Talbots Spring New Arrivals: My Picks

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Talbots Spring New Arrivals: the best choices by Wardrobe Oxygen

I always love Talbots' Spring New Arrivals. The pretty florals, the crisp chinos, the wearable dresses, the smart footwear, the accessories that are pretty but always with a little something that makes them fun. I was scrolling through Talbots' March New Arrivals for spring and so many things caught my eye I had to share and share my mindset.

I decided to stick with the pieces I feel are the most universal, and the pieces that may go under the radar. But don't miss out on the cute prints and accessories and details going on this spring at Talbots.

Three images from Talbots spring new arrivals for 2023
If you get the Talbots catalog in the mail, you know they can bring it with photos. I just don't know why these photos are rarely seen on their website.

Talbots Spring New Arrivals: My Picks

I love Talbots for spring, and had a hard time narrowing down which items to share with you that i find to be the best picks. With Talbots' iconic quality, ability to marry style with a classic sense that lasts for seasons, and Talbots size range, it is a favorite. And the Spring New Arrivals have a good range of fun pieces and classics that will look great this season and for seasons to come. Below I am going to share what caught my eye and why.

Talbots Spring ankle jeans

High Waist Straight Ankle Jeans

These are the High Waist Straight Ankle Jeans in what Talbots calls the Antiqua Wash and I don't think this photo does them justice. I like these jeans, and think they're actually quite perfect for spring and summer. They will be a bit lighter weight than regular denim but also stretchy thanks to a the fabric mix (62% Cotton, 25% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 12% Polyester, 1% Lycra® Spandex). They are a button fly, and come in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite. I think I'd be a 14 petite.

These jeans are a straight leg version of the Athleta jeans I've had for years and love for summer with sandals and low-profile sneakers but hate that they're tapered. Like my Athleta jeans, I may rub the blade of scissors along the hem and the edges of pockets and such to make them look a bit more worn. These I see as beachy jeans to wear with linen boyfriend shirts, Breton striped tops, cotton voile tunics, and relaxed blazers with simple tanks.

Talbots drawstring leather bag

Drawstring Leather Bag

This is a drawstring leather bag Talbots has in gold leather, blue leather, and floral leather and I think all three of these look fantastic. Talbots creates high-quality leather goods, and I think the $139 pricepoint is reasonable for this style, which is both on trend and also something that won't look dated in a year or three.

All three options are cool. The metallic can dress up and down, the blue is a cool pop of color you will see a lot this year but remains eternally chic, and the floral is ecclectic yet classic, and a great mix of colors that will go with so much (and it has a matching scarf which is too cute of a pairing).

The drawstring soft leather bag is on trend this season, and carried by designers like Mansur Gavriel, Proenza Schouler, and Loewe. I like this trend because it's versatile, and it's not about the brand/logo but the silhouette.

I like that there are three different ways to carry this bag, making it even more versatile. There is the crossbody, the short strap to tuck under your arm or carry in your hand/elbow, but you could also remove both of those straps and cinch the drawstring and carry it like a clutch. There is an interior slip pocket as well as a zipper pocket. This would be a great bag for travel because it can be all the things for all your outfits.

Talbots short trench coat

Short Trench Coat

This is the Talbots Short Trench Coat, which comes in misses, petite, and plus sizes in Biscayne Blue (same color as the bag above) and Pear Yellow which is both on trend, and a classic color. It is a cotton/Lyocell blend with a hint of spandex and lined. Talbots IMO always nails outerwear and I have coats from Talbots years old that still look great and are still stylish. I think this short trench is another trendy yet classic piece of outerwear from Talbots.

In 2017 I did a sponsored post with Talbots and for my outfit I chose a red wool blend peacoat and that coat continues to be one I wear the most for fall and early spring days. It's the perfect pop of color, a classic cut that doesn't go out of style, and the shorter length works with more looks and I am more likely to grab when rushing out the door. I think this is a spring alternative, and I think would be worn more than a full-length trench. And I think the colors are something that would be more joyful to wear than khaki, cream, or black.

