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Ori Plus-Size Jumpsuit Review

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Woman in a dark blue belted jumpsuit from Ori styled with silver metallic Birkenstocks

Every time I scroll through social media it seems I see influencers wearing Ori, ads for Ori, women in Facebook groups discussing Ori.  What is Ori?  It's a line of plus-size soft, comfy, and versatile wardrobe essentials. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and made in small batches and some are made in Los Angeles, where the company is located.  With easy returns and exchanges, it's a pretty safe new-to-you brand to try out even without being able to shop in person.  Available in sizes 12/14 to 30/32 and some styles available in 10/12, Ori is a nice addition to the plus-size retail landscape.

Woman in a dark blue belted jumpsuit from Ori styled with silver metallic Birkenstocks

Full disclosure, I am friendly with one of the people behind the brand Ori.  I connected with her when she worked for a different brand I featured on Wardrobe Oxygen and I've followed her on social and we've kept in touch as she changed companies. Two weeks ago after seeing the line over and over and over on social and seeing the brand was carrying some pieces in 10/12, I went to their website and made a purchase of the Ori French Terry Jumpsuit.  What's funny is Ori must have had their ears burning because once I completed the purchase I opened up my email and had a message from the brand offering to gift me a free piece from their line.  I am glad I paid for the jumpsuit with my own money so I could be as brutally honest as possible with my review of the Ori French Terry Jumpsuit.  At the time of writing this, Ori does NOT have an affiliate program; I am not compensated in any way by the brand for this review.  I recommend reading this to understand how blogs and influencers make money.

plus size knit jumpsuit ori

Ori Everyday French Terry Jumpsuit Review

The French Terry Jumpsuit is one of the pieces that Ori carries in 10/12, and that is the size I ordered.  Available in black and Midnight Blue, I went with the blue knowing I own a heck of a lot of black and wanted to switch it up. The jumpsuit cost $86 and shipping was free.  I received it in less than a week, carefully packaged.  The jumpsuit is made of French Terry which is heavier than jersey but not as heavy or stiff as ponte.  It has a tight weave that looks luxe enough to wear to the office or even glam up for some social events, but is truly comfy like wearing summer-weight sweats. Ori states this jumpsuit, which is 65% Poly, 30% Rayon, and 5% Spandex can be machine washed cold or warm and tumble dried low.  The jumpsuit comes with a long self-belt and no loops on the jumpsuit so you can choose where to have the belt lie or wear it without the belt.  The jumpsuit is designed to be able to zip up and down without being a contortionist; on the Midnight Blue jumpsuit the heavyweight zipper is a shiny rose gold. 

ori everyday jumpsuit zipper

This jumpsuit is hella comfy.  Like it's the kind of piece I could easily wear every day.  I love that without the tie it's more relaxed but not schlubby looking thanks to the waist seaming and shape.  The sleeves have a cuff sewn in place which makes it look more refined while also giving a bit of weight to have the sleeve hang nicely.  I am 5'3″ and this hits at a cute ankle length for flats or heels (I tried it glammed up with my Margaux Uptown Sandals and some gold hoops) but it's the kind of cut that if you are a few inches taller it will hit in a stylish cropped length. 

ori plus size jumpsuit

The Ori site says this runs roomy and if in doubt size down.  I would agree with that assessment.  I like the relaxed fit, but as a 5'3″ woman who usually wears a 12/14 in mall brands, I find the crotch to be a bit low and everything a bit roomy.  Not a dealbreaker for me, but those shorter than I may find the crotch too low and possibly the neckline too wide. 

ori jumpsuit no belt ori terry jumpsuit no belt

The zipper is truly well-placed.  I do have to pull the fabric up a bit to get it, but the fabric is so stretchy it doesn't stretch out or hurt the garment.  The zipper moves easily too, so you shouldn't have any trouble and it unzips enough to make it easy to step in and out of it.  The jumpsuit has deep pockets that can hold a large smartphone. The self belt is so long you can be creative with it.  While I knotted it to the side, it could be tied in a bow in the front or back, wrapped twice and held with a brooch, or even replaced with an obi belt or some other type of scarf or belt for an accent.  The two photos above show how the jumpsuit looks without the belt.

