and is pretty heavy-duty.

how much can you fit in a landon carryall from dagne doverIn the bag for these photos is:

  • Pair of sneakers
  • Leggings and workout top
  • One pair of socks, one bra, two pairs of underwear
  • Heavyweight long-sleeved tunic tee
  • Cotton cable-knit crewneck sweater
  • Lightweight merino tunic-length cardigan
  • Traditional heavyweight denim jeans
  • Cotton long-sleeve boxer pajamas
  • Ponte knit shift dress with bracelet sleeves

I figured this was a good gauge of items one would take for a weekend in the fall or winter.  When I traveled I kept both sneakers on one side of the bag, but it made the bag uneven in shape; I decided to put one on each side for these photos.

how much can you fit in a landon carryall from dagne doverIf you have any other questions about the Landon Carryall, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. While I did receive this bag free from Dagne Dover, I wasn’t asked to write this post and will be completely honest with my feedback and answers.

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  1. Have you been able to travel with this bag over the last year. Do you know if the large for sure fits under a plane seat? I wish they still had this color!! 😀

    1. I haven’t taken this bag on a flight. This size if full will be too big to fit under a plane seat, but if it’s 3/4 full and can squish without damaging the contents I think it would work. I have no idea why they discontinued this color it’s so pretty and based on comments I’ve received here and emails so many people love it! Never know what colors they will come out with next season!

  2. Do you know anything about the medium sized bag? I am looking to purchase either the Medium or the Large, but cannot decide which one. I am planning on using it mostly for the gym, and maybe for long weekend get-aways. To the gym I typically will bring my work outfit, hair dryer, shoes, towel, small make up bag, hair dryer, and shampoo. What are your thoughts?

    1. I think for the gym the medium would work but if you also want as a weekender I recommend the large. What’s great is because the bag is soft, if it’s not completely full it will get slouchy and not be as bulky but still look cool.

  3. I was so excited to get my Landon Carryall. Initially, I got the medium but ended up returning it and getting the small. It was the perfect size when it finally came and I loved it. The very first time I took it out, it happened to be pouring rain. Of course, I left my umbrella in my car. I had to take my Lab to the vet and he hates getting in the car so we both got pretty wet. The bag got wet as well, not drenched but the front got relatively wet. Unfortunately, when it dried, the outer fabric was all rippled, like it needed to be ironed or something. I hoped that it would smooth out on its own but no dice. I think it has something to do with the lining getting wet but I can’t be sure. Anyway, I returned it because it was basically ruined. Not sure if anyone else has any experiences with this bag getting wet, maybe I had a dud. But I couldn’t keep a bag that can’t go out in a little rain. I was totally bummed, it was a really cute bag and was otherwise perfect.

      1. No worries, but there aren’t a lot of reviews out there about the bag. I wanted my experience out there because the bag is definitely not waterproof and further is damaged by water.

    1. I think this is a fault of neoprene and not necessarily Dagne Dover (I don’t own any of their products though so I can’t speak to that). I’ve had the same neoprene lunchbox for ~10 years and the fabric on the outside has sort of separated from the squishy part, creating a rippling that I imagine is similar to what happened to you. It also has permanent marks from where it folds down.

      What’s unfortunate is how fast it happened to you! I wash my lunchbox in the washing machine fairly regularly and it took years for that to happen. So it very well may be a manufacturing issue on the company’s part.

  4. Hi, I’m looking everywhere for this bag. Do you know of any third party retailers who carry it?

    1. I don’t know. However it’s not lined, it’s of neoprene/wetsuit material with heavy duty zippers so it may be able to accommodate the gentle cycle on cold. I cannot confirm or guarantee though. I have spot cleaned mine with some soap and water and it’s handled it great.

    1. Maybe one of the smaller ones? I just don’t know if it’s that easy to work with your hands full, and doesn’t have the right kind of pockets to hold things like bottles. I know diaper bags can seem so unattractive, but some of them are worth it for the smart design. I had a fancy designer diaper bag and we got a Diaper Dude as a shower gift… the designer bag was used once and that Diaper Dude was used exclusively until we no longer needed a diaper bag. It was easy to access anything with a crying kid in my hands, worked on petite me and tall husband, was all black so it didn’t look like a diaper bag, and the pockets were so smart. I adore my Dagne Dover bag and while I think the fabric would be great for a diaper bag I don’t know if the design is perfect for it.

  5. It looks like a great bag. How heavy is when fully packed? As in, how would it feel to schlep around the airport while waiting for a flight, and would it be onerous to lift it over one’s head to put in an overhead bin if you don’t have fabulous upper body strength? 😉

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