The back pleat on this trench gives it a swingy silhouette which works better for a range of outfits underneath and you will feel comfortable wearing regardless your mood or time of the month. While we have been taught to not wear a double-breasted coat because it makes us look wider, it's very on trend and goes with the 2023 vibe of taking up the space you deserve.

Poplin Fit & Flare Dress

Poplin Fit & Flare Dress

This is the Poplin Fit and Flare Dress in Clover Stripe and it fits the whole Coastal Chic vibe going on this spring. Also, Talbots does shirtdresses really well, paying attention to location of buttons and pockets and such. Comes in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite.

In the past I have found Talbots' poplin shirtdresses to run narrow in the bust for my F-cups; last year I sized up to 14W petite and it was a bit too big all over, so this time I am going to try 16 petite and see how it is. If you are a small to slightly large bust, your usual size should fit. The dress is 100% cotton so don't expect a lot of stretch, expect it to shrink a hair even if you wash on cold, and expect to have to steam or iron after laundering.

But this is the kind of dress you pair with wedge espadrilles and a straw bag for an outdoor wedding or brunch with friends, you pair with tan sandals or pumps for the office, and on the weekend you wear with your casual sandals or even sneakers. In fall, add a navy cardigan and flats or a denim jacket. And pull it out year after year, the cotton getting softer, the dress something you look forward to wearing each spring.

Bicolor Stripe Crewneck Pullover | Talbots Spring New Arrivals

Bicolor Stripe Crewneck Pullover

This is the Bicolor Stripe Crewneck Pullover and in the tiny thumbnail in New Arrivals you may think this is a simple cream and black striped sweater. But when you click on it, you see it's this open weave that makes it a great beach/summer sweater. Some wear with a skin-colored cami, I just wear with a skin-colored t-shirt bra. I would go up a size in this sweater so it's extra slouchy and relaxed.

This sweater I'd throw on with shorts or some Old Navy linen pants with sandals, or half-tuck it into a pair of jeans and slip on some sneakers, or full-tuck it into a pair of chinos (cream, khaki, black, faded red, olive, camel, or mustard) with loafers. I'd take it to the beach and wear it over my swimsuit, and put it over my tank or lightweight t-shirt in the evening and when it gets too warm I'd shove it in my tote or even tie it around my shoulders.

This sweater is 97% cotton and 3% “other fiber” which I can only assume is some synthetic. It comes in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite. I would probably choose an X petite to get that slouchy vibe I desire without having it so long it will cover up my shorts when untucked.

Luxe Knit Blazer & Flared Leg Pants

Luxe Knit Blazer & Flared Leg Pants

This is the Luxe Knit Blazer and matching Luxe Knit Flared Leg Pants. Both come in black and navy and both come in misses, petite, and plus sizing. I cannot guarantee this but I have a feeling this “luxe knit” is like a ponte knit. And if you love the idea of a suit made from ponte but the offerings from Universal Standard aren't your style this may be a good alternative.

I love a knit suit because it's comfortable, but can also look refined. It can be dressed up with a silk blouse and pumps or dressed down with a Breton striped t-shirt and sneakers. The pieces can mix and match; wear the pants alone, the blazer with jeans or chinos. And while the term “flare” can scare you off envisioning bellbottoms, I trust Talbots does this on-trend silhouette in a conservative and classic manner.

Pull-On Shorts | Talbots Spring New Arrivals

Pull-On Shorts

These shorts look really basic but I actually think they could be pretty amazing. They are Pull-On Shorts in Chambray and they come in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite. They have a 6″ inseam for misses and plus petite, 5″ for petite, and 7″ for plus. They're 100% cotton so there is a chance for a slight shrink when laundering; I always recommend going up one size for shorts than what you'd wear for pants or jeans.

There are times in the summer when you wish you had a pair of throw on and go shorts, but not ones that look like activewear or sleepwear. Linen sounds great but can be sheer and really wrinkly. Chino can feel too stiff and thick, and denim can be restrictive or sloppy. Enter chambray. And with a pull-on style they're perfect for your breezy leave untucked summer tops that provide maximum airflow. These can be slightly rumpled and still look cool; treat them like linen but easier care.

