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dream closet additionsThis is the time of year where I dream of new closet additions. I spend a lot of time perusing online stores pretending to do research for future blog posts but am really looking for that necessary something to complete my wardrobe. Over the years I have gotten better with this, I ask if I need it, I ask if I’m buying it to emulate another or better define my own style, if it works with my real life (I don’t go to as many parties and blog events as I imagine), and then I ask if it will work with at least three different looks in my wardrobe. Well these are the things that through all that I still dream of adding to my closet:

Black Leather Biker Jacket

All through college I had this buttery soft lambskin jacket with silver hardware that I wore daily. I paired it with babydoll dresses and Doc Martens, with flannel shirts and skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles, with oversized tee shirts and severely distressed cuffed denim shorts, and every other ‘90s trend. Come college I still wore the jacket from time to time and while I still own it and it still fits, the cut is so utterly retro it’s not charming, it’s a costume.

Thing is, I am round and I am soft and I look like a linebacker in a stiff leather jacket. However, the softer leather jackets I’ve found seem to have skinny arms, too long of arms, too many details, or too few. I don’t mind a too-long sleeve if it doesn’t have zippers; sans zippers I can get it tailored. But most jackets that fit in the shoulders and upper arms are 5” too long in the sleeve. I want the effect of a classic biker jacket – no fabric insets, no gold hardware, no belt, no shearling, no drapey parts, no funky finishes, and I want it solid black. I want it to be a staple just like my denim jacket or my biker jacket from the ‘90s.

Black Heeled Knee-High Boots

Technically I own these. I had a cobbler taper the shaft so they didn’t stick out on the sides and make me look like a pirate. They fit like a glove, I love them but they’ve seen better days. One zipper lost its pull and I can’t unzip it; I pull the boot on and that works, but it ends up being a bit slouchy at the ankle. The leather-covered heels have been repaired by my cobbler so many times but they still look dreadful and this past week I was wearing them and no clue how but I tore a whole strip of the leather and ended up holding it in place by wrapping Scotch tape around the heel. Not chic.

I’d like them the same soft leather, a slightly pointed toe, but a slimmer heel that is slightly higher. Something a bit more fashion-forward without being stilettos or too trendy. Has to be mega wide calf, and I am okay with having my cobbler tailor them to properly fit my lef.

Solid Black Sweater that Isn’t Boring

Cheat, I started writing this and then this sweater from Trouvé arrived in the mail. I haven’t laundered it yet, but it’s just what I was looking for – soft but thick enough to be warm and not show my bra or belly button, loose but not boxy, a standard neckline that isn’t too high but doesn’t show my bra/is appropriate for work, and some interesting detail that keeps it from being boring without being too ridiculous.

Thick Cashmere Off the Shoulder Sweater Dress

A few years ago, I bought a black dress from Tart Collections. It’s heavier than a tee shirt but not as heavy as a sweatshirt, and super stretchy. It falls off one shoulder, has long sleeves, a gathered waistband that can be adjusted from waist to hips, and a maxi skirt that isn’t tight. I wore it in this post, but it doesn’t really show its awesomeness. I wore it to a New Year’s Eve party last year, wore it to a party the night I broke my arm (and still love it), wore it to a couple blogging events over the years. I can be a 12 or a 16 and it fits and flatters, it keeps me warm, and the off the shoulder style is sexy without having to show the rest of my figure.

I’d love a similar concept except out of a soft luxe fabric, and something that ends above the knee. I’d pair with very opaque tights and booties or the dream knee-high boots. It would skim curves without clinging, be completely opaque and substantial. I’m of course drawn to black, but if it existed in a deep rich color like teal, berry, or indigo I would be swayed away from black.

Sterling Silver Bamboo Name Earrings

This summer I bought a pair of what I thought were silver bamboo name earrings. They were not. They ended up tarnishing, and they broke. And the Etsy store went out of business before I could rant about them.

