The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

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Nordstrom’s half-Yearly Sale is going on, and I encourage all of you to check it out online! Think your wallet can’t handle a purchase from this shopping Mecca? Think again. When you hit the link on their site for the sale, there are categories for purchases, and one is “Under $30.' Yes, you can find dozens upon dozens of accessories, lingerie, workout clothes, shoes, and cute regular, plus, and maternity clothes for under $30!

I have been good lately. Really good. I have not visited malls, I haven’t even virtually window-shopped online. I have decided to survive the winter with the wardrobe I currently own. I am the same size as last winter, and my clothing is basic enough that it doesn’t look dated. However this morning as I was getting ready for work and then an after-work event where I am going to see Andre Leon Talley speak, I realized my wardrobe is a bit… tired. Sweaters with fuzz balls, stretched out sleeves, slightly misshapen from multiple trips through the gentle cycle. Pants with hems resewn several times and often still held together with safety pins or Stitch Witchery. Linings that are torn and hang on my legs like chaps. Buttons missing, fabric snagged, and just over worn and tired. I feel good about my shoes, and I love my new bag for the fall/winter. My makeup is fun, my accessories are good, but the basic clothing is a bit too basic and a bit too boring.

Today when I had a slow point in my workday, I decided to check out Nordstrom online. I passed a Nordstrom on my last business trip and saw the signs for the sale. Figured it was as good a time as any to do take part in some retail therapy. Let’s add that through Gold Points I get 15 points for each dollar spent at the site, and if I use my Nordstrom card, I get double points toward gift certificates through the store (if you know you can handle credit cards and pay them off monthly, it’s worth it to invest in these types of cards. I have gotten hundreds of dollars for free at Nordstrom over the decade because of this feature).

I have been wanting a motocross-inspired jacket out of vintage-looking leather. Stand up collar, zip front, crackled leather in either black or dark red. Every jacket I have seen and liked has been way over $250 – way too expensive for my budget. In the Half-Yearly sale I found a great version from Caslon for only $160, and it looks like a piece I have owned for decades. Just what I was looking for! I got some dangle sterling earrings for $24 (originally far more), two tops that are weekend or going-out appropriate (depending on the rest of the outfit) that were both under $35 (and originally over $50), and a really cute dress that is multi-season fabric and less than $40 (originally $75). I know, still a lot of money, but I am being realistic. There is a good chance that many of these pieces will not look good on me once they arrive, I also know that I NEED a jacket, not just want one. I have wanted earrings like this for over a year but can’t stomach the prices I have seen for sterling lately, and well the rest… I have been going out more lately and each time I get ready for an evening with friends I have a minor panic attack because my wardrobe is almost entirely Business Casual and not Fun with Girls Casual. So my hope is these three things will cost less than anti-anxiety pills or trips to the therapist’s couch!

So head over to Nordstrom and see if you may be able to find some of your Needs or Wants But Can’t Affords in their Half Yearly Sale. Happy Shopping!

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