Pull-On Wide Crop Pants | Talbots Spring New Arrivals

Pull-On Wide Crop Pants

I think these pants could possibly be as awesome as the shorts for the same exact reason. They are the Pull-On Wide Crops and come in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite.

Made from 55% Cotton, 23% Lyocell, 22% Linen these cropped pants will be breezy but not as sheer or rumpled as linen. They come in misses, petite, plus, and plus petite and can go in the dryer. They have that breezy summery crop length that works with sandals, espadrilles, loafers, and low-profile sneakers. I totally would be wearing them with a Breton striped shirt with bracelet-length sleeves (untucked) and Birks for those 60-80 degree days.

Talbots Boyfriend Shirt

Boyfriend Shirt

This spring, Talbots has a shirt called the Boyfriend shirt and I think the only reason it's getting negative reviews because folks expect it to be as heavy and crisp as their classic button-front shirts, but a longer length. No, this is the shirt you want to get that breezy Coastal Chic vibe I mentioned in my post about styling skinny jeans. It's breezy, not crisp or tailored. Based on the reviews, go with your regular size.

Tuck it in, leave it untucked with the last two buttons unbuttoned. Wear it open over a tank and jeans (or your swimsuit). Tie it at the waist and flip up the back shirttail for a clean look in back. Pop the collar, unbutton an extra button, roll up the sleeves, and let this shirt look like it's lived life with you.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I got the Luxe Knit blazer and pants – love them. It’s like a lighter ponte. I also ordered three dresses and love them. Thanks for sharing about Talbots, because I wouldn’t have remembered to look there!

  2. What do you mean by 1992 senior portrait? I looked up ’92 yearbooks and it looks to me like they are still doing standard head shots. Head shots that are not any different that what they taught us when I went to commercial photography school many years ago. I get most of your references but that one threw me.

  3. Allie,

    I wonder if Talbot’s is trying to discourage people from buying?! KInda reminds me of the movie and play The Producers, where the main characters were trying to intentionally write a bad play that would fail.

  4. I ordered the wide leg pull on crops in green & indigo chambray. Both are keepers. They’ll be good for wearing while working at home & for weekends, especially at the beach, on vacation, etc. soft, somewhat flowey, very comfortable fabric. Not too wide. Doesn’t overwhelm your figure. They’ll work for spring, cool summer, & early fall. I do need some help styling for outside the house. I’m wearing them after trying them on with jazzy socks & birkies. This works for at home during winter, but nowhere else.

    I also ordered & am keeping a drop shoulder striped tee with pocket.

  5. Totally agree about the pull-on short in chambray. They’re a good non-denim workhorse item.

    I like the sleeveless gingham black/white blouse. Black and white is a favorite of mine for warmer weather. I have lots of accessories that go with that combination and want it to make the transition from work to retirement.

  6. My Talbot’s spring haul arrived yesterday, and a couple of those items are in it, so I can report on how they look in person. The short trench coat is super cute on, and very well made. Seems to run true to size. The only odd thing about it is that the pocket flaps are sort of backwards, and the pockets are small. But it’s a keeper. The chambray pull on shorts are also nice. I usually avoid elastic waists – the last thing I need is extra bulk in that area – but these lie flat, and fit well. Agree with the suggestion to size up. In fact, Talbots pants seem to be running slightly smaller than they have in previous years. I have been wearing a 12 for quite some time, haven’t gained weight, and the pants in this order were a bit snug on me.

  7. I usually find your commentary to be like having an honest friend to go shopping with. There are so many cute styles, but the fit on those of us NON-model sizes can be extremely disheartening. I am again experiencing some “normal and expected” type of body changes as I head into my 70s. I still want to look nice, and, God forbid, even a little attractive possibly. But I find with entering each decade, women seem to become more invisible, ignored, and unaddressed in fashion. How often do you even see questions that ask for age categories that only go up to “50 plus” and never beyond that? I do have many Talbot’s clothes and each season I stop in for a real-time, try-on even though it’s not always successful. Thanks so much!

