The Most Stylish Buys from Target Right Now

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I like to update this article about the most stylish buys from Target periodically. And right now Target has some really great fashion warranting an update for late winter/early spring style.

Target is one of my favorite places for budget-friendly fashion for grown women because they translate current trends well. I also find Target's quality more consistent than many other big box and discount retailers. While much of Target's apparel skews Junior (AKA a bit straighter in cut), I found a lot of great pieces that would be perfect for us grown women.

Of course, any grown woman can wear whatever the heck she likes. I have chosen pieces I think are on trend but won't be passé in a season, styles that will work on softer frames and will mix and match with one's existing closet. Going through reviews, I chose pieces that get positive ratings for fit and quality because whether a top costs $5 or $500, it's too expensive if you can't get a lot of joyful wear out of it.

The Most Stylish Buys from Target Right Now

I don't believe in the look for less, but I do believe you can find cool, on-trend style at almost any retailer. These pieces available at Target are highly rated and high on style. They are not flash-in-the-pan looks; they can elevate wardrobe basics and be worn far beyond this season. I found many pieces I want in my closet and will be doing a purchase and reporting back.

Below, I share not only my picks of the most stylish buys from Target right now but also why I think they're worth your time and money (and some styling tips too!).

Coastal Chic for Spring

Coastal Grandmother, Nantucket Style, whatever you call it, the breezy shore style of linen, raffia and straw, crisp cotton, and shades of the sand and sea continue to be stylish and relatively timeless. Because this trend is looser, more relaxed, and with few embellishments or details, you can find some great options at budget-friendly retailers like Target.

collage of tan, white, and blue fashion and straw accessories from Target Spring 2024. Picks specifically for women over 40 in a range of sizes.

ivory striped shirtdress | blue striped shirtdress | plus size Breton top | tan linen pants | straw tote | straw clutch | straw stretch belt | sunglasses | straw boater hat

  • I love Target for spring and summer dresses. Often made from natural fabrics, they are the kind you can throw on in the morning with some Birks and putter in the garden and kitchen, but still look polished enough for your Zoom once you're WFH. The cream stripe linen midi dress comes in 4 colors and sizes XS-4X. The blue-striped cotton longer dress (4 colors, XS-2X) is a bit more unique; the side cinches add interest, but this dress is more of a caftan than a belted shirtdress. I plan on trying it and reporting back.
  • You know I love a Breton top. This top comes in two stripe options as well as two classic solids and receives positive reviews. Sizes XXL-4X.
  • A pair of tan linen trousers transition your cashmere, merino, and cotton sweaters to spring, and create a LOOK with a simple tank or camisole. Sizes 0-26 with short and long options, these trousers also come in a cream stripe and a pale yellow (which I think will be a very popular color this spring and summer).
  • This straw tote looks as though it would cost three times its price. Note, this is not a purse-sized tote but the kind of tote you use for the beach, the pool, the farmers market.
  • I am totally ordering this straw clutch. It reminds me of the THEMOIRè clutch I rented from Rent the Runway for a Georgetown Wine & Dine event. It's the perfect bag for day weddings, outdoor social events, and any time you're not sure what bag to carry. While available in green and black, I think the straw option looks the most luxe. Wear as a hand clutch, with the strap only when you need your hands free.
  • An easy way to update an existing wardrobe is with belts. This stretchy straw belt can replace self belts on shirt dresses or cinch a loose knit dress for a whole new effect. Sizes XS-L
  • Lightweight and classically chic, these vegan leather-wrapped gold sunglasses will be perfect now into summer and receive rave reviews from customers.
  • The boater hat will be even more popular this summer than last year. This boater isn't too stiff or big and comes in two colors and two sizes.

Modern Art Flourishes

After years of very simple, basic style, in 2024 you will see a lot of creative flourishes. Artsy prints, interesting earrings, the return of belts, and shoes that make a look. I was inspired by these black and white pieces with cerulean and sky blue from Target.

