The Universal Standard Denim Drive

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The Universal Standard Denim Drive is back and if you're curious about their jeans, this is THE TIME to buy! With sizes 00-40 and styles starting at just $35, you can get high-quality jeans for the price of denim at discount marts! Don't sit on this sale; it ends December 5th.

The Universal Standard Denim Drive

The reason this sale is called the Denim Drive is that you can add a Triple R Project bag (reset, recycle, refresh) to any order for free. Fill this bag up with old denim of any condition and send back for Universal Standard to recycle and you'll receive a promo code for a future Universal Standard order.

I own a lot of Universal Standard denim; below are my thoughts on the styles I've tried and if they may be right for you at this awesomely discounted price:

Universal Standard Joni High Rise Curve Slim Leg Jean Review

universal standard joni jean review

The Universal Standard Joni jeans are the jeans I wear more than any other from this brand. Here I am wearing a size 12 with the 27″ inseam. For reference, at Gap, J. Crew, and Madewell, I am a 32 (and sometimes 33); at Talbots, I am a 14. These are not skinny jeans on me, but slim enough that they can slip under tall boots or look trim with a tunic sweater.

This photo was taken in March when these jeans were brand new. Since then, these jeans have been washed and dried a dozen times. I have been larger and smaller than I am in this photo, and the jeans have continued to be a favorite, fit well, be sturdy, same wash. The Joni jean comes in two lengths and three colors and is on sale for $55.

Universal Standard Etta Jean Review

universal standard etta jeans review

I no longer have my Etta jeans because as you can see in this photo, they didn't fit me well due to the wrong size. I am wearing the Etta jean in a size 12 with the 28″ length. I am thinking of getting the lighter wash in a size smaller for this sale because while these jeans look meh on me, I really liked the denim and silhouette.

These are a straight leg jean, but depending on your shape they may look a bit fuller of a leg. I would call this a relaxed jean, but without the 1980's pleating at the waist. The Etta Jean is also available in two lengths, three washes, and is on sale for $55.

Universal Standard Siene Jeans Review

Alison wearing Universal Standard Siene jeans with a navy blazer and navy silk blouse
Wearing the Siene High Rise and feeling comfortable

These are the first jeans I bought after having a kid where I really felt like they fit. They continue to be my absolute favorite skinny jean; in fact the only skinny jeans I've owned for a couple of years. I have them in most every wash they have come in, have the mid rise and the high rise, regular length and when they had it, petite fit.

I am a size 10 in the Siene jeans. Yep, a 10. I have bought 12 thinking that the 10 was a fluke and they were too big. The 10 is skinny but comfortable, molds to my body, and keeps its shape all day. The 12 will give me diaper butt by noon and they just don't make my body look as good as the smaller size. I am not the only one who will tell you to size down a lot with the Siene jeans. The only exception is the black denim: for those, the 12 is better for me.

Alison leaning against a black railing on a concrete stairwell. She is wearing the electric blue puffer without the skirt attached. It is unzipped over a black turtleneck and dark rinse skinny jeans. She is smirking at the camera, wearing a cobalt blue knit beanie on her head and black Doc Marten boots on her feet.
Wearing the Siene Mid Rise and sucking in my stomach to look less segmented

I am 5'3″ and you would think I prefer the midrise version of the Siene but I don't. It hits at my natural waist which is comfortable, but it also really ends up segmenting me. The high rise with the sizing down just gives a consistent yet comfortable line from rib to hip. If you are a different shape, you may prefer the midrise.

This is the first style of denim Universal Standard ever made and it continues to be a bestseller. Even though I said you should try other denim silhouettes this year, I still feel the skinny jean is stylish and especially in winter with boots and long coats and big sweaters, a skinny jean is a useful piece in a wardrobe. The Siene Jeans are available in two rises, two lengths, four washes, and are on sale for just $35.

Universal Standard Stevie Jean Review

Woman in a white t-shirt wearing dark wash widely cuffed jeans from Universal Standard
This is not me, but these are the Stevie Jeans

I received the Stevie jeans as a gift from Universal Standard earlier this year; they sent me a 12 in the Dark Indigo Selvedge. These jeans were too big and too long for my 5'3″ self (the cuff brushed the top of my feet). I wish they came in lengths because they were freaking awesome looking and fit well too.

