Everlane Oversized Blazer Review

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Everlane Oversized Blazer review by Wardrobe Oxygen. How does it fit a size 14 petite woman?

I've reviewed Everlane Denim for a size 14, and have worn several Everlane pieces such as the Everlane cashmere crew and cashmere lantern sleeve sweater and the Japanese GoWeave Short Wrap Dress. I hadn't tried any jackets or blazers from Everlane and asked if they would send me their Oversized Blazer to review.  How is the fit, especially in the arms, shoulders, and bust for a petite curvy body? Below check out my Everlane Oversized Blazer review.

This post has been updated as some of the items originally linked in this Everlane Oversized Blazer review are no longer available. Also the price of the blazer has increased since I originally featured it on Wardrobe Oxygen in 2019. However, my initial thoughts on this Everlane blazer have not been edited. For those curious, I no longer own this blazer, donating it to Success in Style hoping another can benefit from it.

A review of the Everlane Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer and how it fits a size 14 petite woman

Everlane Oversized Blazer Review

The Everlane Oversized Blazer is purposefully oversized, made from 63% recycled Italian wool and 37% nylon.  The nylon makes the fabric softer and has a hint of stretch. The body is lined in a mix of 57% cupro and 33% cotton; the sleeves lined in 100% polyester. It has a double-breasted front and four working buttons on each cuff, two front flap pockets, a welted breast pocket, and an interior chest pocket. There is no back vent.  The blazer is available in two colors up to size 16; there are no petite, short, long, or tall options. This blazer retails for $228.

A petite curvy woman in a gray plaid oversized blazer, white v-neck t-shirt tucked into gray skinny jeans, and black lace-up boots. She is walking down a sidewalk.

I am wearing a 14 in this blazer, my usual size in most brands. I think it was the right choice; a smaller size would be too snug across the back and in the shoulders. I would benefit from a petite offering; the sleeves are too long but I like pushing up my blazer sleeves anyway.  The coat is a bit long, but it goes with the oversized boxy trend of this season and once the season ends, will make this a nice fall topper/lightweight coat alternative.

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing the Everlane Oversized Blazer in gray plaid with a white v-neck t-shirt and skinny gray trousers. She is smiling and looking away from the camera.

This blazer is exactly on trend this season; almost every retailer is carrying a variation of the oversized glen plaid or tweed blazer.  I have ordered a few sticking under $250 and I find most are polyester blends, lighter in weight, and most are too snug on my arms to wear anything other than a thin t-shirt.  I am pleased to find this blazer from Everlane roomy enough that I could wear a merino or cashmere turtleneck under it without feeling like the Michelin Man.

However, because it is roomier and a heavier fabric, it does have a boxier shape.  I am okay with that, I wanted the look of a professor's blazer thrown over more fitted pieces.  If this is the effect you're looking for, this is a good choice at a reasonable pricepoint for the fabric and construction.

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen looking at the camera, one hand holding the lapel of an Everlane Oversized Blazer in gray plaid, the other tucked in the pocket of dark gray button-fly skinny jeans.

Since I was reviewing the Everlane Oversized Blazer, I decided to style it with more Everlane.  I reviewed these jeans before in this Everlane denim review post, and this post where I show a lot of views of the jeans on my body.  I have washed and dried these jeans dozens of times.  It has made the denim a bit thinner and the fit not as perfect, but these jeans have not been babied.  If I had kept them out of the dryer they likely would still fit the same as when I first got them. Please note, these Everlane jeans are no longer available so I removed the link.  

Close-up of gray button-fly jeans by Everlane.

The t-shirt is… fine.  It is a very square fit, the neckline is quite utilitarian, and in general, this feels like something I could get in a plastic package from the men's undershirt department at Target.  I wonder if I would find it as miraculous as the reviews if I was a slim and small-busted woman. I know many who love these shirts, but none of them have my figure. One perk is that this t-shirt didn't shrink after getting bleached on hot and thrown in the dryer. Please note this v-neck t-shirt is no longer available from Everlane so I removed the link.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a white t-shirt with a gray plaid oversized blazer from Everlane

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions honestly about the clothing I wear – my size, how it laundered, the quality… whether or not it is gifted by the brand.  While I did receive the t-shirt, jeans, and blazer free from Everlane, I was not paid to write this review nor did I have to guarantee coverage of the items in exchange for receiving them.  There are affiliate links in this and almost every post on this site; if you click on them and make a purchase I may earn a small commission.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi! This review was so helpful. I was wondering, could you provide your bust and waist measurement for reference? Thanks!

