Friday Favorite: Lands’ End Thermaskin Heat Collection

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lands end thermaskin heat reviewThe day I am writing this (and per the forecast, the day this will go live), it is bitter freezing cold in the DC area. Windy, crisp, that sort of weather where the cold hits your bones, and usually the kind of weather where fashion is thrown out the window and I’m looking like the Michelin Man. But not this year, since I invested in some pieces from Land’s End Thermakskin Heat collection.

I like fitted clothing, and I despise wearing layers. While I have doubled up on tights (or worn them under pants and leggings), I always feel like a stuffed sausage. I also hate visible camis, and I never hopped on the trend of layering knits because it always felts so bulky and awkward on me. I avoided anything like long underwear because of this reason; the idea of a pair of pants under my pants gave me the heeby jeebies, I’d rather just wear fleece tights, boots, a thick dress and a long coat.

Then a blogger (can’t remember wish because I’d totally buy you a cookie in thanks) casually mentioned the Lands’ End Thermaskin pants in a post, and she had them under leggings. She was curvy like me, so I put them on my Christmas list, my mom bought them for me, and they are an ultimate fave.

I’m short with a round butt, very thick calves, and sturdy thighs. I rarely can buy leggings because they cut the circulation off to my toes, and the whole dressy jogger trend I had to bypass because they always looked like leggings on my calves. The Thermaskin pants are stretchy and silky with a wide non-rolling waistband. They’re super comfortable, and pants slip over them without any issue. In fact, I’m wearing them under my ponte skinny pants in this blog post. Can’t even see them! And while they’re warm, they’re not too warm. I’m perfectly comfortable in my over-heated work office, and don’t sweat if I’m dashing about town.

Since then, I also purchased the Thermaskin cami. This seems to really vary in size and quality but is worth the risk. After reading reviews, I went with a Large and one fit perfectly (not skin tight but slim enough to be invisible under slimmer knit tops) and the other one was wider and shorter and a bit thinner of fabric. This is a great base layer; I’ve worn it as a regular cami under dresses, slipped it under sweaters and knits, and am grateful for the adjustable straps.

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All my Thermakin pieces have been through the washer and dryer without shrinking or losing quality. The Thermaskin Heat line also has tanks, short and long sleeved tees, socks, and activewear but I haven’t tried any of them, but would likely purchase if I lived in a colder climate or did more winter sports and outdoor activities.

When shopping Lands’ End, be sure to sign up for their emails, or at least check them out on a site like RetailMeNot as they often have promotions and steep discounts. The Thermaskin collection often has prints which go on clearance (at time of writing this, there were a few patterns on sale for less than $10). I’m psyched I finally tried some form of longjohns, and am psyched that they don’t have to affect my style to keep me warm through the cold winter months!

The Friday Favorite series is an opportunity for me to share items I purchased that have really impressed me. Some may be fashion related, some not, all have exceeded my expectations. These posts are never sponsored, and all items have been bought with my own money.

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  1. I also don’t like wearing waffle-knit-type thermal underwear. Winter Silks saved me with their delicate, but warm silk underwear. I’ve bought a few pieces and they’ve lasted many years (hand-wash or use the delicates cycle). Only thing I don’t like about Winter Silks — their styling is a bit fuddy-duddy (their demographic seems to be 50 and up). Their scoop necks are now much lower than a crew neck, so their short or long-sleeve tops can be difficult to pair with a low-neck outer top or sweater. They do sell more minimal camisoles.

  2. I am a big fan of Lands End’s silk tank for extra warmth on cold days. Unlike the ones from Wintersilks, they are soft and stretchy, and have not shrunk in the wash (drip dry).

  3. I got a pair of the patterned longjohns on sale last year and they’re great – I love how smooth they are so it’s easy to pull anything else over the top. I have the scoop-neck long-sleeved top too and like the deep neck line that doesn’t show under whatever else I’m wearing. (So many similar tops have a crew neck.)

  4. Sounds good. I’ve got silk thermals from LLBean that I wear as a second layer underneath if it gets super cold.

    1. The problem is that icebreaker doesn’t make a women’s size above XL. If they made extended sizes, I’d buy them because I love their stuff! Similarly, I like wearing Rapha’s merino base layers and I can fit into their largest size on top, but no such luck for bottoms.

  5. I bought the black thermaskin pants and longsleeve top last year and I LOVE them. In fact, when it is particularly cold, which it has been here in Omaha lately, I wear them to bed as PJ’s. They are warm, but like you said, not too warm. And, they are silky enough to slide in my flannel sheets, or to slip on pants or sweaters over them. Also, as FYI, I bought them in 3X and they are plenty roomy without being too tight. I typically wear a 24 or 26. I can’t say enough good things about them!

  6. Please don’t get buried under snow this weekend because I need your posts in my life. Okay? Cool. Now that we’ve got that established, I’ve decided investing in cold weather gear is no longer a luxury but a necessity for my life!

    The Adored Life

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