Read the reviews. Folks love these jeans, and I can only assume they are taller than I am or have longer legs. Also, many say they went down a size. These jeans look expensive. The Stevie Jean is available in two washes and is on sale for $61.

Woman in a burgundy turtleneck sweater and the Universal Standard Seine skinny jeans in a dark wash.
In the High Rise Sienes

While these are only a few styles, Universal Standard has wide leg, skinny jeans with a cool seam down the front, bootcut jeans, button fly, distressed jeans, raw hems, trouser jeans, and much more!

I know many of you have tried some of the other styles of Universal Standard denim; do share your thoughts in the comments. I reviewed new styles of Universal Standard jeans earlier this year but to be honest, haven't acquired any since. But this sale is inspiring me to get some that are a bit different of a silhouette!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am so tempted to order a pair of the Jonis, but I haven’t pulled the trigger because I am worried about the length. I am 5’7 with a long torso, so I typically buy “regular” or standard length jeans and they usually work pretty well. I think the 27″ length would be too short for me to wear with many of my boots but I am pretty sure the 32″ would be way too long and puddle up around my ankle. I think a 30-31″ is my sweet spot. Any thoughts on which of the US inseams might be a better bet?

    1. I am in the same boat about leg length. My Levis are all 32 inseam, but too long by 1-2″ with a normal boot heel (2-3″). So for loafers or other low heeled shoes I really want a 28-29″ length so they don’t drag on the ground. 5″ difference in inseam is a LOT. That is ankle bone to mid calf. If they offered a “custom length, but no returns” option I would do it, just to get the hem to look right. I have too many memories of highwaters to risk the 27″ jeans.

  2. I bought a pair of Siene 27″ mid-rise true bluejeans, per Alyson’s rec. I really liked them, esp. for wearing at home and easily transitioning to an outdoor errand or walk. Very comfortable. I did wish they’d make them available in a 25″ or even a 26″ inseam. However, just this week, I looked at them and discovered that they’re getting a weird stretch-out close to the waist on either side of the button — so weird. Like the elastane has worn out. I haven’t even worn or washed them that often. I am glad I spent $25 (before shipping and tax) on them vs the full $90. Their quality reminds me of the Old Navy rockstar skinnies that I used to get.
    They’re still wearable and I’m tempted to get a black or distressed blue pair at the $35 to supplement my at-home comfy jeans. Who knows, maybe I got a lemon pair, haha. If I were to pay full price, I’d prefer to pay for Everlane or Madewell that last longer. I’ve recently gotten pairs of Old Navy straight jeans that are thick and lasting super well.

  3. I’m just sad about Universal Standard. I’m a really short petite -5’0″. And a size 12-14 which presents another issue for regular petite offerings. The items that I have from US in petite sizing is so spot on. I mean, perfectly sized and proportioned. But they seem to slowly be eliminating petites. Is everyone in the city 5’10” and above now? Alas, I’m purchasing less and less from them as the regular sizing just doesn’t work for me. I’m so sad since I really love their styles.

      1. I know, isn’t that the truth. They should add the asterisk after their motto: *unless you’re petite, then you’ll have 10 styles to choose from with maybe 4 color choices max. I almost feel guilty for complaining since a size 32 has had it rough for years and must love US but I’d love to be able to get some cool clothes too.

    1. I’m also 5’ and generally a 14 and agree with you. All I can wear from US are petite t-shirts and Seine petite jeans. Everything else is way too big in length or in the torso. I love the jeans, but find they wear out in the thighs quickly. They fit me well (not too tight anywhere), so the stretching/thinning/fading in that area is frustrating.

      1. I have their tee shirts and the Rio blazer. The blazer fits perfectly. I’ve tried some of their regular size clothing and despite following their garment measurement chart and ordering accordingly, the clothing still looks too big on. I can’t help but think they’re missing out on a pretty substantial part of the population (size 10+ petites) and wish they’d offer more petite sizing in the future but it seems they’re going in the opposite direction instead.

  4. I have 3 pair of the Sienes and may get a fourth. They are the best-fitting jeans I own and yes, somehow they continue to work through weight fluctuations without getting all stretched out!

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