  2. I think you look great in the blazer, Alison! I have been thinking about it (I’m tall) and just wondering if I would wear it – seeing it on you, I think the answer is “yes”.

  3. Unfortunately, I think Everlane’s tees aren’t what they used to be. I have one v-neck tee that I think I bought in 2014…the cotton is an amazing, silky supima cotton that falls wonderfully and has not pilled. I baby it (have never put it in the dryer) and will wear it until it disintegrates. I have other tees that have been purchased more recently, and the cotton doesn’t have the same silky drape, even though the lapel states they are supima cotton. The newer tees also pill slightly, despite always being washed on the gentle cycle and hung to dry. So I don’t necessarily think it’s a body type issue, as I am curvy and busty, I think it’s just that the quality is no longer there and like you said, they are now reminiscent of an undershirt you could get at Target.

  4. I have lusted after this blazer for a while; you have confirmed my suspicion that it would be PERFECT in so many ways. . . But it seems like I am not wearing blazers now, even for casual wear, now that I am retired. I wonder if part of it is that although I totally adore this look on you and others, I tend to go for my own handknit cardigans when I am lucky enough to get some cool temps in Tucson. And I rarely have weather cool enough to layer a cardigan under a blazer, as would be perfect with this oversized one. So tempting to get one of these but I am determined to not buy anything I don’t really need at this point–both for my own sake, and the planet’s. I am trying to not experience this as a “diet” but as healthy consumption. I confess this is not easy!

    Perhaps when the time is right, I will find myself getting one of these.

    1. Oh hi Linda B! I have the same issue with blazers. I love them, but both find it hard to buy one that fits, fits my climate in California, and fits my lifestyle which is super casual. I do have a few linen ones for summer that are very casual. I have a (very reduced price) Weekend Max Mara knit plaid that I love, but am thinking of returning because I just keep leaving it in the closet.

      Then I see a post like this and think…I need a blazer! And around we go… lol.

      1. Okay, both of you do NOT need this blazer! Do not buy it, you’ll make me feel forever guilty. It’s a great blazer but neither of you need it in your life! Love, Alison

        1. LOL! If I were still working, I would buy it in a heart beat. I’m kind of in a weird limbo. My husband has been living with Parkinson’s for a long time (diagnosed in his 40’s) and is now needing more care. I would be working, traveling, rocking all the outfits you post (modified for my age and style), but have to stop myself and take pleasure in the lifestyle I have and find fun in the clothing range it requires …which is kind of dressed up sweats most days. But I have learned a lot how do make the casual look more polished from you. So..deep gratitude!

  5. Your look is Boss Lady Confident! Casual, cool and a look that’s appropriate for many occasions. I’m definitely checking out the Jean’s. I just cleaned out my closet and donated several of “well, they kind of fit okay I guess ” that I look at and never wear. Thanks for thedetaiked honest reviews.

  6. Nice blazer – but your hair is absolutely gorgeous. Could you share what you are doing to rock those beautiful curls. I looked back on previous posts, in August you said you had recently started a new program but hadn’t found anything worth reordering yet. Any updates?

  7. BTW – Your links are going to the double-breasted blazer. They don’t show that in a Glen Plaid. I believe you are wearing the single-breasted blazer.

    I don’t understand why they go to the trouble of putting a placket, buttons and buttonholes on blazers and then not have a Tall/Petite option. If you have the sleeves altered those elements end up gone, or your bill is huge to have all that redone.

      1. I think the review itself needs to be updated too because that is definitely a single breasted blazer and the words describing it aren’t correct (not just the link).

        1. Yeah, that’s what I get for writing this late at night. It is now properly updated. The review is accurate, I just didn’t see the proper blazer on the site and used that title and such. All fixed, thank you!

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