Having this jumpsuit for only a week, I have already worn it three times.  I have yet to launder it, but once I do I will come back and update this review with how it fared in the washer and the dryer.

ori plus size review

Not only does Ori make clothes, but they also have a really wonderful inclusive community.  Their blog is a treasure trove of body positive and fashion information, and I adore their Facebook group. Have you tried Ori?  I'd love you to share your thoughts on this brand in the comments! 

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. That’s super cute!

    I know you recommend Soma a bunch; I found them via your website a few years back. Have you had any issues with customer service lately? Ordered, bras shipped and UPS lost them. It happens; not Soma’s fault. Soma said they have to wait 10 days after expected delivery to file a claim. I went ahead and filed one. After a week, UPS issued a claim back to the shipper. I wait, figuring Soma will call or email. Nope. I try emailing customer service and get a bounce back saying to call. After 47 minutes on hold, I reach a person who can’t find my order. After repeating a few times that I ordered from Soma, not Chico’s, we get that sorted. The service rep says they’ll issue a refund and I should get an email, with refund in 3-5 business days. No email, no refund. Have tried to call, but gave up waiting on hold after an hour. I know shipping is tough and everyone is harried with Covid-19. Maybe a one-off? Just hard that there’s no chat or other option; phone seems overburdened.

    1. I’m really sorry this has happened to you, Melissa. I haven’t heard consistent issues with Soma, one reader told me they had an issue about two months ago and I know in March a reader had a weird shipping issue with Chico’s but that’s all I’ve heard and my orders have been fine. I can imagine their phone is burdened, I know when I had to call another retailer I got disconnected twice and was on hold almost an hour before I reached a human. I’m glad you let me know, I hope it gets remedied, keep me posted.

  2. I had been looking forward to this review and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I had to be added to the Wait List for this jumpsuit, but will be ordering it as soon as it is available again. I loved seeing your pic on their site too. Thanks for the recommendation! I look forward to hearing what you selected as your free item from Ori too.

  3. No comments on the jumpsuit beyond the fact that it looks great, but I had to pop in and say your curls look fantastic in these photos!

  4. I like the look of jumpsuits and think this is attractive on you (love the blue).

    However, the difficulty of using the restroom while wearing a jumpsuit irritates me, and I therefore refuse to wear them. Perhaps the legs are so wide you could just pull one up (carefully!) to pee? Otherwise, your entire outfit is pooled on the floor of the bathroom or, God forbid, the porta-potty.

    I end up feeling jumpsuits are just another “nod to fashion” that women put up with to look good.

    1. I haven’t had issue with it pooling on the floor, I sort of roll/scrunch it down and it sits just as a pair of pants would on my frame. I wouldn’t wear such a garment in a situation where I knew I would be wearing a porta potty, but I have worn overalls and shortalls in such situations and do the same, being careful to tuck the straps inside before I squat. I think with any kind of garment, we learn how to make it work until it’s easy and second nature!

  5. I bought this in black and wore it yesterday. It feels like pajamas. Got lots of compliments. I wear a 14/16 and I bought that size. I probably should’ve sized down. The crotch is too long, I agree. The bottom half of the jumpsuit seems to run bigger than the top. I really do like it though.

    1. It’s an issue I’ve also found with Universal Standard. TBH, most companies are too narrow in that area, I’d rather have it be a bit drop crotch than too snug, I can make it work! I am glad you also like the jumpsuit, thanks for sharing your review!

    2. Waiting to hear how this jumpsuit fares after washing. Will it shrink in the crotch? Will it lose some of it’s crispness or color? Crotch pills? Does the zipper get very hot while outdoors? I am so attracted to this piece; my finger is hovering over the buy!

  6. I am just shaking my head over the fact that sizes 10/12/14 are being considered ‘plus’ sizes.

      1. As a woman who has been a 6 or 8 much of her life, now wears a 10, and has seen a lot of 10s get small with COVID, I’m actually really pleased that I can be included in great “plus size” brands. Takes away some of the anxiety associated with weight gain (where will I get clothes that look cute?) And replaces it with a sense that I have options. Thank you so much 🙂

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