Refreshing a Hallway Bath with Interior Décor from The Home Depot

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Updating a hallway bathroom with Home Depot. From wallpaper to bath linens from The Company store, Home Depot is now the destination for every aspect of updating your home

We moved into our home in 2000. In 2008 and the beginning of 2009 we did a pretty major renovation. I was pregnant and we decided we’d rather add onto our small but sweet 1940’s row home than move. We almost doubled the size going from just under 750 square feet to around 1,300. And it’s been a great home for us. However, after a decade the house is starting to look dated. If you follow me on Instagram Stories you know just this past month, we had to replace both the thermostat on our hot water heater and our washing machine. I fear the fridge is the next one to go. We’re also antsy to do some cosmetic updates to the house – paint, wallpaper, lighting, linens, art… smaller changes to make the house feel and look refreshed and current.

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We’re a Home Depot family. Our home remodel had us in The Home Depot almost daily. Come spring, we’re rolling a cart around on weekends grabbing grass seed, hose nozzles, and new patio chairs. If I need a new appliance, the first website I go to is Home Depot. I know they have a fantastic selection, free two-day delivery (plus two-hour in-store pickup) on most orders over $45, and extensive customer reviews. My mom even used The Home Depot last year to remodel her kitchen!

Last month when I was on the Home Depot site to order the new washing machine I saw that Home Depot had an Interior Décor section and it went beyond patio furniture and area rugs and included furniture, kitchenware, bedding, wall décor, candles, decorative storage. The Home Depot soon after reached out inviting me to share how they now offer furniture and interior décor. Considering how interior décor updates were already on our minds and I regularly share home updates, it made sense. And to be honest, it will also hold us accountable to actually do these updates!

Karl and I made a list at the beginning of the year of what parts of the house needed a refresh, and what order we should tackle them. The washing machine was the first one, which we got from Home Depot (if you’re curious, it’s this one which not only fit in our small space but gets great reviews and I found out through Instagram that many of you also have and love!). The second one? The hall bathroom.

At the top of our stairs, this is a bathroom used by the whole family. It’s our daughter’s bathroom but to be honest, we all use the shower and prefer it to the one in our bathroom. Also since it’s in the hallway, it’s occasionally used by guests. It is the only room in the house that wasn’t touched during the 2008/2009 remodel nor was updated when we moved in almost two decades ago. It has white tile halfway up the walls, a white tub surround, white fixtures, white ceramic floor. The wall tile is very basic and in good shape, the floor isn’t my favorite but is neutral and gets the job done. The sink is an old-school enamel one affixed to the wall without a cabinet below and exposed pipes. We’ve budgeted to replace the sink with one that has storage below and cosmetic updates with lighting, mirror, fixtures, wall color, shower curtain, and other décor.

I had started pursuing various home décor websites for ideas and was getting overwhelmed with ideas, return policies, shipping fees, searching other sites to find reviews… I even started a spreadsheet to keep track of everything that caught my eye around the Internet. I loved that I could do the whole look down to the finishing touches at The Home Depot.

Updating a hallway bathroom with Home Depot. From wallpaper to bath linens from The Company store, Home Depot is now the destination for every aspect of updating your home

Since this is primarily Emerson’s bathroom, we wanted her to have some say in what it ends up looking like, but a look that won’t feel juvenile in a few years. She loves home décor (if left to her own devices she’d build and design homes in ROBLOX all day and then decorate her room all evening) and suggested wallpaper for the bathroom. I loved the idea as it would break up the sea of white, and a vinyl wallpaper could handle the moisture and be washable. On the Home Depot site, you can scroll by color, type of pattern, material, and more to narrow down the thousands of wallpaper options.

Home Depot Interior Decor Wallpaper

We both fell in love with this one, the Blush Label for Mitchell Black Collection Watercolor in Pink Removable and Repositionable Wallpaper which combines our two favorite colors.  And like the example photo, it would only be on the top half of the walls so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

Our hall bathroom is small, the sink even smaller. Just under 20” in width I didn’t think we’d find anything to fit that space that would also have a cabinet below. With Home Depot’s filters, I was able to narrow down by both width and depth as well as color and found this elegant and simple vanity and sink that would perfectly fit the space as well as the vibe of the room. It recommended this medicine cabinet that I measured and found was also a great fit. Since we’re all about storage, I also added this caddy from simplehuman so we don’t have shampoo bottles falling on us with each shower.

the company store at the home depot

When looking at bath linens I was so excited to see The Home Depot has partnered with high-quality brands I already know and love like The Company Store. Emerson and I were able to pick out some thick raspberry pink towels, washcloths, and a bath rug to coordinate nicely with the wallpaper. We found a hotel-quality shower curtain that will be perfect. And Emerson is super into faux plants (no idea, but at least they’re easy to clean and maintain) so I let her pick out this one to put next to the sink. I loved that I could complete and decorate an entire room, from basin to bath sheets, at one site.