I want a new pair, and I want them Sterling Silver, not plated or filled or colored. I don’t want the diamond-cut names, I don’t want any frills, just a round bamboo hoop of a substantial size (3” would be good) with my name (I prefer Allie to Alison in the earring).

Dark Denim Coveralls

Eons ago (okay it was 2007) I saw this post on The Sartorialist and ever since I have been on a mission to find something similar. I have ordered plenty of jumpsuits and coveralls over the years, tried on so many in shops and all fail. When I dressed as Rosie the Riveter one year for Halloween I realized the reason… I need coveralls designed for a man.

I regularly scout out eBay and when I have visited thrift stores have checked out their selection but no luck. I don’t want railroad stripes or a houndstooth texture. I don’t want them of chambray or navy canvas. I don’t want them light, and I want them to look like they’re made of denim, not a dark saturated wash that replicates navy canvas. I don’t care if they’re too long, that’s easy to fix; I'd prefer that it has sleeves (which I will cuff or hem to a desired length) but I rarely find any that look cool and aren’t either $300 or too big in the waist.

Pewter or Silver Ankle Booties with a Heel

Another cheat, as I just bought these BCBG Max Azria booties and they are so freaking badass! And of course I get them right when the weather has gone south and I won’t dare leave my house in such high heels. I’d wear them with black skinny jeans and my non-boring black sweater, I’d wear them with the cashmere dress, I’d wear them with distressed girlfriend jeans, I’d have them peeking out of maxi dresses. I have fun pumps and heels for going out, but had nothing fun that will keep my ankles from freezing. Now I do!

A New Bag

I know, mega vague, right? I have my Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. and it’s so perfect nothing else compares. So really I don’t NEED this, but I've had it for three years and am itching for a change. I just am not really feeling the current trends of bags this size. I have big bags, I have clutches, I want a daily purse that can fit my wallet, my paper planner, my sunglasses case, a small makeup bag and a pair of gloves without being ginormous. I’d prefer it to look good as a shoulder bag as well as a crossbody.

Silver Metallic V-neck Tee

I had this one, and Karl put it in the dryer by accident. I wet it, stretched it and it worked though it lost it’s amazing drape and perfect length. And then it went in the dryer again and it’s a crop top. Le sigh. I’ve tried other brands and they’re just not as sparkly, as perfectly drapey and flattering. Maybe this spring Anthropologie will restock it.

Black Matte Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress

I have a very specific dress in my head. It has the wide band trim at the neckline and the same width belt. It’s a true wrap dress, but the skirt is sorta full so there’s plenty of coverage in front. The sleeves are slightly blouson with button closure at the cuffs (and the buttons are either fabric covered or black faceted/jet). And it has pockets. I’m okay with having it hemmed to the right length, but I want it to fit in the body so I don’t have to safety pin it closed or have the waist in the wrong place.

Seriously, if this dress exists and fits me correctly, I’d buy it in every color (and would love those colors to be emerald green, blood orange, maybe a bright navy or indigo and maybe a green or blue snakeskin or stained glass or peacock print). It could also be silk jersey, as long as it’s a nice weight and not clingy/showing every lump and bump. Eh, now that I’m thinking about it, let’s keep it matte jersey so I can machine wash it on the gentle cycle.

Do you have a dream closet list? I’d love to hear what you wish you could own in your closet if size availability and cost were not an issue!  And if you know where I can find my dream closet additions I'd love to know!

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  1. For the silver metallic tee… well it’s not v-neck like the one you want, but Loft just listed this silver boat neck tee http://tinyurl.com/zfyqmzh. I’m excited because it comes in petite sizes. It’s often very difficult to find stuff to fit me (mostly size 12 petite, top and bottom). I carry my middle aged weight thru the mid section and disguising the roll is not easy. So the Loft tee (I know Loft is not your cup of tee, pun intended) could work for me, but might be too clingy. We shall see.