A collage of fashion from Target featuring a cerulean blue ponte blazer and matching shorts, a sky blue satin pantsuit, a white and black swirl print top and skirt, black quilted tote, white heels with a flower detail, blue modern chandelier earrings, and a black and white packable straw hat.

hat | earrings | shoes | tote | white and black top | matching skirt | blue ponte blazer | matching shorts | light blue satin blazer | matching pants

  • I am an advocate of pantsuits for women. There is more variety for shoes and underpinnings, no need for chafe protection, a variety of silhouettes/levels of loose and tightness, and hello pockets! This pale blue satin blazer (XS-4X) and matching trousers (0-26) would look at home at a day wedding or a fun night out, just with a change of accessories. The blazer of the short suit (XS-4X) comes in four colors and is a versatile and comfy ponte knit. It would look great alone or with the matching shorts (8 colors; 0-26).
  • I am totally ordering this satin top and matching skirt. I am going to order one size up for the top in hopes it will be a tad longer while also accommodating my large bust. The top would also look great with black trousers or even a pop of color, and the skirt would look nice with a simple black cami or even with a graphic t-shirt.
  • I really like these shoes, especially in white. White shoes for years have felt very “nurse” or dated, but these feel very fresh and would be lovely with a black dress or peeking out of black trousers; they also come in black and pink, but I think the white looks the most elevated.
  • This bag is a good interpretation without being a copy of designer bags. Reviews say folks get lots of compliments when carrying it. These earrings are just so fun; they would glam up simple wardrobe staples, and the blue is seasonless but feels very “resort” with white and black. And how could I resist this glam packable sun hat? I would have loved it for my getaway to Curaçao!

Black Basics

Target is great for wardrobe basics. Simple black pieces can be the cornerstone of a wardrobe and prove to be extremely versatile this season and beyond.

a collage of black apparel and accessories from Target 2024 that would prove beneficial to the wardrobe of a woman over 40

sandals | purse | sunglasses | wallet | bodysuit | tank | boilersuit | raincoat

Valentine's Day (And Beyond)

Valentine's Day is around the corner and while I am not one to sport an ugly Christmas sweater, I do love all the pink and red and hearts fashion this time of year. Sure, I wear it on February 14th but I find it fun to wear all year long. As a plus, pink is a big color for 2024 and feminine touches are as well. You'll find so many ways to wear these pieces beyond the holiday.

a collage of pink and red apparel from Target's Valentine's Day collecton 2024

red slip dress | striped cardigan | tulle skirt | pink blazer | matching pants | cowboy boots | earrings | minaudiere clutch purse | Mary Jane flats | heart-shaped purse

  • This slip dress has brilliantly-placed ruffles to camouflage or add volume, depending on your needs. This would be lovely in summer with sandals or dressed up for cold weather with hosiery and heels. Three colors available in sizes XS-4X.
  • This pink and red striped cardigan gets great reviews. Also available in a black and white option, the sweater comes in sizes XS-4X and can be thrown over a t-shirt and jeans or glammed up with trousers or a skirt. If you loved tulle skirts a decade ago, they are back. This one comes in two colors, sizes XS-4X. For us grown women, I think they do best paired with a sweater or knit top in the same color story (paler pink, red, berry, burgundy, etc.) and then shoes that are low contrast or a metallic.
  • This pink blazer (XS-4X) and matching trousers (0-26 with short and long) is such a cheery color. Wear now with a lightweight sweater in red, darker pink, or olive green and come spring with a shell, fitted tee, or a Breton.
  • Red cowboy boots because they're fun. I like boots this length with skirts and dresses with a bit of volume. They're also great under bootcut jeans. These boots also come in white and 88% of the reviewers gave them five stars! Check the reviews before ordering; several suggest going up a half size for more room in the toebox.
  • Also, just because it's fun, I added this heart-shaped purse. It's a bit more into the ugly Christmas sweater category as I don't see it being something you would reach for on the regular, but it's oh-so fun. And we grown-ass women deserve to have some fun with our wardrobes now and again!
  • If you need to update your dress bag collection, this minaudiere clutch is adorable. Also available in tortoise, I am partial to this ivory version with a strap and a style that will work for many seasons of the year. And these earrings are a fantastic way to add drama to your not-so-little black dress.
  • Finally, I added these square-toe Mary Jane flats because they are super on trend, and they also come in wide widths. They get rave reviews for comfort, too!
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. On my computer it says “” doesn’t provide a secure connection, so I can’t see the items. Is there something I or you should do?

    1. Howl is the affiliate program I use. Is this on all links in this post or just a few? Can you provide your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc), if you’re on desktop or mobile device? I’ll research

      1. I can see the pictures in the post – Modern Art, Hearts Aflame, etc. When I click on the highlighted text then I can’t go to the link

        Example from above (apologies if my HTML coding is off):
        “I am an advocate of pantsuits for women. There is more variety for shoes and underpinnings, no need for chafe protection, a variety of silhouettes/levels of loose and tightness, and hello pockets! This pale blue satin blazer (XS-4X) and matching trousers (0-26) …”

        1. You may have an ad blocker on? I don’t really know without knowing your browser, what device you’re working on. From my analytics I can see the links are working for others, so it could be an ad blocker you have on your device, it could be what country you are in, or it may be a browser incompatibility issue which I could possibly fix. Does this happen on other blog posts or just this one? If it’s just this one it may be an issue with the affiliate program for Target or Target itself. Thank you!

