Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and Misses for 2018

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nordstrom anniversary sale best buys 2018

Not only did I write about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (twice!), but I took advantage of it purchasing a few items. I didn’t go overboard, I didn’t have need for a lot of items especially now that I work from home. But I couldn’t let the sale pass without taking advantage of some of the deals. Below what I ordered from the NSale and whether it was a hit or a miss.

What I Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

best buys of the nordstrom anniversary sale

Halogen Ribbed Cashmere Wrap – Black Rock Heather

Each NSale I buy cashmere. It’s such a good deal, and a time when you get really high-quality thick cashmere for thin mediocre cashmere prices. Considering how much travel I do and how my home office is drafty, this seemed like a good indulgence.

This isn’t a wrap, it’s a throw. The thing is practically square. Now that I look at the model, it does appear that if she moved her arms the whole thing would slide off her shoulders. And that’s what happens in person. Sure, it’s thick but it’s so impractical of a shape I returned it. Miss.

beyond yoga cozy fleece pullover

Beyond Yoga ‘Cozy’ Fleece Pullover – Black, Size Large

I love off the shoulder clothing, and this looked like something I could throw on with Spanx faux leather leggings (see below) and look casual chic.

I freaking LOVE this pullover! It’s super duper fleecy soft inside, and soft on the outside too. It’s the cuddliest sweatshirt material ever. The sleeves are ribbed knit, like a cuff but they go all the way up. It’s this asymmetrical fit that hangs a bit lower on the sides but I like it. The video description says it can be worn on or off the shoulder; I can’t figure out how it would be worn on the shoulders, it either slings deep off one shoulder or just off both. Online it also shows it can be converted into a cardigan. Sure it could… but it looks like you didn’t fully put on your sweatshirt. However, it looks cute over a t-shirt or a tank top or a sports bra. I wore it on my trip this past weekend to NYC and it was easy to throw on or pull off on the train or even when walking around. You could wear this to the gym, but also throw it on with faux leather leggings and wear it to brunch. Hit!

spanx moto faux leather leggings

SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings – Large

Every blogger raves about these leggings and so many of you too have said they’re amazing. I ordered them in the past and didn’t like them but thought maybe now that I’m smaller and maybe with the moto details I’d like them.

I still don’t like them. They don’t look like real leather, and they feel like I’m wearing compression stockings. They’re thin and show panty lines, cellulite, the dents of my knees. They may be fantastic for you, but they are not for me. Miss.

jenny bird review

Jenny Bird ‘The Carmines’ Small Open Disc Earrings – Silver

Last spring, I borrowed a pair of earrings from a friend that were an open disc. They were angled so it looked as though the disc was going through my ear lobe. They were small and subtle at first but so full of style and interest. I’ve wanted to get a similar pair ever since. I mentioned these in my NSale recap, so I’m curious if any of you got them and like them.

When I first got these, I didn’t like them. They don’t really do what my friend’s earrings did and when I try to tuck one end behind my earlobe it angles my lobes and the earrings. But I kept playing with them and ended up loving them. I wore them to NYC this weekend and they were that little bit of shine I desired and a little bit of artsy uniqueness. They’re lightweight and comfortable and have really cool silver earring backs. Hit!

cristabelle earrings nordstrom anniversary sale

Cristabelle Ring Post Earrings

These are essentially the same earrings, but sparkly and cheaper. It may seem crazy to have two similar earrings, I expected to only keep one pair.

I ended up keeping both. These are bigger. They aren’t angled to fit behind your earlobe, but you can gently bend it to do so. I like that they’re sparkly, not too dressy for daytime, but still would be perfect for a bit of shine at night. And the price is pretty sweet.

smartool hide seek socks review

Smartwool Hide & Seek No-Show 2-Pack Socks 

I love these socks. I’ve written about them before. I got one pack of gray, one of black. They're awesome.  I love them, they stay awesome for years, they're great for truly being hidden under sneakers. They keep your feet warmish in winter and cool in summer and reduce odor and wick moisture and have a little rubber grip in the heel that truly works.  Hit!

maison margiela beach walk review

Maison Margiela Replica Travel Spray Duo

I bought a rollerball of Replical beach Walk a couple of months ago and I like the fresh, happy, but not overpowering smell. It’s the first fragrance I’ve tried since Burberry London that doesn’t give me a headache, doesn’t announce itself before I enter a room, and Karl doesn’t criticize it. So when I saw this duo at a great price I decided to get it.

The bottles are the same size as the rollerball but they’re sprays. One is Beach Walk, one is Lazy Sunday Morning which is more elegant and refined. You can wear each one separately but they layer nicely. Beach walk is my every day, Beach Walk with Lazy Sunday Morning is Date Night or Event When I Want to Feel Powerful. Hit!

buying a rug at nordstrom

Couristan ‘Chartre’ Rug

I’ve been wanting to replace our dining room rug for a while. It’s a great rug (you can see it here) but it was our dog Cindy’s favorite place to hang out. When she was put to sleep in November, it happened on that rug. We all see that rug and think of Cindy and felt it was time to move forward.

