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Hair Biology review by Wardrobe Oxygen

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I saw a woman on Instagram with a necklace that had a year on it, and it looked to be the year she was born. I loved that idea. I found the company that made that necklace… and found that the necklaces only went back as far as 1996. Why did they stop at 1996? Did they think anyone older wouldn’t want to advertise their age?

hair biology review

I was born in 1975, a proud member of GenX. I have no desire to hide my age, my 46 years have given me so many adventures, so much love, and I have learned so much. And let’s be honest… the alternative to aging is even less appealing than wrinkles! I headed to Etsy and found a shop that would custom make a date necklace of any year I desired.

Our culture can make it feel as though it’s a bad thing to show your age. The beauty industry makes us see signs of aging as symptoms of a problem that needs to be cured, fixed, erased, and resisted. The woman who doesn’t fight time with potions, lotions, needles, and lasers is essentially invisible (or a “before” photo).

When I shared my first outfit photo on Wardrobe Oxygen over 15 years ago, I had no idea I’d be in my 40s, still sharing my outfits and thoughts on style. Heck, back then I didn’t even know people this age blogged! But blogs and Instagram have become an amazing way to see women who are thriving in the second half of life on their own terms.

hair biology wardrobe oxygen

When I started Wardrobe Oxygen, I had very black and white views on how women should dress and appear in society. Over the years, those views have changed radically. They do say with age comes wisdom, and I know as I get older my views will continue to change with my life experiences, and with connecting with so many of you.

Now, I see Wardrobe Oxygen as a destination for grown-ass women, not specifying a specific generation, but a mindset. A woman who still gives a sh*t but is reducing the number of f*cks she has left to give. Women who aren’t just getting older but getting bolder.

Bold doesn’t have to mean pink hair or a piercing. Bold means choosing what is right for you, not what the media has deemed appropriate. Bold is taking up the space you deserve, taking care of yourself for health, not society’s approval, and doing what feels right for your appearance and beliefs.

When Hair Biology reached out to me last year, asking if I’d like to partner with them, I was hesitant. Isn’t the line for women with gray hair? I may have silver popping up between my brown tresses, but I color my hair to give the result that feels right to me. Hair Biology explained that their line of haircare products isn’t just for gray and silver hair, but to provide the specific care that aging hair needs so it is as fabulous as the women rocking it.

As our bodies age and have different needs, the same holds true with our hair. I know that once I turned 40, I saw my hair wasn’t as thick as it used to be, and the few grays coming in were a different texture from my other tresses, making my hair look dry and frizzy.

hair biology review by wardrobe oxygen

Well, Hair Biology has products specifically for that. Infused with biotin, Hair Biology's Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner turn my hair into silk without weighing it down. I use it when I want to take a break from my curls; it protects my hair from heat and gives me a smooth blow-out without looking greasy or flat. I use the Argan Oil Taming Serum before a blow-out, but also I sometimes use it on my curls to give ringlets frizz-free definition without having them weighed down.

hair biology review wardrobe oxygen

I’m also a fan of the Hair Biology Volumizing Collection. I’ve used the Volumizing shampoo and conditioner and found it did give my hair lift and the appearance of being fuller, though it wasn’t the right choice for my curly frizz-prone hair. However, the Hair Biology Thickening Treatment is pretty fantastic for my hair whether I am wearing it curly or straight. I spray it onto the roots of my hair when it’s dry, rub it in, and it gives my hair lift without being sticky, crunchy, or obvious.

Members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community have shared that they love the Hair Biology Silver shampoo and conditioner for making their gray and silver hair gleam and look so shiny and healthy.

hair biology review by wo2

There is no right or wrong way to age, and I love how social media shows this, providing us with inspiration for whatever feels right for us. I also love how beauty brands like Hair Biology are on the scene, redefining aging and creating products for us to embrace our age and look fantastic doing it.

Hair Biology is exclusively available at Target. You can purchase it in store, or click here to shop the Hair Biology collection online.

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  1. That made me think of the band, The 1975. My husband was born the same year, woo!!

    Your hair and necklace look great — but what I really have my eye on is your very sweet moto leather jacket. Where did you source that? It looks like it has exactly the ideal kind of thickness (right in the middle — not too thick or thin) and (a bit soft/rumpled/vintage-y) texture that I want in a leather jacket.

  2. Nice! I will try it. I usually have frizzy hair, sometimes curly I can’t seem to make it curl though, it just decides when it wants to.

  3. I’ve been tempted to try this shampoo after your recommendation but I’ve also heard that it’s bad to use shampoo with sulfates. Thoughts? There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there…

  4. I picked up the thickening treatment a few weeks ago based on your recommendation. I love it! Thanks for putting it on my radar, your recommendations are always on point! And I feel the same way about my age as you do. I was born in 1976 and felt almost relieved after I turned 40. My 30s were turbulent (got divorced at 36, was unhappy for many years before that) and the 40s have brought wisdom, perspective, and stability. Looking forward to what the next decade has to bring!

  5. I started using this when you posted a while ago on my (COVID long) fine-but-dense hair, and I love it. I know it’s formulated for us 40+ers, but my 11 yo daughter tried it and also loves it. I figure at this price point, why the heck not? I don’t style my hair much these days, but on the rare occasion that I do, I use the thickening spray and love it.

  6. Oh! I just noticed that the Etsy shop for your necklace is CaitlynMinimalist! I have 2 rings from there with my son’s name on them and LOVE them (“Custom Delicate Name Ring” and “Dainty Name Ring”). They are a great shop!

  7. I’m about 25% grey (probably about 50% at the roots!) and I started using the silver shampoo and conditioner about 9 months ago. I had tried some similar silver/purple shampoos that were salon brands before that, which I had liked a lot. I thought the Hair Biology was just as good, at half the price, and I liked the smell better. I liked it so much, I just restocked a couple weeks ago. I also use the deep hydration mask, which is good as well.

  8. Beautiful! Your review made Hair Biology seem like a high-priced boutique brand, so I was shocked to see it’s at Target. The price point is awesome.

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