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soft surroundings wardrobe oxygen

In last week's The Friday Shop, I mentioned that Soft Surroundings reached out and asked if I'd like to try some of their clothing. I haven't shopped Soft Surroundings in a while. I think this is my last Soft Surroundings post and that was 2017… but hey I was so ahead of the curve styling loungewear and slippers!

Soft Surroundings Mosaic Dress in a burgundy paisley as seen on Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

Anyway, I picked out the Mosaic Dress from Soft Surroundings, thinking it would be a fun alternative to a caftan. The yoke would provide enough structure that my bust, whether in a wired or wireless bra or braless, wouldn't be all on display. The sheer sleeves would be a pretty detail but the elasticized cuffs would keep them practical. And the dress is machine wash; a must IMO with this “new normal.”

This dress comes in misses and petite sizes up to XL. I wanted to get a dress that had Soft Surroundings' full size range but wasn't sure which one fit my personal style. I figured I'd try this one, which I could see myself wearing, and if I liked it may feature more Soft Surroundings in the future.

sort surroundings sheer layer maxi dress
I am wearing the ‘Maryland' boots from Ros Hommerson; sadly they are no longer for sale but if you look on resale sites you may be able to find a pair

I got this dress in a Large Petite and it is plenty roomy, but not too big, on my pretty standard size 14 petite body. While some of the reviews said this dress was too long, I found it the perfect length for me at 5'3″ to wear with flat shoes or a slight heel.

soft surroundings mosaic dress detail
My bracelets were made by me and my daughter

We shot this on an incredibly windy day. The weather has been crap, but one day was warmer and the sun out so we hopped in the car with our camera to shoot some content for the blog. As we walked to the car, it was so mild, but by time we got to this destination, there was a strong wind that would NOT let up and made my eyes water.

soft surroundings review wardrobe oxygen

This may have left me looking pained in all the photos (let's just say I am a dramatic model), but at least it shows how the dress flows! The yoke keeps it from being an all-out tent, the sheer sleeves make the dress feel and look light and flowy. The main part of the dress is completely lined. The only issue is lack of pockets, but it wouldn't be possible and still have it be such a flowy dress.

soft surroundings face mask
Wearing this mask from Soft Surroundings and hoops from Jenny Bird

The detail is incredible; the embroidery and beading is careful and secure. The whole dress is well made, and if it was at a department store, you could easily see it being sold for $250+. I also got these beaded hoops and the face mask you see above from Soft Surroundings; they too are carefully made and crafted with quality materials.

Soft Surroundings offers apparel, accessories, footwear, home, wellness, and beauty. Their apparel size range is Misses and Talls sizes 2-18, Petite sizes 2P-18P and then 18WP-24WP and Womens 18W-24W.

Soft Surroundings has a flat rate of $9.95 for shipping, a 30-day window for returns, and offers a prepaid return label for $7.95. The site has extensive customer reviews and the brand a loyal fanbase so you can use their feedback to help choose size and style best for you.

soft surroundings mosaic dress review

If you have been curious about Soft Surroundings and would like me to review any certain type of product from the brand, let me know and it may end up in a future post!

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  1. I have several pieces of Soft Surroundings, and overall I love them. BUT, their shipping and returns charges are too high IMO, especially given I have to try their stuff on to make sure of my size. If I lived closer to a store, I would definitely be a bigger fan. We found one on vacation one year and I spent a fair amount of money there. And I’m still wearing the pieces I have from them…their quality has been great in my experience.

  2. I admit I am *extremely* cranky today, but I’m no longer willing to patronize online stores that charge for shipping and returns. I spent a fair amount of time this weekend on the Soft Surroundings website, and there are certainly a lot of appealing clothes, but I don’t have $18 to gamble on something that may be wonderful but could also be a total failure.

  3. Not on topic, but Alison, I wanted to let you know that I have started dry brushing and I love it 🙂 Best part of my day.

  4. Thank you for this review. I love the look of many of their clothes in their catalog, but for me the prices seem a bit high when I really don’t know the quality of the items. Sounds like their products are well made, so maybe I’ll take the plunge and buy one of the things I’ve been keeping an eye on, lol!

  5. I commented on a prior post about their Supertech Pocket Leggings. They are fantastic. I wouldn’t wear them for hard workouts, but they are great for daily wear as well as light exercise (like walking around the neighborhood). The waistband and fabric are both on the thicker side, so they feel very supportive. I’m a size 14 with a rounder belly and wear the large.

  6. I like to look at Soft Surroundings catalogs. They definitely have a branded feminine style that is consistent through the years. Glad you ventured out to try them. If they are good to you, give it a go. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you reviewed something from Soft Surrounding. I’ve seen the catalog, and loved the femine look of the clothing, but wasn’t sure about ordering from them. The way you’ve covered the details helps me see that they make quality garments, and I’m sure the next time I drool over an item, I’ll feel confident about ordering. And you look fabulous in this!

  8. Now this is my kind of dress!! I guess it’s a perk of not having to be professional anymore. I’ve been super curious about this brand so seeing an updated review is nice. We actually have a store nearby. I might have to venture out on a Tuesday morning when no one else is there to check things out.

    1. If you have a store, that’s such a nice way to start. I actually prefer buying online, but it really helps when they offer free shipping or if have a good feel for how that brand fits. While $18 is not unreasonable for shipping + return, it is a significant try-on charge for an unknown brand if nothing works out!

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