  2. Put me down for really COMFORTABLE metallic evening shoes, preferably strappy. Something I could wear all evening. And actually walk in. I remember limping back to the car carrying my shoes after an evening out. Not a good time.

  3. Have you ever considered contacting a Nordstrom personal shopper? You can even do the process via email, I believe. It might make an interesting blog post, and you could send them your list and see if they can come up with anything that checks these boxes. Oh, and if/when you find a metallic tee, post immediately because that’s now been added to my shopping list!

    1. That would be interesting. I’ve found that I know Nordstrom better than their employees and peruse their stores and online on a regular basis, but I’d love to see what they think is a worthy equivalent! And I surely will share the tee when I find it! 🙂

  4. I second (third, fourth, fifth) the black dress. I have one from Kut from the Cloth that is almost perfect. Sleeveless slits on the side. It’s a faux wrap though. And as long as we are dreaming, an amazing sexy pair of flat shoes that I can actually walk in all day with orthopedic support and plenty of room for my arthritic feet.

    1. Oooh if someone made such shoes they’d be quite successful. And brands, if you do make such a shoe, email me. If I agree I’ll share them here on the blog and I know many readers would clamor to buy a pair (or three!).

  5. Ugh on the tshirt :/ maybe a dress for your mini me? The maxi pictured…is there a link to that? And those silver booties? Get stylin’ so I know what on earth to do with mine!!!

      1. I thought she was just exposing some leg at the wrap point :/ you could order it and ask your trailer about closing the slits and decide to proceed or return it, maybe.

  6. Sad about your sparkly tee! It was super cute on you! I had a mishap recently that tore an absolutely perfect pair of jeans (and also broke three ribs and injured my dominant hand, but those things heal 🙂 ).They were the perfect dress up or down dark wash, never sagged, and made me look thinner than I am. I can patch them or try to make them look intently torn (though that’s not my look) but that limits their versatility. Sadly, they are no longer made. So well-fitting dark straight jeans are top of my wish list. I would also really like to finally find that elusive and versatile little black dress (though a dark muted green or gray would be better). I own four LBDs but they all have fussy necklines or sleeves or ties at the waist that limit versatility. Fun yellow shoes, maybe ballet flats, would be great. Rounded or almond toe, no bows or hardware or silly flowers in a slightly muted but still sunny color. And finally a not-quite-sage, not-quite-mint green tee shirt to replace the old worn out one in my closet that goes with everything I own and brings out the green in my eyes. Oh, also a gray tee shirt that is not heathered. Perhaps silvery without actually being metallic. I’ve grown very tired of heathered gray. BTW, I love the silver booties! I can see them working into your wardrobe perfectly!

    1. Oh that’s so sad about your jeans (and your body!). I remember in college I had the most PERFECT vintage jeans that fit me like they were custom made and I slipped on a bar’s wet floor and did the splits, pulled a serious muscle and tore my jeans, practically losing one whole leg (glad I was wearing a dress over the jeans, oh so ’90s). I still mourn the loss of them.

      I love your list, I’ll come back if I see any of these things out in the shopping wild!

  7. I love this game! I have been browsing Pinterest lately looking for outfit inspiration for a beach trip I have planned later this year. Here’s what I’d love:
    -Denim shorts that don’t ride up. I bought a pair of Loft Riviera shorts last summer and I love that they’re high-waisted (read: no muffin top), but the 4″ inseam just doesn’t work with my thighs. No matter what I weigh, I will never have (or need) a thigh gap and I need shorts that I don’t have to pull down every few steps. Do I have to wear a 9″ inseam now or do I just give up and wear booty shorts (kidding…sort of)?
    -A summery sweater in a soft, drapey knit that can get wet from sea/pool water, dry somewhat quickly, and keep me warm in the evenings without costing a ton of money.
    -A high-waisted bikini with a supportive top in a cool print, maybe with a cool cutout on the side. I’ve been seeing a lot of Mara Hoffman varieties lately but that’s really not in my price point. While we’re at it, a supportive one-piece with some cool cutouts, too.
    -A cover-up that dries quickly and wears like a dress that doesn’t have a lot of fussy detailing or prints, so I can throw it on and head to town in a snap (“boho” is really not my style).
    For non-beach wear:
    -Snow boots that aren’t crazy expensive but also last. I bought what I thought was a quality pair last year but this winter I’m noticing the material covering the toes is sort of flaking off. I only bought this pair because the Sorels I ordered were too small and stiff so instead of exchanging them I decided to just return them and it snowed the next day.
    -Suede thick-heeled ankle boots that don’t look too Western. It seems like the simpler the boot, the higher the price.