IMG 1429

The rug arrived and I had to head out to a meeting. When I came home, Karl had already placed the rug down under the dining table, rolled up the old one and put it out on the deck. I loved how it looked… but it didn’t look at ALL like the picture on the website. On the web, it looks like really rich bold colors but in person, it looks vintaged, colors softened as if from time or the sun. The rug itself is super plush and feels amazing under the feet but the photo is incredibly misleading.

Couristan Chartre Rug Nordstrom Review

If it wasn’t so big I’d roll it up and return it. But returning an 8’ x 10’ rug is a major pain in the ass. And now looking at the rug I think if it was the bold colors on the website it may have looked silly in the space. And this rug looks really nice. It’s a bit bigger than our last rug, better filling out the space, and it complements the blue toned rug in the living room, making our open plan main floor more cohesive. While I kept it and we love it I’d say this is a miss based on the misleading description and photos on the Nordstrom website.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi! I just got the Moto leggings in the mail yesterday, tried them on, and love them. The faux leather look is appealing to me and I think they look terrific on. Thank you for the recs on what to wear with them–this is my biggest worry. If anyone has any direct links on what you think would look good matched with these pants, I’d be grateful.

  2. I picked up a few things, but returned most of them. My favorites were the Nike Indy Sports Bra in Mauve for my workouts, the Tahari Thea Peplum Hem Leather Jacket, and the Vince Camuto Textured Skinny Ankle Pants. The bra and jacket were definite keepers, but the pants were too small in size (even though they recommended going down a size). I kept my purchases to a minimum because as others mentioned, I end up buying bargains that end up taking up closet space. Incidentally, did anyone else suffer from major delays in receiving their items? It took almost two weeks for my initial order to arrive.

  3. I did the exact same thing with those Spanx leggings. I tried them once, said “hell no”, and sent them back. Saw a thousand rave reviews of them, thought “maybe I need to try again”, and ordered them a second time.

    Nope nope nopity nope. They just did not do it for me. I found them oddly shiny and not really terribly leather (or even faux leather) like in appearance. I also learned to just trust my gut the first time, regardless of how many other folks find something to be amazing.

    I am going to take a peek at those other ones recommended above!

    1. LOL I’m replying to this comment as I’m creating looks with these leggings because, while you and I may not like them, so many others do and have asked for styling tips! 🙂

  4. Allie,

    I know you already sent the cashmere back. But I was thinking someone else might be interested in making into a poncho. The “fabric” if you can call it that, is so nice that I think it would be worth converting it to a piece that is more wearable.

  5. I have those moto leggings, and while I think they make my butt and legs look great, and I love where they hit me on my waist and stay up, I haven’t been able to figure out how to style them. I have worn them with a silver and black deep V sweater from WHBM, and an A-line black tunic/dress, but never loved either look. I really like the idea of that sexy, slouchy pullover. It looks to be sold out but I’m going to try sewing something similar. So, thanks for the style rec! Also, I’m slightly glad that the rug doesn’t look like the online pics. If it did, I would have continued to be super bummed that I missed out on it. I got a pair of the vince camuto ponte pants that you recommended, and they are great. I’m waiting on the rest of my order, and can’t wait to try the smartwook socks! I have such a hard time finding socks I like, and have been wanting to try them for a while.

    1. With other faux leather leggings I have liked them with a chunky sweater to balance the sleekness, a boyfriend-fit denim or chambray shirt, a silky button-front shirt or tunic, and even a plaid flannel shirt. For shoes I usually do a sneaker.

  6. Alison, could you or anyone recommend no-show socks that you could wear with ballet flats? Thanks!

      1. They are called the Secret Sleuth. Love them! They aren’t quite small enough for me to wear with ballet flats, but they work with most loafers. I’ve ordered them from Zappos.

        The only other liners I’ve found that stay on my feet are the ones from Old Navy. Not as nice as the SmartWool, but more affordable.

  7. Ugh I sooooo want those Spanx leggings, but A. That’s a lot to spend on something I wouldn’t wear that often, and B. (not that this should matter, but…) I know my husband would hate them.

    1. But it does make me feel better that you didn’t really like them, and I do have a pair of leather leggings already that I hardly ever wear. (I commented before I read the last half of your review, whoops!)

  8. Your after yoga fleece is already sold out! I mostly basics shopped and I’m going to take back all three Caslon tees I bought. I like them but as I sorted my closet to make room for them, I found nearly identical tops in all three colors I already owned. Not all my purchases have arrived yet so don’t know if any others are also making the return trip … but I did weed out about 10 other tops I’m passing on to my daughter in law to try out. I try to do at least one in one out but ideally shoot for three out for each one in. And still my closet is bloated.
    I seem to have the problem of buying the same thing over and over (and more than one case, buying the identical twin!). Well, at least I know my own taste.

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