  8. Alison, your post is spot on! I feel Nordstrom does the same! I love your creativity in styling and description of your thoughts on how some of the pieces should be styled. It makes them so much more appealing! When you say taking the blade of scissors across the hem and pockets – would you mind showing how you do that? I have some jeans I wouldn’t mind changing up a bit but not sure how! Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, I also want to know about running scissor blades over your jeans hems! In addition to wanting to know how you do it, I’d love to know what effect you get and if it holds up well through washings and wearings.

  9. Alison, you always have the best ideas when it comes to Talbots! I’ll chime in with you & others about their website; it’s dreadful. We need to see multiple pics of each item. I’ve been in my local store (just love all the pretty colors!) a few times lately & walked out with a great pink & white button up shirt, that striped cardigan you featured earlier this week or last, & a pair of lounge pants that I absolutely love. Managed to catch a sale for all of them by signing up for their emails! Oh, I hope you get some pieces from Talbots soon that you can style for the blog!

    1. Agreed about the website – it’s such a shame because they started offering international shipping, which I was excited about, but I’m afraid to pull the trigger on the items I thought I might like because of the lack of informative photos etc.

      I hope they don’t end up pulling worldwide delivery because they erroneously think there’s a lack of interest in it, when really it’s the website causing apprehension…

    1. I have the same issue. For the pants to be long enough for me they would need a 33″ inseam or even better 34″ if I want to wear them with shoes with any height of heels. I’ve complained about it for years how manufactures seem to think that women have only one length of leg. Or maybe, if they think they are being inclusive they may have 3 lengths. C’mon folks, men have been able to get many different inseams for decades. So why is it different for women? I have even tried to lengthen pants that are too short for me, but I am never able to get rid of the crease from the original length.

  10. Thank you for this great post. I love how you describe all the ways something can be worn. I always learn something new from you. Thank you for being so thorough.

  11. I laughed so hard at the description of those cropped jeans! Are they not trying to sell their clothes??

    That handbag is adorable but I agree with Bette that no interior pictures is aggravating.

    Like the sweater and that type of open weave is great here in Boston, where we can have cooler evenings and mornings.

  12. I like the short trench and wish it came in navy. But not sure what’s up with Talbots. Many of these listings have only a single photo. It’s as if the online catalog was not complete by the deadline. Further, they’re continuing their 3-year trend of having a single photo for their handbags — and that photo does not show the interior of the bag. I will NEVER buy a bag online that does not include a range of photos, including of the bag being held or worn by a real person. And it really annoys me when I read the questions posted under the bag, and see woman after woman having to ask the same questions year after year. It gives the clear impression Talbots either does not care or is hovering on the brink of closure and can’t hire enough people to properly market their products.

    1. Wait, what?! Talbots still charges more for plus sizes? 10 to 20 dollars more per item? Another hard pass on this!

      1. Wow – these would have never crossed my radar if I hadn’t seen them featured here by Alison. I almost hit buy on that knit suit in navy. I have no suits that fit me and Ive given the ones that didnt fit away. Do they ever have sales? I wasn’t planning on an over $500 purchase today… A bit annoyed that a 0Petite and a 16 Misses is the same price, but a plus size item is more. Presumably the 0P and the 16 misses involves a way different amount of fabric but only the pluses get the extra tax

        1. They almost always have sales. For ex, dresses are 30% off this weekend. Sign up for emails &/or texts & you’ll be notified of them.

  13. Loving what you chose. I agree that Talbots styling looks like they are trying to attract a customer who is stuck in the catalog world of the 1990s. Thinking I am going to have to try those pull on shorts and pants. Basically the only thing I want to wear in the summer months when the humidity is skyrocketing.

  14. Thanks for finding the hidden gems for us. Those pull-on crops look completely forgettable, but they also look very easy for weekends. When I looked them up, I also found there is a chambray pair in a darker blue. Why they didn’t put all 4 under the same listing…

    And Talbots has 30% off dresses, skirts & accessories right now.

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