    I think this list is telling me to save my money and shop smarter so I can afford clothing that lasts and is designed better. Go figure.

    1. My most comfortable non-riding denim shorts are from Walmart of all places. I bought them on vacation when I was woefully unprepared for the warm temps. They’re not my cutest shorts, but they’re not hideous and I don’t mind them with floaty untucked tops. The shorts I got (and still own and wear and have been slowly self-distressing with sandpaper to make them more my style): http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2014/04/spring-wardrobe-additions.html

      And yes, this exercise is a good one in waiting and saving up for the right thing! 🙂

  8. For my wish list: I’m still trying to find my perfect knee high boots: Modest heel that I can wear on dirt without having to worry about tearing up the heels. Not too cowboy, not too up town, not too riding inspired.
    A replacement of an Equipment silk jersey blouse that I used to love. It had a removable neck tie on it that was just thick enough to look substantial on it’s own, but also looked good in a bow or windsor. The shirt was a wardrobe staple for years. It worked with jeans or suits beautifully. Mine was a gorgeous deep teal.
    A silk twinset with a rib knit waist in charcoal grey. Preferably a v-neck. I had a black one that I wore out finally, but grey works better on my coloring. The one I had was gorgeous belted at the waist with the cardigan worn open and each piece was a workhorse on it’s own. I frequently wore the shell as a sweater vest with blouses for work.
    A great shirt dress. 3/4 sleeves, shaped waist, full skirt without pleating. Hopefully in Navy or Taupe. Lands End used to have a great one, but I haven’t seen a remake in years.
    An Ivory safari style jacket. To me this is more versatile than a denim jacket. It’s slightly dressier so for me I can wear it work easier than a denim jacket, or I can cuff the sleeves and pop it over a pair of shorts and sandals to run errands without worrying about a purse.
    A wrap coat that doesn’t look like a bathrobe. A pale camel or grey cashmere would be nice.
    A great pair of sterling silver hoops. Nt too big or wide. I’d rather have them solid than hollow.

    I think I may have just found my favorite leather jacket in a pretty burgundy and I’m personally thrilled at wide leg trousers coming back because they are the best for my shape.

    1. You wouldn’t by chance be a size 8 with wide calves and find these boots to be what you’re looking for are you? http://www.tedandmuffy.com/us/womens-boots/knee-high/black-leather/cazale/NWBW70952137A.html I ordered these, and they are GAW-GEOUS and have an awesome rubber sole that is chic but grippy and really comfy in the foot but they are too narrow for my humongous calves and thick ankles/shins. I haven’t yet returned because UK returns cost so much. I paid $205 for them but would be willing to give a good discount on that and cover US shipping if they’re right for you (or any other reader).

      As for sterling hoops, check out Amazon. I was always waiting for Argento Vivo hoops to go on sale at Nordstrom but I checked Amazon once and found the exact width, style, and size I desired for an amazing price. They’re sterling and I’ve had for a year and find them MORE durable than the ones I have bought at department stores. These are what I have, likely bigger than you want and they are tube style (though I haven’t had issues with them bending) but a stepping stone: http://amzn.to/1ZSMB90

      As for your shirtdress, I’ve been seeing a few brands come out with something similar to that so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re available again this Spring. I too would like one; I had one in black I wore to DEATH as a photographer’s assistant and it’s all faded and would love a replacement.