          1. It is my ad-blocker. I am using Chrome. I have to tinker with the settings, because some ads come through??!!

            Thank you for all your help.

  2. Ordered the pink and red sweater as soon as I read this article! I’ll have fun with those happy colors all year.

  3. Thanks for this roundup, Alison. I hope you get a few pennies from my purchase of the incredible straw clutch. Love!

  4. The “black basics” set of items just call to me — aside from the odd 1-2 color items (forest green, moss green, burgundy, navy), I’m just a black-color wearer at heart. Like these pics of Parisian street style in black captured by Joanna Goddard really pulled me.

    Thanks for the call-outs, Alison!

  5. This was perfect timing. I been eyeing the pink sequin shirt and handbag strap. I added a couple of other items as well as Christmas pajama pants as well. Then hit the red button! Can’t wait to get these next week.

  6. Maybe it’s just the climate I live in, but I don’t understand making summer clothes in polyester. (Some items in the post are polyester.) It doesn’t breathe well, putting you in a sweater polyester prison, and tends to hold on to the smell of sweat/B.O. I live in a very hot and humid climate and I stick to natural fibers – cotton, linen, silk, and viscose/rayon – which vent heat and moisture more effectively.

  7. What a great post! Target is just the best & I appreciate your showing us some good options. For the last day of my winter break, I went to my local Target, grabbed a chai latte from the Starbucks inside, & spent a blissful hour going through the store. Found a super cute striped t-shirt from A New Day for $12! And it’s so good—soft, fits well, looks good with other things in my closet, & comfortable. Now I’ll hop online & check out your pics.

    Alison, I have a request too, in case you’re thinking about future posts. You showed us a pic of you in the pleated skirt from Ann Taylor. I bought myself a black pleated skirt (even though it’s kind of out of my comfort zone) & I really like it! So thanks for the idea. Any chance you’d give some suggestions for tops & shoes to wear with a pleated skirt once the weather warms up? I really do not have many chances to dress up these days, so I’m hoping to use that skirt in multiple seasons. Thanks!

  8. Great price points for these items, except for the jeans. Is it possible to identify who exactly decided that floodwater jeans are fun, fashionable, or flattering? I’d love to see them interviewed to understand their thought process.

    1. If you look at the customer photos for the longer pair, you’ll see they aren’t floodwaters on average height women. The other pair is a traditional ankle length, which I know many love for its versatility.

    2. I happen to like ankle-length jeans. First, many actually are a bit longer on me because I’m only 5’5.” In the winter, I can wear them with boots, and in the summer, with flats. And I have nice ankles, so I think they’re flattering. I still see plenty of jeans with inseams of 32 inches or longer. It’s nice not to have to hem everything.

      1. I can totally understand liking them when they don’t fit like an ankle pant, or wearing them in warmer months with sandals. They usually fit me like a slightly longer capri pant. That’s fine in the summer.

        I find them super impractical in the winter because it requires thick socks with booties (most of my booties fit best with a dress sock). I should be clearer … I want to understand why so many pants in so many stores have made this leap. I used to be able to find 34″ inseams easy peasy, they don’t exist now (even on special order). It’s like the fashion industry just decided that taller women don’t get to wear full length pants suddenly. I’m not even 5’8″, I’m a “short” tall person.

        I understand not wanting to hem things but it does leave a lot of tallish women out in the cold (literally… ankle pants + booties still means frigid ankles).

        1. I’m with the chic engineer on this one. I think it’s a cost-cutting move driving the so-called fashion trend. Same with Eileen Fisher’s bracelet-length sleeves. Sure, the length fits everyone, but for tall or tallish women, it makes us look like we couldn’t fit clothing that fit.

          1. Word. I’m 6′ and not having real length options (tall maxing out at 32″ or even 30″!) is my arch nemesis.

          2. But average size women ( 5’4” in the US) also should have jeans options that don’t drag and puddle on the floor. There are lots of lengths out there. Sometimes I am disappointed when a style I like has an absurdly (to me) long inseam, but I just try to keep it moving. If a merchant or brand doesn’t fit my body, that’s ok and I spend my $$$ elsewhere or save them for another time.

        2. I can’t abide cropped pants in the winter, either….your ankles get cold. And I’m not even especially tall – 5’6″.

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