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Real-Life Athleisure

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Grown woman athleisure you can wear out of the house and the gym

I don't know about you, but a lot of times when I see websites and influencers promoting what they consider athleisure, it isn't terribly… realistic for real life.  Personally, I'm not going to wear a cropped hoodie and high-waist leggings to the grocery store, nor will I also wear a thin jersey off the shoulder top tucked into equally thin drawstring pants.  Where are the clothes that don't make you look like you fell out of bed or fell off the elliptical?

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Hoodie: Everyday Yoga Jacket c/o Talbots (Large Petite) | Tank: Cotton Blend Tank c/o Talbots (Large) | Joggers: Pivot Joggers c/o cabi (Large; sold out, similar concept) | Sneakers: Cariuma | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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I work from home and during the week, most of my out-of-house activities are local – take the kid to school, pick the kid up from school, take the kid to karate, take the kid to a play date, go to the grocery store, go to the post office… you get the idea.  I don't want to look slovenly, but I also don't want to have to completely change my work from home outfit just to pick up provisions for dinner.  I'm all about athleisure – the real kind.  The kind that looks polished and put together while also being comfortable, durable, washable, and preferably not only in black, oatmeal, and heather gray.

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I mentioned in my hits and misses post that I got this yoga jacket from Talbots and it was a hit.  I love the color – it's called “Festive Coral” but IRL it's more hibiscus with a cool pink undertone.  The lighting during this shoot was clearly all over the place and shows how the color can appear more coral in the shade. It's such a happy color, and I love how it pops with black and white. I mentioned in the last post that the exterior zipper pockets are sewn so they create interior patch pockets; here I slipped in my sunglasses and they stayed put even with jumping and running around.  A jacket like this is great for flights and train trips because you can keep your essentials literally close to your chest.

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The tank is also in the hits and misses post; I really like how it's not ribbed, it's solid and opaque and doesn't stretch so much it stretches out.  This is the kind of tank you can put under a cardigan or blazer for a business casual office.

967A0427 3

And these joggers… are you getting sick of them yet?  I have two pairs, I wash them over and over, they've gone in the dryer and they're still saturated black.  They're not too baggy, not too tight, heavy enough to hide what I want hidden, and the front and back pockets make them look less like sweats and more like pants.  I've worn them before with boots, but for this look I grabbed my white leather sneakers that were sitting by the door!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Allie, the everyday yoga jacket is on sale today 50% off. What size are you wearing in this post?

  2. I’m in the market for new joggers and love Universal Standard, but find their pants can be a tricky fit. Like the Seine Jeans which I love until it comes to how high waisted they are and how short-waisted I am. I anticipate joggers to be a more forgiving, but any comment on their fit?

    1. You know, I haven’t tried these joggers yet. I have been using them as a “similar” because a few readers said they have them, like them, and they are a similar silhouette.

  3. Love the color! I will check this out for sure. How is the length? Some of the Athleisure jackets are a little cropped and I am always hoping for an extra inch or two. It looks perfect on you. Love posts about cute Athleisure clothes since I try to WFH as often as possible – but still have to be able to run errands and sometimes back to the office as well.

  4. Unrelated to this post, but thanks for heads up about Universal Standard mystery boxes. I got the petite box. For $65, I received a black tank (same as I already own and wear frequently), a pale grey twill short sleeve dress , and a pair of olive-y ankle zip pants. I have a few of their dresses already. Learned about them via your blog.

  5. Thank you! I own a dog walking business and while I’d prefer to wear a nice blouse, jeans & booties, it’s just not practical for my lifestyle.I’ve really struggled over the past year or so to find what works – as you say, it’s surprisingly difficult to find athleisure that doesn’t look like it’s made for lounging on the couch without going full workout wear. I’ll be sure to give Talbots a look.

  6. i bought a color blocked fleece at Talbots this fall, it was cute beyond words (not always something i say about Talbots), and it fit like a dream. But honestly, what really made me love it, it was the warmest fleece i’ve bought in probably 10 years! i live in an old drafty building and hate being cold. there was no skimping on materails to hit a price, no cheap zippers, great pockets….i’ve since dupilcated it in the other color and i’m hoping they bring it back next year

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