New York through Karl’s Lens

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When we decided to go to BlogHer as a family, I couldn't help but think of the outfit post possibilities. Oh the backgrounds, the outfits, and my photographer with me. And then once the trip was upon us, we both agreed that we didn't want to spend precious time trying to capture “cool” outfit posts when we could be seeing the city and enjoying our time as a family. Karl kept the big camera at home, and brought his little Fuji, which he used to instead document his experiences, most while I was toiling away in conference rooms. I love his eye, and love how his little camera really captures how his brain works and how he sees things. A few shots he took from the trip that weren't in any previous posts:


The view from our room

001 002 003

A rare Karl selfie

004 005

had to get a photo in front of my old company!


far cheaper than getting a photo with the weird mascots in Times Square!

007 008 009 010

Karl was on the the Kennedy when he was in the Navy and excited to see the Intrepid

011 012

“She's holding a torch and a recipe book”

013 014 015 016 017 018

Two decades ago, Karl was in the Navy and in NYC for the first time for Fleet Week and received a free carriage ride around the city. He was excited to share this memory with Emerson on her first trip to the city.


Covered in flash tattoo swag from the BlogHer conference… she's still rocking some WordPress gold!

021 022

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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