      1. Nope. Size 10. My calves are just a bit too wide for normal boots and a bit too narrow for wide calf boots. Shirt dress wise- I have a black Ralph Lauren one that I bought fairly recently but it’s too snug on chest and arms. I think it’s a 16. Not sure if that might work for what you want?

    1. Yeah, I totally ordered this since they had a promo code for 25% off. I know it won’t be what I want above, but I have a black cashmere dress from Nordstrom Collection I bought 2 years ago and I wear the HECK out of it. In fact I’m wearing it right now with black tights and my black LL Bean harness boots!

  9. If cost were not an issue? I’d love a really great, quality pair of dark wash denim jeans – something similar to the demi-boot flare that Old Navy was doing for a while, but quality. It was this really great mix between boot-cut and flare that, in black or dark wash, ended up being really flattering on me… for two hours. Then ON jeans do what ON jeans do and sagged, drooped, and schmooped. But a really nice, structured denim take on that is kind of my dream pair of blue jeans.

    Skinny jeans that fit my actual size but DON’T have gigantic legs. I have big hips but my legs are… not as big as they are, so skinny jeans that fit my waist just look like ill-fitting straight-leg jeans on me, but skinny jeans that flatter my legs won’t go up over my hips. Drives me crazy. It’s probably the kind of thing where I’d have to spend a lot of money to have my own pair of jeans made.

    Cashmere sweater. This one, to be precise: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/womens-knitwear/cashmere/wv034/womens-cashmere-relaxed-crew-neck in the blue-and-white stripes or the yellow-and-navy stripes. But I don’t have the money that would let me spend $200 on a sweater, let alone $200 on a FUN sweater that doesn’t actually go with everything. But I love it and Boden’s offbeat color-saturated style fits me to a tee – even if their actual tees are never long enough, haha.

    I’d love a black ponte not-quite legging and a pair of black boots to go with it – real leather. The only real leather boots I won are my L.L. Bean bison leather duck boots. I’m not a fancy girl and we’ve never had much money for that sort of thing. But I’d love a real leather brown boot and a real leather black boot – the black a little more rock ‘n roll, shorter, a little more of a “fun” boot, with the brown still being tall, calf-height, to go with my cashmere sweater and perfect skinny jeans, haha.

    With the black ponte legging, I’d want a tunic sweater, but one that actually fits and flatters my size-14-on-top, size-18-on-bottom shape. I don’t even know if one exists. But I have dreams.

    1. One thing with the leather boots; my Ros Hommerson ones I mention above I paid $199 for and I thought that was INSANE and then I spent $60 to have the calves tapered to fit perfectly and I thought that was RIDICULOUS but I have had these boots for over 10 years, wear them at least once a week from September to April so truly I got my money’s worth. Getting them reheeled, resoled, and the leather heels glued back together is less than $20 each season. For something like a pair of real leather boots, each time you consider buying a clearance or “good enough and a good price” item, don’t and put that amount of money into a savings account (I have a savings account attached to my checking and use it for situations like this). Then when I hit my $ I buy what I really wanted in the first place. That’s how I bought those silver boots I shared above. I started saving in October, for each PayPal earning I receive from rewardStyle, I put a set percentage in Emerson’s college fund, a set percentage in checking, a set percentage in savings, and the “change” (like if it’s $214.63 the $4.63) into my “slush fund” savings.

      I love your list and I LOVE that Boden sweater! For me, I see that as something I’d wear all the freaking time with jeans, black (even with navy), khaki, and olive pants and maybe scarf that is a completely different color or a print that pulls in at least one but not all the colors. Can easily wear a chambray, denim, or white shirt under for warmth or even have a tee of a completely different color peeking out of the bottom. Sometimes the craziest item in a closet becomes the most versatile staple!

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