So we don’t have the time right now to do this bathroom makeover, but this blog post is not only a shopping list of what to get, but a constant reminder of how easy it is to place an order from our couch, no wasted time going to different stores or even different websites to have everything delivered for free right to our front door. And that this isn’t just for a bathroom – your kitchen, your bedroom, your dining room, your living room… The Home Depot has the furniture, small appliances, and interior décor to complete any room in your home.  The furniture and interior décor collection is only available online.

The Home Depot offers free shipping on most orders over $45. You can also return for free at over 2,200 store locations. If you don’t have a blog to make a list of what you’re considering, use the “My List function” on the Home Depot site to save and favorite items. With their everyday low prices and the promo events they have, you can get the best price on home décor any time of the year.

All this and The Home Depot backs every purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thank you Home Depot for sponsoring this post and inspiring us to redecorate sooner rather than later! This is what home improvement looks like now!

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  1. They definitely have more available than just what you see in the store. We replaced the sink in our 1950s’ era bathroom and found a small one on their web site.

    Did you have a front-loading washer before? My Maytag front loader has a rattle that the repairman tells me is not worth fixing and will eventually make it not spin. I paid more than $1,000 for it and am going to keep using it until it dies, but I’ve also been looking around at machines. I’m thinking about a HE top loader like yours and would be interested to know how you like it.

    1. I haven’t done a front loader. Our last washer was a top loader that came with the house, when we removed it we found a pricetag from Montgomery Ward on the back that said 1986! We were really limited by size, and were glad to find this one fit perfectly but also got great reviews. What I love is I don’t decide what size load I have, it figures it out to use the right/least amount of water. But then also, I am so used to bare bones ’80s technology so everything about this washer will wow me. But so far it’s been fantastic. Quiet, good with water, cleans well in cold water, I haven’t yet hooked it up to the app (it can be controlled by your phone which is great if you’re away and realize you left stuff in the wash to mildew, you can start another run), but it’s a good washer IMO!

  2. How do you know your home decor is dated? I would not wear a 10 year old wardrobe as I can tell that would be out of style and dated but I just don’t see decor until it is painfully obvious. I re-decorated many years ago and it looks OK. I painted my cabinets light gray last year but other than that no changes. Everything is in such good condition which maybe blinds me to the dated look. Friends redecorate and their homes look great. Maybe I need to have a friend help me. Any tips on knowing when something is dated? I don’t need to be cutting edge but I don’t want to be out of it either.

    1. I think color and style factor into a home looking dated.
      We inherited a peach/teal rug from my mother-in-law – it’s a nice wool rug she bought at Bloomies- and it was a challenge to find a bedspread to go with it. Nothing is peach these days! Eventually I found a blue/gray bedspread that fits in with it, and the bed is big so you don’t see so much of the rug.

      If you’ve got valances and flowered material curtains at your windows it may be time for a refresh.

    2. I think ROSEAG had a great reply. The big thing is if you added it because it was a hot trend, it’s more likely to no longer be on trend. But the thing is, if you love it, it’s great. We have one of those wood wall art things in our kitchen, it’s black with white letters talking about our family. I bought it a decade ago in this little boutique and thought it so unique and then the next summer they were EVERYWHERE. But I love it, so it stays up. My daughter has one of those vinyl decals in her room with her name in scrollwork; I got it on Etsy when planning her nursery. We’re choosing to get rid of it because while we love it, it does feel dated and want a replacement after painting her room. I’m less quick to change color, that’s often a personal preference. However, I do think of trends like sponging and ragging walls, painting stripes and chevron with tape guides… things like that do feel very specific to a time period.

  3. Love your choices — amazing wallpaper! Home Depot is amazing. We just renovated our bathroom, and I found the most amazing LED light for over our sink and vanity. Since I have not shopped for light fixtures for years, I wasn’t sure what to buy. The staff member who helped me choose was amazing — so helpful in terms of brightness, the number of bulbs, etc..

  4. I can’t wait to see your bathroom once you’re finished. That wallpaper is fabulous! Good move on letting Emerson have a say and also on making sure the decor grows with her. By the way, I’ve started noticing your blog makeover lately and it looks great!

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